Chatbox Avatar

To use your avatar in the chatbox, you will need to register at Gravatar. It's free and doesn't take long. Follow these instructions.

Click on the Profile link located at the bottom right corner of the chatbox

Choose the Gravatar option

Register at the Gravatar website, click Get Your Avatar Today

Enter your email address, (ignore the Forgot Your Password link) and click Sign Up

You should see this confirmation screen with your email address on it

When you click on the confirmation link in your email it will bring you to this page, where you can upload your avatar

I showed it the image from my hard drive, but you can choose other methods

Success! Now your chosen avatar should show up beside your username on the chatbox.

Add snazzy highlights to your posts:

Example post:
Fic Announcement: name of story by author
[mark] [/mark]

and it will look like this:

You can also highlight text in a red glow using [glow] highlighted words [/glow] tags to make this effect

and change your text colour using [green] green text[/green] or [red] red text[/red]