Series: BTVS
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Naughty
Warnings: Slash, kink, b/d, s/m, bladeplay.
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. I have borrowed them for a little fun and I'll give them back eventually, really.
Summary: Xander goes hunting.

The Hunter


"Let's see: whiskey, food, knife, handcuffs, condoms, lube, yup, that should do it."  Xander knew he was talking to himself but didn't care, today was the day and he was excited.  "You're the Man, Harris!"

The brunette gloated as he did a little dance around the kitchen.  For too long Xander had been taking whatever life threw at him, and it usually sucked big time.  Well, no more!  Now he was in charge, making decisions for himself.  He knew what he wanted now and he was going after it, target in sight, the hunter was on the prowl.  He'd been tracking his quarry for a month now and he could feel in his gut that today would be the day of the capture.  Xander chuckled to himself as he grabbed the bag and headed for the front door.  He could hardly believe what had come over him lately.  

It had all started with Anya leaving him, and the week or so of heavy drinking that followed.  Drunken misery had somehow become drunken soul searching somewhere along the way, and for whatever reason, he finally admitted to himself something that he had been denying for far too long.  What he desired, what he really wanted, had come into sharp focus.  Since he could no longer deny these needs he set about systematically discovering if there was the possibility of reciprocation.  Finding reasons to be near the quarry had been easy, they fought side by side after all.  A few accidental hand brushes had proven to him that there was electricity there, just well hidden, it had happened enough times to make him believe that he wasn't just imagining it.  A few casual comments had elicited reactions, and so he had persisted, and Xander Harris was nothing if not persistent.  

Xander performed one final check of himself in the mirror, making sure all was perfect, and carried the bag out to the car.  He set it gently in the passenger seat and climbed in.  His hands were shaking and Xander placed them on the steering wheel and took a few deep, steadying breaths.  "Okay Harris, this is it.  You're not imagining things, it's there, and it's real, hidden, but real.  You've worked too hard to back out now.  You're a hunter, your prey is waiting for you.  Go get'im."  And besides, one thing Xander Harris knew how to do was hunt Vampires.


Spike started up from his TV induced daze as a loud knock sounded at the door.  "What now?!"  he sighed. Probably one of the Scooby gang come to summon me to some emergency meeting.  First day off I've had in bloody weeks, away from those annoying do-gooders and here they are to bother me again.  Well, fuck'em, its hours yet till sunset and I'm not going anywhere.

Spike opened the door, peeking around the edge to avoid the bright daylight outside, "What are you doing here, boy?" he growled.  

Xander smiled and pushed his way inside, "I just came by to say hi."  

"Pssh," Spike looked incredulous, "You don't just stop by a vamp's lair to say hi.  Did the Slayer send you?  What does she want now?  I've just spent the better part of a month fighting demon horde after demon horde for you lot and I'm bloody tired of it!"  

Xander set the bag he was holding down on a table and held up his hands in a gesture of innocence, "Spike, Spike calm down.  Nobody sent me.  I just thought we should hang out more, is all."  

Spike stared at the human incredulously, "Yeah right, since when do you hang out with the undead?  What do you really want?"  

Xander tried to affect his most innocent smile possible, "I don't want anything, I just thought that since we're all on the same team now we should get to know each other better, become friends, that's all."  At Spike's skeptical look, Xander reached into the bag and drew out a bag of blood he'd picked up at Willy's, human blood, and tossed it to Spike.  "Really Spike, I just wanted to hang out," Xander let his face fall into a sad dejected look, "Since Anya and I broke up, I've been kinda, you know, lonely, and I thought that it would be fun to hang out, just us guys."  

Spike snorted his disbelief at that but went to grab a mug for his blood, "Hell, Harris, life must be pretty sad if you're looking to me for comfort." His eyes widened as the scent of the blood hit his nose and he quickly stuck it in the microwave to heat it up. "Fine, you can stay, but don't expect to cry on my shoulder all day 'bout your stupid demon chit."  

Suddenly Spike drew up short and stared at Xander.  "What?"  Xander shifted nervously under the vampire's intent stare.  

"What in the bloody hell are you wearing?  Who died and gave you fashion sense?"  

Xander relaxed and smiled, "Oh, I just went shopping. I'm trying to make a fresh start of things, after Anya, that's all."  Xander couldn't help a small smile as he noticed Spike taking in his skintight black jeans and dark colored tee shirt, also skintight, that highlighted the dark brown of his hair and eyes.  

Spike stared at Xander, he couldn't help himself, the boy was looking good.  Skintight, dark colored clothing highlighted what was actually quite an impressive build and the arms folded casually across his chest looked very, um, strong and it had been a very long time since he'd been...

The microwave dinged and jerked the Vampire out of his revere.  Spike shook himself and gladly turned to grab the mug of steaming blood. Bloody Git, the last thing you need to be doing is ogling that boy.  No doubt he's shaggable, but the Slayer will have your head if you mess with any of her gang.  Spike took a sip of the blood, trying to hide the embarrassment spreading across his face.  The blood was a far cry from that pig's blood they'd been feeding him and he gave an appreciative growl.  

With his eyes focused on his food, Spike didn't notice the obvious reaction his growl had on Xander, especially on the area of his pants.  Xander turned and riffled through the bag he'd brought until he could get himself under control. Not going to jump the Vampire, yet.  Subtle, yes subtle good, desperate lunge bad.

