PuppyEyes and The Three Vampires


The moon rose clear and bright over the intimidating mansion on Crawford Street. With it rose the three occupants of the house. In the master bedroom, Papa bear was already awake.

Angelus lay brooding--soft growl-- Umm, not brooding... thinking. Yes, thinking. He was with his family again, yet something wasn't quite right. He just couldn't figure out what. Hence the bro-- thinking.

A little ways down the hall slept Mama bear. The dark-eyed vampiress woke slowly. Reluctant to leave the blood soaked visions of her day time dreams. She stretched languidly.

Humming softly to herself, she climbed from the canopied bed. Feeling somewhat peckish she headed for the kitchen.

In a room furthest from the others, Baby bear slept on. He was in no great rush to greet the night. You couldn't really blame him though. He'd had a rough few months.

Seeing as how his grand-sire had returned, and promptly taken over while he was stuck in a wheel chair.

He was resentful and somewhat disappointed. On one hand he craved his sire's attention, on the other he was a Master vampire with right's of his own. Still he wasn't one to dwell on what couldn't be changed.

When sleep finally decided to release him, he woke instantly. Leaping from the bed in one lean bundle of nerves.


Before long all three vampires had gathered in the kitchen. Drusilla's delicate nose wrinkled, staring at the wane young man chained to the floor.

"Don't wanna eat him, Daddy. 'Es all blah," she pouted, poking at the listless teen.

"'E is rather gone, Old man," sneered the blonde prying at his nails with the switch blade he'd pulled from his boot.

Angelus suppressed a growl, ignoring his ungrateful childer. Things were different now. They were often surly, restless. Something was missing from their little group. Angelus glanced over at Spike and Drusilla. Or maybe it was someone.

But there were plans to be made. Slayers to kill and worlds to conquer. Any number of things he should be doing. Key word being should. However, he too was restless.

"Fine don't eat him," snapped the brooding--growl-- umm, preoccupied vampire. "We'll hunt then."

Spike eyed his sire, making sure he was a safe distance away, before speaking.

"You sure you want to do that, mate. Seeing as 'ow it might upset the slayer," he said mockingly. "And we all know 'ow you 'ate to do that."

This time the older vampire does growl. He is tired of his childe's attitude, and lack of submissiveness. Drusilla might have turned William, but he'd taught, raised, and created Spike. And he would not tolerate insolence.

Drusilla glided between the two. In one swaying step aborting Angelus move towards Spike, and distracting her sire.

"Time enough to punish later. Hungry now," purred the brunette woman.

Angelus shot the blonde vampire a glare filled with the promise of a world of pain, later. Taking Drusilla's arm he turned to leave, calling over his shoulder.

"Come, boy."

Spike snarled but had no choice except to follow.


Meanwhile down in the village of Sunnyhell...

(cough) [Oh, all right]

Sunnydale, several of the villagers were gathered. Discussing what should be done about the three vampires terrorizing the town.

Watching a petite blonde pace was Rupert Giles, village wiseman. And in Sunnyhell that isn't saying a lot....

(glare) [sorry]

The young woman pacing was the slayer. Town defender. The one girl in blah, blah, blah....

And as she wasn't the brightest of individual's, she waited for others to figure out what to do. Pacing until they did.

She'd been distraught since her lover had lost his soul. Giles feverently hoped she wouldn't lose focus. [snort]

Which was a lost cause...

(glare) [sigh]

Or do something drastic to regain her love. Growing dizzy he looked away gaze landing on Willow, village wicca. Not a very good one...

(gl--) [OK]

The red-head was currently surfing the net---pause for obligatory cursing of the infernal machine---in hopes of finding a cure for the un-cursed vampire.

Dragging his eyes from the stunning figure, his gaze fell on our heroine....Oops, my bad.... our hero, PuppyEyes.

Or as the unimaginative called him Xander. Giles sighed watching him argue with his girl-friend. Denial was an ugly thing. Tired of the bickering he decided it was time to bring some sort of focus to the meeting.

"Xander. Cordelia. Stop. We have a very serious situation here. Angel has reverted to Angelus, joining forces with his childer Drusilla and Spike," he said polishing his glasses---in the obligatory glass (we got it).

"See I always thought it was the gruesome twosome. Geez those vampires always with the overkill," said Xander unwrapping a chocolate bar.

"We don't have time for your idiocy," barked the slayer, who was looking decidedly testy, as she finally quit pacing.

"Maybe Will can recurse him," she said hopefully. Turning large pleading eyes on the red-head. Who shook her head regretfully.

Willow stood moving to her best-friend's side. "Don't worry Buffy. We'll get Angel back," she said patting her gently.

"Excuse me," said Xander waving his hand. "But I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why the hell would we want him back. He's a vampire. Stake him."

The girls gasped drawing back in disbelief at the blatant insensitivity shown by his callous remarks. Yet truthful...(shh!).

The barrage of shrill voices made the young man flinch. He quickly began uttering various apologies, and soothing ruffled feathers.

He'd forgotten for a moment; he wasn't allowed to speak his mind. That his opinions, while insightful and often on point, weren't wanted. That he was ignored until...(cough). Sorry got a bit caught up....

"Listen," began Giles. "We're not going to solve this tonight. So, Buffy why don't you take everyone home then patrol."

Buffy nodded as the others gathered their things.

"Night, Giles."

"Later, G-man."

"I have asked you not to call me that." Was the...(enough).


Xander glanced up as they neared his house. He refused to think of it as home.

"Buffy why don't I help you patrol," he said quickly; not wanting to return to the drunken hell that was his life.

"What for? It's not like you're any help," she said looking at him incredulously. Buffy shrugged.

"Whatever. I could use a good laugh," she snorted walking away.

