The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Haiku Witchway Haiku from Xander to Spike Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Half the Battle Yin Again It's nearly impossible to speak with someone's tongue in your mouth. First Time and Beginnings
Half-Windsor Lady Cat Xander has to go to a company dinner and Spike shows up as his date/partner, to Xander's surprise Oblivious!Xander;   Working Man
Hallmark Sucks Emella Spike doesn't like Valentine's Day. Set in the NewYorkNewYork!verse Established Relationship
Halloween Gift Darkhavens The boys celebrate Halloween in their own way Vamp!Xander
Hallucinations C. Woodhaven Xander’s sick and having reactions to his medication Sweet and Schmoopy
A Handful of Gold Spikedluv Four moments in the life of Spike and Xander. Established Relationship
title1 inlovewithnight Adam helped Spike with his chip, and he sees things differently now. Extra Dark
Hanging On Markedxup Some memories you have to hold onto Angst
Hangover Rowaine Just a little snippet of Spike dealing with Xander's "problem" Established Relationship
Hang Ten BmblBee In 1965 the teens of Sunnydale High are a tight group led by Xander Harris whose main interest centers around the sun, the surf, and the size of the waves. Human AU;   Hurt/Comfort;   Epics with Plot
Haphazard Love Randy Sex Kitten Spike and Xander have a bit of outdoor fun. P W P
Happily Ever After Whichclothes When Spike gets whacked with a magic mushroom, the boys learn there's more to fairy tales than happy endings. Set in the Biteverse Fairy Stories
Happy Birthday BmblBee It is Xander's birthday and his friends want to give him a present. Comedy
Happy Christmas Acaranna Spike remembers the snow ... Christmas
Happy Halloween Skargasm Which one is being tricked? Original Spike;   Halloween;  First Time
Happy Hanukkah Emelye Willow's parents said giving gifts was a Eurocentric Christian tradition co-opted to appease children too immature to grasp the subtlety of theological nuance. So Willow didn't get that Barbie doll.   Holiday Fic
Hard-Bitten Whichclothes Spike is missing, and Xander is the only one available when Angel begs for help to search for him Developing Feelings
A Hard Day's Work Margie If anyone ever asks Xander will swear that Spike used some kind of freaky hypnotic vampire whammy on him. P W P
Hard Time BmblBee Xander is wrongly convicted of murder and sent to Riverview Correctional Institution where Spike is a guard. Human AU;   Working Man
Hard to Breathe Kyrieane Canon through S7 of BTVS Spike becomes human instead of a ghost...wip Angst
Harris's Heart Beetle Spike's pretending not to be hurt by cheating-dawg!Xan Angst
Harry Potter and Xander Harris Apsik Life just isn't the same since Xander read the Harry Potter books Crossovers
A Harsh Master Melissa What happens after "..and they lived happily ever after?" Continued from   And Afterwards Remember Angst
Hat Trick SunnyD-lite Xander wakes up in an unusual position P W P
Haunted Jameschick Xander and Spike are possessed in a haunted house Sweet and Schmoopy   &   First Time
Haunted Mwrgana Spike and Xander are sent to investigate spectral disturbances in an old country manor in England.   Set in The Ripper Files verse.   Developing Feelings   &   Post NFA
A Haunting Ache Raihne Xander's dead and buried. But is he gone? Beginnings
Have I Mentioned That I'm Evil? Jameschick Dawn's attempt at a 'Buddy Spell" worked way beyond expectations Comedy   &   Under a Spell
Have You Seen Me? Fanbot Spike has been rescued from the school basement, and Xander has to learn to deal with Crazy Spike. Preslash
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Tabaqui It's Christmas and Spike is feeling a little bit nostalgic Christmas
Having a Real Good Day Elena Set during the episode 'Spiral'. Spike and Xander have some semi-private time. Beginnings
Headfirst Narcolepticcat Spike thinks he's lost Xander to Buffy. Sequel to Reasons For Living. wip Angst   &   Vamp!Xander
Headstone Skargasm Spike and Xander on patrol Established Relationship
He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Vampire Slaymesoftly Xander has found Spike badly beaten and left for dead outside the Sunnydale Police Dept. But so have the police. Preslash
Healing Jameschick Xander tries to help Spike heal after he is hurt. Hurt/Comfort   Abused Child!Xan
