The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Radius Lady Cat For Daddy!kink lovers only Daddy!Kink
Rage Against the Dying of the Light Wolfshark Spike has to watch as Xander faces the consequences of being a regular mortal fighting demons Final Death
Rainbow Emelye Willow's comfort gift kept on giving Beginnings
Ransom in Romania Spiceblueeyes Spike and Xander have to get Dawn back. Preslash
Rattled Eyezrthewindows Spike's chained to a bath tub. He has two visitors. Preslash
Raw Snowpuppies Xander hates that damn collar. AU. Pet!Xander
Readjustment Texanfan What happens when Principal Wood comes to town?  

Sequel to Reassembling

Established Relationship
Real Nash

After the end of season 7 Xander got to working for the new Council. One day he gets a very unexpected guest. Post NFA;   Working Man
Realisations Alexandria

Alternating first person POV between Xander and Spike. Sometimes you learn the most amazing things about yourself. Oblivious
A Real Live Boy Margie Spike likes watching Xander sleep. Established Relationship
Really Not Bad Eyezrthewindows Human AU. Xander's at the mall minding his own business when someone comes along and just...totally rocks his world Human AU   &   Kissing
Reaping the Reward Spikedluv It’s September, 2003; Xander is in LA and he runs into someone familiar. Xander’s POV. Unfinished Sweet William   &   Lost Memory
Rearranging Lady Cat Spike and Xander settle into their new home Established Relationship
Rear Window Whichclothes Xander's leg's broken and Spike plays nurse. But there's something fishy going on at the neighbor's place. Developing Feelings   &   Movieland   &   Souled Spike
Reassembling Texanfan What if Anya and Buffy both died at the end of S5? Epics with Plot   &   Developing Feelings
Reasons For Living Narcolepticcat After years away from Sunnydale, Spike and Xander are returning home Established Relationship
Reason to Celebrate Two Ladies of Quality Xander's been keeping secrets, Spike finds out Established Relationship
Rebuilding Sunnydale Little Tenshi Sunnydale is about to be rebuilt. Xander is working for the construction crew Post NFA
Red Frame, White Light Sparrow2000 Xander takes a detour to the seven eleven near his work and regrets it. Gen fic Extra Dark
Reconstruction, Restoration, Reunification Wordsmith After Buffy's death in Season 5, Xander struggles to keep his friends and Sunnydale safe, dipping into his inner soldier and finding happiness with Spike Epics with Plot
Redefining Unlife Rowaine Spike comes back to unlife. Things get really strange from there Body Switcheroo's
Red Diamonds Skargasm Miss Edith wants what Miss Edith wants... Vamp!Xander;   Spander Plus
Red Right Hand Witling

Spike has a brand new childe WIP Vamp!Xander
The Red Shirt Gabrielle This is what happens when you get too comfortable. Secret Lovers
Red Velvet Creyr Little Red Riding Hood for grown-ups, with a sexy wolf, a very irregular grandfather substituted for grandmother, and very evil huntsmen indeed.   Preview Alternate Incarnations   &   Not Human
The Reflection Series Tisienne Blue Spike gets a surprise after the final battle in L.A. So does Xander. Angst   &   Post NFA
Refuge Whichclothes Several years post-series, Xander is a Watcher in Barcelona. A distressed Spike shows up unexpectedly at his door. Double Trouble
Regrets Cimmer It started off so well.... Angst   &   Final Death
Rehearsal The Brat Queen Xander wants to please Anya, and Spike's there to help Comedy
Reindeer Games Dustandroses Xander has the entire gang coming over the next day for a Christmas party, and all he can think of is Spike's ass. It is a pretty damn nice ass, after all. Christmas;Established
Relating Mwrgana Xander feels that his snarky vampire is still not suitably presentable for polite company. Comedy
Release Queenie Nobody said the soul would last forever Spander Plus   &   Extra Dark
Relentless Robin the Crossover Junkie Xander has some emotional wounds, and so does Spike Angst
Remember Kitty Poker1 Spike sits remembering by Xander's hospital bed Sweet and Schmoopy
Remember Tabaqui Now it was just Buffy and Angel and Xander in the Hyperion, and they remembered Final Death
Rememberance Skargasm Something from their past.. Final Death
Remembered, If Outlived Baudown It wasn’t right. How he felt. Or, really, how he didn’t feel. Lost Memory
Remembering You Xandercordy1 Spike remembers the love of his life...the good times and what happened to take Xander away from him Final Death
Remember Me Wordsmith Xander wakes up beside Randy Lost memory
Reminded Spikedluv Two vampires and smut. Vamp!Xander
Remote Control Juliatheyounger The troika have found a way to control Spike through his chip. Hurt/Comfort
Reparations Kyrieane Xander tries to heal the hurt Hurt/Comfort
Reparations Lady Cat Spike makes up for giving Xander a fright. Sub/Dom
Repeat Offender Mrs Sakuma A misunderstanding Beginnings
Repeat Till Insane Beetle Spike examines events in his recent unlife and makes a wish Angst


