The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Fabric Softener Pirate Purple Xander's dream is disturbed P W P   &   Basement of Doom
Face the Front Jane Davitt Spike's goading finally gets too much for Xander Basement of Doom
Facing Fear Sukiblue Spike is terrified of spiders Comedy
Fade Away Randy Sex Kitten Set shortly after the fateful kiss with Willow, Xander flees Sunnydale, finding only loneliness Angst
Fading Skargasm He was fading away..... De-Chipped
Fairy Dust Miriam Heddy "Aren't they supposed to go 'poof'? It's not right to just change the rules mid-Slayer." Secret Lovers
Fairy Dust

Rakshathewolf Xander becomes Spike's protector when a spell changes him into a Fairy Fairy Stories
A Fairy Tale Flufshepherd A tale of romance in the strange town of Sunnydale... Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
A Fairy Tale Kayla Clever little re-writes of Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella Fairy Stories
Fallen Kitty Poker1 Xander and Spike get to be friends, then Spike is badly injured. Hurt/Comfort
Fallen Angels Series Cimmer Xander's doing hard time on Planet Earth. Shades of the movie "Prophecy" Epics with Plot;  Wing!Fic;   AfterLife
Falling feels like flying Off Suit Just Breathe No Category
Fall On Your Knees Dragon's Phoenix Spike sings O Holy Night but Xander hears the words in a whole different light Christmas
Family Velvet Crypt A death creates a family. Angst  &   Kid!fic
Family Bonds Kimalis After his relationship with Anya fizzles out, Xander and Spike become lovers . Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She uncovers secrets from Xander’s past that change his life.   Preview Seduction  &   Epics with Plot   &   Consort!Xander
Family of More Bohofemm Their small family suddenly grows bigger. Kid!fic
Fancy a Ride? Randy Sex Kitten All human A U. Spike and Xander meet in a club in the middle of the afternoon. They deal with bad breakups, true love and healing hearts as they grow closer. Human AU
Fanfic Angst Viewed As a Five-Star Thai Menu Laazikaat (adapted from a concept originated by Alexandra) How to rate the Angst level in Fan Fic Stories Comedy
Fanfic Made Me Gay Jameschick The wonderful world of internet slash claims another not-unwilling victim. Comedy   &   First Time   &   Oblivious
A Far More Pleasing Sound Liadan14 Xander lied a little bit. By omission, really. Only then the omission kept happening. And it was all a big nasty spiral of omissioning...  Preview Secret Lovers   &   Xander in Oxnard
Feeding the Soul Randy Sex Kitten The hyena wants... The hunt, a worthy mate, everything she can get. In doing so she saves a life, and offers her own Hyena!Xander
The Feline Fairytale Authoress Nebula Spike pisses off a lot of people, but this time, he's pissed off a witch, which is bad. Under a Spell   &   Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander
Feminine Perspective Scorpio Anya's vengeance causes Xander to go to a world where he has always been a female, and what's worse, Spike is his boyfriend Body Switcheroo's   &   Sliders
Feral!verse Devo79 The Initiative mix DNA from Xander and Hostile 17 to impregnate a young human woman, creating a hybrid child. The Initiative   &   Hyena!Xander  &   Kid!fic

thatotherperv Human AU; Xander goes to a 5-day music festival to celebrate his 16th birthday alone and runs across a dubiously intentioned older Spike. Human AU   &   Spander Plus
Ficlets and Drabbles Margie A collection of spander ficlets P W P, mostly
Fiends!Verse Cobalt Mystic Xander’s nightmares have piqued the curiosity of our favourite insanely jealous and protective peroxide vamp... the story he uncovers is disturbing, even to a Childe of Angelus. Developing Feelings
1500th Unbirthday

Scorpio An ancient vampire contemplates the 1500th anniversary of his turning and the ways in which he, and society, have changed over time. Future Fic, Angst
