All's Well That Ends by apreludetoanend   A night in the basement circa S4. Xander probably should have left Spike tied up

And We All Fall Down (Demons In The Dark) by Off Suit  Spike learns that everyone's a little bit broken.

Another Nine Minutes by Werewindle  Xander solves his problem

Backfire by Ash Carpenter   Spike finds the porn video hidden in Xander's super secret hiding place.

Basement, 1999 by Baudown   Xander in denial land

Basement of Debasement by Witling   Spike learns things about Xander while he's staying in the basement

Basements Aren't Just For Laundry! by Spank Spike   Chipped Spike is tied to the chair in Xander's basement. What's a horny, bored vamp to do?

Belonging by Spikedluv   Xander needs to belong.

Best Seat in the House by Cordelianne   Drabble set in the Basement of Doom

Blame it on the Dip by Kyrieane   It all started over a bowl of jalapeno chip dip

The Blue Story by Two Ladies of Quality   The Basement of Doom, cheesy sci-fi cliches, the appeal of things that are blue.

The Boy and The Beast by Snowpuppies   Spike has a surprise for Xander, but it's not what he expected. At all.

Breathe by Wolfshark   Spike hides from Graham and Riley in Xander's basement

Broken by Kayla   Spike learns something about Xander, and things change

"But...!" by Mwrgana Now that he would have the vampire in his bedroom, he would no longer be able to indulge in the bedroomy pastimes that would otherwise occur while he was thinking about Spike's being in his bedroom

Coming Out by Kayla   Xander's mom thinks he's gay and wants to show support

Daddy Dearest by frk_werewolf   At ten, he was taught how to be a man, in more ways than one

Dancing in the Dark by Jane Davitt   Xander decided that the only way he could get through a night with Spike and no TV was by adding some alcohol to the mix.

Did You Know? by Eyezrthewindows   A sleeping Xander becomes easier to spill his guts to than Spike ever would've imagined.

Down A Different Path by RogueSpike   While living in Xander's basement Spike is forced to live several different possibilities of his life and in the end must make a choice.

Dream Lover by Sharvie   Light fluff, preslash

Dream versus Reality by Margie   Spike's dreaming and Xander gets caught up.

Drive by Elena   "Here's the deal - I help you seduce Xander, and you relax him into having sex with me."   S/X/Anya   Preview

Early Evening by Maude M   Just a quick Xander and Spike fight.

Errand Boy Blues by Jane Davitt   Xander knows one thing is certain as the sunrise, the way Spike feels about him. Contempt would be an upgrade.   Preview

Fabric Softener by Pirate Purple   Xander's dream is disturbed

Face the Front by Jane Davitt   Spike's goading finally gets too much for Xander

Finding Home by Velvet Crypt   When there's nowhere else to turn, Spike finds home and Xander's mom gets a second chance

The First by Beetle   Basement of Doom on a Saturday night

Follow Spot by Mwrgana   Written like a screen play, Xander is taken out of context by his Mom

Frustration by Kargrif   Season 4, Spike is getting frustrated with his living arrangements

A Functional Level of Abnormality by Lunabee   Xander's no longer a demon magnet. Spike notices.

Future Echoes by Jane Davitt   Listen to the subtext

Game Over by Sharvie   While Spike is still living with Xander in S4, they get trapped in the basement and have to find ways to keep themselves occupied.

Good Nurse by Michelle   Xander is injured and Spike patches him up.

High, Flying, Fucked by Nash   Xander comes home decidedly high

Hold Me When The Nightmares Start by Spike 1790   Xander wants to wake up from his nightmares. But for Spike, it's waking up that's the problem- at least, it is while he's still asleep...

Hunt Brother by Lady cat   Xander's hyena is happy now that Spike has come to stay in the basement.   WIP

If You Were Mine by Jane Davitt   Spike talks too much

I'm Sorry by Devo79   Spike learns a lot when he lives at Xander's basement

In So Deep by Apreludetoanend   What happened in the BtVS S4 episode "Hush" after Xander tied Spike up for the night and turned out the light?

