Speak No Evil


Part Three

He was completely and utterly riveted. Watching as Spike (the name made a weird kind of sense to him now although he wasn't sure why) so casually stripped out of his boots and tee-shirt, revealing the pale sculpture of his body to Xander's ravenous gaze, Xander's mouth went dry. His eyes licked up and down the marble white torso, admiring the high nipples, the clear line of muscle and sinew rippling as Spike sauntered across the room and lay on the bed.

Alpha followed Spike onto the bed, seeming to overpower him, straddling his face and presenting the hard length of his cock to Spike's mouth. Xander could hear words but they didn't make it through the roaring in his ears and he was completely unable to wrench his eyes away from the two bodies writhing on the bed. He could see the muscles of Alpha's ass through the darkness of the slacks he worn, clenching and flexing as he thrust himself down Spike's throat; could hear the rumbling purr of his voice as he spoke to Spike and with no thought, Xander reached down to his own aching dick. It had been so long since he had been touched, so long since he had been part of a pack and he yearned for it – yearned for the closeness, the security. He didn't move any further into the room but he couldn't bring himself to leave or even turn away.

He watched as Spike's hands reached to grasp Alpha's hips; watched as Alpha began to fuck Spike's mouth with shorter, harder thrusts as he got close to coming. He was panting, his hand squeezing his own cock through the heavy denim material, hips moving in a parody of the movements Alpha was making as he moved closer and closer to orgasm. He held his breath as Alpha bellowed out his climax, stunned eyes caught as with vampire speed the dark haired man turned and saw him standing in the doorway.

“HARRIS!” He didn't know what to do – should he run? Spike had told him to stay, had accepted his submission, dragged him in and fed him, but what if Alpha wanted him gone?

Spike sat up on his elbows which was as far as he could go with Alpha on top of him, lips puffy and swollen a deep pink, a thin trickle of come slipping down his chin; the pale beauty of his heaving chest hypnotising Xander as the crystalline blue eyes focused on him. Spike's eyes travelled the length of his body, eyebrow quirking as he took in the tight grip Xander had on his dick in reaction to what he had just seen. And just like that, Xander's eyes practically rolled back in his head and he felt his cock pulse in his jeans as he came. Gasping for breath, he curled over himself before forcing his back to straighten as he staggered slightly and leant against the door jamb.

“Fuck, that's hot pet!!” Spike's voice was husky – whether from arousal or after-effects of having Angel's dick rammed down his throat Xander couldn't tell, and Xander could do nothing but stare at him. He groaned out loud as Alpha met his gaze, holding it as he leaned over and slowly, slowly sucked the head of Spike's dick into his mouth. “GOD! Angel!”

Xander couldn't tell if Spike was protesting or not, but the gyrations of his hips as he fell back onto the bed did not seem to be in denial. Alpha held Xander's gaze as he sucked hard on the head of Spike's cock, and Xander wasn't sure if he was staking a claim, including Xander in the coupling or trying to show Xander that his presence meant less than nothing. A harsh groan from Spike and Alpha swallowed, still holding Xander's eyes and he could clearly see the pleasure Alpha took in the act: the dilation of his brown eyes, the humming sound in his throat, the gentleness of the big hand as it jacked Spike's cock, milking it into Alpha's mouth. Unable to hold Alpha's eyes any further, Xander's knees went out from under him and he ended up in a heap on the floor.

“Damn, Peaches, you're better than you ever were – you suck me off, and the boy loses the use of his legs!”

“Shut up Spike.”

Leaving Angel lounging on the bed to make the necessary phone call, Spike managed to manoeuvre Xander into the bathroom. Stripping the boy down, he removed his own jeans and managed to hustle them both into the large shower unit. Spike turned on only the hot water and shoved Xander under the stream.

“Fuck me, starting to think you ain't the slayer's whelp after all. No way he'da joined in on a family thing like that. Definitely got summat wild in you ain't ya mate?!” The boy still looked stunned and stood still, accepting Spike's directions to move under the hot flowing water while Spike scrubbed him down. It reminded Spike of when he would have to look after Drusilla during her less lucid moments – she would stand docile, letting Spike shift her around and clean her off. It made him feel nostalgic and his movements became less impersonal, stroking the tanned flesh as he washed the boy down. “Don't mind Peaches. He makes a lot of noise but he doesn't mean nothing by it. Mind you, don't be thinking you can take him either. The visions make him weak for a little while – was never meant to be him you see – but he's not so weak you could take him. Nearly 250 years old and still as strong as an ox, and cunning too. And don't be giving me that look – made it pretty obvious in the other room that you were thinking of challenging him. Well don't. He'd chew you up and spit you out, soul or no soul. An' he's family. You understand that don't you – the concept of family?!” Satisfied at the swift nod the boy gave, Spike turned him around to face the white tile while he cleaned off the boy's back.