Fifty Bucks Tabaqui Xander's missing a $50 note and he's pretty sure he knows where it went First Time
58-Down Lady Cat Spike and Xander on a Sunday morning Established Relationship
Fighting for Freedom Mrs Sakuma Xander is the son of the President. While on a trip with his family he runs off and runs into Spike. Who is actually a secret agent for the President.   wip Developing Feelings
Figure Tabaqui Xander, Spike, an out-of-town club P W P
Figured You Out Lady Cat There's a club. And some sex. A bit of jealousy. Sub/Dom
Finding Family BmblBee The boys are living together happily when something unexpected turns their lives around.. Sequel to Flip The Script Human AU   &   Sweet William
Finding Forever Sharvie Spike and Xander got caught in Willow's I-will-it-so spell and headed to Vegas. A year later Xander is still dealing with the emotional consequences Angst   Ex Lovers
Finding Home Velvet Crypt When there's nowhere else to turn, Spike finds home and Xander's mom gets a second chance Developing Feelings   &   Basement of Doom
Finding Xander Whichclothes Spike and Xander had a tenuous relationship that has gone sour. Can Spike find Xander and save them both? Ex Lovers
Fine Tuned Randy Sex Kitten   &   Kyrieane Xander has a secret that Spike discovers, but doesn't exploit. A year later, Anya has left Xander and Spike is there to help. Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Kid!fic
Firefly X-over Elizabeth Ann Spike and Xander hitch a ride on Serenity.  Unfinished Crossovers
Fireworks Kahuna Burger Spike and Xander share a 'spot of comfort' during a fireworks display Preslash;  Holiday Fic
First Lady Cat A young Xander takes a dare in an all-human A U Sweet William   &   Kissing
The First Beetle Basement of Doom on a Saturday night Comedy   &   Basement of Doom
The First Thing Kahuna Burger The first thing I would do when I got the bloody chip out would be to.... De-Chipped
First Christmas Nash Spike and Xander's first Christmas together Christmas
First Date Randy Sex Kitten A first date Sweet and Schmoopy
First Date's a Charm Strickens_girl Xander is upset after his demonic date. Spike offers a “male perspective”. First Time
First Kiss

Spikedluv Spike and Xander's first kiss First Time   &   Kissing
First Learn to Love One Living Man Scribe A confused, amnesiac, and quite, quite human ex-vampire shows up on Xander's doorstep   WIP Sweet William   &   Lost Memory
The First Step Darkling Dawns Evil!Spike in control. Xander helpless and enjoying it. Original Spike   &   Beginnings
First Time C. Woodhaven Spike and Xander's first time in the Crossing the Streams verse First Time and Beginnings
The First Time Skargasm Xander shares the tale of his first time with Spike with Willow..... First Time
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Twilightofmagic Xander expresses his feelings to Spike in a series of letters.   Preview Angst   &   Long Distance Loving
First Times Series Karen Xander makes tentative steps towards a friendship of sorts with Spike First Time
First!verse Darkhavens A lifetime's worth of landmarks First Time
Fisi-Verse Frk_werewolf A battle is fought and deep within, an animal is released. Hyena!Xander
Five Christmases Spike'll Never Forget Electricalgwen Spanning the years Christmas
5 Days More BmblBee Xander is dead. Drained by a vampire in the Longview Cemetery. Willow sends Spike back in time to save him. Time Travel
The Five Gold Rings Series Josie_H Spike and Xander bond in the last days before the end of Sunnydale. Excellellent Saga in five completed parts, with a sixth part currently being written Developing Feelings   &   Epics with Plot   &   Consort!Xander  &   Vampire Courts
Five Highly Appropriate Occasions for Lying Otherpervert Sometimes, you're only lying to yourself. Developing Feelings