I Would, but I'm a Little Tied up Right Now by Jane Davitt   Why was it that just touching the ropes he used to lash Spike to the chair gave him a hard on that hurt?

A Lesson in Principles by Annie Sewell-Jennings   Spike is tied up in Xanders Basement and bored

Lovable Losers by Lusciousxander   Two losers stuck in one basement.

Mrs Harris by Scorpio   Mrs Harris talks about her son and his new boyfriend

Near Wild Heaven by electricalgwen   What if it was Xander Spike went to right after he got chipped, instead of Willow?

Not All the Monsters Are Under The Bed by Scribe   Xander's life has always been full of monsters

Nowhere by C. Woodhaven   Xander was left with more than memories from the Fabulous Ladies Night, and Spike takes full advantage of the situation.

Nummy Treat by Jet   A bored Spike still finds a way to have some fun.

Paths We Were Meant to Take by Akasakasan   All paths seemed to lead back to the Basement of Doom

Predictability by Beetle   Unpredictability in the Basement of Doom

Protector by AngieJean   While in a healing sleep Spike is a helpless witness hidden in Xander's closet as Xander is raped by his father

Risen From the Ashes by Lar   Spike and Xander have something in common. They've both had a few Angelus inspired nightmares.

Roped by Anna S   "Figure you owe me a good time. Make up for all the brain-numbing boredom you've inflicted"

Safe by Authoress Nebula   Spike is still living in Xander's basement. Emotions the vampire didn't know he had for the boy emerge when he finds out what Xander's been dealing with for years

Santa Claus is Dead and What Happened to the Doughnuts, Anyway? by Eyezrthewindows   Xander has to deal with two different horny vampires. Not that he's complaining.

Saved by Baudown   Why Xander doesn't want Spike to stay in the basement.

Screaming Silence by Vinniebatman   Sometimes, silence can be loud, especially for a vampire.

The Sex Files by Evil Manic Laugh   Spike in the basement of doom, comedy spoof

Sidelines by Anna S   Rewrite of Season 4, Xander's out of the closet

Silent Contemplation by BmblBee   Sometimes words just aren't needed.

Silent Urge by Druffine   Xander, one of the Slayer's sidekicks is burdened with Spike, the newly chipped vampire. One evening things get ugly in the Harris' household...   Preview   wip

Sold by Herself_nyc   If a salesman can get you to talk about something like you already own it, you're sold.

Sometimes the Entire World is Twelve Years Old by Two Ladies of Quality   The things you see on Animal Planet can be very educational

A Spot of Dreaming by Lady Cat   Spike is bored in the basement

Stroke of Midnight by Lady Cat   Xander spends Christmas eve camped outside his parents house.

Tension by Rayne Jelly   A moment in the middle of the first night.

There's a Hole in My Bucket by Jane Davitt   Shutting him up is suddenly the most important thing in the world

Thrall by Margie   Spike has bided his time waiting for the the right moment

Toys by Lit Gal   In the Basement of Doom, Spike is bored, and Xander is there.

Voyeur by Margie   Xander watches Spike

A Week of Wrong by Anna S   The universe seems to be trying to set Xander up with Spike

Welcome, Imagine That by Paperk8   Xander can't imagine, hasn't for a long time. That time is over.   Unfinished

What The? by Chocgood84   Xander's not sure what Spike is up to...

What To Do With A Vampire by Perverted Pages   Spike entertains Xander while he's stuck in that horrid orange chair.

When Friends Collide by KittyPoker1   Xander rents a movie

When Unlife Gives you Lemons by Obsession_is   Spike is bored in Xander's basement room and decides to make some fun for himself.

Wish by Jameschick   Sometimes Xander wishes life had turned out differently.

You're the Top by Nasty Shrew   Xander and Spike are in Xander's basement, hanging out on a dull Tuesday evening

Yours by Randy Sex Kitten   Spike and Xander come to an understanding

Your Sinister Charm by Madame Meretrix   Spike decides not to think about quite how far he's sunk, when baiting the Slayer's boy is his chief entertainment for the evening.

The bedroom scene from Season 4 episode "Hush"
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