The Spander Files

Title Author Summary Category
Daddy Dearest Frk_werewolf At ten, he was taught how to be a man, in more ways than one Angst   &   Basement of Doom
Daddy Dearest Queenie Spike's been a naughty boy. Again. Daddy!Kink
Daddy!Kink Tag Fic Lady Cat and Margarks Spike knows exactly what his baby girl needs. Warnings for every kink you can think of.   wip Daddy!kink
Daddy Likes Loopy Daddy likes what his Baby does Daddy!kink
Daddy's Boy Sparrow2000 It’s funny how Xander's come to appreciate Tony, now that he's all grown up. Things learned at a daddy’s knee tend to stick. Vamp!Xander
Daddy!Verse Rowaine Vampires and demons aren't the only dangerous things on the Hellmouth. Vamp!Xander
Daddy!Verse Drabbles Margie He groaned as the crotch of Dawn's cotton panties rocked against his erection. S/X, S/Dawn Daddy!kink   &   Spander Plus
Damaged Souls Series Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess and Prncssflutterby Redo of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" ep.  wip Beginnings
Damned With You Amejisuto Xander is hurt terribly while on site. Continued from Everlasting Love Vamp!Xander
The Dance Mad Poetess Spike is behaving strangely. Xander is worried Beginnings
Dance Nasty Shrew Xander is dying and Spike wants to dance. Future Fic, Final Death
Dancer Robin the Crossover Junkie AU future fic. Seven years on and the Scoobies find Spike working at the Purple Onion First Time   &   On Stage
Dancing About Architecture Collapsible It's been eight years. Spike's changed.   Preview   wip Sweet William
Dancing Fool Kitty Poker1 Spike's looking for Xander and finds him in a gay club Oblivious/Denial
Dancing in the Dark Jane Davitt Xander decided that the only way he could get through a night with Spike and no TV was by adding some alcohol to the mix. Basement of Doom
Dang Me Skuzzbopper Xander and Spike get a little sloshed during a power outage. Spike learns a few things. Drink'n'Drugs
Dare Kitty Poker1 Spike has never turned down a dare in his life. Established Relationship
Daring Lace Werewindle Spike takes a dare. Cross Dressing
The Dark Cavalier Sabershadowkat Death comes to all of us. When he came to Xander, he offered him a job... as his apprentice. (crossover with Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels) Crossovers;  Superpower!Xander;   AfterLife
Dark Evil Fairy Tale Virtual Personal   &   Fairy!spike's nemesis Kurn returns to blackmail him.   Sequel to A Spandery Fairy Tale Fairy Stories
Dark Kitten Fyredansa What if Xander hadn't been snatched from Drusilla by the screaming mob of girls during 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.   Warning: Dark!fic Vamp!Xander;  Spander Plus
Dark Melody Amy Somewhat surreal vignette Vamp!Xander
The Darkness Inside Whichclothes The Initiative isn't finished with Xander yet.   Sequel to The Right Tool Vamp!Xander   Angst   The Initiative
Darkness In Your Blood SpikesKat Spike knew Xander was really a walking poster child of sin Extra Dark
Dark Night Randy Sex Kitten A dark night, two outcasts flying through the desert, wind pouring in the open windows First Time
Dark Porn Lady Cat Xander just wanted a beer, some food, porn on the tv and a ready boy to play with when he felt like that Sub/Dom
Dark Surprises Piksa Spike finally claims the gift from his sire De-Chipped   &  Pet!Xander
Days Creyr What if Spike had run into Xander in Oxnard? Developing Feelings;   On Stage;   Xander in Oxnard
Day of Days and Night of Nights Sajinn Unusually long for a P W P P W P
Dawn Summers, Matchmaking Genius Snowpuppies Dawn Summers is a matchmaking genius. Don't believe her? Just ask her.   Preview Comedy
Dead Girl Walking Sorrel Spike gets hit by a spell that turns him into a girl, and Xander's very interested in the new, improved Spike... wip Body Switcheroo's
Dead Heat Kidcyclone The continuing saga of the new Fanged Four. wip Spander Plus  &   Vamp!Xander
Deadlocked BmblBee Spike's evil plan to become a self-serving master with an obedient pet goes somewhat awry Original Spike
Dead Man Shopping Collapsible See Spike. See Spike shop. Established Relationship
Dead Sunflowers Nasty Shrew Driven over the edge by the deaths of his friends, Xander tries to grip onto the tattered remains of his sanity with help from someone not entirely normal himself - Spike. Angst
Deadwood Dick BmblBee A saga of the old west Alternate Incarnations
Death Becomes Them Kayla Death comes to everyone...just not always in the way we would have anticipated. Vamp!Xander
Death by Meth Scorpio   Xander goes to a NA meeting. (1 part) Comedy  &  Drink'n'Drugs   &   Vamp!Xander
Death By The Horn Sukiblue Harmony is dead. But who killed her??? Comedy
Death Was His Gift Electricalgwen Xander wants one last gift from Spike Final Death
Deciphering Fire Wesleysgirl Leaving Xander was one of the hardest things he'd ever done Ex Lovers