Five Jobs Xander Lost.... Darkhavens Xander loses job after job but finally gets a clue. And a summons. Comedy
The Five Levels of Angst Laazikaat (adapted from a concept originated by Alexandra) How to rate the Angst level in Fan Fic Stories Comedy
Five Nights Cordelianne Signs of a gradual thaw Developing Feelings
Five Spander Stories I'm Not Writing Darkhavens Five Spander Stories I'm Not Writing. At all. Ever. So hush. Comedy
The Five Stages of Grief Tabaqui There were five years and three continents between them Africa!Xander; Angst; ;   Ex Lovers;   Working Man
Five Stages of Love Fanbot Five 100-word drabbles about the stages of love. Developing Feelings
Five Things.... Cobalt Mystic Five Things Spike Regularly Lied About Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Established Relationship
Five Things Yin Again Five ways that Spike says 'I love you' to Xander Established Relationship
Five Things Series Darkhavens They've both had to make sacrifices. Established Relationship
The Five Times MissE Spike and Xander's relationship is almost discovered five times Secret Lovers
Five Times Spike Had Xander's Back Noandwhere Spike's always had Xander's back Developing Feelings
Five Times Xander Doesn't Tell Spike He Loves Him Cordelianne The title basically says it all Established Relationship   &   Sweet and Schmoopy
Five Ways Spike and Xander Didn’t Meet Spikedluv A series of five stories detailing five ways Spike and Xander didn't meet. First Time (all 5 stories) Vamp!Xander (story 1)  &   Hyena!Xander (story 3)   &  Time Travel (story 5)  &   Sweet William (story 5)
The Fix Beetle Was a time when no home was complete without one of these Established Relationship

Sukiblue What might happen if Spike and Xander were left alone to run the Magic Box? Comedy
Flailing through the Cliches Lit Gal Xander goes after what he really needs. Series of short stories detailing the training of Xander Sub/Dom
Fledglings and Family Daedreams Spike tries to start his new life with his newly risen childe, while the Scooby gang search frantically for their friend.   Wip   Sequel to Listening and Lies Vamp!Xander
Floodwaters Mrs Sakuma Spike suffers a loss. Preslash Preslash;   Hurt/Comfort
Flowers and Chocolate Mahaliem Spike and Xander have to pretend they're in love Comedy
Flicks Electricalgwen Spike has his own agenda when it's his turn to pick the movie Comedy   Video Night
Flip The Script BmblBee Xander has a crush. William has a secret. Human AU  &   Sweet William
Fluke Markedxup Sequel to Wings Human AU
Follow Spot Mwrgana Written like a screen play, Xander is taken out of context by his Mom Oblivious/Denial   &  Comedy   &   Basement of Doom
Fool Jameschick Buffy knows she was a fool Angst
Fooling Yourself Cobalt Mystic He hadn't wanted to be that person. He'd fought it tooth and nail. Sweet and Schmoopy
Fool's Gold Spikedluv Xander wakes. Sequel to Lucky Vamp!Xander
For All Eternity LadyMerlin An errant spell brings the boys together Hyena!Xander
For My Pains A World Of Sighs baudown Things went differently in Prague, and Spike shows up in Sunnydale a few months early. Original Spike,  Beginnings
A Forced Seduction Margie "See, pet? Want this, don't you?". P W P
Forever Melissa A sad lack of communication Angst
Forever Hold Your Peace Skargasm Fighting off his inner demons, he tries to do the right thing... Secret Lovers;   Human AU;   Angst
Forever, in Increments of Ten Savoy Truffle Spike and Xander are together, but Xander discovers that he's basically immortal and isn't exactly thrilled Angst
The Forevermore!verse Amejisuto Instead of Spike making a deal with Buffy he teamed up with a certain brown eyed Scooby Vamp!Xander
Forever Sunday Sukiblue Xander is exhausted and wishes that he had more quality time to spend with Spike.  The obvious ensues.  Silly boy. Comedy
Forever Young Darkwish3 Xander is forever young Hyena!Xander
