Adjustments by Baudown   Xander's learned to adjust

The Adventures of Hopalong Peter by Cicirossi   Spike and Xander go to Vegas.

All Souls' Night by Sevendeadlyfun   Ten years after Sunnydale's destruction, Spike returns to the ruins. Chasing his lover on All Souls' Night, when the dead can return and walk amongst the living, Spike will do whatever he must to get Xander back

Alternate Reality Bites by Whichclothes   Xander begins to have some disturbing dreams about a less successful life. Part of the Bite!verse

As Black As Sin by Dragon's Phoenix It's their second anniversary and Spike has a surprise

Attack of the Sniffles by Eyezrthewindows   Spike's not a good patient when he gets sick

Back to School by Spikedluv   Xander and Spike go back to school. Metaphorically speaking.

Baggy Jeans by Darkling Dawns   Spike has his own reasons for not changing the way Xander dresses

Barcelona Drabbles by Whichclothes   Sequel to Refuge

Beneath the Shell by Mad Poetess   Xander breaks through Spike’s hardened exterior…

The Big To Do by Fairyniamh and Drivven   He's not called Ripper for nothing

The Big Two-Double-Zero by Eyezrthewindows   Xander has a surprise planned for Spike's birthday

Birthday Cake by Spikedluv   Spike brings Xander a birthday cake, even though it isn’t Xander’s birthday

Bits and Pieces by Darkhavens   There are some things about Xander that Spike loves more than others.

Bored Now by Darkhavens   Each time, Spike pushes him that little bit further, and Xander - lets himself be pushed.

Breaking by Miriam Heddy   Xander was determined to break up with Spike this time. The problem was, he was just as determined not to.   Preview

Breaking Point by Nash   From one second to the next, Xander reaches his breaking point.

Breathe by MissE   ...strange what led to a vamp's content.

Candid Yams by Emelye   Spike and Xander host the Harris family Thanksgiving dinner.

The Carousel by Spikedluv   Spike, Xander, a carousel, and cotton candy.

Catnap by KittyPoker1   Spike can rest easy

Check It Out by Dancetomato   So just where did Spike go every Wednesday evening? Xander is determined to find out.

The Chocolate Syrup Goes Where? by Temari Grace   Domestic drabble

Cowboys & Kilts by Spikedluv   Spike and Xander celebrate Halloween.

A Cup of Kindness by WmGeorge   Spike and Xander have been reunited. Now they must try to find their way in life together...  Continued from Auld Acquaintance

The Curse of Spike's Ass by Whichclothes and Emelye   Someone’s put a curse on Spike's ass.   Sequel to El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro

Dare by KittyPoker1   Spike has never turned down a dare in his life.

Dire Circumstances by Cicirossi   In which bathing with Spike is revealed to be better than being bitten by Spike

Dead Man Shopping by Collapsible   See Spike. See Spike shop.

Deep And Meaningful And 17 Syllables Long by Witchway   Xander finally shares a long held secret.

Dimensionally Challenged by Amy   Peter Parker (Spiderman) is accidentally brought through a dimensional vortex to Sunnydale S/X/Peter

Dirty Laundry by SunnyD-lite   Of course Spike's not worried....

Distraction by Sparrow2000   Xander's grown up a lot since his days in the basement. Spike's okay with that

Domestic Drabbles by Anna S   Snapshots of the boy's domestic life

Domestic Bliss by Twilightofmagic   It was one thing to multi-task when they were fucking, but dropping crumbs everywhere was just plain rude.

Don’t Need You Now by Forsaken2003   Angel has come to make up with Spike about the past.

Drabbles and Ficlets by Nomelon   Snapshots of domestic life with Spike and Xander

Drabbles and Ficlets by Skargasm   Drabbles and Ficlets with a domestic theme

Eat at Joe's by FireHorse and Milady   Xander and Spike had been going to the Texas Lunch every Friday since they had first gotten together

Eight Maids, Uh, Milking? by Crazydiamondsue   Early Season 7 AU, Spike and Xander are together, but Xander’s still got things on his mind…

Established Relationship Drabbles by Jane Davitt   Various short relationship ficlets

Established Relationship Drabbles by Nash   Unconnected snapshots of the boys life together

Established Relationship Shorts by LadyMerlin   A series of Drabbles and ficlets within an Established relationship between Spike and Xander

Even Vampires Get the Blues by Twilightofmagic   What do vampires do on New Year's Eve? Sometimes they get the blues

Everyone Says Hi by Jameschick   Willow rings to say hi

Every Time by Milady   Spike has unusual methods of self-control

Experience Curve by Lit Gal   The boys share the news with Angel.   Sequel to Learning Curve

Extremes by Yin Again   There's a lot to be said for air conditioning.