The Heart Skargasm Angel had never thought he would see the day that Xander Harris, demon-bait extraordinaire and all round vamp-hater would be seen making out with a vampire. Established Relationship;   Angst
Hearth Lady Cat Something is wrong with Spike, and Xander is determined to fix it. wip Angst
Heart and Head Morrigushout Xander suffered fatal damage when he stopped Willow from ending the world. Hurt/Comfort  &   First Time   &   Souled Spike
Hearts and Secrets Tgray When successful private investigator Angel takes on a new case for an old friend, it leaves Spike feeling lonely and insecure. What happens when Spike meets a dark, mysterious stranger? S/A S/X A/W Human AU
Hearts in the Balance Tisienne Blue Xander's memories are suddenly of an entirely different, much better life. Sliders
Heart Strings BmblBee A quick peek to see how things are going for our boys on their mountain home   Sequel to White Lightnin' Human AU
Heat Electricalgwen Xander suffers a painful injury, Spike makes it better Hurt/Comfort
Heat of the Moment Cobalt Mystic Xander wasn’t entirely sure what came over him, but he needed the vampire..... Beginnings
Heat of The Moment Eyezrthewindows Lust hits suddenly from out of nowhere P W P
Heatwave Nomelon It would feel even better if Spike would kiss him back.   Preview First Time
He Cares Michele Xander dies. Spike lets him Final Death
Hellbound Sorrel Xander returns after disappearing for three years, but he's a very different person. Something dark plagues this new Xander, and Spike finds himself wanting him. wip Not Human
Hellmouth Druffine Even in times of utter desperation every cloud has its silver lining... wip Prostitute/Slave
The Hellmouth Hotel

D'Nalia Crossover between BtVS and the Anita Blake series by Laurell Hamilton and Star Gate SG-1   Pairings: Xander/Asher/Nathaniel/Spike Epics with Plot
Hellmouth Liberty Nasty Shrew BtVS/QaF Crossover Cross Dressing
Hellraiser: The Angels Beneath Sukiblue Established Relationship & Epics   &   Movieland
Helping Hand FireHorse Xander gets hurt, so Spike lends him a hand. P W P
Helping Hand Margie Spike comes to Sunnydale a little early, and sees Buffy teasing Xander on the dance floor P W P
Helpless Charmin Sequel to Like A Kitten Spander Plus
He Might Be a Pain in the... But He's My pain C C Xander's pretty sure he still doesn't like Spike, but now he's got smoochy feelings for him. First Time
He Needs Me Slaymesoftly Xander helps Spike deal with Buffy's death, again.  Preview Developing Feelings
Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) Cordelianne Cleveland sucks in the winter, but Bermuda is awesome, except for the zombies. First Time
Here/Now Narcolepticcat A different kind of bachelor party P W P   &   Spander Plus
Here We Go Again RogueSpike Spike's pregnant again, and this time it's twins! Sequel to Mysterious Child Mpreg   &   Kid!fic
The Hermit of Werleyville Whichclothes A curse sends Xander into seclusion--until Spike shows up in town. Superpower!Xander;   Developing Feelings
Hero Electricalgwen Sometimes, you're a hero. Sweet and Schmoopy
Hero Markedxup It takes tragedy to create a hero Not Human   &   Post Apocolypse
Hero Tabaqui Xander is a disturbed kid living in a fantasy world of Vampires and Demons Human A U
Heroes Wisteria It's all about letting go and moving on, isn't it? Making the best of what crap you've got, because it's gotta get better someday. Angst
Hershey's Heaven On Earth Spa Darkhavens Spike and Xander are invited to a special spa run by Hershey's. Consort!Xander  &   Established Relationship
He Waited Vichan Xander finds out Spike survived the destruction of Sunnydale too late, or is it? Angst   &   Post NFA
Hidden Desires Obsession_is Spike ponders his obsession for Xander. When he runs into him, do they act on their hidden desires for each other? First Time
Hidden Miscellanea Emella It started off with hiding Kissing
The Hidden, Revealed Spikedluv Willow does a memory spell on Buffy that affects Xander. Oblivious/Denial!Spike
Hidden Talents Nasty Shrew Why does Xander smell like Spike's coat? Comedy   Secret Lovers
High Definition 3D Skargasm The results were well worth the journey... Secret Lovers
Higher Learning Darkling Dawns Xander finds a glory hole Human AU  &   Spander Plus
