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Judges comments: Dawn is off to England to be trained as a Watcher and shake up the establishment a bit. Little does she realize that itís her world thatís about to come crashing round her ears. Because not only did Spike come back from the dead after the fall of Sunnydale, he doesnít remember who she is. Dawn of course immediately sets out to right what she sees as a horrible wrong. This story snares you from the first syllable. Not only is Dawn young and impetuous but you actually LIKE her in this fic and find yourself rooting for her as she single mindedly goes on the hunt for one Mr. Spike, otherwise known as her very untouchable teacher. Hot doesnít begin to describe this one, but youíll find that beyond the sex and the heat, thereís love and commitment and the kind of emotion that can only be found with your true soul mate.

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