The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Sabbatical apreludetoanend Xander's lost year, Thanksgiving, 2004 (roughly six months post-NFA) through Thanksgiving, 2005 Ex Lovers;  Holiday Fic
Sacred Geometry Sajinn Three men get bound together out of necessity, but does it end there? S/X/Wes Spander Plus
Sacrifice Crazydiamondsue Season 7 AU. Spike shows Xander the real meaning of Halloween. Halloween   Souled Spike
Sacrifice WithDemonWings Xander feels completely unloved and unwanted by everyone and then he's snatched for a demon sacrifice. Beginnings
Sacrilege Nasty Shrew What if Angel hadn't found out how to defeat Jasmine? Xander and Spike live in a different world, one in worship of a demon Post Apocolypse
Safe Authoress Nebula Spike is still living in Xander's basement. Emotions the vampire didn't know he had for the boy emerge when he finds out what Xander's been dealing with for years Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Basement of Doom
Safety Cowardly Shep Hidden in dark times is safety Hurt/Comfort
Said I Didn't Need You but I Lied Bohofemm After a mutual break-up, all Xander wants is Spike back. Ex Lovers
Said Nothing Nasty Shrew He was expected to shout, rage, throw things. . . Final Death
Said the Spider to the Fly Werewindle Seduction Seduction
Salvation Margie Everybody's human. Xander was given up for adoption when he was a baby. 25 years later a sister he never knew he had needs a donor.  wip Human AU;   Kid!fic
Sanctuary of the Seasons LadyMerlin Xander goes on a quest to another dimension to free the Dark Prince trapped in the Sanctuary Consort!Xander
Sands of Time James Walkswithwind and Wolfling Xander, circa season one, finds a more welcoming home with Giles, while getting involved with a certain vampire. Epics with Plot   Abused Child!Xan
Santa Ana Sacrifice Viking Princess Desperate times call for wicked, devious measures among the dying wee faeries of a drought-ridden Sunnydale…. Fairy Stories
Santa Claus is Dead and What Happened to the Doughnuts, Anyway? Eyezrthewindows Xander has to deal with two different horny vampires. Not that he's complaining. Christmas   &   Basement of Doom
Santa's Little Helper Rune It's Christmas, Xander is curious.and horny Christmas
Santa Spike Comes Calling Virtual Personal Xander hated Christmas Christmas  &   Oblivious/Denial   &   Comedy
Saturation Wesleysgirl and Jane Davitt A newly human post-shanshu Spike arrives at Giles and Xander's home in England.   S/X/Giles   Preview Spander Plus
Saturday Morning Cartoons Jameschick Who is the better Batman, and what the hell does Angel have to do with it? Established Relationship
Saved Baudown Why Xander doesn't want Spike to stay in the basement. Basement of Doom   Beginnings
Save Me Markedxup Xander is spiraling out of control Drink'n'Drugs
Save Me From Myself Jane Davitt Xander was offered to Spike and Spike wants him. Comedy  &   Original Spike
Savior cath Years of abuse ends in tragedy and help comes from an unexpected source Abused Child!Xan
Saying Sorry Nomelon Spike apologises. Xander feels obliged. Final Death
Say My Name Fangrrl Xander gives in to the desire to just take what he wants. First Time
Say The Word StillRose Father’s Day doesn’t go exactly as Xander planned. Third in the Fatal Promt!Verse Sub/Dom
Say What You Mean Xocoatldreams A bit of a misunderstanding Preslash
Scaling Heaven Tabaqui A sci-fi adventure Future Fic;
Epics with Plot;   Working Man
The Scent of Gingerbread Margie Xander starts some new holiday traditions with Spike. Christmas
Scheherazade Whichclothes Far in the future on a distant planet, Spike has been enslaved for centuries. In order to spare himself from a terrible fate, he must entertain his Master with tales of his vampire existence on Earth. Future Fic; Souled Spike
Schemes and Dorks Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess There's a Slayer and a Doughnut Boy in the Magic Box, and a Vampire walks in... stop me if you've heard this one before. Secret Lovers
Scoffs At Gravity Reremouse Xander's a watcher, Spike's a ghost, Angel's a CEO. Ghost!Spike   &   Developing Feelings
Scream Abused Child!Xan;   First Time
Scream Randy Sex Kitten Xander turns Dracula down. First Time
Screaming Silence Vinniebatman Sometimes, silence can be loud, especially for a vampire. Basement of Doom
