The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Gagging For It Eyezrthewindows Xander comes to Spike for something surprising. Spike doesn't know whether to be flattered or insulted... Comedy
The Game Tgray Spike and Xander out on the town. Dark!fic Vamp!Xander;   Spander Plus;   Extra Dark
Game Night Yours Truly A game night between Spike and Xander does not include a set of cards P W P
Game Over Sharvie While Spike is still living with Xander in S4, they get trapped in the basement and have to find ways to keep themselves occupied. Comedy;   Angst;   Basement of Doom;   Trapped Together
Games Fan Spagle Xander finds out something that pisses him off while playing ‘I Never’ with Spike. Drink'n'Drugs
Games Wolfshark We all have games we like to play Sweet and Schmoopy
Games We Play CJ Spike's bored PWP   &   Sub/Dom,Master/Slave
Games We Play Again CJ Companion to Games We Play PWP   &   Sub/Dom,Master/Slave
Gangsters BmblBee Spike and Xander do Bonnie and Clyde Human AU  &   Movieland
The Gap Snowpuppies Dracula gets two visitors. And a headache. Oblivious/Denial
Gate 12 Baudown Post-series, ignores the comics. "Airports were the worst..." Beginnings
Gay Pride Forsaken2003 Xander wants Spike to walk with him in Englands Gay Parade. Comedy;   Established Relationship
Gemelli Devo79 After being split by Toth, Alex and Xan decided they liked things as they were and left Sunnydale. Double Trouble
Gemini FireHorse Xander's bored, then he's not. The same scene from different angles. First Time
Gems!Verse Kyrieane Spike sees Xander in a new light Developing Feelings
Gentlemans Night Lady Cat Xander never told anyone that the night he was forced to strip was Gentlemen’s Night Sub/Dom;   On Stage;   Working Man
George Lady Cat Xander's love-life gets arranged without his knowledge. Sweet and Schmoopy
Getting Bent Series Mad Poetess What if Xander had sampled some of his own wares in BtVS season 4 Beer Bad? First Time   &   Developing Feelings   &   Drink'n'Drugs
Getting Off Darkling Dawns Morning wood had taken on a whole new meaning since Spike had moved in Masturbation Theater
Getting On Tisienne Blue A chance meeting, an instant attraction, but both are concealing pasts that will need to be faced. Human AU
Getting Their Feet Wet Noandwhere Spike has unusual notions of flirting Beginnings
The Ghost Has No Home Whichclothes A decade post-series, Xander discovers Spike in an alley, amnesiac and human Lost Memory
Ghosting Hands Emella Set in the NewYorkNewYork!verse Established Relationship
Ghost in the Machine Josie H Post Black Thorn and final AtS - The PtBs screw with Spike yet again.   wip Ghost!Spike; Post NFA
The Gift Randy Sex Kitten Spike accepts Angel’s gift in ‘School Hard’ and life changes for Xander. A dark and erotic journey that brings a new twist to vampiric lore. Consort!Xander
Gift Season 2 MissE On Parent-Teacher Night, Angel ‘gave’ Xander to Spike. He didn’t mean it, it was all a trick. Spike, however, decided to take him at his word. Original Spike
Gifted Xocoatldreams What if the monks had sent the Key to someone else? Preslash
Gift Exchange Whichclothes On a whim, Xander buys a Christmas present for Spike, and the gift has unforeseen consequences. Christmas
Gifts from Beyond Jenny After getting a message from the PTB, Xander comes back from Africa to find his destiny Sweet William   &   Africa!Xander
A Gift of Christmas Sukiblue Spike gives Xander a Christmas he's never had, but always dreamed of. Christmas
The Gift that Keeps on Giving Kimalis Rewrite of the last few minutes of the Season 5 finale. Crack!fic Comedy
Giles Doesn't Even Have Cable Kargrif Giles and Xander are together, but there's something else they want.   S/X/Giles Spander Plus
Gingerbread Homes and Christmas Wishes Chocgood84 Set 4 years post Not Fade Away. Only Spike survived Wolfram and Heart. Christmas
Girl Pet A mangled spell (it was just supposed to take the testosterone down a LITTLE, you know?) turns Spike into a girl.   Preview  Het warning Body Switcheroo's
Girl!Spike Margie Gender!Switch drabbles Body Switcheroo's
Give a Boy a Gun Markedxup Sometimes the worm turns Human AU;   Obsessive
Give and Take Alexandria Thoughts, actions and consequences. Plotty smut. Or smutty plot First Time
Giving In To You Eyezrthewindows Spike and Xander are just fuck-buddies. No soppy feelings here, no way. Oblivious/Denial
Glazed and Filled Truly Tazi Unconventional use of pastries. P W P
Gloryhole Witling Set in a future world, where hell took over, vampires rule, and Spike runs into Xander as a slave/prostitute. Prostitute/Slave   &   Post Apocolypse
