The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
The Labyrinth Rowaine With the destruction of his hometown and subsequent dispersal of the Scoobies, Xander finally has the chance to grow up... and grow into needs he never realized he had.  Unfinished Sub/Dom
Lady Luck Whichclothes Several years post-series, Xander runs into Spike. Is their luck about to change? Beginnings
La Femme Spander Mera   &   Farah Anya finds someone to wish Spike a woman, so he can in turn wish Xander to be turned into a woman.   wip Body Switcheroo's
Laid Bare Robin the Crossover Junkie A bet leads to more than expected First Time
Lake House Yin Again Spike and Xander are living in a small but architecturally perfect home situated on a lake. Established Relationship
The Lamest Spell Nomelon The lamest spell in the history of Sunnydale is cast on Spike. Xander gets caught in the crossfire.   Preview Under a Spell   &   Comedy   &   First Time
Land of the Lost Witling Spike's demon has full strength in the strange world they've been marooned in. Developing Feelings
L'Angelo della Città Whichclothes Xander and Spike go to Venice to investigate a problem. They discover much more than they had expected. Developing Feelings
Language of Love Electricalgwen The boys have their own language of love Established Relationship
Language of Surrender Skargasm One day, he'd get the chip out and they would see if they shared a common language..... De-Chipped
Last Christmas Jameschick Last Christmas, Xander and Spike had an affair that ended badly. This year, Spike thinks it’s time to move on, but will he? Christmas
The Last Days Of Rome Reremouse He doesn't know if he feels like he cheated on Buffy with another guy or if he's the other guy her guy cheated with Developing Feelings
Last Dog Watch Off Miami Reremouse Somewhere off the coast of Miami, Xander kills time feeding the gulls. Established Relationship
Last Men Standing Kita Twenty years from now and none of it's pretty.  A/S, A/X, S/X. Angst
The Last Morning Altyronsmaker Spike’s been getting in later and later, pushing his luck with the daylight Beginnings
Last Night of Our Lives Kayla Xander wants to go out with a bang P W P
Late Night Double Feature Kimberly_A Sequel to It's Just a Jump to the Left Xander is now obsessed with an oblivious Spike First Time  &   Angst  &   Sub/Dom
Late Night Porn Store Blues Shadowscast Giles sends Xander to L.A. to investigate rumours of a Slayer in the city. What Xander finds is not at all what he expected   Second in the Fragments series. Developing Feelings
Lattice and Pearls Lady Cat Possessiveness can turn to obsession so easily. Extra Dark & Possessive/Jealous
Larvaverse Witling Xander is hurt while working for Angel and Spike's not happy. Hurt/Comfort   &   Established Relationship
Laugh,Not Cry Zowiebwalker The boys separate and then together   Sequel to Whistle   Africa!Xander
Lay Me Down Joan Z Spike writes a poem to Xander Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon Beetle Spike sullys the movie-quotes game with nudity and hard liquor. Sequel to The First Comedy   &   Established Relationship
Learning Curve Litgal The Watcher's council sends Xander to Cascade where he learns a few things. Crossover with The Sentinal   Preview Crossovers   &   Souled Spike  &   Superpower!Xander
Learning Curve: A Divertissement Herself_nyc Its care and feeding, its moods and manners Developing Feelings;   Secret Lovers
Learning the Ropes Thedabara_cds Xander places an internet ad. Long Distance Loving
Learning to Dance Emella & Lunabee Spike and Xander dance Angst
Learning to Live Again Darkling Dawns After eight years of adjustment after adjustment, Xander couldn't help but think that he'd earned a little downtime Post NFA
Learn To Be Lonely Chocgood84 Something's not right in Sunnydale - people are falling asleep and dying in their dreams Developing Feelings
Leather Spikedluv Spike knew all of Xander’s kinks P W P
Leather and Lace Josie_H Illyria took her Pet back with her after the Fall. An old friend found him. Given time, they both might just rescue each other. Hurt/Comfort   Vamp!Xander
A Lesson in Principles Annie Sewell-Jennings

