Yes, it's a song fic. Listen to Van Morrison's Moon Dance while reading.

Series: BTVS
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Why bother? Not my characters, not my original ideas, not using this story for profit.
Summary: Smut.

Moon Dance


The moon bathed the cemetery in cool silver light.  Full and round, it hung low in the sky, seemingly close enough to touch.  A warm breeze stirred through the trees, ruffling the grass and caressing the two women dancing in the center of a circle of candles.  The witches' gauzy dresses swirled and twirled around their dancing figures, lifted and moved by the breeze.  

Xander watched the dance from his perch on a nearby crypt and sighed happily, he loved nights like this.  A soft rustle made him tense and scan the shadows nearby, but the flash of moonlight off of white hair and the scent of cigarette smoke that drifted past his nose caused him to relax.  "Hey Spike."  

The blond vampire crawled up onto the flat roof and stood looking down at the scene below.  "Xander."

A single nod of acknowledgment.  The two were silent for several minutes, each taking in the scene below.  Suddenly Spike shook himself, flicked his cigarette away and shrugged out of his duster, spreading it out on the roof and sitting down.  

"Warm for October, isn't it?  Practically feels like summer still."

Spike shrugged, "Doesn't really bother me what temperature it is, mate."  Spike inclined his head towards the two women.  "What're they up to?  Spell or something?"

Xander smiled, "Praying."  

Spike looked surprised, "Praying?"

"Mmhmm.  Tara had a dream a few months ago.  It told her they weren't paying enough attention to the spiritual side, or something.  Anyway, since then they've come out here every full moon."  

"And you're here as what?  Willing sacrifice?"  Spike leered suggestively at the boy.

Xander laughed at that, "Nope, just boring old guard duty.  Not that they've needed it.  With the energy they put out I don't think anything with evil intentions could come within a mile of them."

Spike looked vaguely offended.  "Hey!  I have evil intentions!  I have very evil intentions!"  

"Of course you do Spike, but not towards them.  And if you did you wouldn't be here now.  It's the magic, can't you feel it?"  

A sardonic snort was his only answer, but he ignored it.  Leaning back on his elbows, Xander let his head fall back, eyes closed, letting the moonlight bathe his face.  He could feel the warm pulses of energy radiating out from the witches as they danced.  It always felt like this, that's why he agreed to play bodyguard for them, beside the fact that they were his friends, of course.  The magic was thick in the air; even a normal human like him could feel it, heavy and warm, instilling a deep sense of peace and happiness in him.  Sitting here in the moonlight, basking in the energy, everything felt perfect.  Even the evil undead guy sitting next to him, close enough to touch, didn't disturb the contentment he felt.  

Xander slit open an eye and snuck a peak at the Vampire sitting next to him.  Spike was mirroring his pose, legs stretched out, lying back on his elbows.  The Vampire was bathed in the silver light, giving him an otherworldly glow; his angular face was relaxed and peaceful as he watched the witches in their dance.  The blond looked otherworldly in the moonlight, one more perfect thing in this perfect night.  Evil and undead as he might be, Xander had to admit to himself that he didn't hate Spike.  In the time that they had begun working together, he had come to realize that he understood Spike, felt a certain kinship with him.  Xander understood all too well what it felt like to be the butt of so many jokes and disparaging comments, understood the need to hide the hurt behind jokes, or in Spike's case, scathing remarks.  And here, in the warm autumn air, bathed in moonlight and surrounded by magic, Xander admitted to feeling something else for the sarcastic Vampire as well.  

He shifted his arm slightly, moving his hand and brushing his fingers over the Vampire's cool, slender digits.  Spike stiffened in surprise at the unexpected contact, but then relaxed, turning his hand over and interlacing his fingers with Xander's.  Warm and cool fingers stroked each other, hands clasped tightly as blue and brown eyes followed the dancing figures below them.  

The dancing figures drew towards one another and wound around each other, spinning as one, kissing passionately before their dance drew them apart again.  They ended up on opposite sides of the circle, heads thrown back, arms spread, whirling like dervishes as the energy pulsed stronger and brighter around them.

Xander drew in a sharp breath, in awe of the beauty of the display.  His breath was echoed by the figure next to him, and, slowly, he turned, until warm brown eyes met ice blue.  Their eyes held each other for several seconds as the magic pulsed warm and alive around them.  Slowly, so slowly, Xander felt himself drawn towards Spike, an undeniable pull.  Spike was leaning forwards as well, and their eyes remained locked, until suddenly there was no space between them anymore, and cool silken lips met hot, living ones.  Xander let his eyes drift shut, overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment as Spike's lips ghosted over his own.  A cool wet tongue caressed his lips, seeking entrance, and with a soft moan, Xander surrendered.  The moment felt too right, too perfect to fight, too perfect to question.  All he knew was the glow of moonlight, the warm breeze, and Spike's lips cool and soft against his own.  Their tongues met and began their own dance; Xander explored every part of Spikes mouth he could reach, reveling in the feel of cool dampness.  Spike plundered his mouth with equal abandon, sucking on his tongue and nibbling on his lower lip.  The later caused another soft moan to escape his lips and Xander noticed his pants were suddenly feeling a little too tight.  Eager to deepen the kiss Xander turned onto his side, scooting closer to the long, lean body next to him.  Spike followed suite, wrapping one arm around the human's waist and pulling the warm body closer.  Xander reached a hand up to cup Spike's face, thumb running along sharp cheekbones and fingers ghosting through soft blond waves.  Spike's hand was stroking his back, kneading and rubbing along his spine.  Spike hit a sensitive spot on Xanders lower back causing Xander to gasp and arch into the hard body crushed against him.  