God Save The Queen Electricalgwen There’s a time for everything Established Relationship
The Gods of Obnoxious Weather Dustandroses If Xander doesn't stop complaining about the weather, Spike's likely to do something extreme. Beginnings
Going Home Nash Spike decides to leave the Hellmouth and take his boy with him. Vamp!Xander
Going Soft Sinandcinnamon The boys find their way to each other Developing Feelings
Going To Narcolepticcat Spike thinks about what he's going to do Masturbation Theater
The Golden Wren Tabaqui Spike and Xander have to go on a quest Sweet and Schmoopy
Goldilocks and The Three Scoobies Kargrif Buffy and the gang get caught in a fairytale world…but bring along an unexpected guest Fairy Stories
Gone Kyrieane Post-operative trauma No Category
Gone Mental Whichclothes Spike ends up in a mental hospital. Sliders   &   Post NFA
Gone Redux Thedabara_cds What if the "naked push-ups" scene from the episode "Gone" went a little differently? Beginnings
Good For What Ails Ye Skellerbvvt The reason why Spike took him was unimportant, the reason why Spike kept him is a little more complicated. Original Spike
Good Guy, Bad Guy Cordelianne and Reremouse Xander's working with the Council and Spike's working with Angel. Somehow they keep running into each other.   Outside Link Post NFA;   Working Man
Good Mojo Whichclothes Spike is Xander's only hope when a spell goes wrong. Developing Feelings;   Souled Spike;   Working Man
Good Nurse Michelle Xander is injured and Spike patches him up. Basement of Doom   De-Chipped   Vamp!Xander (eventually)
Good Plans Cobalt Mystic He needed to see for himself, to know that the Whelp was alright. It wasn't that he doubted what Angel had told him, exactly; more some puerile need to prove it to himself and not simply take King Broody's word. First Time and Beginnings
Got Fangs? Virtual Personal Xander gets hold of magiked vampire teeth from the Magic Box Halloween
Gotta Get It Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess Spike works in a Barnes & Noble, and Xander's just gotta get a book.   Preview Human AU
The Gratification Series Trixx Xander after a long hard day at work. S/X Self Pleasure. Masturbation Theater   &   Beginnings
Gray Lit Gal Xander just wanted to go home, preferably before the hunters Sam and Dean Winchester caught up with him. Crossovers;   Superpower Xander
Grease Randy Sex Kitten A little snapshot of life in Sunnydale. Established Relationship
The Great Hellmouth Charity Auction Cicirossi Xander and Spike put stuff up for sale and make Giles' life a little stranger. Comedy;  Established Relationship
Green Filled Goodness Scribe Xander should know better than to drink anything at Willy's that doesn't come straight out of a can or bottle. Sequel to Tricky Treat Comedy
The Green Man Series Whichclothes It's said that if a mortal sees the Wild Hunt he'll be brought to the land of the dead. Superpower!Xander;   Hyena!Xander
Grey Matters Whichclothes Set during BtVS S4. Xander discovers Spike in an alley, seriously brain-damaged.   Preview Hurt/Comfort;   De-Chipped;   Developing Feelings
Grief Counseling

Amejisuto   &   Sukiblue This starts off as a series of emails between an unknowing Spike and Xander as they both try to come to terms with the many deaths of their loved ones that took place during Season Five. Developing Feelings  &   Hurt/Comfort
Grief Counseling - The Sequel Sukiblue After two local sisters disappear from their graves in unvampish circumstances, things rapidly go from mildly disconcerting to apocalypse in just twelve days.   Sequel to Grief Counseling Established Relationship
Growing Pains Frk_werewolf While out for a little stroll, Spike encounters an old enemy who decides Spike needs to... Grow up. Lost Memory   Just Kids
Guard Your Heart Emelye Xander had learned early to hide his feelings. Angst
The Guide Whichclothes Xander's in New York to do a difficult job. Beginnings
Guilt Two Ladies of Quality Angel is about to learn some things about Spike and Xander he really didn't want to know Established Relationship
A Guy Like You Jackson Xander still can't believe that Spike would want a guy like him Sweet and Schmoopy
Guys And Dolls Virtual Personal Set fifty years or so in the future in an alternate life. Xander is the head architect on one of the largest new skyscraper developments in NYC Alternate Incarnations
Guys' Night In Rowaine What starts out as boycotting Valentine's Day by watching a sci-fi marathon ends up with a little more than either had intended. Beginnings