Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (language, implied slash)
Pairing/POV: Spike/Xander
Setting: BtVS sometime in Season 5
Summary: Spike teaches Xander the way of the world

Dedicated, as all my Spander must be, to [info]virtualpersonal and [info]nashmaveric, without whose 'gentle' persuasion I would have missed out on a lovely pairing....

Just vs. Unjust

Viking Princess

"Quit cuddlin' up to me, whelp!"

"It's my damned umbrella, and I'm bigger than you are. I need more coverage than you do." Xander shoved uselessly at Spike with his shoulder. Patrolling in the rain totally sucked!

"Dunno why Buffy has us out tonight. Better things to do on a rainy night than get wet, yeah?" At least the boy was warm next to him. Steaming, even. Cold didn't bother vampires, of course, but wet cold? M'demon must be part moggy, Spike grumbled mentally. All set to curl up and jus' sleep the wet away next to somethin' warm.... Laser-blue eyes widened, then narrowed in speculation. Somthin' warm, eh?

"'The rain is rainin' all around,'" Spike declaimed suddenly, shocking Xander with his stentorian tones, and pulling a bit more of the umbrella over himself. "'It rains on both the just and unjust fella.' That would be you, then, all Scooby-like and wanna-be hero boy, and me, the Big Bad. Just an' unjust." He nudged Xander's hand down a bit on the shaft of the umbrella, wrapping his around it as well. A brief but spirited tug of war began.



"Neutered puppy."


The ensuing struggle settled little, but Xander was putting out even more warmth from sheer irritation. Nice, that, Spike gloated. Puts out the BTUs like no one else, the whelp does.

He continued reciting, "'But more, it seems, on the just than on the unjust,'" and he gave Xander a fierce body check, sending the boy flying from the sidewalk into a freshly mulched, very muddy bed of flowers.

Waving the umbrella triumphantly, Spike completed his little verse. "'For the unjust hath the just's umbrella!'"

Xander sat up, pawing dirt and leaves from his face. "You. Suck."

"Well, yeah. Vampire." Spike smirked down at the disgruntled boy. "Better come on, then. Not healthy for you lot to be out in the rain. Crypt's close, inna?"

"I am NOT going home with you, Spike."

"Sure y'are, pet. Got your umbrella, don't I?" He waggled it temptingly in front of the solidly soaked Xander, who lunged up out of the flowerbed and gave chase.

Spike allowed himself to be caught just inside the crypt, and kicked the door shut as Xander grabbed both him and umbrella. The blond vampire didn't resist at all, but clamped his own arms around the boy, holding him close. Steaming.

"Been waitin' a while to get you here, hot and wet," Spike said, and captured Xander's mouth with his own.

The End

The verse Spike recites is gleaned from Madeleine L'Engle's young adult novel The Moon by Night, which has nothing to do with vampires, but everything to do with growing up as a decent creature.

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