The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category

Beetle During Scooby meetings, what deep thoughts lurk behind our favorite pair of brown eyes? Comedy   &   Oblivious/Denial

Maz Spike and Xander go to a club and Xander... looks around. Sub/Dom   &   Souled Spike
Obstacles Fan Spagle Xander gives his first blowjob and hey, no one is perfect their first time. First Time
The Odd Man Looking In Lusciousspike Buffy died saving the world and her sister. Everyone deals with grief their own way. Beginnings
An Ode, To Xander Darkhavens Spike expresses his feelings for Xander. Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Odi et amo, excrucior Kyrieane Unrequited love hurts Angst
The Offering Spikedluv Angel offered Xander to Spike; Spike accepts.   Preview Developing Feelings   &   Original Spike
Of Kittens and Lambs Yours Truly Desperate to get his beloved Drusilla back, Spike decides to take her a nummy prezzie. Developing Feelings
Of Persons Outside Windows Baudown Set in an altered season 4.  They get to know each other. Developing Feelings   Beginnings
Of Risks and Gift-giving Rowaine How to court a reluctant vampire in seven easy lessons. Developing Feelings
Of Time And Blood Truly Tazi Xander's been hurt Angst
Of Tongues and Teeth Amejisuto Spike and Xander claim each other Beginnings
Oh Christmas Tree FireHorse Spike had always been good company.   unfinished Christmas
Oh Very Young Apreludetoanend Fucking Uncle Rory shows up for a visit with someone in tow. Human AU
Oh What Fun It Is To Ride Dragon's Phoenix Spike is making naughty snow figures Christmas
Old Blood Dustandroses When Spike and Xander accidentally get caught up in a dangerous spell, it sets them on a course that could have deadly consequences for them both. Sub/Dom
Old Enemies Tisienne Blue It's 7 years on... Xander is a famous author Consort!Xander;   Epics with Plot;   Working Man
Old Friends Cimmer Spike gets to play Dear Abby to a forest sprite Fairy Stories
Old Habits Die Strickensgirl Xander had always spent the night before Christmas outside in his sleeping bag. Christmas
Old Marrieds Xanphibian Xander thinks they sound like his parents Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Established Relationship
Olive You Lady Cat  &   Xanphibian For Daddy!kink lovers only Daddy!Kink
O magnum mysterium Electricalgwen Spike angsts over the meaning of Christmas. A companion piece to the Easter fic Resurgens Christmas
Once is Chance JitkaJaylor Sometimes, being a Slayerette was really hard on the man-ego Cross Dressing
Once It Begins Druffine Buffy brings a seriously wounded Xander to Spike... wip Vamp!Xander
Once Upon a Time Randy Sex Kitten A tragic accident brings the boys together Developing Feelings
One Drunken Night Scorpio Xander and Spike get drunk at Willie's. Very drunk. Drink'n'Drugs   &   First Time
1 4 3 C. Woodhaven Xander's been left at the altar, and Spike discovers that they have something in common. Developing Feelings
1500th Unbirthday

Scorpio An ancient vampire contemplates the 1500th anniversary of his turning and the ways in which he, and society, have changed over time. Angst
One Frosty Christmas Eve SpikesKat Spike never could stick to a plan Christmas   &   Original Spike
One Hundred Minutes Spikedluv Spike and Xander celebrate a centennial Sweet and Schmoopy
One Hundred Things I Love About You Druffine Xander's been reading girly magazines again Established Relationship
One Little Thing T J Goldstein The Watcher's Council offers to pay the scoobies for all prophecies that they file reports on.   wip Oblivious!Xander
One Night on the Hellmouth Frk_werewolf While visiting the Hellmouth, Spike has a run in with everyone's favorite hyena boy.  Hyena!Xander
One Old Tux Dragon's Phoenix How do you mourn when his death has taken your life away? Final Death
One Of Us Druffine He helped the Scoobies... Preslash
One Perfect Day LadyMerlin Willow casts a spell so the boys can have their one perfect day. Established Relationship
One Stormy Night Joolz Spike and Xander take shelter from the storm First Time
One Thing Better Than Ice Cream Eyezrthewindows Spike's trapped in Giles' bathroom -- chained, bored, horny -- when he hears something that makes him not so bored anymore and he has to investigate Seduction
One Tin Soldier D'Nalia It's 12 years on and Spike is rescued by Major Harris.   WIP Developing Feelings   &   Epics with Plot
One Turn of a Chicken's Foot KittyPoker1 The pesky chip is spoiling Spike and Xander's fun Comedy   &   Established Relationship
One, Two, Three Lady Cat An AU from the Replacement. Someone else got smacked with Thoth's beam, with a slightly different result. S/X/Anya. NC-17. wip Spander Plus   &   Body Switcheroo's
Only Human