As Spike stalked back over to the TV he tossed back over his shoulder, "Fine, you win, we'll have your guy time, just don't go mentioning it to the rest of the Scooby gang, the last thing I want is them thinking I'm nice or something."  Xander couldn't quite suppress the smile of triumph that played across his lips as he grabbed the food he'd brought for himself and the bottle of whiskey and followed Spike over to where he lounged in front of the TV.

Xander casually chose the chair closest to Spike, putting their legs within touching distance.  They watched TV for a while, eating quietly.  Xander tried talking casually during commercials but Spike was still a little standoffish.  Xander did enjoy sneaking the occasional glimpse at Spike though.  The vampire had yet to do his hair this morning, and it was casually tousled.  He was clad in his normal black jeans and black tee shirt, but as he had just recently gotten up, he was still barefoot.  All in all he looked very fuckable, and Xander was enjoying the view. Every once in a while he caught the Vampire staring speculatively at him, and he smiled to himself in anticipation. He has no idea what I have in store for him, clueless Vampire.

Spike sipped at his meal, stealing occasional glances at the boy sitting next to him. What in the world is the boy doing here?  Sure, he's been acting extra friendly lately, but I don't buy that male bonding crap.  What's he up to? Spike watched Xander pluck a large bottle of whiskey up from where it had been sitting unnoticed on the floor. On the other hand, who am I to deny a friend in need?

Xander broke open the whiskey and took a swig before handing it to Spike. I hope this opens him up a bit, I'm running out of jokes. They passed the bottle back and forth and a few swigs later they were both more relaxed and talk was definitely flowing more freely.  Xander was, however, having a hard time not noticing the completely sensual way that the Vampire drank from the bottle. I know he's hot, but gods! How can he make something simple like drinking look like a porno? He must have been staring, because Spike suddenly froze and gave him the strangest look.

"What are you staring at whelp?"  

Shit!  Xander hadn't realized he'd been staring so openly at Spike, Bad Xander!  Stop staring.  Surprise, remember, surprise is what we're going for here. He tried to act casual, but being caught had Xander completely off guard.  "N-nothing, why?  Can't a guy enjoy a few drinks with his friend?"  

"Humph." Spike turned back to the TV and Xander sunk back into his chair with an almost audible sigh. Too close Harris.

Xander tried to watch Spike out of the corner of his eye, trying not to be obvious.  There was actually a reason for watching Spike drinking, Other than that he's way too fucking sexy, Xander thought ruefully.  Drunk and relaxed, good.  Drunk enough to pass out, bad.  

Spike handed Xander back the bottle and contemplated the obviously nervous human for a minute.  The boy's heart rate was up and he positively reeked of anticipation and nerves. He looks like he's trying to build up the courage to ask me something. I know the look of a man drinking for courage, done it enough times m'self. But what is it that's bothering him? Spike didn't want to examine the look he thought he'd seen on the boy's face just now.  It had looked like desire, but it could just have easily been anything else. Huh, boy shows up at my door out of the blue, probably wanting to ask advice on women or something, and I go projecting all over just because I'm lonely. Stupid Git.

Suddenly Xander set the bottle down with a thunk and turned abruptly to Spike, "Spike, can I ask you something?"  

Spike swallowed, unaccountably very nervous.  "Y-yeah, sure, what's up?"  

Xander inhaled noisily, "Spike, would you like to have sex?  With me, I mean."  

Spike's jaw dropped in shock, he stared at the human sitting next to him, unsure if he'd heard correctly.  It took several seconds for Spike to manage to formulate coherent thoughts, "Wh-what did you just say?  Whelp, are you, are you hitting on me?"  

Xander laughed, "Does that surprise you all that much?"  

Spike stared mutely at the brunette and Xander took his silence as leave to continue.  "You see Spike, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.  After Anya left, I figured it was time to stop lying to myself, come out of the closet, all that good stuff.  But there's more actually, more to it than that."  

Spike felt like he'd been hit in the head with a large, heavy object.  He tried valiantly to answer, "Th-there's more?" Good Spike, very smooth.

Xander smiled at the Vampire's discomfort, then unexpectedly slid out of his chair and knelt in front of the shell-shocked blonde, placing his hands lightly on Spike's knees.  

"Yeah, there's more, and that's why I'm here.  If it were just sex I wanted, I'd go to a club, pick someone up.  But it's not.  I'm looking for something a bit more... rough, something more...dark."

At these words Spike's eyes widened, he knew exactly what Xander meant, and it turned him on, gods did it turn him on, but there was no way that the boy was for real.  Finally the vampire managed to form words, "B-boy, do you know what you're asking?  This is, it's impossible, you've got to be joking."  

Xander's face hardened for a second, "Don't call me boy!"  His hands tightened on the Vampire's knees and he slowly forced them apart, scooting forward so he was kneeling between Spike's jean clad thighs.  He began to knead his hands along rock hard thighs, slowly moving up towards Spike's waist.

The vampire drew in a sharp breath, "Xander..." but Xander didn't let him finish.  

"I know exactly what I'm asking for Spike, I've given it a lot of thought, and I know exactly.  What.  I.  Want."  His hands had reached Spike's waist, and one hand stayed resting lightly next to the slowly hardening bulge while the other one started working slowly up Spike's chest.  Xander noticed Spike was taking noticeable breaths, a sign of how worked up he was seeing as he didn't actually need to breathe.  "I want to fuck you.  I want to take you into that bedroom, handcuff you to the bed and torture you till you beg me for it."