Sealing his Fate Dustandroses Spike has plans for Xander, but Xander is too caught up in Ampata, the beautiful South American exchange student/Mummy Girl, to notice. Oblivious; Original Spike Beginnings
Searching Litgal Angel sends the boys off to find a magically revived Lindsey Sweet and Schmoopy
Searching for Jim Sparrow2000 Spike and Xander are in a cemetery - well of course they are... Established Relationship
Season 2 With a Twist Shadith Spike comes to Sunnydale bringing his insane lover Xander. Rewrites
A Second Chance Denied Heaven gut wrenching angst. Lost memory with a real twist. Lost Memory   Just Kids
Second Hand Smoke Skargasm Second hand smoke can kill you in the end De-Chipped
Second Night of the Zeppo Fanbot Why do these crazy things always happen to Xander? First Time
The Second Time Randy Sex Kitten Sometimes the second time can mean so much more than the first. P W P
Second Time Around Rowaine Xan sees a ghost. The ghost seduces him. Ex Lovers
Secondverse Series Litgal Spike meets a Xander who never met the slayer Original Spike   &   Possesive/Jealous   &   Pet!Xander   &   Developing Feelings
The Secret Laikokae Xander's got a secret. Spike is about to find out. On Stage
Secret Rendezvous Obsession_is What do the boys do at night, when no one else sees? And, how long can they keep this up?  Preview Secret Lovers
Secrets Margie Xander couldn't decide if he were jealous of Spike.... or Buffy Oblivious/Denial
Secrets Edibbea Spike works out what Xander needs (("I could smell the arousal coming off you in waves when the Watcher explained how Masters feed - how I feed. I could feel your eyes on me.")) Sub/Dom
Secrets Discovered Forsaken2003 While on patrol Buffy stumbles upon something. Secret Lovers
Secret Weapon Jasonsnene Spike tried everything he knew how to get Angel out of his funk.   S/X/Angel Spander Plus
Secure Robin the Crossover Junkie P W P
The Seduction of Dreams Whichclothes Xander has some confusing dreams. Beginnings, Oblivious
See America Yin Again Spike hadn't said anything in a month.   Preview Developing Feelings
See Fee Harikari A brief glimpse into the unusual life of Earthman Alexander and his Spacer partner R. William (the "R" stands for robot). Future Fic; Alternate Incarnations
Seeing Cobalt Mystic Getting the boys to see what’s right in front of them. Angst
Seeing Beyond Imperfections Melissa Fifteen years on, Xander has become the Seer for the slayers in America and discovers that even though Spike has been dead all this time, he has been anything but gone. Developing Feelings;   Oblivious;   Ghost!Spike;  Superpower!Xander;   Working Man
Seeing Distant Things Wesleysgirl There are different kinds of healing, and different kinds of moving on. Developing Feelings
Seeing Is His Superpower Shadowscast Xander finds Spike's amulet in the wreckage of Sunnydale. When he picks it up, something interesting happens... Ghost!Spike;   Superpower!Xander;   Developing Feelings
See Me and Not Forgotten Sukiblue Xander's been a Vampire for a year and none of his friends have even noticed. Vamp!Xander
The Senator's Downfall Virtual Personal Futuristic sci-fi/fantasy seduction Wing!Fic; Future Fic
Sense and Sensibilities Reremouse and Savoy Truffle Because Xander had no idea what he was getting into and someone would have to talk some sense into him Secret Lovers
Sense Memory Beginnings
Xander hasn't ever given Spike's coat much thought
Senses Robin the Crossover Junkie Xander always knew he'd lose Spike to Drusilla one day Angst
Sentimental Value Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess Sequel to Tokens of Affection . Spike loves, and is hurt by those he loves. Sweet and Schmoopy
Service Marks SunnyD-lite Harris was here. Of that he was certain. The real question was; what condition would he be in? Prostitute/Slave
Seven Christmases Pirate Purple Seven Christmas's that changed Xander's life. Christmas
Seven Languages Yin Again The first time, it was about doing that one insane thing you always wanted to do before you died, because they were seriously about to die. Developing Feelings
Seven Vignettes in November Rayne Jelly Spike and Xander slowly coming together in a series of snapshots Preslash
