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Alex and Will's Excellent Adventures  PDF Alternate Incarnations   &   Movieland Spike and Xander watch themselves in an earlier life
Bathtime Oblivious/Denial A wounded vampire forced to depend on a human made for a really bad-tempered vampire.
Billboards Sweet and Schmoopy Buffy is an unseen observer at the Magic Box one evening
Breaking Point Sweet and Schmoopy Xander is beyond furious with Spike
By the Grave and Thee Seduction If there was one constant in life it was that a man would agree to anything so long as his dick was tended to...
Cat's Cradle Kitten!Spike and Puppy!Xander Xander is carer to a damaged Spike who thinks he's a cat.   Unfinished
Checkmate   PDF Comedy Xander and Spike need to undergo a charade, post-Gift. Can they handle what's required of them? Co-written with estepheia for the Spander Inquisition.
Choosing Sub/Dom ...because at this moment, for the first time in all the years Spike could remember - William had a choice.
Co-Mu-Ni-Ca-Tion Human AU Spike and Xander have been together for a while now. Sort of. Maybe. They think? But they aren't really sure. At least, one of them isn't.
Daddy!Kink Tag Fic Daddy!kink Spike knows exactly what his baby girl needs. Warnings for every kink you can think of.   Written with Margarks   wip
Dark Porn Sub/Dom Xander just wanted a beer, some food, porn on the tv and a ready boy to play with when he felt like that
Dirty Meta Muse Porn! P W P   &   Comedy   &   Sweet William The Authors confront their Muses. Co-written with Xanphibian
Dread of Morning  PDF Sub/Dom He wasn't going to last long with a dominant Xander giving him all the fantasies he'd forgotten he'd had. Co-written with Wesleysgirl
58-Down Established Relationship Spike and Xander on a Sunday morning
Figured You Out Sub/Dom There's a club. And some sex. A bit of jealousy. Co-written with Xanphibian
First Sweet William   &   Human AU  &   Kissing A young Xander takes a dare in an all-human A U
Gentlemans Night Sub/Dom;  On Stage;   Working Man Xander never told anyone that the night he was forced to strip was Gentlemen's Night
George  PDF Sweet and Schmoopy Xander's love-life gets arranged without his knowledge.
Half-Windsor Oblivious!Xander;   Working Man Xander has to go to a company dinner and Spike shows up as his date/partner, to Xander's surprise
Hearth Angst Something is wrong with Spike, and Xander is determined to fix it.  Unfinished
Holy Palmer Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Kissing Xander reflects on his past encounters
Home Hurt/Comfort   Abused Child!Xan When Xander returns from his xmas family visit Spike is there to comfort him
How To Stay Sane In Traffic Established Relationship Because if he does, he's going to a) have to drive and b) have a very cranky vampire who's going to want a little reciprocation. Which Xander will be unable to do, see A.
Hunt Brother Hyena!Xander Xander's hyena is happy now that Spike has come to stay in the basement.  Unfinished
Hustler!verse  PDF Developing Feelings;   Prostitute;   Working Man Xander purchases Hustler!Spike's services
If I Believed P W P They all had bad days sometimes, but they didn't usually shout at each other.
Itch Sub/Dom Spike has a problem, to Xander's benefit
Keeper Sub/Dom Xander's through with waiting around, now he's going to take.   Written with Xanphibian
King of Cats P W P Xander had long ago made a promise, that if it was in his power, he'd give Spike anything Spike wanted.
Lattice and Pearls Extra Dark   &   Possessive/Obsessive Possessiveness can turn to obsession so easily.
Lessons Prostitute/Slave   &   Lost Memory Who said that the chip's only function was to cause pain?   Unfinished
Lollipop Spander Plus Buffy wants to share   X/S/Buffy
The Love Story of Xander and Spike Oblivious/Denial;   Comedy S/X firmly in UST land.
May Masturbation Theater A shy smile - shy! - tipped up at him, disconcertingly innocent given Spike was stark naked
Minute Man P W P Spike has some special needs
Monster Extra Dark Spike's return post-Grave and Xander's waiting for the one he blames for the past year's troubles. X/S, NC-17, graphic BDSM and torture. Extremely not nice or happy
Not Asking for the World Sweet and Schmoopy A blackout leads to unexpected revelations. Co-written with Wesleysgirl
Olive You Daddy!Kink For Daddy!kink lovers only. Co-written with Xanphibian
One, Two, Three Spander Plus   &   Body Switcheroo's An AU from the Replacement. Someone else got smacked with Thoth's beam, with a slightly different result. S/X/Anya.   Unfinished
Out Of Character Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Under a Spell A spell has the boys getting in touch with their feminine side. Co-written with Yin Again
Personals Comedy & Long Distance Loving Xander puts his new computer to good use
Phantoms Africa!Xander   &   First Time This is his last night in South Africa
Pillow Talk Sweet and Schmoopy   &   Established Relationship A quiet evening in front of the TV
A Place Called Home  PDF Developing Feelings Xander sees a fix-it-up house he'd like to buy. Co-written with Xanphibian
Play Pretend Body Switcheroo's Spike tries something different for Halloween
Plaything Vamp!Xander   &   Sub/Dom   &   Vampire Courts Xander likes his own toy much better than Willow's Puppy
Power Plays Hyena!Xander Xander has grown tired of waiting for what he wants. He's ready to take.