Xander tried not to cringe, plastering on the trademark shit-eating grin. Used to the constant abuse. Allowing the insults from his so called friends roll off his back. The only respite from the pit of black despair that was his home life.


Spike growled as the sounds of fighting reached his ears. Eyes darting to his sire and away. Certain the poof was going to want to taunt the slayer.

Which he thought was purely idiotic. Slayers were not to be toyed with. You either killed them or they killed you. But apparently his sire hadn't got that memo.

The blonde vampire began a slow count down as they moved deeper into the cemetery. 5...4...3...2... And sure enough Angelus was heading toward the commotion.


A half-dozen vampires had the slayer and PuppyEyes surrounded. Buffy tossed one into a crypt, grunting as another grabbed her. With a quick twist he flew over her shoulder, meeting the business end of her stake.

Xander stumbled away from the two stalking him, looking for anything he could use to his advantage. Backing up he froze in front of a headstone, stake held high.

The vampire in gameface grinned at his stupidity and charged. Xander ducked, smirking as the vampire howled in pain. It twisted futilely on the cross embedded in its chest.

Scrambling up he staked it before it could break free. It's partner roared; enraged. Xander swallowed heavily then took off.

Zigzagging through the graves with surprising agility. Hearing the footsteps closing in he rushed for the woods. Sensing the hands reaching for him, he changed tactics.

Throwing himself onto the ground. The vampire followed him down. He rolled onto his back; stake up.


Spike grinned watching the young man dust the vamps. The vampire knew he should be upset about a mere human killing his kind. But he couldn't care less.

They were idiot fledglings. Besides he couldn't be upset with the boy. Though he didn't know why.

It couldn't just be the self-deprecating grin or the long limbs. Accented by an unconscious sensual grace. Or the thick ebony lashes that brushed the very top of his cheeks.

Definitely wasn't soulful brown eyes that reminded him of a puppy that'd been kicked one too many times, but still begged for a caress. Or...(enough already).

Nope it couldn't be any of those things. But if it wasn't why was he still staring at the boy.

Despite what the blonde vampire believed Angelus hadn't headed towards the fight because of the slayer. No he craved something far better.

His eyes darted between his childe and the boy. The older vampire had smelled Spike's arousal immediately after they'd started watching the battle.

Head tilting Angelus considered the sight before him. Xander really was a thing of beauty. Those pouting lips combined with his sarcastic comments had kept Angel up many a night.

Torn between punching or kissing them. Watching him now, he was definitely opting for kissing. As was Spike it seemed.

Maybe he was, what was missing.

Seeing the boy trick the vampires, he fought the urge to clap. Unlike the slayer the boy was cunning, intelligent. He didn't... couldn't rely on brute strength to kill.

Eyes traveling over the blonde vampire's evident arousal, Angelus smirked. Nodding decisively. The boy would be theirs. Now, how to go about it.

Drusilla eyed her two men, then the kitten they both wanted. It was a pretty thing. All dark eyes and sweet heart. Yes... he'd make a wonderful baby brother.

But how to help Daddy without torturing kitten? Drusilla's mind began to whirl around that single thought.

Ignoring both of the older vampires, Spike was focused on Xander.


Out of breath and sore, Xander threw himself at the last remaining vamp as it snuck up on Buffy. Momentum kept him moving as the vampire exploded into ashes.

Unable to stop he landed hard, knocking Buffy on her ass.

"You klutz," shrieked the blonde girl, staring at the rip in her new blouse. "Could you be a bigger loser."

Xander paled; head dropping as she continued to berate him.


Spike hissed lunging forward. Ungrateful bitch he thought. Insults him after he saves her. He'd kill her himself.

Snarling down at the hand stopping him, he turned on his sire. Intending to tell him he'd better keep his bitch on a leash or he was gonna gut her.

He paused seeing the same rage reflected in Angelus' eyes.

"Not now, Wil. We'll make her pay for hurting him. But now is not the time."

Spike nodded appeased for the moment. The three vampires followed the dejected young man home.


Angelus lay head pillowed on his arm, the other curled around his childe, teasing the strands at the nape of his neck.

Plotting to bring Xander into the fold had forced the two into close quarters. Pretty soon mutual goals rekindled old emotions; wasn't long before they'd fallen back on old habits.

"Do you think it'll work," asked the blonde anxiously. Spike lifted his head to stare at his grand-sire, looking for assurance.

Angelus smirked arrogantly. "My boy. Humans are sheep. If you lead they'll follow," he answered rolling to pin the younger vampire to the bed.

"Xander's not a sheep," hissed Spike. Angelus nipped at the defiant thrust of chin.

"No. But he's young, vulnerable. You see how his friends abuse him," he said pausing to look up at him.

"If he's shown real love and affection as opposed to how his friends treat him. Which do you think he'll chose?" He asked returning to the pale length of throat.

Spike grinned tilting his head, offering his throat eagerly. "Us, Sire. He'll chose us."

Angelus nodded in approval.

"Dru's begun her part. You'll start yours tomorrow. And before you know it.... Xander will be ours," he said bending to catch his lips in a bruising kiss.

Spike moaned, feeling the hard cock nudging at his hole. Yanking him onto his knees, Angelus slammed inside.

Spike howled as Angelus plunged into him repeatedly. He bucked back, just as the brunette thrust forward.

Mewling as the older vampire hit that spot on every thrust. Wrapping his arms around the lean waist, he held Spike still as he slowed his thrust.

Sliding out at a slow nerve-wracking pace, before gliding back in just as slowly. Spike cursed, writhing trying to deepen the thrusts. Angelus laughed; teasing him for a moment longer.

"Please... fuck me... hard... yours... Sire..."

