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Lovable Losers


3 Rude Charming Boyfriend

Shit. Shit. Shit. Xander banged his head on the bar in anger. He was no longer pizza delivery boy. The fag had to be fired. Why must his boss be such a homophobic jerk? Now how was Xander supposed to pay this month's rent? His eyes wandered around the dirty, sticky bar. So many scary, filthy looking men around. Now that he was gay, maybe he could get money by sucking… whoa, where did that come from? He banged his head again. Disturbing thoughts, skip hence. There would be no thoughts about sucking dicks in this smutty brain. He'd had one gay sex - very awkward and bad yet enjoyable to his shame – one lousy lay didn't mean he had to whore himself to every walking dick.

Though he could have sex again, see if second times were better than firsts as a lot of people said. Why did he kick Spike out again? Head bang.

"Would you just quit it, asshole? Some of us wanna enjoy a good beer."

Xander blinked. Familiar voice. He looked to his right and his eyes popped out. "Dana?" he gasped.

Dana looked at him with a frown. "Do I know you?"

"We bumped into each other at the supermarket today."

Dana's frown intensified and he looked thoughtful, like he was searching for Xander's face in the deepest place in his brain, but apparently with no success.

"You know, when the beer fell on top of my head?" Xander pressed.

"Ahh, the clumsy idiot." Dana grinned widely.

Xander raised his glass with a dopey smile. "That's the one."

Dana patted his back. "How ya doing?"

"Fired. You?"


Xander nodded. "Well, I had to break it off with my girlfriend yesterday."


"'Cause…" Xander thought it over. This guy was massively large and had a bad temper. He was also recently dumped. Maybe Xander's reasons to break it off with Anya would send him over the edge as well. Anya wanted to wish vengeance on him, maybe Dana was D'Hoffryn's little gift to Anya for old times' sake.

"Justin thought I was too aggressive in bed," Dana shared without hearing Xander's reasons for dumping Anya.

"Justin?" Xander gasped. "You mean you're…"

"Got any problem with that?" Dana looked very threatening it almost made Xander laugh.

"No, of course not!" he exclaimed. "I broke up with Anya 'cause I'm gay."

Eyes turned to stare at him after his outburst. Xander sank in his chair in embarrassment, wanting to cover his face with his hand. Suddenly, Dana stood up and looked down all staring eyes. Everybody who feared for themselves, which was everybody, looked away.

Xander blinked. "Wow," he whispered.

Dana sat down. "Glad I didn't have to talk," he muttered.

Yeah, that was a plus, Xander thought.

Dana played with his glass, watching the beer dance slowly. "So, you just came out?"

"Two nights ago."


"What about you?"

"Known my entire life. My parents started fixing me up with guys since I was thirteen."

"Cool." If Xander's parents knew about him, hell would definitely freeze.

They sat in silence for a while. Xander wasn't sure if he should make conversation or just keep quiet. With a big guy like Dana, he ought to be careful. He was experienced when it came to bullies and Dana struck him as one. One gorgeous, big-built, charming bully.

"So…" Dana stopped with a small smile. "Uh, your name is?"

Xander gave a lopsided smile, all that time knowing Dana's name and he didn't get to introduce himself. "Xander."

"First time I heard a name like that."

"Short for Alexander."

"Ah, wouldn't Alex be more normal?"

"I don't know, Dana." Xander snapped his mouth shut the second he said it. Insulting big guys, Xander, thought you were experienced with bullies.

To his relief, Dana exploded laughing. "Yeah. That kept haunting me for years." He stared at him with a twinkle in his eyes. "I like you."

"I'm glad you do."

"Wanna come to my apartment?"

Xander frowned. Was the guy hitting on him? Was that an invitation to have sex? Well, the last thing Xander wanted was going back to his basement and trying to explain to his dad why the rent would be late this month. Whatever awaited him at Dana's apartment wouldn't be worse than that.


No, it definitely wasn't worse.

"Oh, sweet Moses." Xander exhaled, lying back on Dana's bed, looking up at ceiling. He'd just had another round of sex with someone who was bigger than himself. With someone who didn't have a cold penis. With someone who was not Spike, but shared his relentless rudeness.

Xander felt Dana's big hand brushing his hair tenderly, an action that went completely against his discourteous personality. Xander almost believed he was imagining the tender gesture. "You have a nice dick," Dana whispered in his ear.