His thumb swirled lightly over one of the Vampire's hardened nipples then he pinched it sharply, earning himself a gasp. "Then I'll uncuff you and fuck you, and while I'm fucking you," his hand was now cupping the Vampire's sharp cheekbones, thumb stroking lightly against softly parting lips.  Xander noticed that Spike's pupils were almost completely dilated, and he began stroking his other hand slowly over a very hard bulge in the Vampire's jeans.  He pulled Spike's face so close that their lips were barely brushing each other, "and while I'm fucking you I want you to bite me."  

With that, he crushed the Vampire to him and kissed him deeply.  Hot, hungry lips met cool soft ones, and his tongue gently brushed along them, causing them to part eagerly then delving inside.  The kiss felt so good, so right, that Xander found himself whimpering softly. I can't believe this is happening, that I've finally done it.

The intensity of the kiss made Spike feel as if the wind had been knocked out of him.  He reveled in it, returning Xander's hungry licks with his own.  He was still in shock over what the boy, what Xander had asked, it seemed almost ludicrous but Xander's eyes had been so intense, so full of need that Spike couldn't doubt for a minute that this was what he really wanted.  And Spike had to admit that the offer sounded pretty damn good, so he surrendered to the kiss, reveling in the play of their tongues, the hot, wet feel of the human's mouth on his.  Xander's whimper drove him on and he began nibbling on the brunette's lower lip.  

Xander wrenched his mouth away from Spike's before the soft nibbles and sucks undid him, he cupped Spike's face in his hands and looked deeply into the blue eyes, already darkened with passion.  "So should I take that as a yes?"  

Spike stared dumbly at him, almost losing himself in the rich brown of Xander's eyes before shaking himself and regaining his voice, "Y-yes, definitely yes."  

Xanders breath caught in his throat, "All of it?" he asked huskily.  

There was a brief pause, and then "All of it, please."  

That was all the encouragement Xander needed, he let go of Spike and stood up, walking over to where he had left his bag.  He picked it up and turned to look innocently at the dumbfounded Vampire, "So where do you find a bed in this place?"  At Spike's blank look he walked over and grabbed the Vampire's hand, pulling him up out of the chair.  Xander wrapped his arm around Spike's waist and pulled him close, capturing his mouth for a deep kiss.  Reluctantly he pulled away, "You, me, bed, now?"  The intensity of what was happening seemed to have robbed Spike of his voice, but he nodded and, keeping hold of Xander's hand, turned and led the way down a short ladder and into the bedroom.  

As they walked into the bedroom Xander stopped short at the sight that greeted him.  Spike had a large, wrought iron four-poster bed, the intricate and curvy frame offering lots of handy places to secure handcuffs, or rope; in fact, there was already a pair of handcuffs secured to the headboard.  Xander felt his knees go weak, and they almost completely gave way when he noticed the silky looking black sheets.  

Spike felt Xander draw up short and turned to see a dumbstruck looking Xander staring intently at the bed.  "Something wrong pet?"  

Xander shook himself out of the fantasy his mind was starting to wander into, "No, no, just, nice bed."  

Spike smiled a predatory smile, Xander's pause giving the Vampire a chance to regain some ground.  "You like?"  

The brunette swallowed visibly, "Hell yeah."  With some obvious difficulty, Xander shook himself out of his daze and tossed the nondescript paper bag onto the foot of the bed then pulled Spike to him.  Spike eyed the bag curiously, "What's in there?"  

"Toys." Xander grinned and leaned into a kiss.  Spike met Xander halfway, eager for the heat of those lips on his.  They kissed for long minutes, arms wrapped tightly around each other, tongues dancing together, lips slipping and sliding wetly.  Xander worked his hands up under Spike's tee shirt and began tentatively exploring the soft, cool skin he found there.  At the feel of hot, work-roughened hands sliding seductively up his spine, Spike arched his back and groaned.  Xander took the opportunity of the break in their kissing to run his tongue down Spike's neck, following that up with hot kisses down the wet trail he'd left from cheekbone to collar.  

Warm, rough hands slid around to Spike's stomach and worked the black tee shirt up over his head.  As soon as the shirt was off Spike wound his arms back around Xander, caressing his back and running his hands down over Xander's tight, jean clad ass.  

At the feel of Spike's strong hands squeezing and kneading his ass, Xander began quickly walking them back towards the bed, stopping when the back of Spike's legs bumped into the mattress.  Spike quickly tore Xander's shirt off, tossing it aside, raking his eyes hungrily over the human's well-muscled, tan chest, following that gaze with eager hands and lips.  Xander gasped as Spike's lips latched around a nipple, sucking and nipping softly, then trailed cool wet kisses over to pay equal attention to the other one.  

Finally Xander couldn't stand it anymore, he grabbed Spike around the waist and tossed him onto the bed, diving after him.  Spike laughed at Xander's enthusiasm and eagerly pulled the human on top of him, crushing him against his chest.  

Xander stared hungrily down at the smiling Vampire, "What's so funny?" he growled.  

"Nothing pet, nothing."  

Xander smiled and lowered his head to reclaim Spike's lips.  They writhed together for several minutes, thrusting jean-clad bulge against jean-clad bulge, until Spike flipped Xander over and climbed on top.  Slowly he began scraping sharp nails down Xander's chest.  Xander shivered and moaned, then whispered the Vampire's name brokenly as Spike began to suck softly on his neck.  

Spike's fingers worked ever lower, finally coming to rest on the fly of Xander's jeans, which he opened with a casual flick.  His hands glided smoothly around to Xander's ass, causing Xander to arch his hips up off the bed.  Spike's hands came to rest on his ass, squeezing hard before pushing down and swiftly removing the tight jeans.  Suddenly pant-less, Xander gaped up at the wickedly smiling vampire.  "Something tells me you've done that before."  