Xander reminded him a bit of Angel. Same broad shoulders, tapering down to a smallish waist. His back was muscular and he was covered in an array of scars that spoke of more than a few battles. His arse was rounder than Angel's though, two fat globes at the top of muscular legs, and Spike admitted if only to himself that he had a moment or two's curiosity as to what the boy would do if Spike were to slip his fingers down the crack and press against the tight little hole he would find there. Somehow, he didn't think Xander would object – he obviously viewed Spike as his alpha (or at least the beta around here) and as such would willingly submit to anything Spike might choose to do. That thought brought Spike up short. He wasn't interested in taking something that wasn't freely given – he'd learned that lesson just before he went for his soul. That wasn't who he was – never had been, never wanted to be.

Briskly stepping back away from the tempting body, and thanking Christ for the spacious shower stall, he scrubbed himself down before stepping out and grabbing towels. Xander looked at him through the curtain of water, dark hair flattened wetly against his face, eyes glittering greener than Spike remembered. He had always thought the boy had had murky hazel eyes, but these were definitely green and almost glowing.

“Don't talk much do you?!” Xander continued to look at Spike through his lashes, not meeting his stare and Spike realised he was deliberately making sure he wasn't challenging Spike in any way. The boy looked haunted – there was no other word for it – almost as if he was expecting to be shown the door. “Come on, we need to figure out where you're sleeping. And we need to give the Watcher a call, let him know we've found his lost Scooby.”

Xander stepped out of the stall, shaking his head like a dog and flinging water everywhere. “Oi! Just had a shower, don't need another one. Now come here.” Spike briskly rubbed Xander down, making a conscious effort to keep his touch as impersonal as possible. He wasn't helped by the way the boy kept pressing his body into Spike's touches, leaning into him and stepping forward every time Spike stepped back until Spike was almost pressed up against the wall. Realising there was nothing sexual in what Xander was doing, that he simply yearned to be touched, Spike pulled him into his arms, stroking down his back in smooth, rhythmic motions while making crooning sounds. Xander was whining, pushing his head into Spike's neck and mouthing at the skin there. “S'okay, pet, not pushing you out. You can stay here, yeah? At least til we figure out what's going on with you. Need to get that haunted look out of your eyes at least. Looks to me like you're starved for touch, yeah? Don't worry, Pet, you're gonna be just fine.”

The whining calmed down and Xander's breathing settled as he stepped back and allowed Spike to wrap a towel around his waist. Grabbing a towel of his own, Spike chivvied Xander into the bedroom, coming to a halt in the bedroom doorway as he saw that Angel was on the phone.

Shoving Xander towards the chair, Spike went to the wardrobe and picked out some of Angel's sweats and a tee-shirt for the boy to wear, dragging some sleep pants of his own out at the same time. He was only listening with half an ear to Angel's conversation, grunting as he realised Angel was talking to Willow. Bad luck to end up speaking to the most excitable of the lot of them, and no doubt she was talking his ear off about Xander and getting him back.

“No, no, Willow, I need to – wait!!” Spike could hear the exasperation in Angel's voice and he smirked as he walked back to Xander, throwing the clothes into the boy's lap. As he slipped into his own pants, he heard Angel take a gasped breath and looked over, frowning at the look on the other vampire's face. “Xander?”

The boy looked up upon hearing his name, half of his head hidden by the tee-shirt he was pulling on.

“No, no – not you. I – Spike here.” Angel held the phone out to him, staring at the boy who was now standing by the bed, tugging on the sweats. Scowling, Spike accepted the phone, well aware that Angel hated speaking to any of the Scoobies. They reminded him too strongly of his past failures.

“Hey, it's Spike. What's going on then?”

“Spike. You guys called us, remember?? What's the what?” With a shocked look at Angel and then the boy now standing dressed by the bed, Spike pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it before once more putting the handset to his head and speaking into the mouthpiece.

“Is that you Xander?!”

“Yeah. Look, whatever you vamps are smoking over there, maybe you'd like to share. England doesn't seem to have any of the good stuff and obviously we need to be smoking something to understand what you guys are going on about. What IS the matter?!”

“Bloody hell, Angel, it's Xander!”

Part Four

Understandably, a small amount of pandemonium broke out. Strangely, Spike wasn't surprised at the discovery. Well, once the initial talking to Xander on the phone whilst looking at Xander curled up on the sofa in front of him shock was over and done with, it made a weird kinda sense. He had wondered what was going on – his Xander was animalistic, a thin veneer of civilisation not hiding the fact that he acted very much on instinct. Right now, he was tired so he curled up on the sofa within view of his alpha and was dozing quietly. He showed zero interest in the phone call, in Angel's exclamations or Spike's conversation with Donut Boy.