Growling; Angelus rammed into the lean body under him. Grasping the younger vampire's leaking cock. He stroked the length of flesh in time with his thrusts into Spike's writhing body.

Angelus howled as the blonde ass clenched, muscles squeezing his engorged cock. He came, his entire body snapped taunt, tugging hard on Spike's cock.

The younger vampire sobbed. Spilling his seed onto Angelus' hand, and staining the sheets.

The older vampire grunted as his cock gave one last spurt as he withdrew, his seed spilling down Spike's thighs. Purring, they collapsed onto the bed.


"Look, Xander. It was fun but you're a loser," said Cordelia leaning against her locker. "You didn't really think I'd go public with this thing. Really!"

Xander stumbled down the empty streets lost in his pain. Cordelia's voice ringing in his head. The Queen Bitch's [pause] (agreed) [smirk] rejection tearing at his heart.

But not nearly as painful as his friends indifference. More like blatant cruelty....

"Well, duh. Xander," said Buffy filing her nails. "You're uncool. How long did you think it was gonna last?" She snorted at his cluelessness.

"It's no more than you deserve," hissed Willow. "I mean... Cordelia. I knew it all along. You couldn't keep her."

Oz made as if to speak, but sundown hit and he wolfed. But his eyes spoke volumes of sympathy.

Xander fought back tears. Their attitudes were nothing new. He shouldn't let it bother him. But it did. Especially Giles. His was the worst.

"Good God, boy. You're gay," he snapped. "Go diddle some guy and quit making such a fuss."

Was he? He wondered. Was that why his parents didn't love him? Why his friends treated him like shit?

So caught up in his despair he never noticed the vampires trailing him. Not until it was too late. Now innit that just the way...(glare).


Xander didn't even struggle. Maybe it was fate. No one wanted him. No one would miss him. He'd be doing everyone a favor. He closed his eyes as he was grabbed.

Only to snap them open as he fell on his ass. Dust swirled around him as he glanced up at his savior.

He stared dazed into the crystal blue eyes, that had haunted him since he'd first been offered to the vampire.

He waited for the demon to strike. And waited... waited...

When Spike made no move to attack he cautiously began to climb to his feet. Gaze never wavering from the blonde's.

The vampire finally moved and Xander froze as he extended his hand. An eternity passed in two heartbeats, then Xander grasped it. Allowing him to help him up.

Spike eyed him carefully. "You all right, pet?"

The question surprised him so much he answered honestly without thinking. "Thanks to you. Even if it might have been better to let them have me," he said sadly.

"Awww... Now, pet. It can't be that bad," he said moving to stand beside him. Xander ignored the voice that screamed 'what in the hell are you thinking.' [yay]

Instead he poured out his heart to the blue-eyed demon. Before he knew it he'd spilled his whole life's story. Surprised to find the vampire a willing and sympathetic ear.

"Well pet. I'd love to tell you my opinion but dawn's coming," he said.

Startled Xander glanced up to see the vampire was right. Shocked that they'd not only reached his house but had spent the night talking.

He really didn't want Spike to go but was too nervous to ask him to stay.

"Night, pet." Spike grinned turning to leave. Xander paused on the porch steps, watching him walk away.

"Spike," he called hesitantly.

The vampire stopped--looking back over his shoulder.

"Maybe we could talk tonight," he said nervously.

The blonde nodded once.

"Can do, pet."


Xander pinned the vampire to the floor. His face set.

"You have to pay, " he said panting harshly. "For your numerous crimes... the sentence is death...."

Xander lunged. Spike cursed.

"By tickling," laughed Xander, hands hitting all his sensitive points. The vampire squirmed beneath the assault. Gasping for air he didn't need.

Spike finally wiggled his way out from under the heavier body. Xander backed away from the mischievous look. He yelped as he was tackled.

"What the fuck is going on up there, Alexander?" yelled his father.

They both froze. Xander in fear as Spike's eyes flashed yellow.

"You gotta go," he whispered pulling him to the window.

"Pet," hissed Spike.

"No, " Xander said firmly.

"Tomorrow?" he asked casually but unable to hide the worry in his eyes.

"Tomorrow," said the vampire climbing out the window.


"He's probably gonna kill me first," said Xander looking away from his history book. Spike rolled his eyes

It was an improvement. At least he'd quit flinching at the mention of his sire's name.

"You're the last person he'd hurt," said the vampire taking the notebook from the mortal. Xander shot him a look of disbelief.

"He wouldn't," insisted Spike.

"He hates me," said Xander, vehemently shaking his head. Spike grinned wickedly.

"He hates me," said the blonde leering at Xander. "But you'd never know from the way he fucks me."

Xander blushed, dropping his gaze. Red creeping up his face; down his neck.

"Does that go all the way down," he asked, leer growing wider.

Shrugging he buried his face back in his school work.

"Seriously... think about," he said trying again. "He's harassed the slayer, killed the witch's fish, offed the watcher's girl..."

Xander blanched. The vampire shrugged apologetically.

"Sorry. But you..." he said suggestively then dropped the subject.

"The Boxer Rebellion... now that was fun," he said looking at the book in Xander's hands.


"Why do you call Dru and Angelus sire?" asked Xander avidly watching the vampire scarf down buffalo wings. "Thought vamps couldn't eat human food. Angel didn't."

Spike laughed taking a swallow of his beer before speaking.

"Dru turned me. Angelus taught me. Can; most don't cause it doesn't feed us. Angel was a pouf," sneered the blonde vampire.

Xander laughed, thoughts of Angel/Angelus no longer unnerved him. Spike's irreverent comments making the vampire seem less intimidating.

"Thirsty?" At his nod Spike stood moving to the counter.

"Xander!" Closing his eyes he shuddered at the sound. Opening them quickly, he groaned at the approaching group of scoobies.

