Abject Pleasures of an Abject Mind by Sevendeadlyfun   Because no way did he want Evil Dead to want him. Except, maybe, a little?

Accidental Charm by Dustandroses   Spike and Xander have no idea what just hit them.

Afternoon by Wesleysgirl   It was the first time Spike had said his name since this had started

All Bets Are Off by Eyezrthewindows   A drunken dare taken on and things don't go as expected (Human AU)

All in, Balls Out by Eyezrthewindows   Spike and Xander meet for the first time under not so great circumstances.

Andumbulu by Vinniebatman   When Xander goes missing in Africa and is feared dead, Dawn and Spike are sent to investigate

The Annual Sunnydale Charity Bachelor Auction by Cath   Xander is asked to be in an auction, as merchandise.

The Answer to Your Question by Gabrielle   *Set during Beneath You* Nancy's question has an unexpected answer.

Another Victim by calikocat   Xander didn't answer but instead glanced over at Willow. "I think I'll take the Male demons over the female any day of the week."

Any Questions? by Margie & Xanphibian   Xander has a broken leg. Spike gets stuck with nursemaid duty

As Two Such Men Should Be by Mwrgana   For some reason, Xander is feeling... adaptable. Can he persuade Spike it's the real thing?

Attic by Yin Again   An encounter in Buffy's attic.

Audience or No Audience by Jameschick   Six years after Sunnydale, Xander goes home to California only to find a familiar face in an unexpected place.

Awakening by Rune   Xander has trouble accepting his new feelings for Spike

Away From the Numbers by EntreNous Spike's been more than done with the high-school and college crowd for years. Good thing Xander Harris is now very grown up.

Back Alley by Fanbot   Xander sees Spike do something he wished he hadn't, then turns it to his advantage

Bare It All by Authoress Nebula  

Beginning by Sukiblue   It felt just like it should, like an end.

The Bet by Margie  

Between Two Flights by Taruma   Based on the film Before Sunrise just a different town and plane instead of train. Spike and Xander meet at the airport and spend the day in Berlin, Germany.

Birthday Blues by Darkhavens   Xander celebrates a birthday that no-one else remembers. Spike helps.

Bitten by Athenewolfe   An investigation into Riley's suspicious behavior reveals Xander's own dark and hidden desires.

Blame it on the Dip by Kyrieane  

Body. Weapon. by Roses Are a Weed   Angelus has a plan to both mess with Buffy and put Spike back in his place

Bonfire Night by Amejisuto and Kitty Poker1   Spike tries to help Xander over his lost relationships.

Boots by Pirate Purple   Xander develops a new kink.

Breathe by Wolfshark   Spike hides from Graham and Riley in Xander's basement

Brothers in Arms by Poshcat Xander pays a visit to Wolfram&Hart

Brown Paper Packages by Alexandria   Xander rents videoporn and finds he knows one of the stars

Buffy Saves Christmas by Harikari Wherein there is possessive Spike, Xander, an evil wizard, and candy flavored kisses

By Any Other Name by Electricalgwen   It wasn't a date, but it had still been the best evening out he'd had in months.

By the Light of a Blue Moon by Dustandroses  A graveyard was no place to spend Halloween night, especially on the Hellmouth. Unfortunately, no one thought to tell the ghouls that

Candy Apples by Spike_1790   Magic candy apples on Halloween

Call Me But Love by Cobalt Mystic   Their friends had done everything short of dropping a spell on them.

Carnivale Mystique by BmblBee   A mysterious carnival appears on the outskirts of Sunnydale.

Category Ten by Beetle   A quick run through of Xander's life

Caught by Ahestele   Spike and Xander are caught in a broken down car in the snow.

Changing His Religion by Eyezrthewindows   Xander tries to adjust to realising he's gay

Chocolate Hurricane by Cicirossi   Xander becomes addicted to chocolate. And to Spike

Choices by Crazydiamondsue   Set in Africa immediately post AtS Season-5 Damage

Closeted by Kimberly_A   The boys are caught while on an army base.   Preview

Contradictions by Amejisuto   Xander never forgot that Spike was evil

The Costs of Negotiating by Entrenous   Spike handles a delegate from the New Watcher's Council on Angel's tab.