Spike chuckled evilly, "I'll never tell, luv."  Xander smiled and returned to kissing Spike's now swollen lips, and tried to copy the Vampire's move.  He was somewhat successful, fumbling a bit with the fly of Spike's jeans, but was brought up short by the realization that Spike wasn't wearing any underwear.  "Uhhnnn."  

Spike grinned at the human's shocked look.  "Something wrong?"  

Xander quickly shook off his shock and flipped the Vampire over onto his back, then got up on his knees and slowly, reverently peeled off the skintight jeans.  Brown eyes hungrily devoured Spike's pale, smooth body, fastening on his hard, leaking cock.  He reached out and gently stroked it, marveling in the feel of velvet skin over steel hardness.  Spike hissed and arched up into Xander's hand, causing the already large tent in Xander's boxers to get even larger.  Spike's eyes slitted open and he reached a hand up to brush against the front of the black silk boxers.  

The blonde's light touch wrenched a loud cry from Xander and his control broke, he fell upon the vampire, grinding his body into the smooth pale one beneath him.  Spike echoed that passionate cry, thrusting up against the hot skin of the human grinding on top of him.  Spike soon became frustrated with the cloth separating their bodies and attempted to tear the boxers off of Xander.  

Xander suddenly drew up short and grasped Spike's hands in his.  "Wait, wait Spike, please."  

Spike was puzzled, "What, what is it, what's wrong?"  

Xander levered himself into a sitting position and stared down at the Vampire, "It's just, I thought I'd keep them on while I, you know, while you were tied up."

Spike sighed, "Xan, listen, I really want to do that, please believe me, but I have a little bit of experience with this sort of thing, and we're both too worked up for that right now.  With that sort of thing it's best to start off cold and work up, we're too far-gone now, we'd get sloppy, someone could get hurt.  Let's do this now, and then I promise, you can tie me up all you want later."  Xander started to object, and Spike pulled him down and turned so they were lying on their sides facing each other.  Spike stroked his hand through Xander's soft, chocolate brown curls.  "I promise, we'll do exactly like you said, just think for a minute, can you really keep it together long enough for a whole scene?"  

The sound of Spike uttering the B/D/S/M slang for what he had proposed made Xander realize that Spike really did know what he was talking about.  He gazed deeply into those intensely blue eyes, "You're right, I don't think I could keep it together much longer."  

Spike smiled and gently started to slide Xander's boxers down.  At the feel of the Vampire's cool, strong hands sliding over his ass Xander gasped and arched, shoving his aching cock up against Spike's hard length, and at that moment he knew he was lost, all he could do was hold on and trust Spike to lead them through this.  Xander thrust against Spike again, gasping as Spike thrust back into his sweat-soaked stomach.  The feel of the Vampire's smooth, cool cock against his hot aching one overwhelmed Xander, and he rapidly lost the ability for coherent thought.  Legs tangled together and arms wrapped tightly around each other, the two men thrust against each other, their panting filling the room.  Xander captured Spike's lips in his again and Spike rolled over on top, raking his nails down Xander's sides.  Xander gasped into Spike's mouth and grasped Spike's ass firmly in his hands, pushing the Vampire even closer against him.  

"Spread your legs." Spike gasped out between kisses and Xander obliged, moaning in pleasure as their cocks settled even closer together. Spike levered himself up on his elbows, smashing their cocks tightly between their stomachs.  He stared down intently into Xander's eyes, and Xander held the gaze, then moved his head down to latch onto Spike's left nipple, biting hard, licking and sucking at it. Spike moaned and thrust faster, marveling at the feeling of his cock sliding against hot, sweat-soaked skin and through rough hair. Xander's head fell back onto the pillow and his eyes drifted shut.  He matched Spike's faster pace and a whimpering began in the back of his throat. Spike watched the ecstasy spread over Xander's face and knew the human was past the point of no return. Spike thrust harder, causing Xander to arch up, nails digging into Spike's shoulders as he held on for dear life. As the Vampire quickened his pace, his cock rubbed the length of Xander's just so and pushed Xander over the edge. He jerked and shook, screaming Spike's name. His hot seed flowed up onto their stomachs, and he shook as his orgasm wracked him.

Spike marveled at the shaking human beneath him, not even paying attention to himself.  Then his orgasm slammed into him and he cried out as his seed was wrenched from him and he fell, shaking and moaning, on top of the still shivering human.

Xander didn't think it could get any better than it had, but when Spike's cool seed spurted up over their stomachs and the Vampire cried out his name, he knew he had been wrong.  As Spike collapsed on top of him he wound his arms around the shaking Vampire and they lay there shaking, thrusting weakly against each other as the last of their cum was milked from them.  Eventually their weak thrusts slowed and stopped and they lay there panting softly.  

Spike shifted over so he was laying curled around the sweaty human.  Xander wrapped his arms around Spike and held him close, one hand gently stroking the Vampire's tousled blonde hair.  He cupped Spike's chin and tilted his head up until they were nose to nose.  "You were amazing."  His whispered words were followed by a gentle kiss.  

Spike sighed softly, "So were you, pet."  The Vampire set his head back down, nuzzled against Xander's neck and lay there, enjoying the afterglow and the musky scent of their sweat and cum that still filled the air.  He felt the human's slow, steady pulse against his lips, and suddenly realized that there was one thing Xander had asked that might not be possible.  



"When we were talking, before, you said, um that you wanted me to, to feed off you?"  