Six years after Xander leaves Sunnydale Spike is kidnapped and tortured and then found by him half dead in an alley. (hints of Highlander in this series) Hurt/Comfort;   Developing Feelings;   Epics with Plot;   Superpower!Xander;   Working Man
Requited Lady Cat Spike has geased himself to be trusted by the Scoobies. Will this give him what he truly wants, as well? Sweet and Schmoopy
Rescued Singedbylife Takes place nine years after As5. Spike was captured during the battle in LA and has been trapped in a demon brothel ever since. When Xander finds out, he decides to help. Post NFA; Hurt/Comfort
Rescued Spikedluv Spike, reluctant hero turned rescue-ee First Time
Rescue Me Cordelianne Spike and Xander are patrolling together. Established Relationship
The Resolute Urgency Of Now Emelye Xander takes it upon himself to pygmalion Spike into the Master of Sunnydale to prevent a hostile takeover. Developing Feelings, Epics With Plot, Vampire Courts
Respect Forsaken2003 It is time for Xander to take control of his life and he is going to do it now. Developing Feelings
Respects Wesleysgirl They bury her by the light of the moon Preslash
Respite Metaforgirl Xander was sure that this time Spike wasn’t going to show up. Angst   &   Daddy!kink
Ressurection of the Xanderbot Savoy Truffle Willow manages to repair the Xanderbot Comedy
Restless Beetle Xander's time is due Mpreg
Resurgens Electricalgwen It's Easter. Spike goes to church.   Holiday Fic
Return of theGem of Amara, 3D Cimmer William and Liam are back.   Sequel to Revenge of the Return of the Son of the Gem of Amara, the Sequel Comedy   &   Sweet William
Return to Memory Raihne Xander was the lover of this world's unchipped Spike before his untimely death.   wip Sliders   Abused Child!Xan
Reunion Forsaken2003 Xander comes back to England after going off to figure out what it is that he wants Beginnings
The Reunion Kirasmommy Xander's mom's side of the family are coming for christmas. Before she married she was Marilyn Munster. Crossovers;   Comedy
Reveille Tabaqui What would have happened if Xander had joined the Army, like Spike suggested, in 'The Yoko Factor'? Beginnings
Revenge Litgal Spike discovers the chip doesn't work with Xander. De-Chipped
Revenge of the Return of the Son of the Gem of Amara,the Sequel Cimmer Xander has to deal with William and Liam when the Ring of Amara is destroyed (again) Comedy   &   Sweet William
Revisionism Xanphibian Future fic. Spike and Xander revise their history Sweet and Schmoopy
Rewards Margie Xander wonders about the past, fate, and the Powers That Be. Crossover with Firefly, X/S, X/Jayne Crossovers  &   Vamp!Xander
Richard Cory: Redux Divine Nimbus Xander is suffering depression Hurt/Comfort;   Human AU
Ride a Cowboy Kyrieane Human Spike riding range under a blazing sun.   wip Human AU
Rides a Pale Horse Rayne Jelly What would life be like if you couldn't die? Xander Harris is about to find out. Angst, Rewrites, Superpower Xander, Epics with Plot