Forget Charmin Spike finds it hard to deal with Xander's need to conceal their relationship Angst  &   Secret Lovers
Fork in the Road Sparrow2000 Xander comes back from his road trip and checks out the scene at the Bronze. Original Spike;   First Time and Beginnings
For Loyalty Darkhavens Spike looks after his things. Preslash
For Money or Kittens Hello-Spikey Xander accidentally becomes Spike's owner when he tries to save Spike from a bunch of demon slavetraders Comedy
For Tammy Spikedluv The boys perform for an audience of one millions. P W P
For the Love of My Brother Sharvie Human AU; 29 year old Xander is a successful businessman but he also lives as a sexual sub to his stepbrothe's alter ego, Spike.   WIP Sub/Dom;   Human AU;   Brother!kink
Forty Lashes Emella Spike gives Xander a spanking Sub/Dom
Found Baudown Post-series (BtVS and AtS). They run into each other by chance Beginnings
Found Beetle Sequel to Lost Boy WIP Vamp!Xander
Four Hundred Years Werewindle Spike get's into a bit of trouble Consort!Xander
Four Seasons Kimalis Looking back, Spike had never worked out just how he and Harris got to where they did that summer Developing Feelings
The Four Seasons Rayne Jelly Drabbles of 100 words or less in honor of the four seasons Established Relationship
Fourth Time Lucky LadyMerlin Xander keeps walking in on Spike Beginnings, Oblivious
Four Under a Blood Red Moon Skargasm and WmGeorge Xander is attacked and bitten by a werewolf but the hyena had never quite left and changes the boy into something other Hyena!Xander;  The Initiative;  De-Chipped
Four Ways Spike And Xander's First Time Might Have Gone Spank Spike Four alternate first times and then the real one First Time
Fractured Images

Scorpio Buffy and co. won the battle against the Initiative... but it is the Initiative that will win the war... The Initiative
Fragment Cimmer Xander and Spike in the future Final Death
The Fragments Series Shadowscast What if Spike really did get the Shanshu? Working Man
Frankenspike's Creation Skargasm Together, one way or another... Angst;   Obsessive
Freaking EntreNous Xander comes out, and there's no problem -- and that's the problem. Comedy
French Toast Tabaqui The boys have fun with Andrew. S/X/Andrew Spander Plus
Friendship Devo79 Xander is still a White Knight even when he doesn't want to be. Preslash
Friendship Never Ends WarpedMindedYaoi Years later, once high school friends William and Xander run into each other while taking their children trick or treating. Human AU;   Holiday Fic
From Beneath Spiceblueeyes Spike will never know Final Death
From Out of Nowhere Sukiblue Xander is gifted with an unusual ability by a grateful Eygptian Goddess and develops even more after becoming Spike's consort.  Unfinished Consort!Xander  &   Superpower!Xander
From The Ashes Darkhavens A story full of magic,love,treachery and deceit Alternate Incarnations
From the Son of Night to the Knight of the Red Queen Witchway Vampire Sestina (From Spike to Xander) Poetry, Ballads and Rhymes
Frostbite Falls Emelye The whole gang gets together for Christmas. There are some disclosures made. Christmas
Frosting Universe Nash Series of ficlets set in an AU season 7 Established Relationship
Frozen Xocoatldreams Spike and Xander are being watched Established Relationship
Frustration Kargrif Season 4, Spike is getting frustrated with his living arrangements Basement of Doom
Fulfilling a Fantasy Savoy Truffle Xander performs a mind control spell on Spike and turns Spike into his sex slave Sub/Dom
A Functional Level of Abnormality Lunabee Xander's no longer a demon magnet. Spike notices. Basement of Doom
Fun with Baking, Or Not Drivven Xander and Spike make a mess in Buffy's kitchen Comedy
Fur Eyezrthewindows Spike finds a use for Xander's ugly new fake-fur rug P W P
Future Echoes Jane Davitt Listen to the subtext Basement of Doom