Xander pressed his lips against Spike's hair and smiled, "Yeah, I believe I said that I wanted to tie you up, torture you until you begged for me to fuck you, then fuck you while you feed off me."  

Spike sucked in a sharp breath at the mental image that brought up, but it was quickly quelled by the nerves and shame brought up by the fact that he probably couldn't perform the one thing every Vamp should be able to do.  "Well, it's just, I've done that sort of thing before, see the tying up and stuff, though I usually do the tying, and it sounds really good pet, it's just," and here the Vampire blushed and averted his eyes, "it's just I've never fed off a human lover before, especially not during sex, and even if the chip would allow it, it's been so long since I've drank from a human that I...I might not want to stop.  What if I went too far?  What if I hurt you?  Do you even know what you're asking you bloody Git!?"  

As the tirade came to an end Xander shifted around so he was on his side, facing the worked up Vampire.  "Look, I'll admit, I'm new to all this. You're the first guy I've ever been with.  And you're definately my first Vampire!  All I know is that for awhile now I've been having some very intense fantasies about you, about all this, and I know that more than anything else I want to do this with you, I want you to bite me."  Xander cupped Spike's chin in his hand, staring intently into his incredibly blue eyes.  "Spike?  It's me, Xander.  I know I do stupid things, but have I ever done anything like this before?   Believe me, I want you, I want to be with you, and I'm not afraid that you'll hurt me.  I'm not afraid of you at all."  

Spike laughed bitterly, he couldn't bring himself to believe that the human wouldn't run screaming from the evil soulless Vampire the first time things got rough.  "Not afraid of me huh?  Not even now?"  With that Spike switched into game face and flipped the human onto his back, straddling Xander and pinning his hands to the bed, bringing his face very close so Xander couldn't miss the fangs.  Xander shivered voilently,  pupils dilated and a moan escaping his lips, but as the brunette thrust a suddenly erect cock against the Vampire's thigh, Spike realized it wasn't fear in the human's eyes, but lust.  The realization shocked him sufficiently to knock him out of game face and back into human guise.  "You-you're insane, do you know that?"  

Xander nodded and captured Spike's mouth in an eager kiss, "Mm-hmm, nothing in my life has ever been normal, why should this be?"  Slightly awestruck, Spike returned the kiss.  They finally broke apart and Xander looked up at Spike considerately, "You know, you are right about something.  It has been awhile since you've drank from a human, so we should probably take a few precautions."  

Spike stared at Xander wonderingly, "Like what?"  

Xander's eyes twinkled with humor, "Well, we should probably make sure you've already eaten, so I'd be just a fun snack, not a full meal."  

Spike once again was completely shocked by Xander's responses to him, maybe I'd just better get used to this feeling, something tells me this boy is full of surprises.  "I-I guess that would work."  

"I brought more of that good blood!" Xander sing-songed.  "Come on, I could use a snack too, before we get started on round two."  And waggling his eyebrows suggestively at the dumbstruck Vampire, he got up and padded naked up into the main room.  Spike shook his head wonderingly and slowly followed after the human.

When Spike emerged from the bedroom, Xander was standing near the microwave, heating up a mug of blood.  Spike tossed a pair of boxer shorts at the nude human and pulled a second pair on himself.  "What are these for?" Xander struck a pose, "Don't you like me naked?"  

Spike smiled at the absurdity of it all, "Of course I like you naked, it's just cold out here and none too clean, I wouldn't fancy sitting on these chairs in the buff, and I figured you wouldn't either."  

Xander pulled on the boxers, then turned and pulled out the steaming mug of blood as the microwave dinged.  Spike took the mug from him and stole a quick kiss as well, then made his way over to the chairs they'd been sitting in earlier.  Xander picked up a wrapped sandwich he'd left on the table earlier and followed Spike over to sit down.  Spike eyed the food speculatively.  "Looks like you came fully prepared."  

Xander blushed, "Yeah, I didn't want to leave anything to chance."  

Spike raised an eyebrow at him questioningly, "What made you so certain this would happen, why'd you think I was a sure thing?"  

Xander took a deep breath, "Well, I've been, kind of, you know, hntinu."  

The last bit was so mumbled that even with supernatural hearing Spike couldnt catch it. "You've been what?"  

A blush spread over Xander's cheeks, "Hunting you, kinda."  Spike gaped at the human.  Xander rushed forwards before the Vampire could get a word in edgewise, "I've been following you, watching you, paying attention.  Didn't you notice that I was always right next to you in a fight?  Even at meetings I'd stay close.  Reach for things at the same time, brush hands, look for any spark, any sign that you were attracted to me.  I thought I was noticing something, but I wasn't sure, not until that time we brushed up against each other in the hallway.  I actually saw you blush.  That's when I figured there was enough there to go for."  Xander's rant came to an end and if he hadn't been before, Spike was definitely blushing now.  

"Xan, were hunting me?!"  

Xander smiled, tossed his sandwich wrapper aside and got out of his chair, making his way towards the shocked looking Vampire and sitting on his lap.  Xander's hands brushed through the tousled blonde hair and cupped the pale face.  "I've been hunting you for weeks now, you're my prey."  Hot red lips brushed lightly over pale cool ones, eliciting a soft growl.  With a sigh Xander pulled back, warm brown eyes staring intently into sharp blue eyes.  

Spike looked confused, "What, why'd you stop?"  


Now the vampire started to look really worried, "What? What!"  

Xander affected the most evil grin he could muster, "Time for round two."