Higher Learning Yin Again Xander had intended to start his PhD this fall, not teach literature to a bunch of privileged rich kids First Time;   Working Man
The Highest Compliment Dustandroses It was getting harder to hide his attraction. Masturbation Theater
High, Flying, Adored, Fucked Nash Xander comes home decidedly high First Time   &   Drink'n'Drugs   &   Basement of Doom
High Seas BmblBee As an anniversary present, Xander takes a reluctant Spike on a gay ocean cruise. Sequel to Rough Diamond Human AU   Established Relationship
Highway Child Jake and Mwrgana The boys are on their way to Canada to get married Road Trips
The Highwayman CC The Initiative are after Spike Angst  &   The Initiative
Highwaymen Mrs Sakuma Xan and Spike are headed to LA to visit angel for some luvin' and...this happened. P W P
His and His Alone Skargasm Time for him to be marked as his, and his alone... Original Spike ;   Sub/Dom;   Vampire Courts;
His First Time Truly Tazi Spike's taking extra care Comedy
His Story Cobalt Mystic He’d decided long ago that no lover of his would ever feel misused First Time
A History in Quotes SunnyD-lite A series of drabbles based on various Spike and Xander quotes Preslash
History of a Future With a Different Past um Sorta Kahuna Burger Willow's spell to get protection for Dawn brings over an alt!verse Spike and his childe Double Trouble;   Vamp!Xander;  Sliders;   Original Spike
HK1217 Kahuna Burger Xander walked alone, except for his constant shadow, the lithe form in all black with "HK1217" printed neatly on its chest and back. Slave
Hoarding Colored Rags Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess and Misspandypants Xander loses his memory and will only trust Spike to make it right. But then Spike loses his memory too.   wip Lost Memory
Hold Me Down Wesleysgirl Because kissing is one thing, but bed is a completely other. Thing. Oblivious/Denial   &   First Time
Hold Me When The Nightmares Start Spike 1790 Xander wants to wake up from his nightmares. But for Spike, it's waking up that's the problem- at least, it is while he's still asleep... Basement of Doom
Hold On Nasty Shrew Xander's in Africa and just barely holding on Africa!Xander   &   Angst
Holidays Bite Whichclothes The boys find themselves in trouble again. Can Spike save them?   Ficlet set in the Biteverse Not Human
Holiday!verse BmblBee Working for the Council, the boys are sent on assignments that require their special talents Comedy;   Established Relationship;   Working Man
Holy Palmer Lady Cat Xander reflects on his past encounters Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Kissing
Home Devo79 Amazing that the whelp had survived twenty years on the Hellmouth. Couldn't just be pure bloody luck. Hyena!Xander
Home Lady Cat When Xander returns from his xmas family visit Spike is there to comfort him Hurt/Comfort   Abused Child!Xan
Home Decor SunnyD-lite Home decor, Hellmouth style. Comedy
Home Visit Xanphibian Angel comes to check on the boys Comedy
Honesty Is Always The Best Policy Eyezrthewindows Willow's truth spell works a little too well Comedy   &   Under a Spell   &   First Time
Hope House BmblBee Long after the final battle of Sunnydale, Xander is alone, his life in shambles. Is there anywhere he can go and anyone who can give him hope? There just might be. Prostitute
Hope's a Bitch Jackson Spike's thoughts on unlife, death and Xander Angst
The Horbling Howler Darkhavens Giles sends Spike and Xander to retrieve 'The Horbling Howler'. Established Relationship
Horny Frk_werewolf In which Spike takes desperate measures. Xander is not amused. Sequel to Dirty P W P
Horny Loony_Sasquatch Spike is Horny. Companion piece to Bored P W P
Hostile Takeover SpikesKat Xander and Spike are captured separately by the Initiative, but form an alliance to break free.   Preview The Initiative  &   Original Spike
Hot Snowpuppies It's hot. Damned hot. No Category
Hot for Teacher Whichclothes Several years after Sunnydale, Xander discovers that Buffy has hired a new teacher for the Slayers-in-training: an Englishman who tortures his students with terrible amounts of work. Can Xander find a way to make the teacher relax a little? Post NFA
Hot In the City Darkhavens It's Club Night and someone wants to play Spander Plus
Hot Showers and Bubble Baths Margie By the time Xander gets home, he's hot and sweaty and tired P W P