Sex and Candy FireHorse Xander, candy, Spike, and sex. Halloween
Sex, Guys & Limericks Lady Flame A set of slashy BtVS/AtS limericks. Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
The Sex Files Evil Manic Laugh Spike in the basement of doom, comedy spoof Comedy   Basement of Doom
Sex Pollen Fangrrl Spike and Xander are accidently coated with lust powder First Time   &   Something Made Us Do It
A Sextina For my Victim Witchway Vampire Sestina (From Spike to Xander) Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Shacking Up EntreNous summary Developing Feelings   &   Epics with Plot
Shadow Garden Lady Cat   &   Wolfshark Spike decides that Xander needs something and Xander can't seem to figure out how to say 'no'. Even if he wanted to Daddy!Kink
Shadowlands Lunabee Xander discovers Spike is alive and comes to L.A. to see for himself. Developing Feelings
Shadow of a Man Whichclothes Xander gives in to his inner darkness during season 4, with lasting consequences for him and Spike. Beginnings
Shadows In Silence Xocoatldreams Four years ago Xander made the mistake of telling his parents something, unfortunately they listened and now he's paying the price.  Preview Original Spike
A Shakespearian Suicide Note Evil Manic Laugh Communication comes too late Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes   &   Final Death
Shame the Devil Yin Again Spike and Xander have both left Sunnydale, it’s seven years on and Spike is now a famous rock star, Xander is his manager. Developing Feelings;   Oblivious;   On Stage;   Working Man
Shared Need Yours Truly Love finds a way, and these lovers find it as well. De-Chipped   Established Relationship
Sharing Lady Cat & Wolfshark After dancing around each other for a while, Xander decides he's had enough and finally just takes what he wants. Spike isn't objecting. First Time
Shattered Kirasmommy Xander is a lot more than the sum of his parts Not Human
Sheared Eyezrthewindows Spike doesn't like Xander's fascination with a certain TV actor Possessive/Jealous
Shhhhhh… Darkhavens Xander has a secret Sweet and Schmoopy
Shhhhhhh Witchway Buffy dies after fighting glory. Angst
Shift Nasty Shrew AU - what if Spike had waited a few more years before returning to Sunnydale? Extra Dark   &   Original Spike
Shinma Tisienne Blue It's Xander who wore the amulet & returns as a ghost Not Human
Ship of the Desert Witling They entered the portal barely liking each other but came back an established couple. So what happen's now? Hurt/Comfort
Ships Passing Sorrel While hunting a nightwalker, Dean runs into two Council operatives and ends up with a night he won’t soon forget. Crossover with Supernatural Crossovers
Shivelights Lady Cat When Xander is hurt, Spike is always there for him Hurt/Comfort
Shmoop for Eliade Witling Xander's feeling down, Spike tries to cheer him up Established Relationship
Shop-Girl Skargasm Observations of a British shop-girl.. Sweet and Schmoopy;   Established Relationship
Should the Wide World Roll Away Divine Nimbus A year after his mother died, Xander is alone and trying to cope. Spike has come to Sunnydale to take down his third Slayer.  wip Developing Feelings;   Original Spike
Shrew Lady Cat Xander needs a little TLC Sweet and Schmoopy
Shush Lady Cat As naive as most of the Slayers in Training seemed to be, a rhythmically creaking bed was not something they’d misunderstand Secret Lovers
Shut Up, Spike Slaymesoftly Spike, Xander and a broken down car. Preslash   &   Trapped Together
Sidelines Anna S Rewrite of Season 4, Xander's out of the closet Developing Feelings   &   Basement of Doom   &   Rewrites
Silence Akasakasan When Xander became older his father finally came up with a punishment that worked. Silent Treatment. Abused Child!Xan
The Silence Randy Sex Kitten Spike and Xander, snow, chocolate and antique ornaments. Christmas   &   Established Relationship
Silence is Golden Sevendeadlyfun Words. Spike hates words right now. Mainly, he thinks, because of all the boring ones that keep dribbling out of Harris’s mouth Masturbation Theater
Silent Contemplation BmblBee Sometimes words just aren't needed. Basement of Doom
The Silent Urge Series Druffine Xander, one of the Slayer's sidekicks is burdened with Spike, the newly chipped vampire. One evening things get ugly in the Harris' household...   Preview wip Developing Feelings   &   Basement of Doom