Okay, that he could imagine. "Really? Milton Berle nice? "

"Milton Berle doesn't have a nice dick."

Xander looked at Dana with a smile. "How'd you know?"

"Question is: who thinks that he does?"



Xander grinned bashfully. "Been watching a lot of Friends lately."

Dana grimaced, his hand leaving Xander's hair. Xander stopped himself from pouting at the loss, knowing full well that he'd be mocked for it. "Oh, man, I hate sitcoms. Especially those with the lousy laugh track."

"I'll watch a show about a fat husband and a thin wife over another soap opera." He'd watch anything over something Spike liked.

"But soaps are the real comedy. Cheesy music, overdone acting and the hair pulling. Genuine comedy."

"Genuine boredom," Xander muttered. How was it possible that every man he knew liked soaps? But what really annoyed him was Dana and Spike having yet another thing in common. No, Dana was bigger, better built and more pleasant to be with; plus not having a past record for murder. He was nothing like Spike. Xander would be damned if he'd ever sleep with anyone like Spike.

The thought of Spike made him feel scratchy. He tossed and turned until he found a comfortable position and willed sleep to creep into him, thinking pleasant thoughts that had nothing to do with blood-sucking fiends.

"So… your ex, was his dick big?"

So much for not thinking about Spike. "What now?"

"I can tell it isn't your first time. Was his big?"

Xander looked at Dana over his shoulder, making sure his face reflected his feelings of disbelief and befuddlement. "I'm not having this conversation."

"Why not?" Dana looked completely confused.

Was this guy dumb or what? Who'd ask these questions? Xander stared at his perplexed expression and knew he was serious. Suddenly, Xander remembered Anya. "Yes, it was," he said with an annoyed sigh. "It almost sliced me in half."

"I can do that for you!" Dana offered with so much enthusiasm.

Xander gave him a lopsided smile. "Thanks, but you already did."

Dana grinned smugly. And now Xander remembered Spike's happy smile when Xander told him that his ass was still throbbing. Feeding the male ego made men look superficial and unintelligent, and Xander spent too much time with girls to realize that. He was one of the girls, which was probably why Spike didn't want him to top and didn't respect him enough –which was sexist and wrong, and why the hell was he thinking about Spike again?

"You didn't say what you thought of mine?"

Xander rubbed his forehead tiredly. Better complement the guy's machoness or else Xander would be thrown out of the apartment in his underwear. Again. "It was lovely… and very aggressive."

"Been called Titanic."

Xander chuckled in amusement.

"Cheesy but true."

"It's cheesy all right." Xander couldn't keep his eyes open any longer. He relaxed into the mattress and felt himself drifting into sleep.

"Wanna snuggle?"

Xander blinked, he looked back at Dana. "Okay."

Xander drew back and Dana enveloped him and closed his arms tightly around him. Too tight. "Uh… Dana, breathing issues."

"Oh, sorry," Dana loosened his hold, and buried his nose in Xander's hair.

Xander closed his eyes. "This is nice."


Okay, drinking coffee with a guy at the Espresso Pump where they were out in public and everybody could see them? Huge step, considering that said guy was the guy Xander had slept with yesterday. But people didn't know that, which was why they weren't looking at them, because two guys drinking coffee didn't necessarily mean they were gay. Yet Xander still kept a cautious eye, glancing around at everybody from time to time. He'd never really went coffee drinking with a guy before. Now he was on a date with one. A guy who chatted away non-stop, asking all kinds of questions, getting to know Xander: this was probably his best first date ever.

"Maybe I can help you get a job," Dana said, taking a sip from his coffee.

Xander stopped playing with his coffee cup, taken aback by Dana's offer. "Really?"

"I work at a restaurant across the street. I'm the pastry chef," Dana said. "Today is my day off, but I can still swing by and introduce you to the boss."

Xander had an uncomfortable smile on his lips. "I can't cook to save my life."

"You can be a waiter. They need a couple of waiters for the night shift." Dana drank the last drop from his cup. "Lowie, the head waiter, is a close friend of mine. He's gonna like you."

"You mean you can get me hired?"

"Well, that depends on you." He gave Xander a very charming smile, and Xander couldn't help but melt on the inside. The guy got the Tom Cruise crinkled-eyes smile, and it looked much better on him.

