Speak No Evil


Part Seven

”You make it sound so heartless!”

“Well it is isn't it?! Plain and simple, Red – you are not saving your Xander at the expense of my boy. If it wasn't for the bloody idiot, you'd be shipping your Xander's body back to the good ole Motherland and no mistake. So this grand plan you have for waking 'em up, you better make sure that it encompasses BOTH of 'em – got it?!” Satisfied by the nervous swallow and shade of white that Willow went, Spike strode out of the study and headed towards the training room. He was feeling itchy – none of this was sitting well. He hated mojo – always had, always would – but since neither of the Harris boys seemed prepared to wake up without assistance, there didn't seem any other way to turn. He wanted the Scoobies gone and wanted his home back to the way it should be – with him, Angel and their boy. He let the door slam shut behind him as he walked straight over to Angel, sighing as the strong arms instantly wrapped around him and tugged him in. He couldn't explain how or why, but with the addition of Xander somehow he and Angel were more comfortable, better able to show affection instead of either full on lust or anger. He didn't want to lose that and couldn't quite believe the fates would be so cruel. Surely the Powers that Be had sent Xander to them for a reason?!

It was a beautiful sight, however disturbing. Preparing for the spell had taken a lot of time and energy, made worse by Spike's constant complaints. However scared she was of him, Willow knew that if it came down to her Xander or the animalistic creature that seemed to have attached itself to the two vampires, she knew who she would sacrifice, and she would face her Goddess for her choice if necessary.

Savannah golden strands were mixed with honey and initially it was difficult to tell which was which. Slowly, touching and reaching out with her senses, she could feel each strand and could identify which belonged to Xander and which to the hyena. But they were so entwined it was like trying to untangle a cat's cradle – every strand she separated twisted others together. The shaman she had consulted had told her she needed to separate them – that there should never be two of one entity in any dimension and that the Hyena!Xander represented a danger which she agreed with.

Moving faster, grip harsher, she tried to rip the two apart. As she worked, walking through the spirit dimension, she saw 'memories' of Xander's – the ones that shone brighter and warmed her as she moved nearer. She saw kindergarten and a yellow crayon; she saw meeting Buffy; she saw when he realised he loved Anya and his pride in her bravery; she was struck mute by the glow surrounding his love for Dawn, and she became even more determined to free him. She wanted her Xander back. Aware that her 'hands' had become talons, she tried to be careful, not to severe strands that led to good memories. A stumble and she landed on a savannah green/golden strand and was swept away......

Peace – confusion – fear – horror – freedom – imprisonment – understanding – exile – sorrow?

Like flashes before her eyes, she saw the 'life' lived by the hyena and her soft heart ached. It was not to blame for following it's instincts, for wanting a pack, for doing what hyenas did. So wrong to attach human morals to an animal/demon's actions. But should she set it free? Cut the thread that held the hyena in the dimension and finally let it loose? She got to her feet and looked down, realising that with one good swipe she should be able to set them both free.


Her head span in the direction the 'voice' had come from but of course, there was no one there. That was the point – neither Xander or the hyena could be led straight out – she had to release them from whatever was binding them to this dimension. Turning back, she delicately grasped one thick strand preparing to make the cut.

Look. The whisper was more urgent.

A cold touch to her cheek and she turned swiftly, more scared than she had ever thought something this simple could make her. What the hell? The shaman had said nothing about her being touched physically while she was in here – what was going on?!

A gentle hand tilted her chin and she shuddered. So cold, almost deathly but with calluses that she would recognise in this or any other dimension. Xander's hand...... She allowed the hand to move her head and blinked hard. It was a memory that grew from the savannah gold strands, slightly blurred until she stepped closer and squinted.

Angel and Spike were wrapped around each other in a huge four poster bed, clearly naked although Angel's hand was resting possessively on Spike's ass, hiding the smooth curve from her gaze. Dragging her eyes away from the hypnotic image, she looked towards the bottom of the bed, her breath catching in her throat. Curled up around himself in a fetal position, the naked form of the hyena!Xander rested at the two vampire's feet. Prepared to be angered – they were treating Xander like an animal!!! – she finally registered what could only be described as purring. While she watched, she saw Spike's feet shift beneath the heavy bedding, searching for something restlessly enough to cause him to stir from his slumber. Still purring, the hyena!Xander caught Spike's foot, a sleepy chuffing laugh coming from it as the long, slender foot wriggled in it's grasp. Tucking Spike's foot under the bedding, the hyena rested its head on it, one long hand stroking Spike's calf. Within moments, the vampire and the hyena had settled in to sleep again, both obviously reassured the other was right where they should be.

Save both. Have to.

She shook her head, not disagreeing just not sure the 'poltergeist' knew what it was asking for. What it could mean.

For champions. For restitution. Whatever cost.

And she finally understood. Shifting her hands, she turned once more to the entwined threads, pulling them closer together and weaving them into a stronger unit. If she was doing what she thought she was doing, she needed to make this as strong as metaphysically possible.....

The whine brought Angel and Spike running into the room, the unguarded look of delight on Spike's face making Willow's exhaustion almost worth it. She watched as both Angel and Spike took hyena!Xander into their arms, stroking and petting his back as he snuffled at each of them, rubbing his face against their faces and necks to scent mark them. Shaking slightly from fatigue, she turned into Buffy's embrace, smiling as she observed Dawn and Xander embracing on the bed, the younger woman sobbing quietly into his chest as he shushed her and stroked her back. As yet, Willow didn't know how long it had taken to wake them – she was just so relieved that they had both awakened.

“Wuh - ?”

