PuppyEyes and The Three Vampires


Spike's Ending

Spike cursed following the red-headed witch and the watcher. It was pointlessly irritating. They knew shit all. And their callous indifference toward Xander was infuriating him. He was ready to chuck Angelus' plan to the winds and just kill.


Angelus watched the blonde slayer leave the boy's house. The past few months had been a real eye opener. The soul's infatuation with the self-absorbed twat disgusted him.

The air-head had nothing on his Xander. Suddenly everything seemed so clear. It was time to end this game. He stalked to within a few feet of her. Before calling out.

"Slayer," hissed the master vampire.

Buffy spun, eyes widening. "Angelus," she cooed. The brunette vampire frowned at the lack of heat in her voice.

"Time to die," he hissed.

Buffy pouted as she crossed her arms in a determined pose. "Sure Angelus. Lets just do this. So you can pretend to be all big bad and then I can go back to what I was doing."

Angelus shrugged. He'd given the blonde bitch fair warning. If she was too stupid to realize it... So be it.

Buffy struck first but pulled her punches. That was her first and last mistake. Angelus moved into the half-hearted blows, catching her arm.

With a savage twist he jerked it behind her, ignoring her scream of pain as it snapped. Before she could react; Angelus darted forward fangs sinking into her neck.

Warm powerful blood coursed down his throat, the rush making him hard. Dropping the corpse as he left to find his childe. The urge to fuck him senseless burning in his blood.


Oz hurried to the vampiress' side as she howled non-stop. He reached out stroking her ridges until she calmed. "What?"

Drusilla grinned madly, yanking Oz close. "Crunch. Slurp. Ate 'er all up."

Oz didn't need to ask who seeing the unabashed glee in the vampire's eyes. He shrugged carelessly; he'd never liked her anyway.

She laughed deliriously, tugging at Oz. "Must hurry home. Gonna have such a lovely party."

Oz nodded then snickered as Drusilla yanked Cordelia's make-shift leash. Making the minion stumble. "Bad girl. No snackies for you." Cordelia mewled head hanging low as she followed them back to the mansion.


Spike had lost all patience. Not that he had very much to begin with anyway. He was gonna kill the watcher that was for certain. It was what to do with the witch that was causing problems.

The need to torture her for all eternity plus her skills...[snort]...made simply killing her out of the question. However it wasn't likely she'd keep those skills as a minion. But no way in hell was he making her his childe.

That was a privilege she'd never earn.


Giles paused just outside the magic shop's doors. Something was... off. He held out an arm stilling Willow.

The vampire was on him before he'd finished turning back. Spike pinned the watcher to the storefront.

"Willow run," yelled Giles as he struggled in the blonde's grip. Willow searched frantically through her pockets for a cross. There was no way she was leaving Giles.

With one swift twist, he had the watcher's neck bared. Willow rushed forward with the cross she'd finally found; intent on driving the demon away.

Spike backhanded the witch carelessly. Willows head bounced off the sidewalk as she landed hard; knocking her unconscious.

"You won't get away with this," cried Giles struggling against his hold. The vampire grinned.

"Oh, but I will," he smirked before ripping into the mortal's jugular. Spike held him close worrying at the torn flesh as he listened to the heart slow then stop.

Dropping the dead man, he strolled over to his new toy. He grinned brushing the strands of red hair from her face. He knew just what to do with her.


Angelus paused on Main St. the fresh scent of blood calling to him. Turning toward it he grinned as his childe exited the magic shop with the witch slung over his shoulder.

"William," he purred heading to the blonde killer.

"Sire," he murmured as Angelus caught him in a possessive kiss; making him drop the red-head. Spike pulled away eyes wide. "Slayer..."

Angleus snickered; leering at him before turning to look at the human on the ground. "Did you hear anything about Xander?"

Spike shook his head in frustration. "They know nothing," he spat. "I'm worried."

Angelus nodded. "I as well, but it's nearly dawn. We'll start again at sunset, tomorrow."

Worry for their human dampened the exhilaration of an otherwise perfect night. "Come we don't have long," said Angelus snatching up the wiccan.


Oz stopped as Drusilla slowed to a halt. He looked at her the question clear. "Daddy's near. 'ave to wait for 'im and Spikey."

Sure enough the two master vampires appeared a few minutes later. Drusilla's eyes widened childishly as she spotted the bundle Angelus was carrying.

"Little red pincushion. Gonna put out 'er candles,' she sang. Angelus growled at the werewolf who was watching his childe.

Oz dropped his gaze; knowing enough about pack dominance to realize he was beta to at least two of the master vampires.

The brunette stopped growling at the immediate show of submission from the wolf. A smile lit the handsome face. Soon his family would be whole.


No longer carrying the witch's deadweight nor inhibited by Dru's flights of fancy; the blonde vampire reached the mansion before the others.

The door was open. He was certain Angelus had closed it when they'd left. He stuck his head in cautiously. The lights were on. Drawing back he waited for the others to catch up.

"Someone's been here," said the blonde gesturing at the house. Handing his burden over to Spike, Angelus took the lead motioning for the others to follow carefully.

Seeing no one in the front room the group made their way deeper into the house. Drusilla stopped as the others walked past the fireplace.

She frowned staring at her favorite chair. It was all squished. "Somebody's been sitting in my chair," she pouted pointing at the pillows. The two male vampires turned back joining her.

"Somebody's been sitting in my chair," growled Angelus staring at the fingerprints on the gleaming wood.

"Somebody's been sitting in my chair," snarled Spike. "And they've been in my bleeding CDs."

Somewhat agitated the rather large group made their way up the stairs. Down the hall they trooped stopping in front of the first bedroom door.

"Somebody's been in my bed," barked the brunette starring at the wrinkles in his perfect sheets. He couldn't help moving to tug the sheets back in place.

[anal retentive much?] ( .... )

Taking a quick glance at his dresser just in case but all his hair products appeared undisturbed.

They proceeded onto Drusilla's room. Her nose wrinkled in irritation.

"Somebody's been in my bed," she whined noticing the scattered piles of feathers she'd so painstakingly piled by the door.

Tired of carrying Willow, Spike dumped her in Drusilla's cage.

Four vamps and a werewolf continued on.

Spike swung open the door to his room. Eyes darting around until they landed on his bed and the sleeping boy in it.

"Somebody's been in my bed," he leered stalking over to it. "And 'es still 'ere," he purred.

Xander opened sleepy brown eyes to stare up at the blonde. "Hey, Spike," he mumbled yawning.

Spike grinned down at him. " 'ello pet. Fancy meeting you 'ere." Xander blushed, dropping his eyes. "Well, you said I could visit," he muttered picking at the sheets.

"And I figured... well... I want to be with you and well...." The vampire leaned closer placing a finger over his still moving lips.

"Shh, pet. You don't have to explain. Why don't you go back to sleep and we'll talk tomorrow."

Xander nodded shyly, sinking back onto the bed. The vampire tugged off his shoes then tucked the already sleeping boy in.

He turned to find the others grinning knowingly. At least Angelus and Oz were; Drusilla's grin was all wide-eyed sweetness.

"Kitten looks so sweet, Daddy. He makes Spike all warm and fuzzy. We don't have to turn them right away. Do we?" she asked pleading; making anime eyes at her sire.

Angelus sighed then shook his head. "When they're ready," he said softly, leading everyone out of the room. Spike followed after one last look at Xander.


Ignoring the sounds coming from the bed behind them, Spike and Angelus stared at the still unconscious witch.

"What do you have planned?" asked the brunette. Spike grinned wickedly. It really was a fitting retribution. "You'll see, sire. It will be beautiful."

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