The Course of True Love by Amejisuto   The course of true love never did run smooth.

Cravings by Jujukittychick   Spike and Xander have had cravings for years, it's about time they finally accept them.

Cues and Balls by Estepheia   Spike and Xander bond over a game of pool

Damaged Souls Series by Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess and Prncssflutterby   Redo of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" ep.   wip

The Dance by Mad Poetess   Spike is behaving strangely. Xander is worried

Dancer by Robin The Crossover Junkie   AU future fic. Seven years on and the Scoobies find Spike working at the Purple Onion

Dark Night by Randy Sex Kitten   A dark night, two outcasts flying through the desert, wind pouring in the open windows.

Demon Drink by Bruttimabuoni   He'd secretly rather have had a little time to become truly desperate and grateful for release than to be mocked after only five minutes of uncomfortable dangling

DeSoto 4 Sale by Whichclothes   Someone has a Desoto for sale.

Diapers and Wet Dreams by Eyezrthewindows   Xander has a strange dream.

A Different Kind of Blue by Slaymesoftly   Willow's my-will-be-done-spell plays out a bit differently

Don't Ask, Don't Tell by Fanbot   Spike remembers an encounter with Xander

Drabbles by Nash   First time drabbles

Dreams of the Tin Man by Jenny   Spike has a weird dream and joins the Scoobies in asking that age old question: Who the fuck was that guy with the cheese?

Drinking Games by Randy Sex Kitten   &   Kyrieane   A male bonding ceremony

Dr. Spike by Jasonsnene   Xander goes to the doctor. He gets very thoroughly examined.

The 8 Ball of Fate by Jameschick   Xander gets a roommate . . . Spike

Emerging by Anna S   Xander wasn't sure how to date a vampire.

Escape To Oblivion by Loopy   Spike's got a new habit and Xander decides he needs to quit.

Essentially A Partnership by Reremouse   Good thing it's too late for Harris to go back to the old solitary, normal, Spikeless lifestyle

Everlasting Love by Amejisuto   Weird weather invades Sunnydale and Xander tries to bring the Scoobies together to figure out what's happening, while at the same time he figures out that his vampire roomate has a crush on him. Continued in Damned With You

Everybody Thinks by Skitterby   Non-con of the "But, Spike, I don't wanna--oh, god, do that again!" variety.

Every Claim You Stake by Eyezrthewindows   Xander joined the W&H crew after Sunnydale's collapse.

Every Man by Skargasm   It wasn't every man that got Spike to wondering but this one did....

Everything You Ever by Emelye   "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."   Preview

Evil Takes The Summer Off by Reremouse   Xander has an unusual encounter at Theme Park World

Evil Things by Skuzzbopper Summary: Xander has dug a hole. Now it's time to fill it up.

Fanfic Made Me Gay by Jameschick  

Fifty Bucks by Tabaqui   Xander's missing a $50 note and he's pretty sure he knows where it went

First Date's a Charm by Strickens_girl   Xander is upset after his demonic date. Spike offers a 'male perspective'ť.

First Kiss by Spikedluv   Spike and Xander's first kiss

The First Step by Darkling Dawns   Evil!Spike in control. Xander helpless and enjoying it.

First Time by C. Woodhaven   Spike and Xander's first time in the Crossing the Streams verse

The First Time by Skargasm Xander shares the tale of his first time with Spike with Willow.....

First Times Series by Karen   Xander makes tentative steps towards a friendship of sorts with Spike

First!verse by Darkhavens   A lifetime's worth of landmarks

Five Ways Spike and Xander Didn't Meet by Spikedluv   A series of five stories detailing five ways Spike and Xander didn't meet.

Fork in the Road by Sparrow2000   Xander comes back from his road trip and checks out the scene at the Bronze.