Silk Lady Cat Spike, Xander, lost in Arabic opulence Under a Spell   &   Comedy
A Simple Request Sukiblue Spike is on the wagon Sweet and Schmoopy
Simplicity Lady Cat Spike is left to care for a damaged Xander and they both get what they need Extra Dark
Singing In The Shower Michelle Should you really come home early without calling first? Established Relationship
Sins Tisienne Blue Xander returns from Africa emotionally damaged href="../grp/hurt.html" > Hurt/Comfort  &   Souled Spike   &   Africa!Xander
Sires And Childer Aerithika Romani Spike and Xander finaly get together, only to have a demon almost tear them apart. Angel comes to visit. Vamp!Xander
A Sire's Revenge: For My Childe Cath After Spike's been captured by the Initiative he is catatonic. Xander brings him to Angel for help.  wip Hyena!Xander;  Spander Plus
Siring By Spike Vinniebatman Spike had readily agreed to be Xander's Sire. Book 1 of Mischief and Porn: the Journals of Xander Harris Vamp!Xander
Six Degrees of Separation Skargasm Xander is going through six degrees of separation... Ex Lovers
Sixteen Ways to Say “I Love You” Savoy Truffle There are lots of ways to say "I Love You" Sweet and Schmoopy
Six Thousand Miles Whichclothes Sequel to L’Angelo della Città. Spike and Xander each have tasks to complete--on separate continents. Long Distance Loving;   Established Relationship
Sixty Minutes Estepheia Spike offers Xander a chance to get even - Sixty minutes in which to vent his anger on Spike Extra Dark   &   One Hour
Skeleton in the Closet Forsaken2003 Spike wants Xander but he needs to get Xander to open up before he can get what he wants. Beginnings
Skinny-Dipped Seduction Spikedluv Hot night, cool water Sweet and Schmoopy
The Skin You're In Just Ink Me During another of Willow's wonky spells, Spike, Xander and the rest of the Scooby gang face some hard truths and spilt secrets Body Switcheroo's;  De-Chipped
A Slayer, A Witch, and a Vampire walk into a Bar Spike_1790 Some unexpected revelations First Time and Beginnings
A Slayer's Highly Tuned Senses... Skargasm Nothing got past a Slayer's Highly Tuned senses and it was nonsense to think that she had missed anything.... Comedy
Sleeper Charmin Xander goes out Slaying while he's sleepwalking. Spike finds Xander fighting and soon realizes that he has no knowledge of it and neither does anyone else. Hyena!Xander
Sleepwalker Piksa Xander takes on the care of a damaged Spike, but uncovers a dark aspect of himself as he descends into non-con, mental and physical abuse and rape. Extra Dark
A Slight Misunderstanding Jameschick Xander is overheard talking to the one he loves most Sweet and Schmoopy
Slipknot Lady Cat Xander aquires a guardian ghost. Ghost!Spike   &   Developing Feelings
Slip of the Tongue Dragon's Phoenix Spike says some things about Xander that he hadn't meant to Secret Lovers   Comedy
Slippery OtherCat Slimy sweaty boyfriends   Co-written with Lady Cat Established Relationship
Slip Slide Melting Tisienne Blue What might have happened after Angel announced that he wanted to slay the dragon Not Human   &   Post Apocolypse
Slush Puppy Jane Davitt Spike corrects a misconception Masturbation Theater
Small and Scaly Devo79 Xander finds an orphaned demon baby and Spike tries to take advantage. Kid!fic
The Smallest Mask Whichclothes Xander is bait. Who will he catch? First Time and Beginnings   Post NFA
The Smallest Sliver Jasonsnene Spike's new apartment building has an unusual secret   Based on the movie “Sliver” Movieland   &   Human AU
Small Imperfection Reremouse Sooner or later he'll offer Harris a drink because it's what's done in Savannah Developing Feelings
Smell of Home Velvet Crypt The newest big bad calls for an unusual solution. Oblivious
Smithereens Collapsible It's really not as hard as it looks. Listen up and take notes. (There will be a test.) Developing Feelings
Smoke Kyrieane Post S7. Xander and Spike run into each other in New Orleans.   WIP Developing Feelings
Smoke Signals spikedluv Xander, a member of the Sunnydale Fire Department, meets Spike when a fire breaks out at The Bronze, where he and his band are performing.  Unfinished Human AU
Smokey Spikedluv Xander catches Spike and Clem in a fib.... Sweet and Schmoopy
