Alibi by Snowpuppies   When his soul gets too heavy, Spike needs an alibi.

Blood Budget by Skargasm   If the chip ever stopped working, he was a dead man.

Blood Wings by Frk-werewolf   When FBI Agent Alexander Harris is put on the case of the latest serial killer, known to the law as Angelus, he finds himself turning to an old enemy for help

The Boy and The Beast by Snowpuppies   Spike has a surprise for Xander, but it's not what he expected. At all.

Bruises Like Badges by Yin Again   He pays with the cash he'd nicked from Xander's wallet....

Closure by Anna_S   Spike offers Xander one hour for payback. "You say it – I do it. You dish it – I take it. Anything you want."

The Consequences of Ones Actions by T J Goldstein   For every action, there is a reaction.

Darkness In Your Blood by SpikesKat   Spike knew Xander was really a walking poster child of sin

Depravation by Moosesal   Not everyone is happy the boys are together

Don't Move by Eyezrthewindows   Post Glory, Buffy and Anya are dead, Giles is gone. Xander takes out his pain and anger on Spike, who just accepts it because it's the only way he'll get any comfort of his own

Drowning by Rune   Xander finally gets what he's always wanted

Element X by Nasty Shrew   Spike looks for some fun, bumps into Xander in Oxnard

The Game by Tgray   Spike and Xander out on the town. Dark!fic

Hand Me Down by inlovewithnight Adam helped Spike with his chip, and he sees things differently now.

It's All About Revenge by Anyssia Would he go to the Bronze for a couple of free meals? Or should he head straight to the Watcher's place, to thank the Scoobies for their selfless help?

Just Enough by Wolfshark   Spike is Xander's, to do with as he pleases

Lattice and Pearls by Lady Cat   Possessiveness can turn to obsession so easily.

Letting Go by Xocoatldreams   Xander lets go

Long Term Investment by Nasty Shrew   Xander visits Sunnydale one last time, told through Willow's eyes.

Mind's Eye by Sevendeadlyfun   So when Xander Harris comes calling, all he can do is think of what it would be like to be owned by this lapdog of a man

Monday Morning Going Down by Dawn Sharon & Misha   Pillow talk

Monster by Lady Cat   Spike's return post-Grave and Xander's waiting for the one he blames for the past year's troubles. X/S, NC-17, graphic BDSM and torture. Extremely not nice or happy

Needs by Jameschick   Sometimes you get what you need from an unexpected source

A New Animal by Ash Carpenter   Angelus was better at this than Spike...But they had plenty of time

Nummy Treat by Jet   A bored Spike still finds a way to have some fun.

Only Human by Cicirossi   He'd twisted the love so far it had become hate

Patience by Truly Tazi   Some things are worth the wait.

Pavlov's Dog by Queenie   The chip comes with behaviour modification control

Pet by Devo79   Angel rescues a nearly dead and broken Xander from Spike.   S/X, X/A

Pet by Scorpio   Spike comes to Sunnydale after hearing rumors that his Sire is alive. He brings his Pet with him

Pets by Markedxup   Vampires aren't pets

Poetic Justice by Darkling Dawns   Xander wants to know if there's something special about Spike.

Power Play by Daedreams   Xander invites Spike back to his place. Spike has no idea what Xander has in mind.

Pretty Picture by Nasty Shrew   Very dark pair of drabbles looking at Spike and Xander's relationship

Purgatory by Shimmer   Xander and Spike spend some time alone in the wilderness.

Quietly into the Night by Kyrieane   Xander makes a wish. The result is not pleasant

Red Frame, White Light by Sparrow2000   Xander takes a detour to the seven eleven near his work and regrets it. Gen fic

Release by Queenie   Nobody said the soul would last forever.   S/X/A

The Rising Son by Sharvie   Set 20 years after an AU S4 where Spike and Xander were both captured by the Initiative. Instead of chip implantation they were used for cloning experiments, which produced a son, William.

Roped by Anna S   "Figure you owe me a good time. Make up for all the brain-numbing boredom you've inflicted"

Shift by Nasty Shrew   AU - what if Spike had waited a few more years before returning to Sunnydale?

Simplicity by Lady Cat   Spike is left to care for a damaged Xander and they both get what they need

Sixty Minutes by Estepheia   Spike offers Xander a chance to get even - Sixty minutes in which to vent his anger on Spike

Something a Little Different by Jameschick   After the wedding that wasn't, Xander thinks about why he walked away. Angsty

Something Real by Sevendeadlyfun   There's nothing real here and that's okay, because Spike has gotten good at not being real.

Somnambalist by Strickensgirl   Xander discovers something odd about Spike and his sleeping habits

Spike's Revenge by CJ   Spike's rid of the chip, now he has plans for Xander.

The State We're In by Rune   Xander misunderstands a letter he finds with disastrous consequences

Sweeter Far Than Flowing Honey by Tabaqui   Spike really is evil

Terms by Lady Cat   There is just porn. And some very disturbing, twisted kink, including daddy!sex

Three Times Spike’s had Xander Tied Up in Knots by Rayne Jelly   Three unconnected stories about a tied up Xander

The Traveling Red Velvet Curtain by Sajinn   Sins of omission, the tragedy of an unexamined life and Xander as the unresisting victim of Spike's force of nature

Two Birds with One Stone by Cimmer   A prudent demon plans for his future, and Spike is fond of Xander.

Twelfth by Dustandroses   Spike watches Xander fight, and reminisces about how they got to the twelfth

Undivided Attention by T J Goldstein   Spike gives Xander what he's often wished for

Watch Him in the Rain by Nasty Shrew  Season 2 Spike has a little obsession

Way Beyond Redemption by Skargasm   One more step and the two of them would be way beyond redemption...

What He Needs by Rune   Spike and Xander get what they need from each other

What I Need by Perverted Pages   Someone takes his kitten away and Spike fights to get him back. Goes AU after School Hard

Whispers of the Night by Athenewolfe   Xander discovers that the line between sanity and insanity is as thin as that between pleasure and pain.

White Roses by Emella   The roses were stained with blood. That’s the first thing he remembered

Who Am I? by Jameschick   Xander has needs.

The Why by Rayne Jelly   This is why he hates Spike, why he couldn’t tie the knot, this is why everything in life is mediocre.

With Malice Aplenty by Sevendeadlyfun   Revenge can take many forms. Pleasure is often the worst revenge of all...

Wrath by Hello-Spikey   Xander finally takes his revenge

Xan-Dom by Lady Cat   Xander wants to awaken old patterns of behaviour



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