The other Xander, Sunnydale Xander, was still full of hot air, mouthing off about he and Angel and generally making it difficult to continue to the conversation. Spike was relieved when Giles finally took the phone from Xander and he explained very briefly what had happened. Since Sunnydale – since the Black Thorn – Giles had changed. They had had their conversation – Giles had even gone so far as to almost apologise for trying to kill him and Spike had graciously allowed that Giles had been acting in what he thought were Buffy's best interests. Since the battle of Black Thorn, Giles had unwound enough to assist he and Angel with information on occasion.

“Spike – this is most extraordinary. I'm not quite sure what we should do – I haven't read anything about such an occurrence but I can do some more research, put a few Watchers onto it but - “

“Was kinda hoping you could come over. This one isn't a carbon copy Rupert. I actually think he's from another dimension entirely.”

“What brings you to that conclusion?”

“He has two eyes for a start. An' there's more. Heard tell the boy was possessed when he was younger?” Spike realised that without thinking, he had crossed the room and sat next to the boy and with one hand he was casually stroking through the thick, dark hair, enjoying the feel of the strands as they caressed his fingers. The boy made a rumbling sound in his chest, not a growl more a sound of enjoyment, and shifted his head in his sleep until it was practically resting in Spike's lap.

“Yes – yes, Xander was possessed twice. Once by a Primal hyena spirit, and once by the spirit of a Soldier – it was Ethan Rayne's idea of a Halloween prank that could have had disastrous consequences. If I remember correctly, you were involved in that - “

“Yeah, yeah, I remember – coulda taken the slayer out but got too involved with the dance if I remember correctly. She thought she was some princess or summat.” Spike laughed at the memory, shushing his boy when he stirred at the sound.

“Quite. We managed to exorcise the spirit and once the spell Ethan cast was broken, Xander was cleared of that possession. I believe he retained some memories that proved useful on occasion. Why?”

“This one seems to have kept the Primal spirit. I'd go so far as to say they've merged.”

“Good grief. Xander under the influence of the hyena was less than pleasant to say the least. There was an incident involving the school mascot and the principal....... So he's feral?”

“Not exactly. Still got a bit of the white knight about him – he was working as a bodyguard when I met him.“

“A bodyguard? Well that's new but yes, I see. Has he, perhaps, told you anything else?”

“Not told us anything. He doesn't speak.”


“Not a word since we met. Checked him over – throat's not been cut and he can make noises, just doesn't talk.”

“Not a word? Oh my – I can't imagine a Xander that doesn't speak.”

“Is that a hint of longing I hear Watcher?” A surprised chuckle came through down the phone, and Spike smirked.

“Present company precludes me from answering that question honestly. Right, Spike, I will get back to you tomorrow evening with our travel arrangements. Can I assume you are alright to look after him until we get there?”

“Yeah, I'll look after him. Probably makes sense to save the cross examination til you get here. Talk to you tomorrow Watcher, and thanks.” Pressing the end call button, Spike dropped the phone at his side. He looked down at his boy, admiring the strong profile in repose and wondering when exactly he had begun to think of the boy as 'his' Xander? It was vaguely disconcerting and shaking his head, he decided not to think about it any more.

“They coming?” Angel's voice came from the bed and Spike looked over, surprised. He had thought the other vampire was asleep.

“Yeah. Not sure who though. You okay with that?”

“Guess I have no choice. Know who I would prefer not to see but as we're asking a favour I guess we don't get to pick and choose. You coming to bed?”

“Yeah, in a minute. Angel?”

“Yeah Spike?”

“What do you think is going on? I mean – with the boy and everything. Wasn't on of your visions that sent me down there but - “

“But you wonder whether this has something to do with the Conduit?”

“I remember thinking we needed help – that we couldn't keep doing this alone. Next thing I know, I'm finding this one and we're dragged back into the Slayer's circle. Just seems too big a coincidence, you know?”

“Yes I must admit I did wonder. Come on, it's probably a good idea to get some sleep. I find I can't sleep very well without you – too many blankets.”

“What's that supposed to mean?” Shifting from underneath Xander's sleeping form, Spike walked over to the bed and slipped beneath the covers, automatically sliding into place next to Angel.

“You're such a blanket hog – when you're not here, I get too hot.”

“Bloody cheek.” Yawning, Spike closed his eyes and let himself drift. He felt Angel settle into sleep next to him and sighed. On the edge of his consciousness, he felt the bottom of the bed shifting and switching to game face he peered down the length of the bed. Xander was obviously still half asleep, his eyes barely open as he curled himself up at the bottom of the bed, resting his head on Spike's feet beneath the blankets. Smiling, Spike shook his head and decided he couldn't be bothered to push the boy away. Besides, his feet were feeling toasty warm underneath the boy's head. “Guess we'll see what happens when the other Scoobies get here. Whatever, you've got a place here pet – don't want you to worry about that. Think even the Poof’s got used to you being around.” A snuffling whine was his only answer but he felt better – hopefully the boy had heard that even half asleep and wouldn't panic when the others got here – he needed to know no one was going to make him do anything or go anywhere. “Night Harris.”