For My Pains A World Of Sighs by Baudown Things went differently in Prague, and Spike shows up in Sunnydale a few months early.

Found by Baudown   Post-series (BtVS and AtS). They run into each other by chance

Fourth Time Lucky by LadyMerlin   Xander keeps walking in on Spike

Four Ways Spike And Xander's First Time Might Have Gone by Spank Spike   Five alternate first times

Gate 12 by Baudown  Post-series, ignores the comics. "Airports were the worst..."

Gemini by FireHorse   Xander's bored, then he's not. The same scene from different angles.

Getting Bent Series by Mad Poetess   What if Xander had sampled some of his own wares in BtVS season 4 Beer Bad?

Getting Their Feet Wet by Noandwhere   Spike has unusual notions of flirting

The Gods of Obnoxious Weather by Dustandroses If Xander doesn't stop complaining about the weather, Spike's likely to do something extreme.

Gone Redux by Thedabara_cds   What if the "naked push-ups" scene from the episode "Gone" went a little differently?

Good Plans by Cobalt Mystic   He needed to see for himself, to know that the Whelp was alright. It wasn't that he doubted what Angel had told him, exactly; more some puerile need to prove it to himself and not simply take King Broody's word.

The Gratification Series by Trixx   Xander after a long hard day at work. S/X Self Pleasure.

The Guide by Whichclothes   Xander's in New York to do a difficult job.

Guys' Night In by Rowaine   What starts out as boycotting Valentine's Day by watching a sci-fi marathon ends up with a little more than either had intended.

Half the Battle by Yin Again   It's nearly impossible to speak with someone's tongue in your mouth.

Happy Halloween by Skargasm   Which one is being tricked?

Haunted by Jameschick   Xander and Spike are possessed in a haunted house

A Haunting Ache by Raihne   Xander's dead and buried. But is he gone?

Having a Real Good Day by Elena   Set during the episode 'Spiral'. Spike and Xander have some semi-private time.

Heart and Head by Morrigushout   Xander suffered fatal damage when he stopped Willow from ending the world.

Heat of the Moment by Cobalt Mystic   Xander wasn’t entirely sure what came over him, but he needed the vampire.....

Heatwave by Nomelon   It would feel even better if Spike would kiss him back.   Preview

He Might Be a Pain in the... But He's My pain by CC   Xander's pretty sure he still doesn't like Spike, but now he's got smoochy feelings for him.

Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) by Cordelianne   Cleveland sucks in the winter, but Bermuda is awesome, except for the zombies.

Hidden Desires by Obsession_is   Spike ponders his obsession for Xander. When he runs into him, do they act on their hidden desires for each other?

Higher Learning by Yin Again   Xander had intended to start his PhD this fall, not teach literature to a bunch of privileged rich kids

High, Flying, Fucked by Nash   Xander comes home decidedly high

His Story by Cobalt Mystic   He’d decided long ago that no lover of his would ever feel misused

Hold Me Down by Wesleysgirl   Because kissing is one thing, but bed is a completely other. Thing.

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy by Eyezrthewindows   Willow's truth spell works a little too well

Hot Showers and Cold Baths by Michelle   Its hot. How do they cool off?

Hour of Power by Robin The Crossover Junkie   One hour to atone. Xander has his own unique suggestion for Spike

How to Kill Time with a Vampire by Spikedluv   Xander’s secret admirer is revealed.

The Hunter by Jenny  One thing Xander Harris knew how to do was hunt Vampires

If All Morning Afters Were Like This... by Eyezrthewindows   Xander has a small problem. . .and Spike isn't helping

If It Wasn't for Bad Luck by Whichclothes   A chance encounter with a demon changes Xander's luck.

Incident on the Bay of the Descending Dragon by Reremouse   Spike's not the kind of guy who'd show up in Vietnam to joke about being Xander's whore.   Outside Link

In Plain Sight by Electricalgwen   Xander moans about his dating difficulties. Spike feels he's overlooking the obvious

In So Deep by Apreludetoanend   What happened in the BtVS S4 episode "Hush" after Xander tied Spike up for the night and turned out the light?

