PuppyEyes and The Three Vampires


Angelus' Ending

Spike caught up with his sire just outside of the high school.


The older vampire stopped, turning back to his childe.

"What if the reason they can't find 'im is cause 'e's at the mansion... waitin' for us?"

Angelus grinned and turned back to the building.

"Lets get Dru and her puppy. We wouldn't want to keep Xander waiting."


Drusilla suddenly closed the supply closet door. He looked at her, his question clear. "Daddy's near. We 'ave to wait for 'im and Spikey."

Sure enough the two master vampires appeared a few minutes later. A growl began deep in the brunette's chest. This new addition had to realize who was master in their little family.

Oz dropped his gaze; he knew enough about pack dominance to realize he was beta to the two male vampires.

Angelus stopped growling at the immediate show of submission from the wolf. A smile lit his handsome face. Soon his family would be whole.

Angelus gestured for the others to leave, moving to follow. He stopped suddenly, turning back. Spike looked back a question written on the handsome face.

"Almost forgot Xan's new pet," said Angelus.


Eagerly hoping his mate waited for him Spike raced ahead, reaching the mansion before the others.

The door was open. He was certain Angelus had closed it when they'd left. He stuck his head in cautiously and saw that the lights were on. Drawing back he waited for the others to catch up.

"Someone's been 'ere," said the blonde gesturing at the house. Angelus took the lead, motioning for the others to follow carefully.

Seeing no one in the front room the group made their way deeper into the house. Drusilla stopped as the others walked past the fireplace.

She frowned staring at her favorite chair. It was all squished. "Somebody's been sitting in my chair," she pouted, pointing at the pillows. The two male vampires turned back joining her.

"Somebody's been sitting in my chair," growled Angelus, staring at the fingerprints on the gleaming wood.

"Somebody's been sittin' in my chair," snarled Spike. "And they've been in my bleedin' CDs."

Somewhat agitated the rather large group made their way up the stairs. Down the hall they moved, stopping in front of the first bedroom door.

"Somebody's been in my bed," barked the brunette starring at the wrinkles in his perfect sheets. He couldn't help moving to tug the sheets back in place.

[anal retentive much?] ( .... )

He took a quick glance at his dresser, just in case, but all his hair products appeared undisturbed.

They proceeded into Drusilla's room. Her nose wrinkled in irritation.

"Somebody's been in my bed," she whined, noticing the scattered piles of feathers she'd so painstakingly piled by the door.


Leaving Drusilla and Oz to get better acquainted; Spike swung open the door to his room, followed by Angelus. Blue and brown eyes darted around until they landed on Spike's bed and the sleeping boy in it.

"Somebody's been in my bed," he leered, stalking over to it. "And he's still 'ere," he purred.

Xander woke up, opening sleepy brown eyes. He sat up, staring intently into the blue gaze.

"Do you want me? Do you need me?"

Spike could only nod, drawn into the spell the dark eyes wove. Crawling from beneath the sheets Xander slithered onto the blonde vampire's lap. Glancing away, the boy locked eyes with Angelus.

"Promise to never leave me? Never, ever leave me?"

Angelus nodded too, just as caught as Spike. Xander turned back to the blonde, laying his head on the black clad shoulder. The vampire's gaze focused on the long curve of neck, unable to look away from the steady throb of blood beneath the surface.

The soft whisper was almost inaudible.

"Make me yours... please-e-e."

The demon roared, darting forward to plunge his aching fangs into the gleaming flesh. He snarled as something held him back. Eyes flashed in challenge as he stared at his sire's hand, which was holding him still.

"I'm not gonna take him, boy. But this should be savored," he said trailing a finger along the mortal's neckline.

"Taking his innocence shouldn't be rushed..." Angelus paused and leaned forward, almost purring, "In either case."

Spike grinned as Xander blushed, faintly. The blonde vampire lad the mortal back against the silk sheets, skillfully stripping him. Angelus followed suit, shedding clothing as quickly as his childe.

"Look at 'im sire. Isn't 'e lovely?"

Xander's blush deepened. Spike laughed, brushing his fingers down the lanky form.

"Guess it does go all the way, pet."

Sliding up the almost fever warm body, Spike dove in for a kiss, drinking in the taste of his chosen, his tongue mating eagerly with Xander's.