58-Down by Lady Cat   Spike and Xander on a Sunday morning

Five Things... by Cobalt Mystic  Five Things Spike Regularly Lied About

Five Things by Yin Again   Five ways that Spike says 'I love you' to Xander

Five Things Series by Darkhavens   They've both had to make sacrifices.

Five Times Xander Doesn't Tell Spike He Loves Him by Cordelianne   The title says it all

The Fix by Beetle   Was a time when no home was complete without one of these

The Four Seasons by Rayne Jelly   Drabbles of 100 words or less in honor of the four seasons

Frosting Universe by Nash   Series of ficlets set in an AU season 7

Frozen by Xocoatldreams   Spike and Xander are being watched

Gay Pride by Forsaken2003   Xander wants Spike to walk with him in Englands Gay Parade.

Ghosting Hands by Emella   Set in the NewYorkNewYork!verse

God Save The Queen by Electricalgwen   There’s a time for everything

Grease by Randy Sex Kitten   A little snapshot of life in Sunnydale.

The Great Hellmouth Charity Auction by Cicirossi   Xander and Spike put stuff up for sale and make Giles' life a little stranger.

Grief Counseling - The Sequel by Sukiblue   After two local sisters disappear from their graves in unvampish circumstances, things rapidly go from mildly disconcerting to apocalypse in just twelve days.   Sequel to Grief Counseling

Guilt by Two Ladies of Quality   Angel is about to learn some things about Spike and Xander he really didn't want to know

Hallmark Sucks by Emella   Spike doesn't like Valentine's Day. Set in the NewYorkNewYork!verse

A Handful of Gold by Spikedluv   Four moments in the life of Spike and Xander.

Hangover by Rowaine   Just a little snippet of Spike dealing with Xander's "problem"

Headstone by Skargasm   Spike and Xander on patrol

The Heart by Skargasm   Angel had never thought he would see the day that Xander Harris, demon-bait extraordinaire and all round vamp-hater would be seen making out with a vampire.

Hershey's Heaven On Earth Spa by Darkhavens   Spike and Xander are invited to a special spa run by Hershey's.

High Seas by BmblBee   As an anniversary present, Xander takes a reluctant Spike on a gay ocean cruise. Sequel to Rough Diamond

Holiday!verse by BmblBee   Working for the Council, the boys are sent on assignments that require their special talents.

The Horbling Howler by Darkhavens   Giles sends Spike and Xander to retrieve 'The Horbling Howler'.

Hot In the City by Darkhavens   It's Club Night and someone wants to play

How To Stay Sane In Traffic by Lady Cat   Because if he does, he's going to a) have to drive and b) have a very cranky vampire who's going to want a little reciprocation. Which Xander will be unable to do, see A.

Human Frailty by Shadowscast   Spike's now human, and he and Xander are both working for the new Watcher's Council in Rome. Fourth in the Fragments series.

Humans Are Disgustin' by Bytemi66   If mention of bodily functions squick you, this may not be the fic for you

Hysteria, Interlude, Hysterical Paroxysm by Apreludetoanend   Xander has a problem, and Spike has a solution. (3 drabbles)

I Left my Shoes in San Fransisco by Fairyniamh   Xander looses his temper... and his shoes thanks to Spike!

In A What? by Chess   Spike finds a surprise in his xmas stocking

In The Darkness of the Ocean by Spike_1790   Xander forgets a birthday.

It Ain't Pretty by Nasty Shrew   The sex isn't nearly as perfect as it should be.

Killing Dance by Jujukittychick   Spike watches Xander fight

Lake House by Yin Again   Spike and Xander are living in a small but architecturally perfect home situated on a lake. WIP

Language of Love by Electricalgwen   The boys have their own language of love

Larvaverse by Witling   Xander is hurt while working for Angel and Spike's not happy.

Last Dog Watch Off Miami by Reremouse   Somewhere off the coast of Miami, Xander kills time feeding the gulls.

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon by Beetle   Spike sullys the movie-quotes game with nudity and hard liquor. Sequel to The First

Locked Up With Nowhere To Go by Wolfshark   The boys have a liitle time to kill

Lost And Found by Cimmer   "I thought you had the baby..."   Sequel to Not So Innocents Abroad

Lost in the Supermarket by SunnyD-lite   Late night grocery shopping on the Hellmouth

Lost without You by Trixx   Xander and Spike, fighting. and the true meaning of their relationship.