Nicely written, Season 4 Spike/Xander smut, with both of them getting reluctantly drawn to each other against their will. It's aching and sweet and lovely. First Time   &   Developing Feelings   &   Basement of Doom
A Lesson In Respect Nash Spike takes his punishment Sub/Dom
Lessons Lady Cat Who said that the chip's only function was to cause pain?   Unfinished Lost Memory   &   Prostitute/Slave
Lessons Learned Jameschick Xander's luck with one night stands wasn't working out well Oblivious/Denial
Let Me Be the One LadyMerlin Xander made some inner discoveries while Spike was away. Sweet and Schmoopy
Let's Dance Darkling Dawns We know that SOMETHING happened at that club... Xander in Oxnard  &   Original Spike
Let's Do It Nash Xander gets inspired by the song. Sweet and Schmoopy
Let's Talk About Sex Estepheia Unlife takes an interesting turn when Xander visits Spike with an unusual proposal… Spander Plus
Letters Tabaqui Xander and Spike keep in touch Developing Feelings;   Long Distance Loving;   Working Man
Letters of ... Cobalt Mystic A long-dead witch has watched over Spike all his un-life. Consort!Xander
Letting Go Xocoatldreams Xander lets go Extra Dark
Letting the Cables Sleep Strickens_girl Post NFA. Spike and Xander find each other First Time
Lex the Ruthless, Childe of Spike Scorpio Time has come full circle and Spike has arrived in Sunnydale for the first time, again (6 parts) Vamp!Xander
Licentious Confection Cobalt Mystic Twinkies P W P
Life is Just a Chain Reaction

Eyezrthewindows Xander accidently observes Spike shagging in an alley Seduction
A Life Less Ordinary C. Woodhaven Xander struggles against not being normal, but not being supernormal either. He finds some comfort being dominated by his two lovers, Anya and Spike...but will it be enough? Spander Plus  &   Sub/Dom
Life of Almighty Frk_werewolf William and Alexander, two noble angels, are given a new task by the Lord: To play guardian angels to a pair of Scoobies Comedy;   AfterLife
Life of Experience Lusciousxander Ethan Harris died and left his son under his best friend's care.   WIP Human AU   &   Oblivious!Xander
A Lifetime in a Minute Desert Wren Xander goes back in time and falls in love with William. He lives seven years in the past in a matter of moments Sweet William   &   Time Travel
Lights Out Snowpuppies Torch or flashlight? Comedy   &   Trapped Together
Like A Kitten Charmin Sequel to Up a Tree Sweet and Schmoopy
Like a mirror I look into you... Perverted Pages Spike knew his demon wouldn’t be able to be put off for much longer Developing Feelings
Like Magic Sinandcinnamon Xander's wanted to do this forever Comedy
LiL dEVILs Evil Manic Laugh Xander, a starstruck groupie lands the dream job of managing up and coming Rock Star Spike and his band Human AU   &   On Stage
Lines in the Sand Meredith Bronwen Mallory A young girl promises her first born to a vampire. Angst   &   Beginnings
Linked Wildepet BtVS season 4: Xander and Spike start to fall in love, get caught by the Initiative, stuff happens. It's all written in the stars, really. Or is it?  WIP The Initiative
Listening and Lies Daedreams Spike and Xander discover that they have more in common than they thought. Original Spike;  Developing Feelings
A Little Chained Down... Skargasm Xander gets his own back on Spike for tying him up! P W P
A Little Fairy Tale Xanphibian Spike's had enough of waiting First Time
A Little Obvious Blue Icy Rose Spike watches over Xander and then wonders just how obvious about it he's being. Preslash
A Little Porn Margie He'd scoured the Blockbuster for just the right video weeks ago. PWP
Little Risk Involved Multiple Authors Jessica Harris left Tony and Sunnydale, taking Xander with her before he ever started high school. Now he's back. Round Robins
Little Runaway Tabaqui Dawn decides her only safety lies in running away with Spike and Xander.   Preview Developing Feelings
Little Shadow Witling As far as Xander could tell, the only reason he was still alive, Robinson Crusoe in California, was that Spike wanted a pet. Post Apocolypse
A Little Tied Up Forsaken2003 Spike ties up Xander and has some fun. P W P
Live In Your Lies Nasty Shrew Spike's life is a series of lies that he could almost believe Angst
Living Sorrel Spike tries to learn how to live his life for himself and, with a little help, he finds his way home. S/W, S/X, S/A Angst
Living Conditions Multiple Authors A number of years post-Chosen/NFA, Spike pays Xander a visit. Round Robins
Living With Electricalgwen Xander's a little insecure Sweet and Schmoopy
Living Without Loopy Something happens and Xander is left to deal. Final Death
Locked Up With Nowhere To Go Wolfshark The boys have a liitle time to kill Trapped Together   &   Established Relationship
Lollipop Lady Cat Buffy wants to share   X/S/Buffy Spander Plus
London Calling Shadowscast Buffy receives a mysterious telephone call from Spike in London, and sends Xander to find out what's going on. Developing Feelings
Long Black Leather Duster Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess A remix of Little Red Riding Hood. Fairy Stories
Longest. Day. Ever. Shadowscast The Scoobies are forced to repeat a day over until they can find a way to prevent the Hell Mouth opening.  Preview Time Travel
The Longest Kiss Beetle There’s nothing easy about love Oblivious/Denial
The Long Journey Home Randy Sex Kitten Xander finds his way home Post NFA
The Long Route To True Happiness xandercordy1 Spike goes to L.A. to retrieve the Gem of Amara while Oz and Xander go there to give it to Angel.  wip Spander Plus;   Epics with Plot
The Long Spiral Downwards T J Goldstein Spike mistakenly thinks his life can get no worse... just how far can William the Bloody fall?   wip Angst
Long Term Investment Nasty Shrew Xander visits Sunnydale one last time, told through Willow's eyes. Extra Dark
A Long Time Mad Poetess So, they're in love. And Xander's immortal. Everything should be hunky-dory - except. Angst   &   Not Human
Long Time Gone Yin Again