Xander moaned, loving the cool wetness of the blonde's mouth. He chased after the essence of his soon-to-be lover: smoke and blood-tinged alcohol. He jumped, startled as fingers tweaked his nipples before drifting across his taunt abs then clutching at his hips.

Xander gasped into the mouth above him as Spike's hand grasped his leaking cock. Spike rode his body as he bucked beneath the blonde demon. Spike pulled back staring into dazed brown eyes.

Xander mewled as Angelus slid between his thighs, a cool tongue darting into the tight pucker. He squirmed uncontrollably as bolts of pleasure fired along his nerves.

Spike grinned, knowing how good his sire's tongue felt. Then he was diving back in, licking Xander's neck, suckling at the sweat drenched flesh. Xander writhed beneath the double assault.

Craving more than the fleeting touches Spike choose to bestow on him, he reached greedily for the blonde. Clutching him closer Xander thrust up, whimpering at the press of cock against cock.

Feeling the throbbing flesh glide across his own heat, Spike hissed, rubbing against Xander as he held the brunette down. Loving the friction as flesh slid against flesh.

Unable to hold back, their bodies began to move in rhythm. Xander's low mewls grew louder as the blonde's control slipped letting his true face come forward.

Sensing the impending explosion, Angelus pushed two fingers into Xander, leaning forward as he thrust his tongue into Spike's ass. Xander came as fingers hit the hidden bundle of nerves.

Spike howled pushing back on the invading muscle as he climaxed. Angelus growled, shoving Spike off Xander. The need to cum was overwhelming. He spread the limp thighs, slicking himself with their wetness.

He buried himself inside the tight depths with one thrust. The dark-eyed demon held the writhing body down as he moved, using hard punishing strokes as the pleasure grew. Lunging forward as fire screamed through his veins, he drove his fangs into the pale curve of neck as he came.

Angelus collapsed, pinning the smaller body beneath him. Spike hissed, nerves twitching in pain-edged pleasure as he shifted on his sire's cock. Aroused and aching after the brutal fucking he turned golden eyes to Xander.

Who lay panting, wide-eyed and staring.

"Get off you, ox," muttered Spike, shoving at his sire.

"Xan, are you..."

He was cut off by Xander's mouth closing over his as the boy frantically squirmed against Spike.

"Want you. Need you," Xander groaned, tugging at a slender hand and pulling it around to stroke his spamsing hole. "In me, NOW."

The vampire scrambled for the nightstand almost crowing when his hand closed around the lube. Xander moaned as wet fingers probed deep inside, pushing back to encourage the blonde's touch.

Spike watched him closely as he slid a third finger inside, for any sign of pain; slowing when he whimpered.

"Don't stop," hissed the dark-haired male, head thrown back panting. Angelus crawled closer, reaching to stroke both cocks as Xander's movements grew wilder.

Xander whined softly as the fingers were withdrawn.



Spike nuzzled at his neck as Angelus readied him with slow teasing licks. Xander froze, feeling the head nudging at his opening. Gasping, he tired to stay relaxed as Spike thrust inside.

For a moment both froze; then Xander wiggled, trying to get used to the full feeling.

"Don't, pet" hissed the vampire.

Xander nodded and wiggled again, breath hitching as that spot was hit.

"OH! Again," moaned Xander, shoving back down.


"Now, please... Now."

Spike gave in, plunging into the tight heat, driving into the willing, undulating body beneath him. Angelus moved behind the younger vampire, head dipping forward to taste the already healing flesh, devouring the blood-tinged seed.

Xander bucked mindlessly under Spike's pounding body. Spike stilled, muscles locking in pleasure. He needed...needed...

Xander tilted his head.

"Spiiiike," Xander wailed as the fangs burrowed into his throat. His release rolled over him as he came in gut wrenching shudders. The boy's blood spilling hot and alive over his tongue.

Collapsing against Xander he rode the writhing body through the last spasms of ecstasy. He drank greedily as the boy stilled. As the heart slowed he pulled back, staring into dazed brown eyes.

Arching his throat, Spike groaned as Angelus sliced it open.

"Drink, luv." he said, tugging Xander's head up. They waited anxiously for the boy to drink.