Lt. Uhura and the Change of Life by Witling   Spike is sent to seduce an amulet from a drop dead gorgeous woman, while his boyfriend Xander waits.

The Magic of Computers by Saber ShadowKitten   It's the year 2009, and Angel unknowingly hires Willow's company to design a website for Angel Investigations.

Manchester United by Milady   Manchester United won

Midnight Clear by Kayla   Xander's got the holiday blues; what's a horny Spike to do?

Miraculous by Fangstress Angel discovers something miraculous in his new family....  Set in the Souled!Vamp!Xander!Verse

Monstrous by Dustandroses   The Scoobies are doing their best to track down a monster that's kidnapping men, and mutilating them before it finally kills them, but when it strikes too close to home, they're suddenly under enormous pressure to find this one before it's too late.

Nature Takes Its Course by Whichclothes  Xander wants a change of scenery.

New Orleans Drabbles by Randy Sex Kitten   A series of snapshots of the boy's trip to New Orleans

The Night In Question by Jujukittychick   Spike’s in trouble again…

A Night of Culture? by Forsaken2003   Xander comes home after a night out at the ballet with the girls.

No! by Chocgood84   Spike doesn't take no for an answer

No Excuse, Really by Anna S   An evening at home

Nose for News by Whichclothes   A reporter interviews the man who saved people from drug-crazed mass-murderers.

Not-So-Deaf Ears by Two Ladies of Quality   Human bodies make noises that most vampires ignore. Spike hears them and cares

Not What It Looks Like by Spike 1790   Spike finds Xander in a compromising situation.

Old Marrieds by Xanphibian   Xander thinks they sound like his parents

One Hundred Things I Love About You by Druffine   Xander's been reading girly magazines again

One Perfect Day by LadyMerlin   Willow casts a spell so the boys can have their one perfect day.

One Turn of a Chicken's Foot by KittyPoker1   The pesky chip is spoiling Spike and Xander's fun

Only in California by Apreludetoanend   Xander can't believe what the kids of California are up to these days. (drabble)

Out Of Tune by Lit Gal   Time to meet the in-laws. Third in the Secondverse series

Out With A Bang by Jujukittychick   It’s the end of the world, the Champions have reunited, there’s only one way to go...

Passions by Noandwhere   After nine seasons, Passions is ending

Phoenix by Whichclothes   Sequel to The Wednesday Museumbut can be read on its own. Xander and Spike attempt holiday-season travel.

Phone Sex by Lady Flame   Pretty much just dirty talk from start to finish!! With a little 'surprise' at the end!!

Pillow Talk by Lady Cat   A quiet evening in front of the TV

Play by Randy Sex Kitten   Xander’s idea of play has changed over the years. Dark.

Poetry Lesson by Skargasm Spike shares his interest in poetry with Xander!   Sequel to How Spike and Xander Got Stuck Together!

Pokes In The Night by Dancetomato   Spike was one fourth of the Scourge of Europe and scared of nothing.

Priceless by Kimalis   Xander deals with the aftermath of drinking too much at Clem’s birthday

Protected!verse by Darkhavens   Xander collects glyphs and protective tattoos that will keep him alive and safe forever with Spike.

Quicksand by Dragon's Phoenix   Xander spending the day on a Scottish moor

Readjustment by Texanfan   What happens when Principal Wood comes to town?  

Sequel to Reassembling

A Real Live Boy by Margie   Spike likes watching Xander sleep.

Rearranging by Lady Cat   Spike and Xander settle into their new home

Reasons For Living by Narcolepticcat   After years away from Sunnydale, Spike and Xander are returning home

Reason to Celebrate by Two Ladies of Quality   Xander's been keeping secrets, Spike finds out

Rescue Me by Cordelianne   Spike and Xander are patrolling together.

The Road to Sex, Lies, and Duct Tape by Bytemi66   Spike and Xander have a lot of sex, deal with a lot of crap, and screw up a lot in their new relationship.   wip   Sequel to Road To Poofdom

Road Trip by Maz   What do you do when you're just travelling around and you come across a puzzle? More importantly, what do you do if you are a vampire with a soul and his human pet?   Sequel to Observations

Saturday Morning Cartoons by Jameschick   Who is the better Batman, and what the hell does Angel have to do with it?

Searching for Jim by Sparrow2000   Spike and Xander are in a cemetery - well of course they are...

Shared Need by Yours Truly Love finds a way, and these lovers find it as well.

Shmoop for Eliade by Witling   Xander's feeling down, Spike tries to cheer him up

Shop-Girl by Skargasm   Observations of a British shop-girl..