Ironing Out The Kinks by electricalgwen   Image is important

Irony by Emelye   A discrepancy between the expected result and actual results when enlivened by perverse appropriateness

It's Just A Jump to the Left by Kimberly   Xander is trapped in a time loop, with no control over his actions in the future time he keeps cycling around to.   Preview

It's Just Sex by Charmin   Spike is horny

It's Not by Cordelianne   Yep, it’s a routine. And routines are good, right?

It Started With a Kiss by Skargasm   Sometimes it's not what happens during the game that you remember...

It Was Supposed to Happen Like That by Cobalt Mystic   Spike and Xander are oblivious as always, but it's just possible it won't take much to push them together

I Would, but I'm a Little Tied up Right Now by Jane Davitt  Why was it that just touching the ropes he used to lash Spike to the chair gave him a hard on that hurt?

Just Once by Fangrrl   The scoobies will face Glory later tonight, and Xander doesn't want to leave any…unfinished business

Kissing Cousins by Eyezrthewindows   Spike and Xander are teenagers. Spike's a horndog who'll even screw with one of his relatives.  wip

Knight in Shining Armor by Dustandroses   Spike is stuck with Xander, cleaning out an old, old rodent's nest.  What they find inside may bore them, but who knows, maybe it will change their lives.

Knocking On Heaven's Door by Emelye   Xander's life is worthless and he's trying to be proactive about it

Knowing Style by Paperk8   There was a time when Xander wouldn’t know a subtle seduction if it bit him on the ass.

Lady Luck by Whichclothes   Several years post-series, Xander runs into Spike. Is their luck about to change?

Laid Bare by Robin the Crossover Junkie   A bet leads to more than expected

The Lamest Spell by Nomelon   The lamest spell in the history of Sunnydale is cast on Spike. Xander gets caught in the crossfire.   Preview

The Last Morning by Altyronsmaker   Spike’s been getting in later and later, pushing his luck with the daylight

A Lesson in Principles by Annie Sewell-Jennings   Spike is tied up in Xander's Basement and bored

Letting the Cables Sleep by Strickens_girl   Post NFA. Spike and Xander find each other

Lines in the Sand by Meredith Bronwen Mallory   A young girl promises her first born to a vampire.

A Little Fairy Tale by Xanphibian   Spike's had enough of waiting

A Little Porn by Margie   He'd scoured the Blockbuster for just the right video weeks ago.

Lost at Sea by Elizabeth Ann   Shan-Shued Spike. Lonely Xander, though not if you ask him. And a Singles Cruise.

Lost, Or Somewhere Near There by Angel Jade   Xander is mindsucked by Glory and when Spike finds him, he unwittingly becomes the boy's only hope of recovery

Love of the Loveless by FeatheredQuill   Spike becomes intrigued when he realizes Xander has been frequenting a notorious gay bar.

Lucky by Spikedluv   Xander runs into Spike prior to the events of School Hard.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know by MissE   Spike comes to the Hellmouth early, during Xander's hyena possession

Meant to Be by LadyMerlin   Xander makes a confession

Midnight at LAX by Ahestele   15 years after the end of season 6 (but season 7 never happened), a chance meeting between Spike and Xander leads to angsty schmoop. A combination of romance and emotional hesitations and miscommunication eventually set right.   Preview

Midnight Revelation by Harikari Spike and Xander talk (and more) after a successful hunt

Missing You by Darkhavens   Xander misses more than he expected to after the loss of Sunnydale.

Molesting the Xander by Dustandroses Spike has plans for Xander, but Xander is too caught up in Ampata, the beautiful South American exchange student/Mummy Girl, to notice.

Moon Dance by Jenny   Once a month there really is magic in the air

Moonlighting by Margie   Spike finds Xander moonlighting in a gay bar

Mouse by Mouse   Xander has a fear of rodents and enlists Spike to rid him of a mouse. Spike, who has his own agenda, accepts the challenge.