Smut 69 Series Tisienne Blue A series of drabbles written for [info]smut_69 P W P
SNAFU Nash and Virtual Personal Spike becomes a father-figure to child Xander. But Xander grows up. Sliders
SNAFU Reremouse and Tabaqui A season six without Buffy   Sequel to Oxnard To Glory Rewrites
Snakes in a Crypt Sukiblue There are snakes in Spike's crypt Comedy
Snapshots Randy Sex Kitten A collection of snapshots as Spike creates in Xander a true work of art. Hurt/Comfort
Snow Spank Spike Spike has something to tell Xander Post NFA   &   Beginnings
Snow Bound Angelee A snow bound hotel room. Set in the same Verse as The Wedding Quilt P W P
Snow on Christmas

Spikedluv Spike’s leaving Sunnydale, can Xander make him stay? Christmas
Sock Puppet Shadowscast A couple of years post-NFA, Xander is living a very ordinary life in L.A.. He has a job, an apartment, a boyfriend. However, the arrival of a figure from his past (okay, who am I kidding—you all know it's Spike, right?) throws everything into question. Hurt/Comfort  &   Drink'n'Drugs
Socks and the Camel's Back Kitty Poker1 Spike's dirty socks are the last straw Established Relationship
So Crazy it Just Might Work Savoy Truffle Slashier first season AtS in which Angel teams up with Xander instead of Cordelia and Spike decides to join them.  wip  Preview Developing Feelings
So Happy Together

Lady Cat Games three can play. S/X/Anya Spander Plus
Sold Herself_nyc If a salesman can get you to talk about something like you already own it, you're sold. (1 part) Basement of Doom
Something a Little Different Jameschick After the wedding that wasn't, Xander thinks about why he walked away. Angsty Extra Dark
Something Blue, Something Slashy EntreNous Parody. Willow’s will works differently in this version. s4. Sweet and Schmoopy
Something . . . Borrowed Beetle Re-write of season 4 episode, Something Blue First Time  &   Rewrites
Something Different Queenie Spike decides to try something different. Sub/Dom
Something Has to Make You Run Anyssia They had both been left behind Beginnings
Something Like That Lady Flame Xander gets what he wants P W P
Something Real Sevendeadlyfun There's nothing real here and that's okay, because Spike has gotten good at not being real. Extra Dark
Some Things Never Change Lit Gal Four hundred years later, an immortal Xander is still the White Knight and having to deal with the Alliance.   Set in the Firefly universe Crossovers
Some Things Stay the Same Wesleysgirl Their first night back together   Sequel to Coming Around Again Ex Lovers
Something Wicked This Way Cums Trixx Spike has just come to Sunnydale; the Master is dead, and the Annoying one still has a Slayer problem. Evil Vamp!Xander is still alive and Willow is a vamp as well.  S/X/Angelus   wip Vamp!Xander  &   Sub/Dom   &   Spander Plus
Sometimes the Entire World is Twelve Years Old Two Ladies of Quality The things you see on Animal Planet can be very educational Basement of Doom
Somnambalist Strickens_girl Xanderdiscovers something odd about Spike and his sleeping habits Extra Dark
Somniloquist and Insomniac apreludetoanend They have a routine. (drabble) Angst
Song of the Frying Pan Snowpuppies Xander's finally ready to go Angst
A Son of Cain A Daughter of Lilith Scorpio Xander is turned into a female with Spike as his protector Body Switcheroo's
Sorry Spikedluv Xander comes home early and discovers a painful truth Angst
"Sorry Daddy" Queenie It's a Daddy's duty to make sure his boy learns to keep his promises Daddy!kink
Soul Lady Cat Newly souled Spike has to learn to trust   wip Developing Feelings   &   Souled Spike
Sounds in Silence Kyrieane Spike doesn't cope well when Xander nearly dies Sweet and Schmoopy
Sour Revenge Flufshepherd Xander wondered what the spellbook meant when it said 'lusted after by the gender of his true love.'   wip   Preview Original Spike   &   Denial
Southern Gothic Yin Again He often noticed pretty things. Alternate Incarnations
So What if He's a Pain C C Now they're together, it's time to tell the scoobies.   tbc   Sequel to He Might Be a Pain in the... But He's My pain Sweet and Schmoopy
Sow to the Wind MissE Spike has re-formed the Whirlwind, and is seeking to round out its number.  Sequel to Postcards/Wish You Were Here Vamp!Xander;   Spander Plus;   Original Spike