Filled with a bit of wonder and a lot of trepidation, Spike mutely followed Xander back to the bedroom, allowing himself to be led.  The revelation that the boy had been hunting him, actively pursuing him, shook the Vampire.  He couldn't remember the last time anyone had pursued him, the last time he'd been prey.  He was the hunter, he pursued, and to suddenly find out he was prey unsettled him immensely.  Bloody Hell, how can Spike, the Big Bad, be someone's prey?  I'm top of the food chain!  I'm the hunter!  How'd this happen?  

They reached the bedroom and Xander led them to the bed.  The grinning brunette lay down, pulling the reluctant looking Vampire down after him and cradling him in strong arms.  Xander began gently kissing Spike, stroking warm hands down his arms and chest.  

Spike relaxed under the caresses, groaning softly, "Mmm, Xan."  

Xander chuckled, the deep sound sending shivers down the Vampire's spine.  Xander worked his mouth along a sharp cheekbone and down the pale neck, "Spike?"  


"What's your safe word?"  

"Mmm, stop?"  

Xander chuckled, "Even I know that's not good enough.  Think of something else."

"mmm, how 'bout kittens?"  

At that Xander laughed out loud and Spike pulled back, looking affronted.  "I don't see what's so funny.  Not like that's anything you'd say during sex."  

Xander's visage immediately changed from amusement to concern, "Spike, I..."  He reached out a hand toward the Vampire, "I didn't mean to offend you."  He looked intently at the pale man next to him and with all seriousness asked, "Spike, do you, really want to do this?  I, I guess I understand if you don't.  It's just, it was really hard for me to admit to myself that I had these desires and I thought if anyone would understand, you would."  

Spike sighed and forced himself to look the sad-looking human in the eyes, "Look luv, I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I  want to do this, with you, but Vampires, when we do this sort of thing it's usually real torture, followed hopefully by sex, and safe words aren't an issue, there just aren't any.  I've never been a bottom before, not willingly," at this Spike's eyes clouded over and he shuddered to himself, "So I'm sorry if I seem a bit reluctant, it's for me too."  

Xander let out a little cry of distress at the haunted look on the Vampire's face and sat up quickly, pulling Spike to him and clutching him in a tight embrace.  He buried his face in blonde hair and ran a hand gently up and down the pale back.  "I'm sorry."  

Spike released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding; pretty strange how he still did that even after a century of not having to breath; and relaxed into the warm embrace.  "Mmm, I forgot how warm humans are."  

Xander laughed and settled back down onto the bed, pulling Spike down with him, "Why don't you let me warm you up then."  

Xander tilted Spike's chin up and brushed a soft kiss against the other man's mouth.  Cool lips parted beneath his and he took it as an invitation to delve his tongue deep into the cool, dark recesses, exploring the damp cavern and running over sharp teeth.  Sucking softly on a full bottom lip earned him a soft gasp, and his tongue began to explore more boldly, occasionally leaving Spike's mouth to trace over sharp cheekbones and capture an earlobe between blunt teeth.  Nibbling on Spike's ear caused a sharp moan, and Xander let his hands begin to roam over Spike's smooth body, learning every inch of the soft, pale flesh.  

Spike let himself relax into the boys embrace, enjoying the feeling of the warm, rough hands gliding over his skin.  He kissed back eagerly, but otherwise didn't do more than the occasional running of his nails down Xander's chest and back.  Xander's mouth had begun working its way down his neck, and he gasped as Xander latched onto the spot where neck and collarbone met, sucking softly. "Mmm, Xan, good spot."

He felt Xander smile against his throat, and with a last hot kiss the human's mouth left his throat and moved steadily down towards pale, erect nipples.  The attentive touches of the human made Spike loose the last traces of nerves.  Mmm, this may be the boy's first time with this, but he's definitely not na´ve.  Knows his stuff, m'boy does.  

Xander rolled a pert nipple around his tongue and bit softly, Spike's answering groan causing a distinct tightening in his groin.  Keep it together Xander, this isn't even close to over.  Xander's mouth reluctantly left the wet nipple and moved lower, tongue teasing around Spike's bellybutton, circling until the Vampire squirmed, then dipping inside, causing Spike to arch up into Xander's mouth with a gasp.  Xander teased the Vampire's absolutely adorable bellybutton for a few minutes more, rubbing his face against rock-hard abs.  He had to smile at the Vampire's reactions to his simple administrations, If he's this responsive now, I can hardly wait till later.  

Xander let his tongue trail lower, and as it encountered the edge of Spike's boxers, instead of pushing them aside he followed along the edge, licking the expanse of Spike's belly.  Spike whimpered and thrust his pelvis up, rubbing his substantial erection alongside Xander's face.  Xander levered himself up on to his hands and knees and brought his face up close to the panting Vampire, "Not yet." he growled.  

Xander turned toward the bottom of the bed where the long-forgotten sack lay.  He reached in and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.  He crawled back up to the top of the bed and piled the pillows into the center of the headboard, creating a comfy ramp.  He smiled evilly at Spike and patted the cushion of pillows.  Spike noticeably swallowed but crawled up to the top of the bed.  With great care Xander positioned Spike so that the Vampire's hands were handcuffed above his head and he was lying propped up against the headboard.  Carefully examining his handiwork to make sure Spike was comfortable, Xander couldn't help but growl appreciatively, "You look great."  