Cringing as Buffy appropriated Spike's chair.

"Haven't seen you lately," she said voice full of reproof. Willow nodded dragging Oz down beside her.

The guitarist sighed, nodding his head at Xander. Compassion filling the precise movements.

Nodding automatically to the girls inane chatter he scanned the crowd for his vampire. He spotted the platinum blonde shortly after Cordelia made her appearance.

He fought back a grin, seeing her arrival as his opportunity to escape. "I don't feel c-comfortable," he stuttered backing away from the table.

"Oh get over it, Xander," sneered Cordelia. "You'd better get used to."

Xander's face flushed in rage; almost biting his tongue he turned and walked away.

"Harsh," said Oz before making his way to the stage.


"Do you have to kill when you drink,' asked Xander looking over at the vampire lying stretched across the foot of his bed.

Seeing the blue-eyes darken he knows he's asked a difficult question. Had it been anyone else he'd of joked his way out of the situation or made as if he wasn't serious.

But it was Spike and he'd learned he didn't have to pretend. Always honest, sometimes brutal. The demon always answered.

Taking his curiosity for what it was. Attempts to connect with... to understand the creature he'd befriended.

When the vampire remained quiet, Xander simply returned to the original conversation. He would speak when he was ready. Unlike his friends, Spike never ignored nor insulted him.

It was in the middle of his description of Buffy's face as Angelus commented on her bedroom skills that the vampire chose to answer.

"Most vamps don't have enough control of their demons to practice that much restraint," he said quietly.

"The hunger is too great. Need to appease the burning thirst overriding everything." He sat up turning towards the mortal.

"But that's not what you asked," he said staring into Xander's eyes. "I don't have to kill. But I do... I want to... I enjoy it."

He crawled up the bed, covering the warm body. Arms settling on either side of him, the vampire caged the mortal beneath him.

"The struggle of the prey in my arms. The sweet scent of terror, despair. Sweet rush of blood coating my tongue..."

He spoke in hushed tones, mouth inches from Xander's ear.

"Sound of the heartbeat slowly fading. That last desperate gasp as life bleeds away... feeding mine," he whispered softly.

Pulling away only far enough to peer into Xander's eyes, he laughed wickedly.

"Demon, luv. Never forget," he hissed, face vamping.

Terror, lust, and affection screamed along his nerves. Lifting a trembling hand, Xander traced the vampire's ridges. Smiling as the demon leaned into his caress purring quietly.

"Never," said Xander seriously, eyes never wavering from Spike's.


Spike slid up his sire's body pausing to lick and nip at various inches of bare flesh along the way. He settled grinning on Angelus' lap.

"He's perfect, Sire." Spike moaned as Angelus stroked his leaking cock.

"He's so sweet and innocent. It's all I can do to keep from taking him in every way, when I'm near him."

Angelus leered at the wanton display his childe was putting on, writhing in his lap. Thoughts of the mortal obviously exciting him.

"Now. Now, Wil. All in good time," he said licking at the curve of his ear.

"Now that he's come to depend on you, Dru can finish her end of things."

The brunette vampiress giggled, then moaned as Angelus' fingers pushed deeper inside her. Panting for unneeded air, she rocked her hips against the large blunt fingers probing in her cunt.

She mewled softly when they were pulled out. "Does princess remember her part?"

Drusilla nodded eagerly. "Let 'em hear me an' Spikey arguing. Then mention the book, and 'ow kitten's blood can be used. I already put the dusty old book in the watcher's cage."

She wiggled closer to Angelus. "Gonna be mean to our kitten. Then he's gonna run here," she paused eyes going vague before smiling a silly sweet grin.

"Daddy can I keep the puppy," she asked crawling up Angelus side, rubbing against him as she straddled him.

Spike growled then shrugged. There were other places to play.

Angelus frowned. "Puppy?" he asked puzzled. Drusilla nodded beginning a slow grind against his hard length.

"Puppy won't let them hurt kitten. So they're gonna make puppy sleep." She moaned sliding his cock inside her slick depths.

Spike bent, darting into her rosebud, drenching it with his tongue. Sitting up he grabbed her hips, easing his member inside her.

Drusilla groaned rocking back against Spike, then dropping forward onto Angelus. Her soft moans turned to wails as the two males set a merciless pace.

Spike drove hard into her ass, reveling in the tight squeeze and the feeling of his sire's cock rubbing against his, separated by only a thin membrane.

Angelus thrust up growling in pleasure as Drusilla rode him. Loving the sight of Spike's abandon.

Angelus leaned forward; pinching the brunette's clit even as he bit deep into Spike's neck.

The younger vampires came with ear-splitting howls.

Spike keened as Angelus teeth pierced his flesh, cumming he thrust uncontrollably into Drusilla.

Pleasure shot along his nerve endings like flames as he sank his fangs into his sire's neck. He cock spilling in long jets deep inside her.

Bliss wracked her body in waves as her childe's fangs dug into her throat. Hissing she lunged forward burying hers into Angelus' shoulder.

Drusilla's entire body tensed as pleasure swamped her. Collapsing as her senses overloaded, between the two bodies.

Angelus pulled back a drop of blood cascading down his lip, as he roared his orgasm to the night. Hips jerking once.... twice... again... as he came in a flood. His cold seed spilling thickly down Drusilla's clenching thighs.

Collapsing in a satiated heap the two younger vampires curled around Angelus, purring contentedly.

"Daddy," said Drusilla half asleep.

"Yes," said Angelus kissing her gently on the forehead, doing the same to Spike before cuddling them both close and letting sleep come.


"Spike, NO!" he yelled scrambling to his feet. The vampire ignored him. Claws tightening around the pasty throat, grimacing in disgust at the stench of vomit and liquor.