"I'll get us more coffee." Dana winked and walked to the counter. Xander felt his cheeks flush and his heart beating fast. He fought the urge to drop his head on the table and sigh dreamily. This guy… he was different. Yes, he was rude and sexy like the rest of Xander's exes, but… there was something more. Something Xander couldn't put a finger on.

Dana came back with a pot and poured more coffee into Xander's cup, tossing a pack of clean tissues his way. That was it. Dana took care of him. He made sure Xander got the hot coffee and fresh clean tissues. He was going to get him a job. Dana gave, expecting nothing in return.

Xander stared at his coffee cup, watching the swirls of steam rise and dissipate. "How about your ex?"

Dana sat in his chair and poured himself coffee. "What?"

"You asked about my ex's dick. How about yours?"

"Who? Carter, Nomad or Justin?"

Xander blinked. "All?"

"Long and small, short and big, short and small."

"Wow, you've tried them all."

"No, I don't try, they try."

Xander frowned. "You've never been bottom?"


Xander stared at Dana drinking his coffee silently, his thoughts drifting out again. The similarities between Dana and Spike were killing him. He couldn't just date the same people over and over. Whatever happened to Dana being different? "Maybe I wanna be on top sometime," he said with poise.

Dana chuckled. "We'll see."

Xander shook his head, his gaze hard and confident. "No, it's gonna happen."

Dana looked back at him and smiled. He tucked at Xander's nose, and excused himself to the bathrooms.

Xander blinked. "What the hell?"


I'm going to kill Dana! This was one of the fanciest restaurants in Sunnydale, in a modern Italian sense, and Xander stood no chance of getting the job.

They'd arrived early in the morning before the restaurant opened for breakfast, so that Xander could be interviewed without interruptions. According to Dana, the headwaiter was very devoted to his job and could never be contacted during work hours. He'd be too busy keeping a close eye on the waiters, instructing them and repeating the rules whenever it was needed. Dana called that devotion, Xander called it super strict.

Standing in the empty restaurant, Xander was creeped out by the elegant décor, the shiny merchandise and the white linen tablecloths and napkins. He particularly didn't like the way the head waiter's critical eyes examined him. Xander had made sure he dressed presentably for the interview, so he'd washed the polo shirt and slacks that were soaked with beer from his last trip to the supermarket.

The headwaiter, what was his name? Lowie. He crinkled his nose and twisted his lips, not liking what he saw. "I don't know."

"You don't know what?" Dana asked somewhat aggressively. Xander felt a smile tug on his lips, liking how Dana took issue with Lowie's unsatisfied stare. Like how dare he even suggest that Xander wasn't good enough. Xander felt his spirits rising up.

Lowie crossed his chest with an arm while the fingers of his other one held his chin. "He doesn't look like a waiter."

"He looks better than you." Xander's eyes widened in shock. Lowie cast Dana a dirty look. "Well, for one thing, he's more built."

"Exactly." Lowie snapped his fingers together. "I like my waiters like chopsticks dancing around tables and passing people with their trays held up high and glued to their hands." Lowie looked up at the invisible distance envisioning the whole thing.

Dana shared a look with Xander. "We're not in a musical, Lowie. Besides, a bunch of lookalikes would be boring."

Lowie shook a finger in Dana's face. "Disagree. And being in this biz for over nine years now, I'm well aware that it's an impossible dream." He glanced at Xander with a sigh. "Oh, all right." He folded his arms across his chest and asked, "What do you know about waiting?"

Xander bit his lower lip uncertainly. "You mean there's more to bringing the right dish to the right table?"

Lowie didn't look impressed.

"Uh, take orders, get orders, and then take the bill?"

Lowie heaved a long-suffering sigh. "Have you had previous experience in similar establishments?"

"Uh, I worked as a bartender once."

Lowie's eyes went so wide they'd pop, and they almost shot fire. "Bartender?" he barked, making Xander jump. He spun around to look at Dana. "Bartender, Dana, bartender!"

"Calm down, Lo." Dana patted the man's back and instructed him to inhale and exhale. He looked at Xander over Lowie's head. "Do you have hands?"

Xander raised his eyebrows. "You of all people know I do."

Dana smirked for a split second before looking at Lowie. "I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be hired."