Considerably turned on by the sight of the helpless Vampire, Xander resumed his exploration of Spike's body, this time being more forceful with his biting and sucking, pinching occasionally and leaving marks.  As the pressure of the human's bites intensified, Spike began to moan and thrash.  While still continuing his oral exploration of Spike's body, Xander swiftly worked Spike's black silk boxers down over his hips, leaving them gathered around his knees.  Grinning, he knelt on either side of the Vampire's legs, pining them beneath him, and began to pay special attention to Spike's nipples, sucking and pinching them, switching between one and the other, sneaking his head up occasionally for a fevered kiss.

Spike gave himself over to the human's manipulations; moaning and growling with each bite and pinch.  His skin was feeling acutely alive, sensitive and tingly all over.  He gasped as Xander moved lower, skipping over his erect cock and nibbling the inside of his thigh.  Coherent thought was quickly becoming impossible as the human's hot, wet mouth moved down the inside of one pale leg and up the inside of the other.  Spike began to pant softly as Xander's tongue came slowly towards his balls, growling dangerously as first one and then the other were engulfed in moist heat and tongued mercilessly.  "Xanderrrrr..."  

His warning growl earned him a soft laugh.  The human's moist red lips left his balls and approached his face.  Chocolate eyes stared deeply into glittering blue ones.  "What's the big bad Vampire going to do, huh?"  

Spike growled and lunged towards the mocking human, attempting to catch the warm mouth with his own and failing.  Xander smiled at the Vampire's need and swooped down to blow warm gusts along the length of Spike's throbbing member.  Spike held very still as Xander began to apply soft, gentle licks to his leaking cock.  

Xander hadn't ever had a cock this near his mouth before.  It was a very interesting experience, one he was swiftly beginning to enjoy.  The taste was musky and slightly salty, and he savored the flavor as he slowly licked up the pale length of it and circled the head with his tongue.  Encouraged by Spike's groans he took the whole head into his mouth and began working his lips up and down the length.  

A hoarse cry was torn from Spike's throat as Xander's mouth engulfed him for the first time.  So warm, so wet, feels so good.  While his cock was in Xander's mouth, the human's tongue lapped against the underside of it.    Spike couldn't help himself; he thrust up into the warmth surrounding his hard length.

Xander took a few hard thrusts down his throat, then slowly backed off, sucking hard until the head of the pale cock popped out of his mouth.  He smiled at Spike's whimper and continuing thrusts, but ignored them, slowly sitting up and pulled Spike's boxers back up. He turned towards the bag at the foot of the bed.  "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"  

Spike's irate tone amused Xander and he answered over his shoulder, "What makes you think you're in charge, huh?  What makes you think I have to answer that?"  While Spike growled ineffectually, Xander found what he wanted in the bag and slowly turned back to the trussed up Vampire.  

Spike gaped at the large, shiny object Xander held reverently in his hands.  "W-where did you get that knife?"

Xander smiled, "Dagger, technicaly, it was one I picked up for fighting, but Giles rejected it, steel's not strong enough to hold up to prolonged battle.  I liked it though, so I kept it."  Xander stroked the double-edged blade lovingly.  

Now Spike was up for a lot of things, but blade play was going a little far, especially when he was in the hands of someone who supposedly was a first timer.  "Xan, luv, what makes you think that you know how to use that thing?"  
One tan arm was stretched out under his nose for perusal, "I've been practicing."  

Spike examined the arm and noticed the small, mostly healed cut marks, scabs gone, shiny white scar tissue contrasting against the tan.  "Oh." Spike felt a little dumbfounded, when the boy had mentioned tying him up he had figured the boy was curious but inexperienced; he hadn't realized just how far he had meant to go.  "And how do you know about all this S/M stuff, exactly?"  

Xander laughed, "Research my friend!  For once, all those hours of being shut up in the library researching for Giles paid off."  Spike eyed the boy with something like respect.  "So," Xander smiled his best evil smile, "Shall we?"

Xander placed the tip of the dagger against the palm of Spike's hand and Spike braced himself for whatever pain was about to come.  But instead of cutting or puncturing, Xander began to slowly, lightly trace the edge of the dagger across Spike's palm and down his wrist, following along the inside of his arm.  The dagger was pressed against pale skin light enough to avoid cutting, but with enough pressure to leave a red welt in its wake.  

It wasn't quite pain and wasn't quite pleasure, too firm to be ticklish, too light to actually draw blood, it was mostly like scratching, and Spike relaxed against the headboard, sure that whatever would happen he could handle it.  But he wasn't at all prepared for the feel of the sharp blade as it ran gently over the sensitive skin on the inside of his wrist then his elbow.  The Vampire jerked and hissed at the intense sensation, and Xander rubbed his hand lightly over the skin the blade had just left, making soothing noises.  

Xander paused until he saw Spike visibly relax again, then let the blade take up its slow, lazy trail down the Vampire's arm.  He moved the blade slowly, mindful of the pressure, enjoying the contrast of the angry red trail that he was creating across the Vampire's pale body.  The gleaming blade completed its track of arm and slid down onto the pale, muscular chest.  Xander carefully drug the blade across Spike's collarbone and down, scraping over one erect nipple.  Then down across the Vampire's rippled abdomen, skirting around the bellybutton, and stopping at the top of Spike's boxers.  

"Oops, looks like we forgot to take these off you."  Spike obediently lifted his hips, the easier for Xander to slide them off, but Xander shook his head.  "Actually, I have a better idea."  