Xander looked frantically from his mother to Spike, avoiding the bloody mess in the corner.

For the longest all he'd ever wanted was for them to leave him alone. But she was his mother, and despite it all he couldn't let the vampire kill her.

Moving forward determinedly, he tugged at Spike's arm trying to get him to let go. It only made him squeeze harder.

"Please don't," he pleaded as his mother's eyes bulged. Fingers scrambling uselessly as the claws dug deeper.

"Why," hissed the demon never looking away from his prey.

"Because.. I couldn't live with it. She's my mom," he said quietly.

Spike finally looked away from the woman turning blue in his grasp. Xander's eyes begged silently.

"Harm him again," he snarled vamping out. "And you'll burn."

Dropping her he turned to Xander. Whose eyes darted nervously around the room, refusing to settle on anything. Spike cursed as the color fled from the mortal's face.

Lunging forward, he swept Xander into his arms as he collapsed.

Xander woke abruptly. Fighting screams as he sat up. His eyes found Spike and the blonde moved to sit beside him.

"Is he," whispered Xander looking away from his friend.

"Yes." he said simply.

Despite one steadying breath after another, his eyes filled and a tear made its way down his cheek.

"Shh..." crooned Spike pulling him onto his lap, wrapping his arms around him.

"Not your fault. I did it," he said letting a soothing purr escape. Xander huddled into his embrace.

"I let you in," he cried.

"He hurt you," growled Spike. Tilting his head he glanced up into the demon's blue gaze.

"I'm not sad," he said voice heavy with guilt then buried his face back into the curve of Spike's neck. The vampire hugged him closer.

"Shouldn't be."


Spike dropped the cigarette, stepping on it as he made his way towards him. Xander grinned seeing the vampire waiting as usual.

"Four Bs. Two As" he shouted waving the card before the vampire's eyes.

"Don't see why yer so surprised, pet. Knew you could do it," he said leading Xander away from the school.

"Uh-huh then where's my prezzie," he asked bouncing excitedly.

"At home. C'mon then before you take flight," smirked the blonde.

"Race you," yelled Xander taking off.

"Not fair," he panted leaning against the railing. "Vampires don't need to breath."

The vampire in question merely raised an eyebrow. "Shoulda thought o' that first, luv."

Making his way up the stairs, Xander froze in the middle of doorway, eyes widening. Spike nudged him inside closing the door.

"Like it then, luv?"

Xander spun around throwing his arms around his friend. The vampire grinned returning the embrace.

" 'Ad a little 'elp."

Turning him around Spike pointed at the other end of the room. Inhaling sharply he took an involuntary step backwards. Trusting that the vampire would protect him.

Drusilla floated toward him stopping short a few feet.

"Won't hurt you kitten," she cooed. Xander glanced back at the blonde vampire who nodded encouragingly.

"Thank you, Dru." He said moving away from Spike.

Latching on to his arm, she pulled him past the unconscious body of his mother.

"She wouldn't play nice," she said noticing his worried glance.

Leading him into the dining room she gestured at the table full of presents.

"Open. Open," she cried, clapping excitedly.

Several hours later, Xander glared at the laughing vampire as Drusilla tucked him in.

"Goodnight, Kitten." She said pulling Spike behind her from the room.

"Later, pet."


"Damnit, Xan." roared Spike. Xander could only grin happily, basking in his worried fussing.

"It's not funny," snarled the vampire, running the cloth over his cuts. Blood scent not even tempting him too upset over Xander's near demise.

"Slutty better be fucking glad yer all right. And Angelus..." hissed Spike.

"Actually threw me outta harms way," said Xander still stunned by that little fact.

"I'm fine," he said catching his friend's hand. Spike paused looking down at him.

"You're just so fragile," pouted the vampire. He couldn't help laughing this time. "I'm anything but fragile, Spike."

The blue-eyed immortal frowned. "Don't you tell me, pet. Been killing you gits for over a century. You're fragile."

Xander rolled his eyes, swatting at Spike's hands. Groaning when he pulled the bandages on his side.

"Gonna let you rest now, luv." He stood.

"No stay."

"All right."


Buffy paced listlessly through the graves. Willow beside her offering a sympathetic ear as they searched for signs of her ex.

Stopping the blonde dropped onto a headstone, too depressed to continue.

"Are you sure there's nothing you can do," she whined. The red-head sighed, moving to stand beside her.

"Nothing. I--"

Her answer is cut short as the slayer rolls of the grave yanking her down behind the tombstone with her. Curious about the source of the raised voices they wait. Both stilling as the footsteps draw nearer.


Spike stalked into the clearing; nerves on edge from the nearness of the slayer. Let the games begin he thought as Drusilla grabbed him from behind.

"Your heart is sticky with him," hissed Drusilla. Spinning the younger vampire around she clutched at his arm.

The blonde vampire's lack of denial apparent in his continued silence.

"Dangerous to our Daddy," growled the vampiress. "Vile blood to free the soul."

Hearing the brunette's accusations, Buffy's eyes widened as her hands tightened on Willow's arm.

Spike yanked himself from his sire's grasp.

"For the last time... NO," he barked stepping back from her. "I won't let you hurt the boy."

Drusilla's eyes darkened at the refusal. "Can't get the frowny book wit out you."

"The eyes have it all locked up wit the puppy. Ms. Edith says," she whined.

"That's a relief," snapped the vampire. "You'd never get it from the white hats. And even if you could you'd never get a slayerette."

Silence descended as they glared at each other. Then he turned his back on her and walked away.

Drusilla let loose an eerie wail, making the girls spine crawl, before she too left.


Buffy burst into the library at full tilt dragging the witch behind.