Lowie looked between them before realization hit him. "Oh. I see." He jerked out of Dana's grip, fixing his tie. "I am not going to sabotage the repetition of this restaurant hiring your incompetent boyfriend."

"You don't know he's incompetent. Try him first."

"Not on a real customer that's for sure." Lowie walked to one of the empty tables and sat on a chair. "I'll pretend to be a customer and he'll wait on me."

Xander swallowed and nodded.

Lowie put his elbow on the table, rested his chin on his palm, and gazed ahead. His other hand was on the table and his fingers started drumming in boredom. Impatient, Lowie made a gesture for Xander to do something.

Xander jumped to task and grabbed an empty plate from another table, placing it before Lowie. He stood waiting for instructions until Lowie lifted a critical eyebrow, ordering him with his eyes to take a hike.

When Xander was about to leave, he winced when Lowie called, "Waiter!"

Xander turned around, blinking at Lowie's glare and his skinny finger pointing at the plate. "This is not the food I ordered."

Xander glanced at Dana with a tinge of uncertainty, and Dana smiled encouragingly. Xander reached for the plate and took it. "Oh, I'm really sorry for that, sir. I'll be right back with your order."

He walked to Dana with the plate, but Dana gestured with his hand for him to put the plate down again. Xander went back and placed the plate in front of Lowie again.

Lowie's nose crinkled. "I asked for a medium rare steak. This piece of meat is burnt black."

Xander masked his annoyance with a forced smile. "I'll get it fixed right away, sir." When he reached for the plate, Lowie slapped his hand, standing up.

Lifting his chin up, Lowie looked him in the eye. "Always arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled shift. Smile like your life depends on it. Take drink orders clockwise starting at your left. Don't overly badger the customers. When the main course is served, always ask "May I get you anything else?" He grimaced at Xander's blinking face. "And there's more where that came from."

Lowie brushed against Xander's shoulder as he made his way to the back room. "I expect you here tomorrow at eight and make sure you wear a tie."

When Lowie disappeared out of sight, Xander looked at Dana with furrowed eyebrows. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I really get the job?"

Dana winked. "Knew you would."

Xander stared at Dana in disbelief for a moment before a smile crept to his lips. "I got the job."

Dana approached him and planted his lips on his, slipping his tongue inside. Xander melted into the kiss completely taken over, his gaze went unfocused and his eyelids fluttered slightly before closing shut. The restaurant began to spin and stars erupted all over his body. God, this was the softest, gentlest poofy kiss he'd ever had. It was perfect.

Xander reluctantly pushed Dana back and looked into his gray eyes, thrilled to see passion and hunger in there.

A shaky smile played on Xander's lips. "You know, maybe I want you to meet my friends."


The air at Giles' apartment was too intense, infused with a sense of uneasy anticipation. Everybody was on edge, Xander too, but not as much as his friends. They appeared more nervous to meet Dana than Xander was. Willow's hands were actually shaking.

Xander gazed up at Dana with a smile. He looked really good tonight. His hair was combed back neatly, his gray shirt was plastered to his chest, every muscle clearly defined, and his tight jeans showed off his muscular legs to perfection. Xander's breath was caught in his throat.

Noting his friends' teasing looks, Xander cleared his throat. "Guys, this is Dana Turner. He's a chef at the only fancy Italian restaurant in Sunnydale."

Buffy's eyes widened, looking at Dana with awe. "Avanti Ristorante?"

Xander glanced at Dana, who nodded, and then returned his gaze to Buffy. "That's the one." He pulled Dana toward his friends, mainly to feel the muscles in his arms, and they stopped in front of Willow.

"Dana, this is Willow, my oldest friend."

Willow's hand was still shaking when she shook Dana's. "H-hey, Xander told us so much a-about you."

Dana raised an eyebrow. "When did that happen?"

Willow bit her lip. "Uh, just now. But the info was like a lot. So much." She grinned apprehensively.

Xander rolled his eyes, pulling Dana –with a little squeeze for pleasure- toward Buffy. "Dana, this is Buffy."

"Hey," Buffy said, holding up her hand for Dana.

A smirk rose up to Dana's lips as he shook Buffy's hand. "Strong grip."

