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Spike/Giles     Spike/Wesley     Xander/Giles     Giles/Ethan     Various                        
Title AuthorSummaryCategory
All Fall Down Snowpuppies Spike gets laid, Buffy gets to be dessert and Dawn gets what she's always wanted...maybe. Other Pairings ~ Spawn
Come the Dawn Snowpuppies There's more to Dawn than meets the eye. She'll realize her potential, whether she means to or not. Other Pairings ~ Spawn
Daddy's Girl Darkling Dawns Dawn's growing up Spawn ~ Daddy!kink
Spiral!Verse C. Woodhaven Dawn’s spiraling out of control. She finds comfort when an old friend returns. Spawn ~ Sub/Dom
Temptation Virtual Personal  &   Viking Princess Dawn comes overseas for a semester as an exchange student at the school where Spike works.   Preview Other Pairings ~ Spawn
To Love, Honor and Obey C. Woodhaven In a Retro-future human AU, Angel O'Connor has just accepted a betrothal contract for his only daughter, Dawn. As part of the contract, she is sent to the Academy to be formally trained in the art of pleasing a husband. Spike is assigned to be her trainer. Spike/Dawn


Spike/Dawn     Spike/Wesley     Xander/Giles     Giles/Ethan     Various                        
Title AuthorSummaryCategory
And No Birds Sing Twilightofmagic Giles re-evaluates old assumptions about vampires and Spike in particular. Spike/Giles
Baby, it's cold outside! Joolz Spike and Giles bond over English xmas carols and Glenmorangie whiskey Spike/Giles
Behind Closed Doors Jane Davitt I was still hard; Giles hurting me did that every time Spike/Giles
Charmed Whichclothes Giles is kidnapped and has an unlikely rescuer. Spike/Giles
Demonstration Whichclothes Giles is teaching Wesley how a watcher should spank a disobedient boy - he uses Spike as the demonstration model - Spike doesn't mind too much Spike/Giles/Wes
Destiny Joan Z Giles is Spike's pet, and Spike is evil, or is he? Spike/Giles
Ingredients Whichclothes Giles needs an ingredient that only Spike can give him. It's not quite like borrowing a cup of sugar. Spike/Giles
Pride Hello-Spikey If you were going to do something, it was worth doing it right Spike/Giles
Santa's Little Helper Kimalis Y’ueltyd demons had made themselves at home in Santa’s Village at the Sunnydale mall. Spike/Giles - Christmas
Spike/Giles Kink Series Eyezrthewindows Spike can't get in a wank for all the people running in and out of Giles' bathroom. What's a chained up vampire to do? Sub/Dom
The Thin Tartan Line Twilightofmagic It was Christmas eve and Spike was English, at least. Christmas


Spike/Dawn     Spike/Giles     Xander/Giles     Giles/Ethan     Various                        
Title AuthorSummaryCategory
Babel Fish Don’t Do Demon Kimalis Spike and boredom in the boardroom, Wes and a wedding and accidental alliteration. Comedy
Dinner by Candlelight Darkling Dawns Spike, Wesley, a french restaurant. Daddy!kink
A Grave Man Twilightofmagic How Spike came to be there, face down on his bed and artfully trussed was neither here nor there. Sub/Dom
Incorporeal is as Incorporeal Does Twilightofmagic Wes works late in his office, and Spike walks through a wall Spike/Wesley
Moon Over Santa Monica Bay Twilightofmagic Spike didn't know how it happened, but he became corporeal while he was on his knees. Spike/Wesley
Terrible Beauty Twilightofmagic How Wesley Wyndam-Pryce ended up on his knees just inside his own front door with a mouthful of smirking vampire was a question he pondered for years afterwards Spike/Wesley
Yes, Daddy Darkling Dawns Spike, Wesley, candle and daddykink Other Pairings


Spike/Dawn     Spike/Giles     Spike/Wesley     Giles/Ethan     Various                        
Title AuthorSummaryCategory
All The All Of Me Bruttimabuoni A slowly developing relationship Giles/Xander
Book of Dreams Xanphibian Post-Restless. Giles has Buffy, Willow, and Xander start dream journals. Giles/Xander ~ Sweet and Schmoopy
Broom Cupboard Drabble Frk_werewolf Giles knew it wasn't Xander's fault. Giles knew exactly where Xander had been when it happened Giles/Xander ~ Comedy
Fetish Xanphibian Xander has a sexual epiphany Giles/Xander ~ Oblivious/Denial
In Hand SpikesKat Xander is used to being handled firmly by his parents. What happens when Giles takes him in hand? Giles/Xander
It's Raining Frogs Xanphibian Xander has a date with Giles Giles/Xander ~ Sweet and Schmoopy
Naughty or Not Margie "You're always such a naughty boy, Xander. Never doing as you're told." Daddy!kink Other Pairings ~ Giles/Xander/Wesley
Rock and a Hard Place Sparrow2000 Giles contemplates his choices Giles/Xander
Same Time Next Week Cordelianne During a difficult summer, Giles receives some surprising company. Giles/Xander
Willpower Xanphibian AU Band Candy. This has to stop, he knows. It's all a question of willpower. Giles/Xander