The Silence by Randy Sex Kitten   Spike and Xander, snow, chocolate and antique ornaments.

Singing In The Shower by Michelle   Should you really come home early without calling first?

Six Thousand Miles by Whichclothes   Sequel to L’Angelo della Città. Spike and Xander each have tasks to complete--on separate continents.

Socks and the Camel's Back by KittyPoker1   Spike's dirty socks are the last straw

Spander in Love by Dea Brynhild Ensomhet Spikess   Fluffy, and sweet enough you might get a cavity, though there is a bit of bedroom fun.

Spike and The Harris Boy in The Case of the Ascending Angel by Skargasm and LadyMerlin   Spike and Xander run A.I. Sunnydale . the weird and wacky cases that walk through the door.....

Spill by Miriam Heddy   Harry only went because Murphy knew a guy named Liam who lived out in L.A. and vouched for this Watcher guy.

Starts With An Earthquake by Dustandroses   What do you do when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, celebrating the fact that you've made it through an entire year since the world as you knew it ended?

Still by Nasty Shrew   Just an average day

Subway Sorrows by Perverted Pages   Spike and Xander get stuck so come up with something to pass the time

Tales of The Zeppo by Cimmer   Buffy never came back.

Talking During Movies by Vinniebatman   Spike and Xander have a conversation on the true nature of agony

A Test of Skill by Cicirossi   Ice cream wrestling

TGI Friday by Tisienne Blue   Xander loved Fridays

That's All by Randy Sex Kitten   PWP. The guys are out shopping.

The One in the Home Depot Up the Road from the Home Depot by Savoy Truffle   He’s looking forward to lingering among the lumber. A rare treat when one’s wood-loathing boyfriend is in tow.

There... there! by T J Goldstein   Spike's birthday surprise for Xander doesn't work out well.

These Nights by Baudown Post-series, living together

This Sexual Feeling by Blue Icy Rose   Spike's got a surprise for Xander.

A Thousand Swords by Lady Cat and Yin Again   It was a good thing Home Depot was open 24 hours.

Three Postcards by Dragon's Phoenix   Xander gets jealous of Spike's past relationships.

Tides by Chocgood84   Xander attempts an unachievable goal.

Too Darn Hot by Amejisuto   Spike takes Xander for a night out in Miami

The Trouble With Elves by Harikari Spike doesn't want Xander to off and help his friends kill a group of troublesome elves

Trust by Whichclothes   Communication

Twice Bitten by Whichclothes   Spike and Xander are with Angel in LA. They have a number of issues to deal with, though, including Xander's werewolf bite, Lindsey in the basement, and Wolfram & Hart. Sequel to Hard Bitten

Under Wicked Sky by Kimalis Twenty years into his relationship with Spike, Xander knows where the currents in Sunnydale will take him

Unexpected Storytellers by Flufshepherd   A deal's a deal.

Untitled Anniversary ficlet by Markedxup   Xander is faced with his biggest rival yet. And it pees in a box

Untitled spike/xander by Margie   Xander dreams of his lost lover

The Usurper by Nash   Spike was still gone, and William was still here and… Xander was getting lonelier by the second

Various Established Relationship Drabbles by Yin Again   Spander snapshots with an established relationship theme

A Very Naughty Christmas by Margie   It was in a weird shape, kind of like a really big piece of candy.

Wearing Your Proofs on the Skin by Twilightofmagic   Spike brings Xander to a philosophical revelation.

A Week in the (un)Life Of... by Darkhavens   Day to day life, Spander style

Welcome to McDonald's, May I Take Your Order? by Apreludetoanend   An ordinary morning, post-Chosen

When I Think About Cheating by Bohofemm   Traveling is hard, especially when you're separated from the one you love.

Whistle by Zowiebwalker   Xander thinks about inevitability. And Spike.

Wild Ride by Dustandroses   Spike and Xander have been together for a while now, but it takes Spike spinning free of reality on a wild ride to make him wake up to what he has in Xander, and what he's willing to do to keep him

Who's Your Daddy? by Forsaken2003   Spike decides to add some kink to their sex life

Wonders Ordinal by Kimalis   First, always first, Spike loved the mind.

Words by Yin Again   &  Lady Cat   It's different than the other habits he has, because those are usually just annoying.

Xander's Apple by Spiceblueeyes   Spike sees something he's afraid of, and talks to Xander.

Your Words, as Sharp as Swords, Cut to the Very Heart of Me by Dragon's Phoenix   Spike’s not familiar with the phrase “little Spike”



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