Xander frowned when he noticed Buffy and Dana shaking each other's hands so hard that limbs were going to fly off. Xander eyed Dana with worry; the expression on his face gave the impression that his arm was going to pop out of its socket.

"Uh, Buffy…"

Buffy let go of Dana's hand at once and flashed a sweet smile at him.

Dana held his hand, shooting incredulous stares at Buffy's petite body. Knowing how much looking macho mattered to Dana, Xander wasn't surprised when the man held up his chin with dignity. "It isn't manly to crack a woman's bones with a handshake."

"I'll beat you at arm wrestling in a wink," Buffy said confidently.

"That's enough, Buff." Xander dragged Dana to Giles before the vain in his forehead started sticking out. "And this is Giles."

Giles extended a hand, but Dana didn't shake it. He just stared at it with a funny expression. "You hang out with an old dude."

Giles withdrew his hand and scratched his temple. "And I'm pleased to meet you."

Xander glared at his impossible boyfriend. "Dana, Giles used to be the librarian in my high school."

"Ah." A look of disgust clouded Dana's face. "Urgh."

Giles looked offended. "Hey."

Buffy pointed a finger in anger. "Whatever you're thinking, pal, is not true."

"Dana," Xander said, shocked.

Dana turned his disgusted look to Xander. "Was he your first?"


Buffy looked sick. "I think I vomited in my mouth."

Dana glared at Giles. "You know this is illegal, right?"

The expression on Giles' face was utter repulsion. "I have never…"

"Then explain your relationship with these teenagers," Dana cut him off crossly.

"Enough!" Xander screamed on the top of his lungs. He grabbed Dana's shoulders and turned him around to face him. "God, Dana, Giles is our mentor." He glared right into Dana's blinking eyes. "There's… there's more to it than that, but I'm not ready to tell you yet."

Dana nodded his head at Buffy. "Does it explain why Tiny Blondy has a fist of a gorilla?"

Xander felt a strong hand pulling him away from Dana. He met Buffy's furious green eyes. "Xander, can we talk?" She dragged Xander behind her to the kitchen area.

Buffy planted her hands on her hips, her eyebrows meeting in anger. "Xander, are you sure that's Mr. Right?"

Xander's face flushed, recalling how he'd described Dana to his friends on the phone. He held up his hands defensively. "Look, he's a little rude…"

Buffy's eyes almost bugged out. "A little?"

"But… once you get to know him, you're gonna like him. I swear."

Buffy shook her head. "I don't see it."

"C'mon, Buff. Give him a chance."

Now Buffy crossed her arms against her chest, tapped her foot on the floor, and looked at him with a look he really didn't like. "Like you gave Angel a chance?"

Xander narrowed his eyes. "That's low." Buffy shrugged. "Besides, I've learned my lesson. I'm totally cool with you and that Riley Benn dude."

"Finn," Buffy corrected.

"Whatever." Xander placed his hands on her shoulders and begged her with his eyes. "Please, you're more mature than me. You know it."

Buffy looked like she wanted to torture him some more but ended up rolling her eyes. "All right." Then she poked his nose with a pointed finger. "But I won't tolerate making fun of my height." She withdrew her finger and pouted. "I'm taller than Jonathan."

Suddenly, Willow walked past them to the bathroom, hands covering her eyes. Buffy followed her in an instant, and Xander held back a groan. He knew Dana was behind it.

Willow smacked the bathroom's door behind her making both Xander and Buffy jump. Buffy started knocking on the door in an instant. "Uh, Will, what's wrong?"

The door snapped open suddenly revealing a red faced Willow with watery eyes. "He said I speak in a grating, breathy way."

Buffy and Xander shared an uncomfortable look.

"I don't, right?" Willow's insecure voice was so painful to hear.

"You don't, of course," Xander and Buffy chimed in union. A little too fast and unconvincing.

Willow's eyes went so wide they nearly fell out of her head. "Oh my God, I do!"

"It's not really bad," Buffy said. "It's… childlike."

"Completely adorable," Xander added. They both nodded reassuringly.

Willow looked between them, looking worse than she used to, and then smacked the bathroom door shut again.

Buffy glared at Xander, and all he could do was smile weakly.