Hot Showers and Cold Baths Michelle Its hot. How do they cool off? First Time
Hottub-A-Rama Fanbot Xander, porn, a hot tub... Denial
Hour of Power Robin the Crossover Junkie One hour to atone. Xander has his own unique suggestion for Spike Sweet and Schmoopy   &   First Time   &   One Hour
The Hour Series Yin Again Spike knew that the kid had a mean streak.   Preview One Hour  &   Sub/Dom   &   Developing Feelings
Hours of Forever Cobalt Mystic Willow wants Xander to forgive Spike Developing Feelings
House Arrest Forsaken2003 William is under house arrest after assaulting his teacher. When he starts people watching he notices something strange about his neighbour.   S/X adaptation of the movie "Disturbia".) Movieland;   Human AU
How Did He Get It Back Mera During the run from Glory in Spiral something happened between Spike and Xander Angst
How I Spent My Summer Vacation Beetle Xander spent a summer in Oxnard, at the Fabulous Ladies Night Club.  Preview Developing Feelings,   Original Spike,  Xander in Oxnard
How it Ends Nasty Shrew Xander wishes for the world to be as it's supposed to be Angst
How It Might Have Gone Darkhavens What if Spike'd stayed around when Xander got split in two by Toth's stick Double Trouble
How Spike and Xander Got Stuck Together! Skargasm Who knew being stuck to Spike could be so very interesting... Trapped Together
How The Light Gets In Shadowscast Xander and Spike are both a little bit broken; maybe they can help each other. (16 parts) This is a direct sequel to "Late Night Porn Store Blues," picking up the next morning.   Third in the Fragments series Developing Feelings
How the Vamp Stole Christmas apreludetoanend A parody of Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Christmas   &   Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
How To Whichclothes Drabble. Spike discovers Xander's dirty little secret Denial
How to Catch a Xander The Serpent Guardian Spike comes across Twinkie Lip Balm. Look out Xander! Sweet and Schmoopy
How To Date A Vampire Sukiblue Xander and Spike go on a first date. But things are never that simple, are they? Comedy
How to Kill Time with a Vampire Spikedluv Xander’s secret admirer is revealed. First Time
How To Stay Sane In Traffic Lady Cat Because if he does, he's going to a) have to drive and b) have a very cranky vampire who's going to want a little reciprocation. Which Xander will be unable to do, see A. Established Relationship
How? Why? Bloody Hell, Yes! Margie Spike and Xander are getting married. Sequel to Where? When? Gah! Sweet and Schmoopy
Human Frailty Shadowscast Spike's now human, and he and Xander are both working for the new Watcher's Council in Rome. Fourth in the Fragments series. (1 Part) Established Relationship
Humans Are Disgustin' Bytemi66 If mention of bodily functions squick you, this may not be the fic for you Established Relationship
A Hundred and Forty Seven Days Yours Truly Post season five’s finale, The Gift. The Scoobies are dealing.   wip Angst
Hunger Lazuli.Kat AU years after the last apocalypse and everyone died except Spike and Xander.
Xander is emotionally crippled and Spike is working as Guardian of the hellmouth for TPtB
Consort!Xander;   Post Apocolypse;   Working Man
The Hunt Frk_werewolf And it's in the hunt that they know where they truly stand, running side-by-side to bring down the latest feed Not Human
Hunt Brother Lady Cat Xander's hyena is happy now that Spike has come to stay in the basement.   wip Hyena!Xander   &   Basement of Doom
Hunted Strickensgirl After the battle against Wolfram and Hart, Spike's life is a mindless routine of helping Angel fight the lingering evil in LA and Buffy train new Slayers until one day... Preview Post NFA
The Hunter Jenny One thing Xander Harris knew how to do was hunt Vampires First Time
The Hunter Just Ink Me Tonight, finally, he will prove that he is a worthy hunter. He will claim what has always been his to take! Hyena!Xander
Hurt So Good Jasonsnene Spike has created a monster Sub/Dom
Hustler!verse Lady Cat Xander purchases Hustler!Spike's services Developing Feelings;   Prostitute;   Working Man
Hyena!Xander JitkaJaylor A series of snapshots from the life of Hyena!Xander Hyena!Xander
Hysteria, Interlude, Hysterical Paroxysm apreludetoanend Xander has a problem, and Spike has a solution. (3 drabbles) Established Relationship