Xander's been away for eight years having a normal life. That's all been shot to hell and he's come back to Sunnydale looking for a little help from his friends, and Spike. Hurt/Comfort;   Epics with Plot
Long Weekend Piksa Xander has settled into a new city. Spike didn't escape the initiative. AU from S3 Hurt/Comfort
Looks Like Christmas Skargasm It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Christmas
Loop-de-Loop Dustandroses Xander gets hit with venomous slime, and has quite an unusual reaction. Preslash
Lord Nelson Fanbot Xander is learning to cope with the loss of an eye. Spike helps Preslash
Loserville Shrift Xander's attempt to prove he's not gay backfires Oblivious;   Working Man
Losing It Kitty Poker1 Xander is kidnapped by a demon. wip Developing Feelings
Losing Yourself Nasty Shrew Xander is moving through Africa, collecting Slayers to take back to England when he hears Spike is alive. Africa!Xander
Lost Authoress Nebula Xander disappears, and months later arrives on Spike's doorstep, very much changed. Hurt/Comfort
Lost Devo79 Xander is badly hurt in a store robbery Hurt/Comfort   &   Lost Memory
Lost Velvet Crypt Spike is badly injured saving the scoobies and is nursed by Xander Hurt/Comfort
Lost And Found Cimmer "I thought you had the baby..."   Sequel to Not So Innocents Abroad Established Relationship
Lost and Found Spikedluv Xander experiences loss & finds love Hurt/Comfort

Lost at Sea Elizabeth Ann Shan-Shued Spike. Lonely Xander, though not if you ask him. And a Singles Cruise. Beginnings
Lost Boy Beetle

Vamp!Xander knows that if he's good he'll get to go home one day Vamp!Xander
Lost in the Dark, Cleansed in the Flame Margie The Initiative have captured the boys for testing. Consort!Xander
Lost in the Supermarket SunnyD-lite Late night grocery shopping on the Hellmouth Established Relationship
Lost, Or Somewhere Near There Angel Jade Xander is mindsucked by Glory and when Spike finds him, he unwittingly becomes the boy's only hope of recovery First Time   Hurt/Comfort
Lost Soul Creed   &   Echos Revenge