Cicirossi He'd twisted the love so far it had become hate Extra Dark
Only in California apreludetoanend Xander can't believe what the kids of California are up to these days. (drabble) Established Relationship
Only Natural Rayne Jelly This is what happens, how a person comes apart, when a man's demon finally wins over self control. Final Death
Only One Mrs Sakuma Spike was gone Final Death   Spander Plus
Only You LadyMerlin Spike's Consort asks a difficult question.... Sweet and Schmoopy
On the Edge Snowpuppies Spike and Xander skirt the boundaries. P W P
On The Job Kimalis The sound and smell of Harris is playing havoc with his senses and his soddin’ jeans are too tight again First Time
On the Level Electricalgwen Spike/Xander preparing to host a party Christmas
On the Road to Oxnard Spikedluv AU. When Xander's car died before his road trip barely got started, guess who offered him a lift? Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Road Trips
On the Same Page Eyezrthewindows Spike finds solace in Xander and discovers that he really is a big girl's blouse but it isn't all that bad what with all the sex and all. Developing Feelings
Opening Dialogue JitkaJaylor Anya knows what she wants. Spike wants what he knows. And Xander probably wasn’t the best idea at a go-between. Beginnings
Open Mouth, Insert Foot Darkling Dawns Never assume Angst
Operation James Ulysses Brews NB meets a Wish Demon at a fan convention. (No, this is NOT a RP fic! at least, only at the start.)  wip Developing Feelings
Opportunistic Transport Spiceblueeyes Dawn is a mean girl, taking advantage of our boys. Secret Lovers
An Orange Day Eyezrthewindows Spike gets a really crappy surprise on Christmas...and also a pretty good one Human AU   &   Christmas
Orbit Skuzzbopper Spike witnesses Xander shotgunning weed with an idiot named Steve. And decides to join them. Drink'n'Drugs
Or Forever Hold Your Peace Savoy Truffle Spike turns up just before Xander's about to make a second attempt to get married. First Time
The Other Replacement Cordelianne Re-write of The Replacement. Double Trouble
Outed BmblBee In the year 2012, the vampires of the world stood up and revealed themselves to mankind Developing Feelings
Out of Africa Witling It was inevitable that sooner or later, Xander Harris would end up in charge of a houseful of Slayers. Developing Feelings   &   Africa!Xander
Out of Bounds Markedxup Spike is a spoiled rich kid and Xander works for his family. Human AU
Out of Character Nomelon Spike's dreams are coming true, much to his dismay Developing Feelings
Out of Character Lady Cat and Yin Again A spell has the boys getting in touch with their feminine side. Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Under a Spell
Out of the Bag Cobalt Mystic Xander gets hurt, Spike is, well, Spike, and Buffy… deals. Sweet and Schmoopy
Out of Time Dustandroses Look, Fangless. I get that you’re doing the whole time loop thing, okay? But you can’t honestly expect me to believe that you and I have been macking on each other between loops. Comedy;   Time Travel
Out Of Tune Litgal Time to meet the in-laws. Third in the Secondverse series Established Relationship   &   Not Human
Outside Pride Cordelianne Human AU set at a summer camp.   Preview Human AU
Out With A Bang Jujukittychick It's the end of the world, the Champions have reunited, there's only one way to go... Established Relationship
Over Nash Spike and Xander have been secretly fucking like bunnies. No one knows. Xander however has been rethinking their situation and wants to end it Oblivious/Denial
Overcoming Inertia Creyr With his life in transition, Xander receives a puzzling package. Sequel to A New Life Human AU
Oxnard To Glory Reremouse and Tabaqui Seasons 4 and 5 with a Spander slant. Rewrites