All I Want For Christmas by Kimalis   Xander just wants one normal day

All The Trimmings by Crazydiamondsue   Xander wants the tree to be perfect

Apple Tree Wassail by Pirate Purple   It's almost Christmas

Awakening by Rune   Xander has trouble accepting his new feelings for Spike

Baby It's Cold Out by Virtual Personal & Nash   If that girl hadn't been good enough to merit an invitation back to Spike's place, then Xander would never be, even if Spike magically turned gay.

Blackfoot Bertha by Dragon's Phoenix   If you're good, you get presents; but if you're bad.....

Brothers in Arms by Poshcat   Xander pays a visit to Wolfram&Hart

Buffy Saves Christmas by Harikari Wherein there is possessive Spike, Xander, an evil wizard, and candy flavored kisses

Chaos Christmas Crackers by Werewindle   Spike and Ethan help each other plot a little Christmas cheer.

Chilled by Kimalis   At this point in time, Spike was happy to just watch and want. Take and have would come later.

Christmas Drabbles by Skargasm   Spandery Christmas

Christmas Fairy by Kimalis   Something had to be done about the UST between the boys

A Christmas He Won’t Soon Forget! by LadyMerlin   Pet Xander has a Christmas he will never forget (1st part of a 14 part series)

Christmas Means Angels by Shadith   An angel answers Xander's prayer.   S/X/Angel

Christmas Pets by WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead   It’s Christmas time for puppy Xander and kitten Spike.   Sequel to I Bark, You Hiss

A Christmas Story by Emelye   Spike's Christmas this year is not very merry

A Christmas Tale by Randy Sex Kitten   Xander spreads some Christmas cheer

Christmas Tears by Virtual Personal   Spike and Xander first meet in grade school. Years later they meet again. Human AU

Cryptic Christmas by Eliza Shaw   Only on the Hellmouth could the best Christmas he ever had come in July in a vampire’s crypt

Doing Christmas by Lazuli.Kat   "I semi-do Christmas. For the perishables, the aqua vitae, and the seasonal rejection."

Drawing Near by Apreludetoanend   Christmas Eve, post-Chosen. Xander and Spike are preparing for an evening out with the gang, with whom Xander has some news to share.

Drummer Boy by Dragon's Phoenix   Willow is due to arrive in half an hour. And Spike knows it.

Eight Maids, Uh, Milking? by Crazydiamondsue   Early Season 7 AU, Spike and Xander are together, but Xander’s still got things on his mind…

Fall On Your Knees by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike sings O Holy Night but Xander hears the words in a whole different light

First Christmas by Nash   Spike and Xander's first Christmas together

Five Christmases Spike'll Never Forget by electricalgwen   Spanning the years

Frostbite Falls by Emelye   The whole gang gets together for Christmas. There are some disclosures made.

The Gift of Christmas by Suki Blue   Spike gives Xander a Christmas he's never had, but always dreamed of.

Gift Exchange by Whichclothes On a whim, Xander buys a Christmas present for Spike, and the gift has unforeseen consequences.

Gingerbread Homes and Christmas Wishes by Chocgood84   Set 4 years post Not Fade Away. Only Spike survived Wolfram and Heart.

Happy Christmas by Acaranna  Spike remembers the snow ...

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Tabaqui   It's Christmas and Spike is feeling a little bit nostalgic

How the Vamp Stole Christmas by Apreludetoanend   A parody of Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

If Wishes Were Horses... by Cimmer   A perfect Christmas

In A Strange Land by Pirate Purple   Christmas in Africa

In A What? by Chess   Spike finds a surprise in his xmas stocking

It's A Hellmouthful Life by Morrigushout   Spike finds Xander depressed and about to end it all

The Joy Of Giving by Lazuli.Kat   Spike survived the battle in the a way.

Last Christmas by Jameschick   Last Christmas, Xander and Spike had an affair that ended badly. This year, Spike thinks it’s time to move on, but will he?

Looks Like Christmas by Skargasm   It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Memories of Christmas by Spike 1790   Spike tells Xander a story about Christmas

Merry Christmas, Luv by Charmin   Very dark fic but has a hopeful ending

Midnight Clear by Kayla   Xander's got the holiday blues; what's a horny Spike to do?