Being given to Spike was the best thing that had ever happened to Xander Vamp!Xander
Lost Warrior Skargasm After the demons won... Final Death;  Post Apocalypse;   Angst
Lost without You Trixx Xander and Spike, fighting. and the true meaning of their relationship. Established Relationship
A Lot Changes in Two Years Spikedluv Spike and Xander return to London Possesive/Jealous
Lovable Losers Lusciousxander Two losers stuck in one basement. Basement of Doom   Comedy
Love Connection Kargrif Spike tries to make a connection, it just seems like all the lines are down. Preslash
Love/Hate Relationship Harikari It's Halloween.  Spike scares an already agitated Xander, then apologizes.  Sort of. Halloween
A Love/Hate Sorta Thing Vinniebatman Spike hates her Angst   &   Post NFA
love me leave me TheShadierTwin When Spike rejects him, Angelus kidnaps Xander in revenge. Hurt/Comfort
Love Me Like A Man Ruth Sadelle Alderson Anya gets her old job back and leaves Xander a girl to take care of. Body Switcheroo's
Love of self Zusblue Xander has some quality alone time Masturbation Theater
Love of the Loveless FeatheredQuill Spike becomes intrigued when he realizes Xander has been frequenting a notorious gay bar. Unfinished First Time
Love or Something Like It Savoy Truffle A year or so after 'Not Fade Away' (the end of Angel the Series), the Scoobies have regathered in Phoenix and Spike runs into Xander in a bar. They keep running into each other. Post NFA   &   Souled Spike
A Lovepoem From Spike To Xander Witchway Spike lays awake watching Xander sleep Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Love Potion #00BB00 Pirate Purple The boys know what they like Comedy   &   Souled Spike
Lovers Walk Redux Nash Spike decides to replace Dru with Xander. Vamp!Xander  &   Original Spike

Lover, You Should've Come Over Rayne Jelly Four months ago, Spike received an unaddressed letter in the mail. Now he has to decide what to do about it. The foregone conclusion to its predecessor "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You." Ex Lovers
Love's Bitch Cicirossi So hot and sweet and his tears taste like London rain and he's mine. Every bit P W P
Love's Bitch Sorrel Wishverse. Sometimes, you need something a little different. Vamp!Xander
Love's Bitches Rowaine Set after finale of BtVS, Spike and Xander find in each other that which they thought they'd lost. Developing Feelings  &   Souled Spike
The Love Shack Randy Sex Kitten An abstract view of Xander's rule: Touch nothing! Developing Feelings
The Love Story of Xander and Spike

Lady Cat S/X firmly in UST land. Oblivious/Denial;   Comedy
Love Unknown CJ Spike needs to talk Sweet and Schmoopy
Loving Randy Sex Kitten Xander reflects on how easy Spike is to love Sweet and Schmoopy
Low Tide Herself_nyc Whole new worlds of disgust and confusion and need Angst
Loyal and Gentle

Josie_H A portal misfire results in Xander changing places with his Pet!Xander twin. Sliders   &   Pet!Xander
Loyal Love has Deathless Wings Tabaqui After turning him, Xander knew Spike would come back one day Vamp!Xander;   Hyena!Xander
Lt. Uhura and the Change of Life Witling Spike is sent to seduce an amulet from a drop dead gorgeous woman, while his boyfriend Xander waits. Established Relationship
Lucky Spikedluv Xander runs into Spike prior to the events of School Hard First Time
Lucky No.13 Eyezrthewindows Spike's a slut and sleeps with everyone   S/B, S/T, S/W, S/L, S/O, S/W, S/F, S/G, S/G, S/D, S/A, S/X and S/A Human AU
Lullabies and Dirges Off Suit Reflections and the meanings of small things. Preslash
Lumina Zilei Umblet _ Daylight Walking Rune Xander finds out that he's a D'ampyr, a human/vampire hybrid. Not Human
Lunch Break Pirate Purple Mess in the kitchen Sweet and Schmoopy
Lunchtime Lovin Amejisuto Spike leaves Xander a love note. Masturbation Theater   &   Long Distance Loving