Spike/Dawn     Spike/Giles     Spike/Wesley     Xander/Giles     Various                        
Title AuthorSummaryCategory
A Fairytale--Ending Beetle Happily Ever After . . . enter the Wicked Stepmum. Prequel to The True Meaning of Family Giles/Ethan
Snorting Lizards Twilightofmagic Ethan didn’t do illness well. In fact, he was a royal pain in the arse. Comedy
The Very Heart Of Me Dragon's Phoenix (Writing as Lucy Ash ) After the Halloween episode, where Ethan turns everyone into their costumes, Giles finds him waiting in the shop. Giles/Ethan, S/X Prequel if you're patient. Other Pairings
Whitehall Up Against the Wall Mwrgana Giles/Ethan fluff - an excursion from As Two Such Men Should Be Fluff

Various Other Pairings

Spike/Dawn     Spike/Giles     Spike/Wesley     Xander/Giles/     Giles/Ethan                        
Title AuthorSummaryCategory
The Aftermath of Squishy and Warm

Eyezrthewindows Spike is creative with a melon Spike/Melon ~ PWP
The Buffy Oscars Nomelon Comedy Parody. A night at the Buffy Oscars. Comedy
Cabin Fever BmblBee Angel and Wesley are off hunting something called a Fel-a-she-O demon and the ducks have been left behind together Other Pairings ~ Dagwood and Dudley
Chances Whichclothes Spike has a quiet, lonely existence until someone begins to leave him notes. Should he take a chance at meeting his stalker? Other Pairings
Dawn/Xander Smut Margie Xander felt vaguely guilty about watching porn at the Summers' house.   Dawn/Xander underage NC-17 HET Warning Dawn/Xander
Don't Ask, Don't Tell Whichclothes Takes place in the Biteverse Giles/Lindsey (non-explicit)
Glorious Eyezrthewindows It's kind of kinky...and hot. Spike goes to a demonic brothel type place because he wants a special blowjob. Spike/unknown ~ P W P
Goodbye to All That Mwrgana Tells of how Xander left the dark continent.   Introduction to The Ripper Files Xander/OC
Good Vibrations Eyezrthewindows Spike's taking care of something for Xander. No Pairing
Green Writes Badfic Xanphibian Sendup of really bad!fic. Hilarious. So bad(good) the Spuffy won't squick you. Spuffy ~ Badfic Comedy Sendup
Here With Him Darkling Dawns He knows now that if she doesn't show up, he'll be on his way to LA by sundown tomorrow, condition and Angel be damned. Spike/Cordelia ~ Secret Lovers
How to Be A Topp Fledgling Kidcyclone William the Bloody's words of advice to new fledges No Pairing
Ownership Eyezrthewindows Gunn/Wes companion fic to Irresistible When You... Gunn/Wes
The Moon and the Truth Kimalis Riley had no doubt that if he just followed the hostile, hung back, stayed down wind and kept quiet, he would be fine. Spike/Other
Nekid profile: Giles Kimalis Giles is distracted during an interview No Pairing ~ Comedy
Out of the Shadows Twilightofmagic Xander is restless, cooped up in a castle with a bevy of young women. But that's not what he needs. He goes exploring.  X-over with Torchwood Xander/Capt John Hart
Peek-a-Boo Darkling Dawns Willow walks in while Spike's dealing with his problem in Giles' bathtub.  Spike/Willow Crossovers
Prettier Than a Poodle Laazikaat Captain John finally takes on more than he bargained for.  Capt John/Spike Crossovers
Some Scenes From the Later Life of Two Heroes Herself_nyc She was the same age as Xander, who had cleared ninety, and yet she was still twenty-odd. Came back wrong. Spuffy
That Time with Miss Kitty Fantastico Whichclothes Set during S7. What did happen to Miss Kitty Fantastico? Cannon Pairings
Touching You Makes Me Feel Alive Eyezrthewindows Companion ficlet to the Xangel story: Slept So Long Xander/Lindsey
A Whole New Kink Darkling Dawns And if he hadn't been sure he was going to hell before this, he knew damn well he was now. No Pairing ~ Masturbation



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