The night was chilly as were most of the nights in Sunnydale, not cold chilly, but more out of caution and fear. There had always been something about Sunnydale at night; it was a too dark even with the moon illuminating the streets in a cloudless sky. There always seemed to be something moving in the bushes and weird quiet sounds going on around, an invisible hand reaching out of nowhere and landing on an unaware person's shoulder.

A hand rested on Xander's shoulder.

Xander jumped with a yelp.

A charming smile played on Dana's moonlit face. "You're intense."

Xander shivered slightly, looking at Dana's black leather jacket that made him look dangerous, and sexier than ever. "Nothing, just… don't like being out this late. Don't you hear stories?"

"The town of death, I know." Dana shrugged. "Makes it somewhat exciting, doesn't it?"

"Not really," Xander mumbled.

Dana smiled, patting him on the back. They started walking again to Dana's apartment. Xander hadn't slept in the basement for the last couple of days, and he wasn't sure he wanted to sleep there any time soon. He actually dreaded the day Dana would ask about where he lived. Or worse, wanted to go there. He'd been cool about a lot of Xander's embarrassing traits, but would he be cool about his loser boyfriend still living with his parents?

"I don't think your friends like me," Dana said, bringing Xander back from his thoughts.

"Of course, they do."

Dana gave him a look.

"Okay they will. Let's face it; you're not exactly Mr. Manners. But once they get to know you, they'll like you." Xander flashed a reassuring smile at Dana, even though he needed reassuring himself. His friends hadn't really accepted Anya before due to her tactless behavior – and obviously the last thousand years of slaughtering men – so, it was no wonder they couldn't warm up to Dana.

At least he wasn't dating Spike. Now that wasn't a boyfriend one could bring to meet the family.

Long leather coat with a white head and a cloud of smoke slipped out of the shadows striding toward them.

"Shit," Xander cursed under his breath and stopped walking at once.

Dana stopped next to him, confused. "What?"

"Well, well, look what we have here." Spike dropped the cigarette to the ground and stepped on it. He tucked his tongue behind his teeth and smirked at Xander.

Dana's eyebrow raised a fraction. "Who's this peroxided pest?"

Irritation clouded Spike's face. "Watch it, twit. You don't wanna get on my bad side."

A blank expression appeared on Dana's face. "Don't tell me this skeletal pastel was your ex?"

"Ex?" Spike scoffed. "Not even close. That ass-monkey is below my standards."

"Who are you calling ass-monkey?" Dana barked, taking an angry step forwards. He had to bend down a little to be at Spike's eye level. "If you badmouth him again, I'll break every bone in that skinny body of yours."

Xander stared at Dana in shock. The last time anyone felt offended on his behalf was when Cordelia declared that she was going to date him no matter how lame he was. But this time he felt his heart leaping out of his chest and bursting with unsettling feelings of utter happiness. He stuffed his tingling fingers in his pockets and ducked his head so that no one would catch the big stupid grin on his face.

Spike had to stand on his toes to smack his nose to Dana's, a worrying smirk curled up his lips as he whispered, "I was the first to take his cherry, and let me tell you, it wasn't sweet."

Dana didn't wait a second before he started pummeling Spike to death. Xander tried to get Dana off Spike and not get beaten by accident. "Dana, Dana, stop."

Dana whipped his head toward him. "Did you hear what he said about you?"

"No, 'cause the best way to handle Spike is to ignore him. Do that and he'll go away." Xander felt relieved when Dana withdrew away from Spike. "He's not worth it, pal."

Spike scoffed from his place on the ground. "Not worth it, eh?" He got to his feet, dusting his coat. "Didn't look like it when you begged me to bugger you silly that night."

Dana was about to kick the crap out of Spike again, when Xander pulled him away. "C'mon, Dana, let's go."

Dana reluctantly obeyed and they started walking away, hearing Spike shouting insults after them.

Xander tried to block the words, focusing on getting away from Spike as fast as possible before Dana lost it again. He hated to admit it, but Spike's words stung, not that Xander expected anything else. What was a lousy shag to Spike was Xander's best sexual experience, before Dana of course. He shouldn't care what Spike thought, not with Dana around. Dana cared about him, protected him, defended him, and thought Xander was exceptional in bed.

He didn't know when Spike's opinion started to matter. It didn't. It shouldn't.

Xander had Dana. Handsome, strong, tall, and human. Who the hell was Spike when there was a guy like Dana who thought that Xander was a good catch?

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