Riding The Broom Vinniebatman Spike and Xander are sent on a trip to a school in Scotland. Some of the students may never recover. Snape sure as hell won't.. Book 2 of Mischief and Porn: the Journals of Xander Harris Vamp!Xander   &   Crossovers
Right Moment calikocat Takes place sometime during season 4. Just a moment between the guys where feelings are revealed. Beginnings
Right or Wrong Singedbylife Xander's about to do what he's always been told is wrong. First Time
The Right Tool Whichclothes Spike is tortured by the initiative, Xander tries to help him heal.   Read Warnings  Preview The Initiative    Lost Memory     Hurt/Comfort
Riot Nasty Shrew It's 2004 and Spike plans to make this year very special - with his new Childe. Vamp!Xander
The Ripper Files Mwrgana The boys grow closer working for the new Council. Series of stand alone stories set Post NFA Developing Feelings   &   Post NFA
Risen From the Ashes Lar Spkie and Xander have something in common. They've both had a few Angelus inspired nightmares. Basement of Doom;   Beginnings
The Rising Son Sharvie Set 20 years after an AU S4 where Spike and Xander were both captured by the Initiative. Instead of chip implantation they were used for cloning experiments, which produced a son, William. Mpreg;   Extra Dark
Ritual Velvet Crypt The scoobies are needed for a ritual.   wip Abused Child!Xan
A River Called Denial Dustandroses Xander is having problems with his concentration, unless the subject is that annoying, damned sexy vampire Spike! But if he refuses to admit it, it's not really happening, right? Denial;  Masturbation Theater
A Road Covered With Blood Sevendeadlyfun What if everything you thought was true was a lie? Sliders
Road to Poofdom Bytemi66

Spike was dressed in drag when Willows "Forget" spell hit Cross Dressing   &   Lost Memory
The Road to Sex, Lies, and Duct Tape Bytemi66 Spike and Xander have a lot of sex, deal with a lot of crap, and screw up a lot in their new relationship.     wip  Sequel to Road To Poofdom Established Relationship
Road Trip

Maz What do you do when you're just travelling around and you come across a puzzle? More importantly, what do you do if you are a vampire with a soul and his human pet?   Sequel to Observations Established Relationship   &   Road Trips   &   Souled Spike
Roadtrip Witling A road trip to Canada Road Trips
Road Trip Wolfshark On a road trip, Xander makes a confession First Time   &   Road Trips
Road Trips That Make You . . . Eyezrthewindows The roadtrip from hell. Prequel to Acceptance Vamp!Xander   &   Road Trips   &   Comedy
Rock Bottom Echos Revenge The hyena is loose after Xander after tries to kill himself with a cursed dagger. Hyena!Xander
Roleplaying, not Living Lit Gal Xander was not into being Dommed by just anyone, thank you very much Africa!Xander   &   Sub/Dom   &   Superpower!Xander
The Romance of Spike 'n' Xander Witling The Romance of Spike 'n' Xander. In Six Words at a Time. Developing Feelings
Room With A View Sevendeadlyfun Spike isn't the only one with dreams P W P
The Root Skuzzbopper Giovanni's Pizza did not pay very well.  wip Preslash
Roped Anna S "Figure you owe me a good time. Make up for all the brain-numbing boredom you've inflicted" Basement of Doom  &   Extra Dark
Rosebud Murders BmblBee Spike is a Homicide detective trying to stop a serial killer before he strikes again. Xander is a psychic who offers to help him.   Preview Human AU;   Superpower!Xander;   Epics with Plot;   Working Man
Roses in December C. Woodhaven How much of a man, or a vampire, is shaped by his memories? Will he still be the same once they’re gone? Lost Memory   &   Sweet William

Jezt Xander didn't get in to college after graduation but there are other ways to learn... S/X/Angel Spander Plus
Rough Diamond BmblBee Spike is a brilliant detective with OCD issues. When he is told to hide out in the woods with a male prostitute witness to protect, he gets more than he could have imagined Human AU;   Working Man
Rubber Ducky, You're The One Beetle Spike has a surprise for Xander Comedy
Rubbing the Wrong Way Elena Xander and Spike help expand Dawn's vocabulary. Beginnings
Ruby Raindrops and Burgundy Secrets Chocgood84 Xander discloses his secret to the scoobies Sweet and Schmoopy
The Rug Under My Feet Dragon's Phoenix Spike thinks it's blackmail.   Sequel to darklingdawn's Personal Favor Comedy
Rules Wolfshark Xander knows if he breaks the rules, he has to be punished Daddy!kink
Rules of Life Jenny Daddy!Kink
Run, Spander, run! Nash Someone is trying to write slash. Comedy
Runaway Guide Joan Z and Neichan Spike becomes a sentinel and claims Xander as his guide. Crossover with The Sentinel Crossovers  &   Alternate Incarnations   &   Spander Plus  &   Epics with Plot   &   Superpower!Xander