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Titles A

Alex and Will's Excellent Adventures by Lady Cat   Spike and Xander watch themselves in an earlier life   Alternate Incarnations; Movieland

Alliances by Whichclothes   Wish!verse Xander wants what he'll never have from his sire, to be really wanted. Then Spike shows up in Sunnydale.   Vamp!Xander; Original Spike

Anchors by Whichclothes   Post series. Xander and Spike are in London, each struggling with his own (mental) demons. Can they help each other?   Hurt/Comfort; Developing Feelings

Animal by Electricalgwen   Xander's Hyena is accidently released and Spike is nominated sitter while the cure is found   Hyena!Xander

Another Chance by Stillrose   Another Spike shows up in Sunnydale insisting he has a soul and that he loves Xander   Double Trouble

Apartment 4A by Kyrieane  When Alex, a photojournalist, loses the use of his eye, he retreats to a small town in Oregon, trying to heal and find his place in life again.   Human AU

Apocalypse Laterish by Metaforgirl   Xander Harris has lived a long life and now it's over. Or is it?   Preview   Post Apocalypse; Souled Spike

The Assistant by Witling   When Xander becomes Wesley's assistant, nobody expects Angel to lose his soul.   Vamp!Xander

Auld Acquaintance by WmGeorge   Two friends meet again after a long time separated.   Angst

Awakenings by Beetle   Spike wakes up to find himself in the place of William who post-Shanshu had made himself a nice human life with Xander   Sweet William; Lost Memory; Angst

Titles B

Babylon by Tabaqui   The world has ended. Xander is sure there is a portal into a better reality and Spike tries to keep him alive long enough to find it.   Post Apocolypse

Backfire by Daedreams   Spike has a plan...sort of. S/X, A/X   Spander Plus; Original Spike; Epics with Plot; Developing Feelings

Balance . Resetting the Scales by Lady Merlin   Willow's spell to release the power of the scythe did far more than anyone expected.  Hyena!Xander; Superpower!Xander; Developing Feelings

Bare It All by Authoress Nebula   Xander's construction work falls through, and he's forced to find another job. His first night, and who should be in the audience getting the shock of his unlife but Spike.   First Time; On Stage

The Beast in Me by Pirate Purple   Xander comes back from Africa a changed man. Spike comes to Cleveland to fight evil on yet another hellmouth. Can they help each other accept the men they have become?   Africa!Xander; Souled Spike

Bewitched by Maz   When Valentine's Day arrives, Dru dips her finger in the brew and gives it a stir.   Under a Spell; Original Spike; Rewrites

Blame it on the Dip by Kyrieane   Set sometime after Spike moves out of the basement   Comedy; First Time; Sweet and Schmoopy

Blighty by Evil Manic Laugh   Giles sends Spike and Xander on a mission to London together   Comedy

Blood Borne by Jenny   Spike is pregnant, fulfilling a prophecy   Mpreg

Blood On A Sundial by Maz   The Big Bad has come to town. Spike, Xander, AU in Season 2. We are talking slow burn here.   Original Spike; Kidnapped; Epics with Plot

Bonded by Jameschick   Spike has been chipped and taken in by the Scoobies. Just as he and Xander are beginning to become friends something happens and they're both hurt and it's up to Angel to save and care for them   Hurt/Comfort

Baphomet's Knight by Gypsy Gray   Xander returns after his death as a NightBreed, a Knight of Baphomet.   Oblivious/Denial; Superpower!Xander

Botched Spell by Vinniebatman & Cinderella81   Buffy casts a spell to create understanding between Spike and Xander. But itís the Hellmouth, so of course something wonky happens   Under a Spell; Body Switcheroo's

Bought and Paid For by Skargasm  Bought and paid for, but for what purpose?   Sub/Dom; Spander Plus; Prostitute

The Boy Next Door by Strickens_girl   Xander needs some help but Spike decides to help himself to Xander.   Human AU

Broken by Kayla   Spike learns something about Xander, and things change   Hurt/Comfort; Abused Child!Xan

By Any Other Name by Electricalgwen   It wasn't a date, but it had still been the best evening out heíd had in months.   Beginnings

Titles C

Cat Magic by Amejisuto   Willow messes up a spell and Xander suffers for it   Under a Spell; Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander

Changes by Tabaqui   Xander's life changes when first Spike and then Oz move in with him   Epics with Plot; Hyena!Xander; De-Chipped; Rewrites

Changing His Religion by Eyezrthewindows   Xander tries to adjust to realising he's gay   First Time; Human AU

Charmed by Spikedluv   Willow just wanted people to see past Xanderís dopey exterior, so he could attract someone. When she cast her spell, she didnít expect it to be Spike.   Comedy; Under a Spell; Souled Spike

Checkmate by Lady Cat & Estepheia   Xander and Spike need to undergo a charade, post-Gift. Can they handle what's required of them?   Comedy

Chocolate Hurricane by Cicirossi   Xander is addicted to chocolate. And to Spike   First Time; Oblivious; Something Made Us Do It

Choices by Crazydiamondsue  Set in Africa immediately post AtS Season-5 Damage   Africa!Xander; First Time

Christmas Drabbles by Skargasm   Spandery Christmas   Christmas

The Collar by Thea Zara   Angelus leaves Buffy a Valentine's gift, but she isn't the one to open it   Original Spike; Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander; Consort!Xander

Coming Out by Kayla   Xander's mom thinks he's gay and wants to show support   Oblivious/Denial; Basement of Doom

Compass Rose by Tabaqui   When Spike finally leaves Sunnydale he takes Xander with him.   Preview   Developing Feelings; Road Trips; Kidnapped

Conversations by Lady Merlin   A series of short conversations between some of our fav characters from Buffy/Angel   Developing Feelings

The Cost of Butterfly Kisses by Litgal   Xander's been a bad boy, and Spike is about to figure out how to make the most of it.   Developing Feelings; Epics with Plot

The Crossing by BmblBee   It is the spring of 1912 and Xander Harris is booked passage home from Ireland on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.   Alternate Incarnations

Cursed by Texanfan  What if the Hellmouth had opened at the end of season 1?   Sliders; Post Apocalypse

Titles D

Dawn Summers, Matchmaking Genius by Snowpuppies   Dawn Summers is a matchmaking genius. Don't believe it? Just ask her.   Preview   Comedy

Dead Sunflowers by Nasty Shrew   Driven over the edge by the deaths of his friends, Xander tries to grip onto the tattered remains of his sanity with help from someone not entirely normal himself - Spike.   Angst

Death By The Horn by Suki Blue   Harmony is dead. But who killed her???   Comedy

Demagnetized by Creyr   Willow demagnetizes Xander from every demon but Spike.   Sub/Dom; Epics with Plot

Demonís Childe by Creed   Spike turns Xander when he finds him dying after being beaten by his father and makes him his Childe/Consort     S/X, S/A, X/A   Preview   Vamp!Xander; Spander Plus

Dies Irae by Electricalgwen   BtVS season 7, rewritten with a Spander twist.   Vamp!Xander; Souled Spike;

Discoveries by Kay   Spike discovers Xander has a job at Jefferies, a local gay bar. Preview   Developing Feelings; Working Man

Divided by Jackson   Toth's stick splits Spike into his human and demon halves.   Sweet William

A Dog's Life by D'Nalia   Xander is turned into a dog. Only Spike can understand him.   Under a Spell; Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander; Sweet and Schmoopy; Preslash

Dread of Morning by Wesleysgirl & Lady Cat  He wasn't going to last long with a dominant Xander giving him all the fantasies he'd forgotten he'd had.   Sub/Dom

Dying Was Worth It by Eyezrthewindows   Spike's plans for when his chip stops working misfire a bit   Sweet and Schmoopy; Vamp!Xander

Titles E

El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro by Whichclothes & Emelye  Xander is in Mexico undercover, and Spike is sent from L.A. on the same mission.   Developing Feelings

Epiphanies by Whichclothes   Several years post-series, Xander thinks Spike needs to get his unlife together.   Developing Feelings

Everything You Ever by Emelye   "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."   Beginnings; Angst; Hurt/Comfort

Exceptions To Geometry by Qwerty Lee   Xander gets turned into a dog by an annoyed demon. Spike reluctantly takes him in.  Preview   Puppy!Xander; Video Night

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