Mistletoe by Kayla   It's a tradition

Mistletoe Kiss by Dragon's Phoenix   It’s bad luck if you don’t kiss under the mistletoe.

Mistletoe Kisses by Amy   Xander is being followed by enchanted mistletoe

Moonlighting by Margie   Spike finds Xander moonlighting in a gay bar

Naughty Nick and the Evil Elf by Tisienne Blue   Ah, X-mastime hijinks on the Hellmouth   X/S/William

Not-A-Merry Christmas by Rayne Jelly   Every year Xander's mom breaks out the xmas music first week of December

Not What It Looks Like by Spike 1790   Spike finds Xander in a compromising situation.

Old Habits Die by Strickensgirl   Xander had always spent the night before Christmas outside in his sleeping bag.

Oh Christmas Tree by FireHorse   Spike had always been good company.   unfinished

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike is making naughty snow figures

O magnum mysterium by electricalgwen   Spike angsts over the meaning of Christmas. A companion piece to the Easter fic Resurgens

One Frosty Christmas Eve by SpikesKat   Spike never could stick to a plan

On the Level by Electricalgwen   Spike/Xander preparing to host a party

An Orange Day by Eyezrthewindows   Spike gets a really crappy surprise on Christmas...and also a pretty good one

Phoenix by Whichclothes   Sequel to The Wednesday Museumbut can be read on its own. Xander and Spike attempt holiday-season travel.

Please Come Home For Christmas by Chess   Xander comes home for Christmas

The Poinsettia Protection Posse by Jasonsnene   It was truly amazing what one could acquire with a bottle of Jack Daniels, a carton of cigarettes, and a box of Twinkies. In Giles’ case, he acquired one vampire and one young Watcher   S/X/Giles

Predictability by Beetle   Unpredictability in the Basement of Doom

Santa Claus is Dead and What Happened to the Doughnuts, Anyway? by Eyezrthewindows   Xander has to deal with two different horny vampires. Not that he's complaining.

Santa's Little Helper by Rune   It's Christmas, Xander is curious, and horny

Santa Spike Comes Calling by Virtual Personal   Xander hated Christmas

The Scent of Gingerbread by Margie   Xander starts some new holiday traditions with Spike.

Seven Christmases by Pirate Purple   Seven Christmas's that changed Xander's life.

The Silence by Randy Sex Kitten   Spike and Xander, snow, chocolate and antique ornaments.

Snow on Christmas by Spikedluv   Spike’s leaving Sunnydale, can Xander make him stay?

A Spandery Christmas by Mwrgana   Spike tells Xander a Christmas story.   Set in The Ripper Files verse.

Spike Claus by Forsaken2003   Spike does his good deed for the year.

Spike's Holiday Hunt by EntreNous   What Do You Get for the Vamp Who Has Everything

Star Light by Jane Davitt   Their first Christmas together has to be perfect

Stroke of Midnight by Lady Cat   Xander spends Christmas eve camped outside his parents house.

A Summer Sun in Winter by LadyMerlin   Spike wants to feel the warmth of the sun again

A Sunnydale Christmas Carol by Amejisuto   Rewrite of Charles Dicken's story, A Christmas Carol

Surprise by Apreludetoanend   Xander gets an early Christmas gift.

That Old Silk Hat by Eliza Shaw   Spike and Xander chase down a demon in the midst of Christmas on the Hellmouth.

Time Out by Kimalis   Don't piss off a witch

The Twelve Days of Christmas by LadyMerlin   The boys celebrate Christmas their own way

The Twelve Days of Christmas Wish Book by Kimalis   This booklet entitles the bearer to redeem one coupon per day

A Very Naughty Christmas by Margie   It was in a weird shape, kind of like a really big piece of candy.

What's In The Box? by Darkhavens   Xander receives an unexpected parcel.

The Wild Hunt by Whichclothes   Vampires do not celebrate Christmas, but maybe they can celebrate something else instead.

Workin' in a Winter Wonderland by Whichclothes  Several years post-series, Xander returns to California to go undercover as an elf--and encounters several surprises.

Yeah by Spike_1790   A conversation between the boys at Christmas.

The Yule Chanukah Solstice Winter Festival Costume Party by Dragon's Phoenix   A non-traditional non-Christmas costume party



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