Proof Kissing Dawn's known about them for weeks now.
Quarry Sub/Dom Spike would be the hunter again, his prey properly submissive
Radius Daddy!Kink For Daddy!kink lovers only
Rearranging Established Relationship Spike and Xander settle into their new home
Reparations Sub/Dom Spike makes up for giving Xander a fright.
Requited Sweet and Schmoopy Spike has geased himself to be trusted by the Scoobies. Will this give him what he truly wants, as well?
Shadow Garden  PDF Daddy!Kink Spike decides that Xander needs something and Xander can't seem to figure out how to say 'no'. Even if he wanted to. Co-written with Wolfshark
Sharing First Time After dancing around each other for a while, Xander decides he's had enough and finally just takes what he wants. Spike isn't objecting. Co-written with Wolfshark
Shivelights Hurt/Comfort When Xander is hurt, Spike is always there for him
Shrew Sweet and Schmoopy Xander needs a little TLC
Shush P W P  &   Secret Lovers As naive as most of the Slayers in Training seemed to be, a rhythmically creaking bed was not something they'd misunderstand
Silk Under a Spell   &   Comedy Spike, Xander, lost in Arabic opulence.  Unfinished
Simplicity Extra Dark Spike is left to care for a damaged Xander and they both get what they need
Slipknot  PDF Ghost!Spike   &   Developing Feelings Xander aquires a guardian ghost.
So Happy Together Spander Plus Games three can play. S/X/Anya
Soul Developing Feelings  &   Souled Spike Newly souled Spike has to learn to trust   Unfinished
A Spot of Dreaming PWP Spike is bored in the basement
Stroke of Midnight Basement of Doom   Christmas Xander spends Christmas eve camped outside his parents house.
Terms Daddy!Kink   &   Extra Dark There is just porn. And some very disturbing, twisted kink, including daddy!sex
A Thousand Swords Established Relationship It was a good thing Home Depot was open 24 hours. Co-written with Yin Again
Treasure Human AU The Giles's have just moved to Sunnydale. They are fabulously wealthy and just-this-side-of-callus.   Unfinished
Triptych Spander Plus A Second Season AU. Angel's a bit more gray, Spike's a bit more lonely, and Xander's kinda confused. Co-written with Xanphibian  S/X/Angel   Unfinished
Trucker Daddy!kink   &   Human AU Xander picks up a young hitchhiker in Pennsylvania.
Untitled Drabble With Legs!  PDF Post Apocolypse Post-apocalyptic AU, Spike buys a new pet
Untitled Future Slave Fic  PDF Prostitute/Slave It's a future AU, and Xander has his favourite toy
Untitled PWP P W P Xander demonstrates his unique training abilities.
Untitled Scooby Meeting Fic Comedy Giles reveals a little TMI about Wesley during a private scooby meeting.
Untitled Subby Spike P W P Xander smiles, and thinks that tomorrow, maybe he won't be so ashamed of his actions.
Untitled Vibrater PWP Story P W P   &   Sub/Dom It's been two days since he's come last, the longest Spike has made him stay hard yet.
Ust   PDF Oblivious Serious UST between Spike and Xander
Vacancy Spander Plus Xander discovers Spike servicing Buffy and joins in. Darkfic. S/X/Buffy
Watching Sweet and Schmoopy Willow wants to help the boys figure it out
What's in a Man Daddy!Kink Spike gets insecure. Xander fixes it.
Why Spike Can Be Submissive Sub/Dom Buffy can't understand Spike being Xander's submissive
Why We Love Willow   PDF Sub/Dom When Willow made Xander a demon Magnet, Spike's demon was attracted too. Preview
Words Established Relationship It's different than the other habits he has, because those are usually just annoying. Co-written with Yin Again
Xan-Dom Daddy!Kink   &   Extra Dark Xander wants to awaken old patterns of behaviour



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