Spike sighed in pleasure and relief when the warm mouth latched on, suckling. Angelus pulled them close, embracing both as Xander drank until he collapsed.


Drusilla grinned, looking up from where she lay contentedly on Oz's chest.

"Spikey's not the baby anymore."

Oz nodded once.





(YES! That can't be it!)

[Hmm... I'm certain that's where the original ended. With the bears finding Goldilocks... er, PuppyEyes in Baby Bear's bed.]



[Ouch! Oh all right! Turning a slayer perhaps not the brightest idea.]


Several Months Later....

Xander bounded into the main room, launching himself onto the older vampire's lap.

"Daddy's being mean to me, grand-sire."

Angelus reached out, brushing the mink brown curls out of the younger vampire's face.

"What's the matter, kitten?"

Xander pouted before answering.

"He won't play taunt the slayer."

Spike sighed. He didn't remember being this much trouble when he was a fledgling.

"We have that meeting with Wilkins, Angelus."

The brunette vampire glanced from one pouting grandchilde to one 'looking severely' put upon childe.

"What's the use of being Master Vampire of the Hellmouth if you can't have any fun?"

Angelus stood pulling Xander with him.

"What say we pay a visit to our old friends after the meeting."

Xander grinned wickedly. Drusilla looked up from where she lay painting Oz's nails.

"Goody! Gonna play taunt the slayer. Taunt the slayer," said Drusilla clapping.


Buffy froze outside the library door's.

"They're back."

Faith stared, puzzled by the various reactions from the scoobies.

The arrogant redhead sobbed once before clutching Cordelia's arm tightly, while the souled vampiress began to shake. Guilt flooded the ex-watcher's eyes before they hardened.

Her sister slayer's reaction was the most confusing. Buffy seemed to almost crumble in on herself as she shoved open the doors.

Faith threw Wesley a shared look of worry before following them inside. Faith stared around the library in shock. She hadn't sensed power like this since Kakhistos.

She tensed, noting the strength and number of the vamps present. These weren't the usual garden-variety idiot minions.

Her eyes darted from where the newly made brunette vampire sat on the railing to the blonde, who was definitely a master vampire. The brunette's legs were around the blonde's waist.

She glanced from them to the other couple; there was something off about the redheaded male, but the female, who's hair he was carefully braiding, gave off master level vibes, too.

Last, but definitely not least, her eyes landed on what had to be the head of the group. He leaned against the counter insolently. His very proximity made every instinct sit up and scream.

Faith wondered what the hell three Master vampires wanted with the slayer. She had a bad feeling she was about to find out.


Xander untwined his legs from around Spike's waist, sliding to the ground.

"Hey Buff. Wills. How's tricks?"

Faith watched as her fellow slayer seemed to close herself off. Buffy stiffened as the brunette vampire sidled closer.

"Don't call me that. We are not friends," snarled the blonde slayer.

Xander pouted, stopping just behind Angelus.

"Awww, don't be that way. We could still be friends. I mean... I owe you soooo... much."

He turned to glance at the others. Giles stood by the weapons case. Not that he'd have a chance. Cordelia huddled closer to Willow beside the closed doors.

"Right, Cordy? G-man? Wouldn't be what I am today if it weren't for you guys."

Willow dropped her gaze, biting back sobs.

"Awww, now. Don't cry, Willow. Oz takes real good care of me. Too bad you never got to ride him. He's an animal."

Snickers filled the air. Faith's nerves twitched at the vampire's self-confident amusement. She couldn't understand how they had the nerve to face the slayer on her own turf with such assurance. Something was very wrong here.

"What is this shit," she barked, trying not to pale when she became the focus of their undivided attention.

Angelus straightened slowly, moving to circle the brunette woman.

"Well, well. What do we have here?"

Faith met his eyes, unconsciously licking her lips.

"I'm the new slayer."

Angelus grinned, "Prettier than the last one, no doubt 'bout that."

Xander laughed a low, silky sound as he leaned up against Angelus. Buffy stared at her former lover with barely concealed longing.

"Hope you're brighter than Slutty, slayer. Not that that's too difficult."

Drusilla giggled, pulling away from Oz. "Baby said a naughty word."