My New Favourite Day by Spike_1790   Alcohol, truth and dare, and a good time had by all.

My Room by Amejisuto   Instead of Xander leaving Anya, Anya leaves Xander at the alter. The rest of Season Six gets a little altered from there.

My Scorpion by FireHorse   Xander offers Spike a deal after his failed attempt to remove the chip.   Preview

Never Tell by Emmalinell   "Is there anyone here who hasn't slept together?"

The New Initiative by Rosejax   The Initiative captured Xander, put a chip in his head, and sent him off to kill Spike with a tracer sewn into his body

The New Year's Kiss by Virtual Personal   A first kiss on New Year's.

No Power on Earth by Circe What Xander did on his summer vacation

Not in So Many Words by Vinniebatman   After returning from Africa, Xander gets stuck patrolling with Spike.

Not Gonna Happen... Really. by Tisienne Blue   Spike and the girls have a plan. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan… and it’s for the best.   Preview

The Not-So-Giving Tree by Emelye   It was a simple enough plan. Go to Orange County. Find the tree. Kill the tree. Get the ring. Shag Xander.

Not So Innocents Abroad by Cimmer   It's off to South America for the Naming Day   Sequel to Old Friends

Obstacles by Fan Spagle  Xander gives his first blowjob and hey, no one is perfect their first time.

The Odd Man Looking In by Lusciousspike   Buffy died saving the world and her sister. Everyone deals with grief their own way.

Of Persons Outside Windows by Baudown   Set in an altered season 4.  They get to know each other.

Of Tongues and Teeth by Amejisuto   Spike and Xander claim each other

One Drunken Night by Scorpio   Xander and Spike get drunk at Willie's. Very drunk.

One Stormy Night by Joolz   Spike and Xander take shelter from the storm

On The Job by Kimalis   The sound and smell of Harris is playing havoc with his senses and his soddin’ jeans are too tight again

Opening Dialogue by JitkaJaylor   Anya knows what she wants. Spike wants what he knows. And Xander probably wasn’t the best idea at a go-between.

Or Forever Hold Your Peace by Savoy Truffle   Spike turns up just before Xander's about to make a second attempt to get married.

Pain Pills by Akasakasan   Spike takes care of Xander when he's sick.

Paper by Skuzzbopper   Xander and Spike screw around while stoned. In the process, Spike reawakens his love for the written word.

Phantoms by Lady Cat This is his last night in South Africa

Pixie Dust by Wolfshark   Spike's been hit with Demon pixie dust

Plan B by Spikedluv   Xander gets caught red-handed and Spike gives him a helping hand.

Please Don't Tell Me by Strickens_girl   Season 7, the night before the big battle, Xander and Spike finally see each other

Porch by Estepheia  The fact that Spike's mannerisms felt familiar even when Xander wasn't watching, well, that was just a little disconcerting

Predators by Kahuna Burger   Xander hooks up with a guy who everybody likes... except Spike.

Protective Custody by Nash   After the Hellmouth is closed, Spike gets a choice.

Prove It by Darkling Dawns   Spike and Xander have a bet

The Punk Duck Machine by Skuzzbopper   Xander's oboe

A Puppy is Forever by Nash  

Quick Draw by Spike 1790   It happens to everyone, right?

Quick Fix by Darkling Dawns   He never knew exactly why he kissed Spike   wip

Rainbow by Emelye   Willow's comfort gift kept on giving

Repeat Offender by Mrs Sakuma   A misunderstanding

Rescued by Spikedluv   Spike, reluctant hero turned rescue-ee

Reunion by Forsaken2003   Xander comes back to England after going off to figure out what it is that he wants

Reveille by Tabaqui What would have happened if Xander had joined the Army, like Spike suggested, in 'The Yoko Factor'?

Right Moment by calikocat   Takes place sometime during season 4. Just a moment between the guys where feelings are revealed.

Right or Wrong by Singedbylife Xander's about to do what he's always been told is wrong.