Deep And Meaningful And 17 Syllables Long Witchway Xander finally shares a long held secret. Established Relationship
Deep Water _obsession_is_ Xander is ill. Willow and Spike rescue him, but will they be able to save him? Hurt/Comfort  &   Oblivious/Denial
Deferring to Home Truly Tazi Had it really only been six weeks since heaven became hell? Post Apocolypse
Demagnetized Creyr Willow demagnetizes Xander from every demon but Spike. Sub/Dom   &   Epics with Plot
Demon Drink Bruttimabuoni He’d secretly rather have had a little time to become truly desperate and grateful for release than to be mocked after only five minutes of uncomfortable dangling Beginnings
Demon Magnet Beetle Xander's new boyfriend is more than he seems, and Spike is worried tbc Oblivious
Demons Anonymous Frk_werewolf The Scoobies decide it's time to get help for their addiction. Comedy
Demon’s Childe Creed Spike turns Xander when he finds him dying after being beaten by his father and makes him his Childe/Consort.   S/X, S/A, X/A   Preview Vamp!Xander   &   Spander Plus
Denial Ash Carpenter Angel offers Xander to Spike. So what were they thinking? And what happened next? Original Spike
Denial Land is a Nice Place to Be Goddess Arundhathi As the Scoobies try to deal with Glory, Xander is struggling to escape from denial and deal with new and slashy thoughts about Spike.   Preview Oblivious/Denial;   Rewrites
Depravation Moosesal Not everyone is happy the boys are together Extra Dark
Descent Off Suit It had always been about blood Final Death
DeSoto 4 Sale Whichclothes Someone has a Desoto for sale. Beginnings
Determined Virtual Personal Think Sleeping Beauty slash fic Fairy Stories
Detour Tgray Spike finds a little treat waiting against a dark lamp post. Prostitute;   Working Man
The Devil's Bargain Jake Xander goes to Spike for protection from a newly freed Angelus and is conned into a devil's bargain.   Preview Road Trips
Diapers and Wet Dreams Eyezrthewindows Xander has a strange dream First Time
Dick 'n Jane FireHorse In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander. Comedy
Did You Know? Eyezrthewindows A sleeping Xander becomes easier to spill his guts to than Spike ever would've imagined. Basement of Doom
Dies Irae Electricalgwen BtVS season 7, rewritten with a Spander twist. Vamp!Xander;   Souled Spike;   Rewrites
The Difference Between Naked and Nekkid Scribe Xander likes to tease Comedy
A Different Kind of Blue Slaymesoftly Willow's my-will-be-done-spell plays out a bit differently Rewrites   &   Beginnings
Dimensionally Challenged Amy   Peter Parker (Spiderman) is accidentally brought through a dimensional vortex to Sunnydale S/X/Peter S/X/Peter Spander Plus   &   Crossovers
Dinner Party Queenie Spike attends a very unusual dinner party. Human AU P W P
Dining Out EntreNous Xander’s birthday dinner, and Spike’s spoiling it. Comedy
Dire Circumstances Cicirossi In which bathing with Spike is revealed to be better than being bitten by Spike Established Relationship
Dirty Frk_werewolf Sometimes you just feel like getting dirty. Except when you don't. Sweet and Schmoopy
Dirty Dancing Spander Style Savoy Truffle Xander and his sister Buffy reluctantly accompany their parents on a holiday cruise Human AU   Movieland   Working Man
Dirty Laundry SunnyD-lite Of course Spike's not worried.... Established Relationship
Distraction Sparrow2000 Xander's grown up a lot since his days in the basement. Spike's okay with that Established Relationship
Dirty Meta Muse Porn! Xanphibian  &   Lady Cat The Authors confront their Muses. P W P   &   Comedy   &   Sweet William
Dirty Pool Spikedluv Spike and Xander, dirty talk, and smut. P W P
Dirty Talk Margie A long distance conversation between the boys. P W P & Long Distance Loving
Discordance Fangstress After Buffy dies in the fight against Glory, Xander and Spike try to pick up the pieces. But something is badly off. Secret Lovers
Discordance Spike 1790 Spike remembers a kiss Masturbation Theater
Discovered Kay Xander and Spike are enjoying themselves as they continue to explore their relationship. But not everyone is pleased that they’re together. Sequel to Discoveries Possesive/Jealous
Discoveries Kay Spike discovers Xander has a job at Jefferies, a local gay bar. Preview Developing Feelings;   Working Man
Discoveries Tgray Xander, the new kid in town, meets up with local band lead singer Spike. X/A S/X Human A U;   On Stage;   Drink'n'Drugs;   Working Man
Distracted Wildepet There' s a new vamp in town... Oblivious/Denial
Divided Jackson Toth's stick splits Spike into his human and demon halves. Sweet William
D. I. Y. Jenny Spike is trying to make the perfect home-porn video P W P   &   Video Night
Dog Eat Dog World Frk_werewolf Spike gets a new pet. Comedy   &   Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander
A Dog's Life D'Nalia Xander is turned into a dog. Only Spike can understand him. Under a Spell   &   Sweet and Schmoopy  &   Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander   &   Preslash