"OK, B." said Faith pulling out a stake. "Why ain't we slaying?"

Buffy looked away, unable to meet her eyes. Faith jumped startled when the redheaded man spoke, having forgotten he was there.

"Cause B, now that's appropriate, knows she'd lose." Oz said. Faith eyes widened as she stared at him.

"You're not a vamp."

He grinned, flashing a mouthful of fangs. "Nope."

Frustrated, Buffy turned a pleading gaze on Angelus, hoping to appeal to old feelings.

[Not bright... is an understatement] (aww... forget it)

"Why? Why do you keep doing this?"

"Cause it's fun," said Spike moving to stand beside Drusilla. "Besides don't you guys like our visits? You got what you wanted."

Confused Faith turned to the others. "What is he talking about?"

Xander peered around Angelus shoulder. "You mean they didn't tell ya bout me?"

He waved a finger scoldingly at the group.

"Tsk, tsk. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Alexander Harris, former scooby. It seems they don't like the new me. What's that old saying? Be careful what ya wish for - you just might get it."

Xander hopped onto the counter tugging Spike with him. "Shall I tell you what they wished for? Or can you guess? Maybe they should tell you."

Faith watched as the others dropped their heads, looking away in shame. "What?"

Drusilla suddenly began whirling in circles. "Nasty slayer said Baby was uncool. Now he's as cool as ice. Icy through and through 'cept when he burns like fire inside me."

Oz straightened from where he lounged on the table, moving to join his family. Wrapping Drusilla's arms around him, he smirked at Willow from where they stood behind Angelus.

"Got what he deserves. Didn't want to keep it, though."

Willow turned red, struggling not to scream at her ex-boyfriend. It wasn't her fault. She never thought her words would come back to haunt her.

Faith stared at the reticent werewolf. "Could someone..."

"It's simple," said Xander. "Cordelia is mine to do with as I please. My little pet. Whether I keep her or not."

Buffy bristled as Cordelia began to shake. "She's not your..."

Angelus shook his finger, shushing the blonde girl.

"Ah-ah. She's my minion and I can give her to whoever I chose. Soul or not."

Spike finally looked up from where he'd been nuzzling at his childe's throat.

"Let's not forget Rupert old boy. What was it you said? Ahh, yes. Go diddle some guy. Well he's diddling three of them. Guess you all got your wish."

Giles opened his mouth, then closed it without speaking. There was nothing he could say. He'd spoken those very words.

Angelus laughed, the sound seductive, thrilling. Faith couldn't help turning back to him. Buffy moved to stand before Angelus, eyes wide tear-filled.

"I'm begging you to stop this. Please if you ever felt anything for me. Isn't there some small part that feels something?" she begged in what she thought was a breathless hush, but sounded more like an asthmatic wheeze.

Angelus sighed, moving forward to cup Buffy's cheek. "I do, Buffy," he said softly placing a hand on her shoulder. She snuggled into the touch.

"Contempt," he hissed before shoving her away. "You're not worthy of your calling, slayer." Xander laughed maniacally as she stared up at Angelus from the floor.

"Poor, Buffy. Life's a bitch. You finally got what you wanted. You worked your little spells, and my death gave Angelus his soul back. Too bad for you they both choose to stay with me."

"But you were right," he said. "Staking Angelus would've been wrong on so many levels."

Faith moved to stand beside Wesley. She couldn't believe this was the slayer the Council wanted her to imitate. How could they have done and said those things to one of their own.

"You're supposed to be the good guys," Faith said sadly.

Tears fell from the wide-hazel eyes as the other vampires and one werewolf gathered around Xander.

They moved as one, predators secure in their place at the top, stalking to the doors.

"Hey, Buff? Do you think uniting the last surviving members of the order of Aurelius was doing something useful with my pathetic life?" Xander said over his shoulder as they walked away.

Buffy's sobs could be heard echoing through the halls. This was how it always ended. Faith moved to watch the pack leave.

Angelus paused as the others passed by him. He turned, winking at the brunette slayer before leaving.

Faith backed away quickly. She could have sworn she heard the vampire whisper. "Be seeing you."



(Nuh-uh, you didn't mention new mommy.)

[It's early, Dru. Maybe tomorrow night, Faith can tell you how I turned her.]


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