She found herself pulled to her feet and wrapped in strong arms, a cool nose pressed into her neck as she was squeezed in what was obviously a thankful embrace. Released slightly, she leaned backwards, looking hyena!Xander in the eye before cupping his face and pressing a kiss to his cheek. He flushed before pulling her hand up and pressing his cheek to the back of it.

“We owe ya Red.” Spike's voice was husky and almost gentile, the gratitude in his eyes somehow sitting better there than the earlier threats ever had.

“No, you don't owe me anything. I need to explain what I had to do – how they're tied together now..... I'm sorry, but.....”

“It's okay, Willow, I - “

“Xander, I - “

“Really. You did the right thing. I – well, had a bit of a dream or vision or whatever. Things went down the way they were meant to, and no one else but you could have done it. Thank you Willow.“ Leaning over, Xander shifted Dawn slightly to one side so that he could reach for and squeeze her hand. “Now what does a guy have to do around here to get a Twinkie?!”

“Twinkies nothing, after all that hard work I need a vat of ice-cream!” Allowing Buffy to help her towards the door, Willow looked over her shoulder at the similar but different reunion scenes. Xander and Dawn were whispering to each other and kissing, holding each other tight. And Spike, Angel and hyena!Xander were – God, it was hard to describe what they were doing. There wasn't the slightest gap between the three bodies, Xander pressed between the muscular forms of both vampires. Heads were lowered, Spike and Angel both appearing to be smelling at Xander's neck, while his head was tilted back and to the side, a look of bliss on his face. A look that said he was home, exactly where he was supposed to be....


Unless there was an impending apocalypse, it often took a herculean effort to get Spike out of bed each evening. His theory was that having been at least partly responsible for saving the world on at least three occasions, he was entitled to a lie in or two. Both Angel and Xander undertook the task of awakening him although they approached things slightly differently.

Angel tended to go for the sexual approach. Depending on whether Spike was lying on his front or his side, Angel would carefully climb on top or behind him, pressing the full length of his body along the pale beauty of Spike's lean back. He loved to nestle his cock in the warm tunnel created by Spike's tight ass cheeks, sliding back and forth gently with his hips while he enfolded Spike in his embrace. Licking a line up his favourite spot of Spike's nape, he followed that with a hint of fang, staring with golden eyes at the thin line of scarlet that marked his passage. Licking it up slowly, he savoured the taste of his childe – family, lover, all entwined in one delicious scent and taste. If Spike remained stubbornly asleep (although the twitching of his hips and the rhythmic clench/unclench of his ass cheeks around Angel's hard length would often give lie to that appearance) Angel would be forced to pull out his ultimate weapon. Hands holding Spike firmly in place, he would slide down the length of that glorious body, fangs and claws leaving welts, scratches and faint lines of blood in their wake as he worked himself down the bed, stopping only to encourage Spike's legs to part to allow his broad shoulders ample room for manoeuvre and to grasp those tight white cheeks and pull them gently apart.

The thin lines of blood were an enticing trail, leading the way down Spike's body, pointing towards perhaps the only view of heaven Angel would ever likely see, or cared to. It was extremely rare for Spike to maintain any semblance of sleep when an agile tongue licked a path to the tight pink furl of his asshole, and nigh on impossible for him to remain still when that same tongue was pushing wetly at the entrance of his body before licking it's way through the spasming ring of muscle to taste him from the inside out....

Xander's approach was markedly different. Like a pack mate or sibling, he would torture Spike with tickles, licks and prods, doing his absolute best to irritate the vampire awake. He was often forced to scuttle away from lazy hands that tried to bat him away, giving the silent laugh that split his face in a wide grin of glee. If Spike tried to resettle into his slumber, Xander would strike again, aiming for vulnerable ribs or long, smooth feet that tried to crawl beneath rumpled sheets in a vain attempt to hide. If all else failed, and he could not tease his companion/accomplice to the many pranks and tricks they liked to play on Angel into wakefulness, Xander was not averse to upending a glass of chilled water over Spike's sleeping head. This more often than not led to loud bellows of rage, and the sounds of a vampire chasing a hyena hybrid around what was formally an abnormally quiet house.

There were definitely times when Xander seemed curious/interested in Angel's approach, and he would often watch them when they frantically fucked after a heavy evening of patrolling or a rousing fight about blood, fags and whatever other small things rubbed the two vampires up the wrong way. But generally curiosity and vague interest were all that he had expressed before rumbling throatily in the aftermath, curling up at the foot of the rumpled bed and falling asleep to the sounds of petting and panted breaths as they recovered from their exertions.

Neither Spike nor Angel minded too much that he did not join in or try to instigate a more intimate relationship with either or both of them – Xander expressed his silent affection for them in numerous ways, from butts of the head when he required a hug, to silent requests to be held and petted. There was no way they would turn him down if he did choose to initiate a deeper intimacy, but neither of them wished to push or try to cajole him into a more sexual relationship. He was too important to both of them to do that. But that did not stop them from hoping maybe – one day....

They heard from the Slayer and the Scoobies regularly, sharing Intel on the latest prophecies and baddies that needed to be kept in line. The other Xander appeared to have suffered no ill effects from his close encounter with a vicious tentacle, and neither Spike nor Angel wanted to bring attention to the fact that he seemed to have stopped ageing. In the brief discussion they had about it, Spike merely commented that it was nice that the Bit would always have her White Knight around and that was enough for the two of them. Besides, Spike wouldn't put it past Willow to try to undo her spell and they had no desire to risk losing their boy.

Especially after the evening that he decided to join Angel using his wake-up approach......

The End