DogsofWar Tabaqui The Initiative shuts down Sunnydale, declaring martial law Post Apocolypse
Doing Christmas Lazuli.Kat "I semi-do Christmas. For the perishables, the aqua vitae, and the seasonal rejection." Christmas
Doing Spells Spikedluv Voyeur!Xander gets a hand P W P
Domestic Bliss Twilightofmagic It was one thing to multi-task when they were fucking, but dropping crumbs everywhere was just plain rude. Established Relationship
Domestic Bliss Drabbles Beetle A series of drabbles forming a picture of Xander and Spike's developing relationship Established Relationship
Domestic Drabbles Anna S Snapshots of the boy's domestic life Established Relationship
Dominion Yin Again Xander had to look away, because the movement was making him dizzy - dizzier. Possessive
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Fanbot Spike remembers an encounter with Xander First Time and Beginnings
Don't Move Eyezrthewindows Post Glory, Buffy and Anya are dead, Giles is gone. Xander takes out his pain and anger on Spike, who just accepts it because it's the only way he'll get any comfort of his own Extra Dark
Don’t Need You Now Forsaken2003 Angel has come to make up with Spike about the past. Established Relationship
Don’t Stop Randy Sex Kitten No-one believes Spike, even when he's telling the truth Comedy
Donut Boy Reremouse "Once. Just FOR ONCE, I wish I could be the cool guy, the super strength guy..."   &   Superpower!Xander
Donut Boy? Skargasm Not the donut boy anymore... Hyena!Xander
Down A Different Path RogueSpike While living in Xander's basement Spike is forced to live several different possibilities of his life and in the end must make a choice. Basement of Doom  &  Sliders
Drabbles Nash First time drabbles Beginnings
Drabbles and Ficlets Nomelon Snapshots of domestic life with Spike and Xander Established Relationship
Drabbles and Ficlets Skargasm Drabbles and Ficlets with a domestic theme Established Relationship
Drawing Near apreludetoanend Christmas Eve, post-Chosen. Xander and Spike are preparing for an evening out with the gang, with whom Xander has some news to share. (7 drabbles) Christmas   &   Secret Lovers
Dread of Morning Lady Cat & Wesleysgirl He wasn't going to last long with a dominant Xander giving him all the fantasies he'd forgotten he'd had. Sub/Dom
Dream a Little Dream Beamer There is this dream that Xander Harris keeps having. Sequel to Male Bond-age P W P
Dream a Little Dream Fanbot Xander is caught in the middle of a miscast spell, causing him to turn into a true hermaphrodite Body Switcheroo's  &   Under a Spell
Dreaming in Color Vinniebatman When dreams come true? P W P
Dreaming the Future Pirate Purple Spike's world keeps changing to suit his dreams Sliders
Dream Lover Rowaine After ADAM is defeated, the Scoobies start discussing their dreams Developing Feelings
Dream Lover Sharvie Light fluff Sweet and Schmoopy;   Basement of Doom;   Preslash
Dream of You Tgray Xander's expensive agency escort bears an uncanny resemblance to Spike, dead now these three years. wip Lost Memory   Prostitute   Working Man
Dreams of the Tin Man Jenny Spike has a weird dream and joins the Scoobies in asking that age old question: Who the fuck was that guy with the cheese? First Time
Dream versus Reality Margie Spike's dreaming and Xander gets caught up. Basement of Doom
Drenched Trixx Spike and Xander are possesed by a Succubus Rain P W P
Drifting Closer Kyrieane Xander wasn’t sure exactly how it happened. Preview Sweet and Schmoopy
Drinking Games Randy Sex Kitten   &   Kyrieane A male bonding ceremony First Time   &   Drink'n'Drugs
Drive Elena "Here's the deal – I help you seduce Xander, and you relax him into having sex with me."   S/X/Anya   Preview Spander Plus   &   Basement of Doom
Dropping By Two Ladies of Quality An unexpected visit leads to surprises S/X/Willow Spander Plus
Drowning Rune Xander finally gets what he's always wanted Extra Dark
Drowning Not Waving Drink'n'Drugs   &   De-Chipped A drug-addled Xander comes to LA and hits rock bottom.
Dr. Spike Jasonsnene Xander goes to the doctor. He gets very thoroughly examined. Human AU   &   First Time
Drugs Drugs Drugs, which are good, which are bad? Perverted Pages Spike finds something in Xander's things that he demands be explained   Drink'n'Drugs
Drummer Boy Dragon's Phoenix Willow is due to arrive in half an hour. And Spike knows it. Christmas
Dyed Randy Sex Kitten Spike and Xander learn about each other’s talents P W P
Dyeing Young Mad Poetess Meetings in the hair-dye aisle at Wal-Mart. Preslash Comedy
D'yer Mak'er Randy Sex Kitten Late Season 3, Xander is drawn into a world of voyeuristic BSDM Sub/Dom
Dying Was Worth It Eyezrthewindows Spike's plans for when his chip stops working misfire a bit Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Vamp!Xander