"Giles," she screamed. "Giles!"

Her watcher came out of his office, rolling his eyes at her lack of breeding.

"Really, Buffy this is a library,' began Giles only to be interrupted by the slayer who plunged full speed into her story.

He sat quietly for several minutes after she'd finished. Then looked to Willow for confirmation. The red-head nodded, giving credence to Buffy's words.

"Apparently there is a way to give Angelus back his soul," he said carefully.

"You figure this how? That chick's not exactly the poster child for mental stability," said Cordelia.

"Point well taken," said Giles. "However the vampiress' visions are often exceedingly accurate. We just have to figure it out."

"Research session, " said the witch. "I'll call Xander."

Giles shook his head. "That might not be necessary. From what you've said, I believe I know what her vision means."

"Well," snapped Buffy. Followed quickly by Willow's 'how?', and Cordelia's 'cool'.

"From what I gather it's got something to do with Xander," he said slowly.

Buffy shook her head in disbelief. "He's hopeless. How could it be him?"

Willow nodded in agreement. "I've known him for a long time. He rarely does anything right."

Oz cocked an eyebrow at her statement. Astonishment fairly screaming from the one motion.

"What," she asked defensively. His head shook in obvious disapproval. Willow huffed in annoyance turning away to catch Giles explanation.

"Well it's not so much him as his blood that must be needed for some ritual described in the book she mentioned," he said moving to the book cage.

"But how do you know it's Xander," asked Cordelia closing her compact with a snap.

"Three things she said in particular, combined with what Spike did and did not say," he paused outside the cage.

"He said it was a him and a slayerette. Narrowing it down to Oz and Xander. Then she said the book was locked in with the puppy. Meaning Oz. Only Xander remains, " he said moving into the cage.

"Now all we have to do is discover which book her vision showed her," said Giles carrying out a stack of books. "I suggest we get to work."


Drusilla laughed wickedly. Humans were such silly things. So blind. So easy to manipulate.

[Duh!] (.....) [I know... shh!]

Laying a scent, then baiting the trap. They had naught but to wait.


Oz stared at the book he held, pretty sure it was what they were looking for. He doubted anything in it boded well for Xander. He'd always liked the goofy younger male. He deserved better than to be sacrificed for some crazed vampire's soul.

Glancing up to find the others occupied with their own searching, he made his decision. There was nothing to keep him from simply losing the book

Moving silently as was his want, he eased his bag from behind the chair. He leaned over casually and...

"What's that Oz," asked Willow peering over his shoulder. [nosy bint] Oz shrugged, still trying to hide the book. "Werewolf stuff," he said simply. Giles leaned closer, glancing at the title.

"Ahh, yes. That book has several interesting theories on lycantrophism. In fact the Grimora..." the watcher paused brow furrowing. "Grimora. Frowny book, that's it. You found it Oz."

"Yay, me." The two words were rife with undisguised sarcasm. Willow moved quickly, snatching the book from him before he could react. The werewolf growled, beneath his breath. His irritation with the group developing into full on dislike.

No one noticed as Buffy, Cordelia, and Willow crowded around the book the watcher was reading.


Angelus looked over to where his childer lay, restless. Spike carelessly twirled his blade, passing it from hand to hand in ever complicated patterns. Bored out of his mind.

Drusilla lay stretched across the hearth, pulling the hairs from Ms. Edith's head. She sang quietly, mind turned inward. The silence was driving him mad...[er].

He stood abruptly, drawing the younger vampires attention. "This does us no good," he said moving towards the door. "Come we shall prepare for Xander's arrival."

"But he'll," began Spike vehemently. "Will be fine," said Angelus opening the doors. "We must wait. Here or out there makes no difference."

Spike nodded reluctantly, tugging Drusilla to her feet. "Lets go, old man." Pulling the door shut, Angelus didn't bother to lock up. They'd be back before long anyway.

As it oft time happens, even the best laid plans go awry... Even those of centuries old vampires.


Xander turned his back as his mother tugged the nightgown on. Since his father's death she'd only gotten worse, if that was actually possible. Turning he lead the inebriated woman to her bedroom. He sighed, tucking her into bed.

She opened bleary eyes, as he turned to leave. "Should've drowned you at birth," she hissed, blood-shot eyes blazed with an unnatural hatred. "Never was no good. Never wanted you. No one wants you."

Xander paled, flinching back from the venom in her voice. He'd always known he wasn't what his parents wanted, but he'd hoped she'd loved him just a little. "Good night, mom." He said ignoring the pain that tore through his heart.

Blinking away the wetness, he turned out the light. Shutting the door behind him as he headed for the living room. Wanting nothing more than to get away, he grabbed his jacket and took off.

Once outside he paused having no idea where to go. Thoughts of Spike had him turning toward the mansion until common sense kicked in. Going there, even invited was potentially fatal.

Plus it'd only end up causing trouble, despite it all she was still his mother. And if he went there upset as he was; he knew Spike'd want to kill her.

With no where else to turn... to the scoobies it was. No matter how bad they treated him they were still his friends. Right? [snort]


"That's it," said Willow clapping excitedly. "It has to be." They were gonna give Angel back his soul.

[Without a yay or a nay] (look...)

Giles nodded in agreement. "I rather think it is," he said running through the spell again. "These are the things we'll need, Willow. A dove's egg... serpent's tongue...."

The witch listened attentively, pen moving rapidly over the paper. The werewolf's gaze shot from Willow to Giles, then Buffy and Cordelia before settling on Giles.

"You can't be serious," he said quietly. Buffly looked at him incredulously. "Don't you understand? This is the only way we can get Angel's soul back," she cried distraught. Her face twisted in what she thought was agony.

[But looked like a bad case of gas, if you ask me.] (No one did. Now shh!)