Road Trip by Wolfshark   On a road trip, Xander makes a confession

Risen From the Ashes by Lar   Spike and Xander have something in common. They've both had a few Angelus inspired nightmares.

Rubbing the Wrong Way by Elena   Xander and Spike help expand Dawn's vocabulary.

Sacrifice by WithDemonWings   Xander feels completely unloved and unwanted by everyone and then he's snatched for a demon sacrifice.

Saved by Baudown   Why Xander doesn't want Spike to stay in the basement.

Say My Name by Fangrrl   Xander gives in to the desire to just take what he wants.

Scream by Cassie   Spike sees it. Why won't anybody else. What won't they open their eyes and look at the wreck that is Xander Harris.

Scream by Randy Sex Kitten   Xander turns Dracula down.

Sealing his Fate by Dustandroses Spike has plans for Xander, but Xander is too caught up in Ampata, the beautiful South American exchange student/Mummy Girl, to notice.

Second Night of the Zeppo by Fanbot   Why do these crazy things always happen to Xander?

Sense Memory by Tabaqui   Xander hasn't ever given Spike's coat much thought

Sex Pollen by Fangrrl   Spike and Xander are accidently coated with lust powder

Shadow of a Man by Whichclothes  Xander gives in to his inner darkness during season 4, with lasting consequences for him and Spike.

Sharing by Lady Cat & Wolfshark  After dancing around each other for a while, Xander decides he's had enough and finally just takes what he wants. Spike isn't objecting.

Skeleton in the Closet by Forsaken2003   Spike wants Xander but he needs to get Xander to open up before he can get what he wants.

A Slayer, A Witch, and a Vampire walk into a Bar by Spike_1790   Some unexpected revelations

The Smallest Mask by Whichclothes Xander is bait. Who will he catch?

Snow by Spank Spike   Spike has something to tell Xander

Something . . . Borrowed by Beetle   Re-write of season 4: Something Blue

Something Has to Make You Run by Anyssia   They had both been left behind

A Spander Advent by Whichclothes   Angel sends Spike on an errand, and Spike meets up with an old acquaintance.

Spike and Xander's Rocking New Year's Eve by Dustandroses   Spike, why are you in my house, wearing my last clean pair of underwear?

Spike's Pet by Skargasm   Sometimes the bars of the cage cannot be seen until someone sets you free...

Spike/Xander - A story told in 20 drabbles by Skargasm   The stages of becoming a couple

The Suicide Plot by Kayla   Xander attempts suicide. Spike fixes him.

A Summer Sun in Winter by LadyMerlin   Spike wants to feel the warmth of the sun again

Sweet Dreams by CJ   Spike peeks at Xander's dreams.

Sweet Dreams by Nash and Virtual Personal William the Bloody from an alt universe kidnapped Xander and Spike went to the rescue.

Sweet Tears by LadyMerlin   Spike and Xander find comfort in the only place left to them

Taste Like Sin by Just Ink Me   Xander wonders how blood tastes to Spike

Tequila! by Just Ink Me   After Xander's recent breakup with Anya, the girls decide he needs a night to let loose.

The One in the Cave by Anna S   The evening had gone wrong somewhere around seven a.m. when the alarm went off and he'd decided to get out of bed

The One Where Xander Isn't Quite James Bond by Anna S   Real virgins for the sacrifice are rare these days, but Spike can pass on a technicality.

The Seduction of Dreams by Whichclothes   Xander has some confusing dreams.

Thursday Night Kitten Poker by Thedabara_cds   A game of kitten poker at Willy's leads to a friendship with Spike,which eventually deepens into true love and lots of hot kinky sex

To Be Beneath You by Tienco   Spike's having issues. Xander offers to help.

Tonight's Different by Flufshepherd   Spike wants something, and maybe tonight's the night.

