Series: BTVS
Pairing: X/S, Preslash
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None, AU
Summary: Xander doesn't want to break tradition.

New Year's Eve


Xander looked around the room, frantically searching for salvation.  

In a bar this full of people, you'd think I could find someone to kiss, he thought hysterically.

A flash of blond hair went by and Xander grabbed Buffy by the arm.  "Buffy, my favorite Slayer, need someone to lock lips with at midnight?"

She rolled her eyes at him, "Sorry Xander, Riley already claimed that privilege.  Catch you later."  Buffy moved off in search of said boyfriend, and Xander returned to his hopeless search.  

A flash of red and again a surge of hope, "Willow! You need someone to kiss don't you?"  

The redhead giggled at his desperate expression, "Sorry Xand, Tara and I made up last week, we kinda wanna kiss each other, start the year off right, you know?"  

Xander made one last desperate suggestion, "Maybe you both need someone to kiss?"

She laughed, "Don't be silly.  You'll find someone, you've got five whole minutes."

With a kiss on the cheek, Willow moved off in search of Tara, hands full of champagne.  Xander made one last circuit of the room and drank two glasses of champagne in succession, before making probably his most stupid move of the night so far, "Dawn!  Dawnie, you love me right?  You've always wanted to kiss the Xan-man. How's about it?"  

Dawn rolled her eyes in a good imitation of her sister and thwapped him good-naturedly upside his head.  "Xander!  Eww!  Maybe I liked you when I was like, fourteen, but now it would be like kissing my brother.  Besides, I'm here with a date, so I've got someone to kiss."

"You're here with a date?  How old are you?"

She laughed and hit him again, "Seventeen, silly!  Now go find someone else to kiss, I'm busy."

Sighing, but secretly glad that the teen hadn't taken him up on his offer, Xander slunk into a corner and watched the rest of the party goers at the Bronze gather around the dance floor as the band announced the two minute mark.  Eyes on the large TV screen projecting images of New York City, Xander didn't notice whom he was standing next to until he was addressed.  "Harris, fancy meeting you here."

Stifling his startled yelp, Xander turned to the bleached blonde Vampire leaning on the wall next to him, "Hey Spike."

"Why the long face?  Nobody want to kiss a pathetic whelp like you?"

"Yes!  And that's exactly the problem.  If I don't kiss anyone, the next year will be horrible and I'll be alone and it will be awful."

Spike looked a little taken aback at Xander's outburst. "Calm down whelp, it's just a stupid tradition."

"It's not just a stupid tradition Spike, because Anya was out of town last New Years, it was the first year in like, forever, that I didn't kiss anyone and it's been the worst year ever!"  Vaguely Xander registered that the countdown had started, but he couldn't stop the champagne and loneliness induced rant.  "Anya and I broke up, for like final this time, I almost died from that stupid vengeance curse she put on me, I haven't had a date in like six months and..."

Just as the countdown reached its apex, Spike muttered, "Oh bloody hell," tossed his cigarette aside, grabbed Xander by the shoulders and pulled the boy against his chest, kissing him soundly.  

As the Vampire's cool lips met his, Xander's brain froze.  A cool tongue ran across his lower lip, and without any conscious thought he parted his lips and let the tongue slip inside.  Vaguely, Xander noted that Spike tasted like whiskey and smoke, and that that was actually a pretty good combination, and then all Xander could wonder was who had set off the fireworks because nothing else could explain the explosions of sensation running through his body.  Xander sucked hard on Spike's tongue as it played around his mouth, moaning softly as the tongue, and then the lips were withdrawn.  

Spike looked just as shocked as Xander felt.  The Vampire gently released him and stepped back, swishing his duster closed, but not before Xander noticed the prominent bulge. He had no coat to hide his own erection, so he swiftly and surreptitiously adjusted himself before stammering out, "W...why d..did you...?"

Spike seemed to shake off his shock and leered suggestively at Xander, "It's tradition, isn't it, pet?"

"Oh.  Well, um, thanks, I guess.  Happy New Year, Spike."

"Happy New Year, Xander."  And with that the Vampire turned in a swirl of black leather and stalked out of the Bronze and into the night.  

Xander absently grabbed a glass of champagne and slumped back against the wall, a thoughtful expression on his face.  Well, this year definitely promises to be interesting.

The End

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