Spike chuckled a low, deep chuckle and slipped his hand under Xander's shirt, playing with the spot, while his mouth left Xander's and began a slow, torturous journey across his jaw and down his neck.  Xander released his hold on blond hair and stroked down Spike's face and neck, then eagerly sought entrance under the black tee-shirt.  He gasped as his hand met cool, silky skin and his warm fingers began to eagerly explore the contours of the sculpted chest.  

Spike suddenly gave a soft growl and pulled back, but before Xander could ask why, the Vampire had removed his shirt and was working on getting Xander's up over his head.  Xander eagerly obliged, and before long found his warm tan flesh pressed up against Spike's cool, pale chest.  It was Spike's turn to gasp as cool flesh met warm and Xander recaptured his mouth.  They stayed that way for several minutes, pressed up against the length of each other, hands exploring chests and back, lips locked, until finally Xander realized he needed more.  Slowly, so slowly, he let his hand trail down Spike's chest, reluctantly leaving the hard nipples he had been tweaking, traveling down a rock hard abdomen, circling the Vampire's belly button, and letting his fingertips trace down the soft trail of hair leading to the waist of Spike's jeans.   He pulled back and looked questioningly at Spike.  Spike, eyes dilated with passion, nodded his assent.  With shaking fingers Xander unbuttoned Spike's jeans and slowly eased the zipper down.  Spike rolled on his back and lifted his hips, allowing the boy to slide the jeans down.  Xander had to pause a few moments to remove the Vampire's boots, but finally he had the Vampire naked and stretched out before him.  

Xander gasped at the image of Spike, bathed in silver moonlight, naked and hard, for him.  Eagerly he leaned down and recaptured Spike's lips, hands roaming everywhere.  After a few minutes Xander released Spike's mouth and worked his way down the pale neck, licking and sucking every inch.  Pale fingers dug into Xander's shoulders and hung on as Spike moaned and writhed beneath the humans ministrations.  Warm lips left the pale neck and moved lower, searching out the small, hard nipples.  The boy moaned happily as he sucked the hard nub of flesh into his mouth.  His tongue tortured it slowly, long slow licks drawing gasps and pleas from the Vampire beneath him.  Xander was just getting started on the second nipple when Spike growled and flipped them over, coming to rest above the human.  Xander opened his mouth to protest, but shut it quickly when Spike began removing his pants.  Soon it was Xander's turn to be laid out naked and aching on the rooftop, for Spikes viewing pleasure.  

Spike muttered softly under his breath, "So beautiful, perfect, pet."

Xander smiled and reached up, pulling Spike down on top of him.  Their lips locked in a passionate kiss as their bodies nestled into each other.  Xander groaned softly into Spike's cool mouth as Spike nestled between his legs, bringing their hard lengths into contact.  Spike growled deep in his throat, sending shivers up and down Xander's spine.  Spike kissed his way down Xanders' jaw and throat, nibbling and sucking periodically.  The torture was exquisite and soon Xander was writhing and thrusting against the Vampire.  They kissed and groped, setting up a steady rhythm.  The two men moved in tandem, skin sliding against skin, mouths' slipping and sliding against each other.  Their panting filled the night, carried along on the warm breeze that danced along their bare skin.  Xander ran his hands along Spike's back, reaching down to cup the Vampire's firm ass.  Spike growled into Xander's ear, begging softly, "Oh yes pet, yes."  Their pace quickened, thrusts growing more frantic.  

Now it was Xander's turn to beg as a delicious pressure began to build inside him, "Spike please, please, yes."  The groans and pants rose to a crescendo, Xander arching up into Spike and crying the Vampire's name as his orgasm ripped through him.  Spike soon followed, burying his head in the human's shoulder and howling his release.  

The two forms on the rooftop grew still, collapsed together, damp with spent passion.  Meanwhile, the dancing figures in the grass drew closer together in a final pass and collapsed on to the ground, sending their prayers out into the universe.  The moon shown down on the four prone figures, bathing them all in her silvery light.

Xander moaned softly and stirred, shifting the Vampire onto his side.  Spike raised his head and stole a soft kiss, before rolling over and sitting up.  Xander eventually decided that he too, was capable of sitting up, and his eyes followed to where the Vampire was gazing.  

Spike was the first to break the silence. "Are they okay?"  He motioned to the two prone figures lying in the grass.

"Yeah."  Xander shrugged, "They always end like this.  It'll take them a few minutes to get their energy back."  He looked over to see Spike pulling on his clothes, and decided to follow suite.

Spike finished lacing up his boots and stood, picking up his duster and shaking it out.  He glanced down at the human finishing dressing, "So," he tried to sound casual, "You said they do this every full moon?"

Xander hid his grin and nodded, "Yup, every full moon."

Spike shrugged into his duster and dug in his pockets for a cigarette.  "Guess I'll be seeing you then, pet."

Xander waved, turning his eyes to where the two women were sitting up, "See you in a month."

Spike smiled and strode off into the night, whistling.

Xander finished tying his shoe and climbed down off the roof, heading over to help Willow and Tara pack up.  Yes, he definitely loved nights like this.

The End

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