Touch by Two Ladies of Quality   Set during the episode Seeing Red, but Spike delays a little longer and Xander arrives a little earlier, and things get discussed. Sequel to Steam

Touched by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Without realizing, the boys have become close

Transfer by Shanyah   Xander just can't seem to settle down

Trashy Romances by MissE   Just like Buffy's books

Treading Water by Skuzzbopper   Xander accidentally releases a "genie", and in a state of melancholy, gives in and starts making wishes.

Trickery by CJ   Spike makes a surprising discovery about Xander. Do they both end up getting what they want?

Triple Dog Dare by Rayne Jelly   There was a part of me that knew it was a generic leer, and wondered in a mean sort of way what would happen if I took him up on the offer

True Feelings by CJ   &   Slaygaluk   Spike finds a way to make Xander admit his true feelings

The Truth of a Vision by Randy Sex Kitten   Season One. Spike has been sent to Sunnydale for a reason

Truth or Dare by Byrne   Dawn dares Xander to ask Spike out on a date

Truth or Dare by MissE   Spike, Xander and Giles play drunk Truth or Dare

Two Into One by Bruttimabuoni   The Plucky Boy Detectives in... The Nether Wallop Mystery

Unexpected by Fangrrl   At the end of the world, Xander and Spike form an unexpected relationship.

Unexpected Package by Baudown  It's just magic

Unexpected Pleasures by Spike_1790  Spike’s POV. An interruption goes better than expected.

A Universe of Yes by Vinniebatman   After getting fired from two jobs in one week Xander felt he deserved to get well and thoroughly sloshed

Vampirism: A Practical Guide to an Alternative Lifestyle by Cobalt Mystic   Anya and Wills decide to "fix" Xander's love life. Spike does NOT approve.

Virgin Bride by Robin The Crossover Junkie   Spike and Xander are getting married

Waking Up by Savoy Truffle   Xander wakes up as a Demon, and then is captured by the Initiative. Spike is the only one who can understand him

Watching by Forsaken2003   Xander is being watched.

The Weather Conditions Series by Druffine   Spike misses the warmth of the sun

The Wedding Quilt by Angelee   A wedding quilt and a few surprises

We're Not Gay. We're Just Friends. Who Have Sex by Juliatheyounger   Spike and Xander discover they have a couple of things in common.

What a Wicked Thing to Do by Elena   All it took was a phone call,and Xander was twisted around Buffy's little finger

What Happens in Africa, Stays in Africa by Jameschick   Because of Andrew, Xander finds himself in a situation that only Spike can get him out of.

What's A Rogue Demon? by Spikedluv   Xander's next hunt takes him back to LA.

What The? by Chocgood84   Xander's not sure what Spike is up to...

When Unlife Gives you Lemons by Obsession_is   Spike is bored in Xander's basement room and decides to make some fun for himself.

White Horse by BmblBee When a man's rod gets hard, he just wants to get off. Period.

Who?What?Huh? by Margie   Willow's spell goes wrong, and Spike and Xander exchange bodies for a time

Who You Want by Mrs Sakuma   Xander's got Spike, and not a bleeding chance of kids.

Wicked Plans by MissE   Spike decides that Xander will make a perfect mate

The Wild Hunt by Whichclothes   Vampires do not celebrate Christmas, but maybe they can celebrate something else instead.

With Malice Aplenty by Sevendeadlyfun   Revenge can take many forms. Pleasure is often the worst revenge of all...

Wrong Side of the Bed by Whichclothes   Spike and Xander end up in bed together. But they're not gay, you know.

Xander Harris, Space Explorer by Wolfelements   Still, he kind of loved Sheppard, because being put on a team with not only Buffy but his best friend as well? That was just epically awesome in a way he couldn't fully describe.

Xander's Favorite Stake by Dustandroses   There was no one in the world that Xander hated more than he hated Spike.

Yindagger's Prezzie by Metaforgirl   'Simpler times,'ť said Xander sentimentally. 'Remember? It was so easy. You wanted to kill us. We hated you. Easy.'ť

Your Life Will Never Be The Same by Akasakasan   Xander is injured during a fight

Your Love Coming Down Like Rain by Moosesal   First time and romantic Spike



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