Oz returned the look with one of his own that fairly screamed disgust. "Did. You. Not. Understand," he asked slowly. "The spell calls for the life's blood of the knight's dying soul. Emphasis on the word dying, Buff."

The blonde shrugged. "At least he'll have finally done something usefull with his pathetic life."

Oz shook his head backing away. "I can't believe all of you agree with this insanity." Willow stood holding her hands out to him, beseechingly.

"It's just Xander. Isn't one life given for the greater good better than the thousands that'll occur if Angelus isn't stopped."

Oz growled in disgust. How he could have ever felt affection for the twisted creature before him he would never understand.

"No! Not if it's Xander. And if you're that worried then stake him."

Distracted by Willow, the werewolf never noticed the slayer slipping up behind him. The red-head stared down at the unconscious body of her boyfriend. "Did you..."

Buffy nodded. "This way he can't warn Xan," she said dragging him into the book cage. "Now where were we."


Xander stood frozen, outside the library doors. Before his mind could accept what he was hearing, before he could feel anything but numb disbelief he was running.

Not stopping until he was half way across town, as his knees buckled. He was on the ground, fighting the burning feeling at the corner of his eyes. He struggled to hold back the sobs as his heart was broken.

His friends... his family... they'd betrayed him. No one wanted him. He was useless... less than nothing... And what he'd fought all his life to keep from happening had finally happened. He was alone.

He staggered to his feet, moving as if the weight of the world was upon his shoulders. Turning to get his bearings the massive house in the distance caught his eye.

A slow grin made its way across his face. How could he have forgotten? The one thing... person... that had been making his life more than bearable for the last few months...

Why shouldn't he go to him? There was no reason. No friends to disapprove. No right or wrong. Just someone who loved him.


Tears having long since dried, Xander shoved open the heavy wooden doors. Striding into the mansion as if it belonged to him. Spike had invited him time and again.

But he'd never been able to work up the nerve. Now this was going to be his new home, why not get to know it.

Xander decided immediately that he liked the huge fireplace. Especially the chairs scattered around it, inviting a weary traveler to take a load off.

The throne-like chair situated directly in front of the hearth caught his attention first. It was the largest and most ornate. It had to be Angelus' thought Xander.

He trailed hesitant fingers over the gleaming chestnut arms, tracing the intricate carvings. Stones glittered at the ends of each arm, attesting to the value of antique piece of furniture.

Tired from his run, he settled onto it. Only to grunt in discomfort as the chair lacked any give, forcing him to sit stiffly. Too hard.

He stood moving to the chair to the left and slightly behind the first. This one looked like one from his father's mother's house. Except there was no plastic or slipcovers.

It smelled of jasmine and the stars. It looked beautiful and soft. Too soft.He found out as it tried to swallow him. Struggling to extract himself from it he fell to the floor in a disgruntled heap.

Hell should have expected something to try and eat me here.

Xander eyed the third chair distrustingly as he climbed to his feet. He circled it warily. Once, twice before sitting down carefully.

He groaned in delight as the chair conformed to his body. Grinning as he spotted the cd player hidden in the recliner's arm.

Pulling on the headphone's he truly relaxed for the first time in months. This was definitely Spike's chair and it was.... Just right.


Buffy practically bounced with excitement watching the witch and Giles mix the components of the spell that they had on hand. Bored Cordelia shoved away from the table.

"As fascinating as this might be. I have a date. And as you don't need me," she said heading for the door. "I'm gone."

Wrapped up in their own thoughts the others never heard her quickly stifled scream. Or the sounds of her struggles as she was carried off.


Drusilla poked idly at the unconscious brunette. She couldn't see what the kitten had found attractive about the nasty thing. Her heart was thin, and grasping.

"Daddy can we eat her?" she asked remembering how mean she was to the kitten. Angelus shook his head while he waited for the slayerette to wake. Spike sat at his feet idly dreaming up tortures for the brunette.

He couldn't decide who he hated more. Though he hated all of them with a passion that would out burn the sun, she hadn't been as cruel to his Xanpet as the other's had. But she'd been his first love... and she'd betrayed him.

Cordelia groaned, her head was killing her. She froze as her memories returned. "Please don't let it be real," she whimpered. Eyes opening slowly she shrieked in terror, unable to look away from the three vampires watching her hungrily.

Spike peered up at Angelus eager to see what his sire had planned. The older vampire stood moving toward the brown-haired beauty who'd ripped his mortal's heart apart.

"I think Xander will need a pet," he cooed softly. Drusilla began giggling hysterically as Angelus yanked the girl to her feet, game-face appearing.

Spike's amused howls echoed down the empty corridors of the high-school.


Xander sighed, reluctant to leave the comforting embrace of Spike's chair. However there was still so much left to see of his new home. Moving deeper into the house he could only stare in awe at the obvious wealth of it's occupants.

Crystal chandeliers, rich velvet drapes, and marble flooring gave the mansion a class he wasn't used to. Making him somewhat uncomfortable, wondering if they'd really want someone like him there.

Shrugging he continued exploring. If this was the one and only time he'd be here, he'd better make it good.

Throwing caution to the wind he followed the huge staircase to the second floor. Randomly opening doors as he went. Coming back down the main hall, he moved down the hall just to left of the staircase.

Swinging open the third door he saw; he found himself in Angelus' master bedroom. Couldn't belong to anyone else. Nobody else would have had such intimidating decor.

With a little more caution than he'd previously been displaying, he began to search the room.

A huge bed dominated the room, looking as if at least half a dozen could sleep comfortably on it. The inky black satin sheets made his fingers itch to touch it. Just to see if they were as cool, and soft as they looked.

He couldn't help perching on the edge just for a moment. He ignored the urge to climb in, not wanting to mess up the perfection of the bed.

Moving away, he bit back a giggle when his eyes landed on the virtual cornucopia of hair care products on Angelus' dresser.

Spike had told him even if he wasn't the poof he still took his hair very seriously. [uh duh... the amount of gel alone...]

Pulling open the closet doors, he gasped. Unable to suppress the shudder that ran down his spine. He couldn't tell if it was from fear or lust as he stared at the extensive collection of whips, chains, and other toys hung lovingly in their cases.

Closing the door carefully, he made his way out of the room with one last longing look at the bed.

The room right next to Angelus was Drusilla's. His perusal of the vampiress' room was... short.

While the beautifully made-up bed with it's huge canopy called to his tired body.... Decapitated dolls, rotting corpses of songbirds, and the cage against the far wall made him... uncomfortable. Too say the least.

He shut the door backing away quickly. Turning to head back downstairs, a faint glimmer caught his eye.

Turning he headed into the darker recesses of the hall. There... hidden away in the corner was another bedroom.

A grin lit his face as he glanced around the room. It had to be Spike's. Un-made bed with red silk sheets pooled at the bottom. Walls covered with 'Sex Pistol's posters, maps of London's underground.

And Spike's secret obsession, almost covered by all the other posters. A cover from TV guide's issue on Passions.

Unlike Angelus' pristine room, Spike's clothes lay in heaps and piles across the floor. A still damp towel was slung over a leather chair. CD cases spilled haphazardly over the dresser.

But he still had a few 'what the hell' moments, as he pawed through Spike's things. The studded collar and leash unsettled him, until the image of the blonde curled at his feet wearing nothing but the collar took over his brain.

Momentarily.... of course.

The chains he found under the bed gave him the same pleasurable thrill, the sight of Angelus' chains had. Certain parts went hard and tight as he imagined being tied down to the vampire's bed.

He groaned willing the sexually frustrating thoughts to stop tormenting him. Especially since he had no idea when his blonde friend would be returning home. Dropping the chains, he stood using the bed to push himself up.

The minute his fingers made contact with the sinfully silky sheets he moaned in pleasure. Unable to resist he climbed onto the big bed, almost purring at the feel of the silk against his body. He was only going to lie down for a moment.

Then he'd get up and finish looking around.


Cordelia growled. Hungry. She was so hungry. Her eyes flew open as she felt movement behind her. She whirled to face it, dropping her eyes as she met the gaze of her master.

Angelus stalked forward; snatching her up by the throat. "Are you hungry, Bitch," he snarled.

She nodded mewling in submission. "Answer me quickly and I may let you eat." He said dropping her on her ass. She nodded eagerly.

"How far along are they with the spell?" Cordelia's brow furrowed as she tried to delve into her human memories.

"Giles knows what it means. Him and Will are going to the Magic Box to get supplies. The slayer's going to find Xander."

Angelus frowned disturbed by this bit of news. "Why does she need to find him?" Cordelia cowered at his feet. "Tried to find him at home but he's disappeared."

Angelus bit back a roar of frustration; backhanding the minion. "Spike," he bellowed as he locked the fledging in the storeroom.

Looking away from his dancing princess, Spike immediately tensed at the look of barely contained fury on Angelus' face. "What?"

"Change of plans," he barked. "Slayer's hunting Xan; who's disappeared." Spike hissed worry lining his features.

"I want you to find the witch and watcher. I'll find slutty. Dru..."

The brunette vampiress stopped twirling, slipping into game-face. "Gonna get puppy," she pouted.

Angelus sighed. "Fine. Spike let's go."

Both master vampires took off into the night, intent upon finding their lost kitten.


Drusilla hummed softly as she drifted down the hall towards the library. Her puppy was waking up. She hurried her steps, shoving the doors wide as she glided into the room.

Oz shook his head still groggy as he tried to figure out how he was going to get out of the cage. Noise from the front of the room drew his attention. He froze in shock, staring at the vampiress who stood swaying by the counter.

"ello puppy. Mummy's come to rescue you," she said moving towards him.

"Drusilla?" A world of confusion and worry filled the simple statement.

"Daddy and Spikey will have the kitten. But he said I could have a puppy all for my own," she explained fingers clasping the cage door. Oz backed away watching in awe as she ripped the door off its hinges.

Drusilla moved closer, tentatively reaching out to stroke his cheek. "Mummy won't hurt you. Unless you want," she purred, snapping sharp teeth at him.

Oz couldn't help grinning. Something about her called to the beast inside him.

"C'mon puppy we gotta get Xan's pet," she said tugging at his arm. Surprise made itself known as he lifted an eyebrow.


Drusilla nodded chatting animatedly as she pulled the werewolf with her. "Un-huh. Daddy's gonna make us one big family. A Xander kitty, an Oz puppy, and we'll all live happily ever after."

She paused frowning slightly before grinning again. "Soon as he gets rid of that nasty slayer."

Oz said nothing. Thinking what weren't obviously deep thoughts at least from the blank expression on his face. But they were. If you could have heard them they'd have gone something like this...

Slayer and slayerettes are the good guys. Angelus and the vampires the bad guys. Buffy was willing to kill an innocent young man for aforementioned evil demon. Anger flared underling his thoughts. Angelus wanted him safe and loved.

Amused disbelief made the corners of his mouth twitch allowing him to finally bank his anger. There really was no choice.

"Pet?" he asked as Drusilla yanked open the door they'd stopped in front of. Oz smirked upon seeing who was inside.


She always was a bitch. It was time someone treated her like it.


Spike caught up with his sire just outside of the high school.


Oi, that ain't what happened?

Whose telling this story? Fine, my version and yours. Sheesh, childe.

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