With a smile Xander lifted the waist of the boxers enough for the blade to slide under and began methodically cutting them off.  In a few short slices the shreds fell away and Xander was rewarded with the full pale expanse of Spike's body, and one very erect cock.  Xander leaned down to lick the throbbing length, gently pushing Spike's thighs apart, then continued the blade's tour of the Vampire's body.  Down, scrapping across a hipbone and gently running along the crease of a thigh and down the inside of one leg, the flat of the blade brushing against wrinkled balls.  Spike was moaning now, thrashing his head slightly while still trying to keep his body still.  Xander ended his red trail at the bottom of Spike's right foot, scratching the blade along the sole.  He gently kissed each toe and then climbed over Spike's shivering body to start again on the other side.  

Again the blade sharp against his palm, and then the teasing steel began its slow journey down sensitive wrist and arm, this time caressing his neck as it glided past and headed towards the other dusky nipple.  Spike moaned involuntarily, shivering and shaking at the rough/sharp/gentle caresses of the blade as it traced a languid pattern over his naked flesh.  His skin felt more alive than he could ever remember it feeling, and he began a soft, whispered begging as the blade began to trace back and forth across his chest, circling nipples and scraping down muscled flesh.  "Please, oh please, Xander, please..." Xander just laughed softly and captured the pleading mouth in a passionate kiss before continuing the exquisite torture.  

Xander traced the blade down and around Spike's bellybutton, and again into the crease of a thigh and down the inside of the other leg.  He took special care this time to gently lift Spike's balls and trace softly on the skin underneath them, causing Spike to arch up sharply and cry out.  He kissed the tender skin before continuing down the leg, and ending at the sole of the foot.  

He sat up and eyed Spike's cuffed hands.  "Can you flip over onto your stomach without me having to unlock you?"  

"Huh?"  Spike looked confused, his passion-addled brain was having a hard time comprehending speech.

Xander climbed down off the bed and walked up to the top, reaching out and gently flipping the Vampire onto his stomach.  He double-checked the tightness of the cuffs to make sure Spike wasn't getting unintentionally hurt, then grabbed the dagger and climbed back onto the bed.  This time he straddled the prone body, rubbing his erection along the crease in the Vampire's pale, firm ass before sitting on Spike's legs.  Spike moaned and wiggled against the hard cock as it rubbed against his ass, but Xander wasn't ready to end this yet, so he ignored the suggestive wiggles and resumed his tortures.  This time the blade traced pale, strong shoulders and danced gently down the Vampire's spine before tracing circular patterns over quivering ass cheeks.  Spike moaned and actually began trying to thrust up into the blade, asking for more, but not quite sure what.  Xander traced down the back of each leg, paying special attention to the sensitive backs of each knee, before circling the heel and heading back up.  

Xander was breathing hard now in eager anticipation of what was to come, but not willing to rush and cause more damage than intended, but the climax, the act he had been fantasizing about was nearing, and it was almost more tension than he could stand. He flipped Spike over again and straddled the Vampire, sitting on the top of Spike's thighs, locking his legs firmly around the Vampire so he couldn't move. Spike's leaking cock rested against Xander's inner thigh and he allowed himself a few moments to stroke and pump it, before forcing himself to ignore the tempting piece of meat and focus on what he was about to do. He leaned forward and kissed Spike long and hard. "Are you doing okay?" Spike nodded, eyes wide with passion. Reassured, Xander sat up again and chose the perfect spot to position the blade. He set the edge of the blade about an inch beneath Spikes left nipple and stared deeply into Spike's glazed eyes before swiftly slicing a neat, relatively shallow cut into the Vampire's chest. The dagger was moved out of the way quickly as Spike arched up and cried out hoarsely at the sharp, sudden pain.

Xander stared in fascination as a slow trickle of red blood left the wound and dribbled down the pale chest.  Moaning softly he bent down and gently licked up the trail of blood, eagerly gathering it all up before tracing his tongue around the wound.  He traced the tip of the dagger over to the other nipple before repeating the gesture, this time slightly above the hard nipple.  This way he could suck every last drop of blood off the pert piece of flesh.  Spike began to shout and moan unintelligibly, thrashing back and forth, unheeding of the blade.  As Xander's tongue followed a trickle of blood down to where it had gathered in his belly button, eagerly sucking the liquid out of the shallow depths, Spike lost the last of his ability to reason, and gave every last bit of himself up to the sensations the human was causing.

Xander savored the sight of Spike beneath him, completely lost in the moment, streaks of blood covering the pale chest, put there by him. "Gods Spike, you're so beautiful."

The words slipped from his mouth before he could stop them, but the Vampire didn't seem to notice the brief moment of sentimentalism.  Stupid Xander!  What in the hell are you saying?  You're getting way too emotional about this.  The feeling of Spike writhing beneath him quickly drew his focus back to the task at hand.  Mmm, sexy, blood-covered Vampire begging me to fuck him.  Why am I thinking of anything else right now?  Good, no reason.  Yummy time.  

Xander traced the knife down Spike's chest and positioned it on the soft flesh near his bellybutton.  Two more quick cuts and twin streams of blood were running down Spike's belly and over his thighs and cock.  Xander set the knife aside and happily went to work licking all the blood up.  Along the Vampire's firm stomach and across pale thighs, then back up to begin sucking every last drop off the long, hard cock quivering in anticipation.  He started at the balls and moved slowly up; making sure every crevice was clean.  Licking slowly up the length of him, tongue gently circling the head and back down the other side until all traces of blood were gone.  

"Oh yes, please, luv, please, do it, please!"  Spike's begging had grown louder and more urgent, and Xander had to admit to himself that he couldn't bear to postpone his pleasure anymore.  I've never felt so hard in my life, I feel so full, like any minute I could explode. Besides, Spike looks like he's reached his limit on stimulation tonight.  Spike's eyes were shut; his head hanging loose against the pillows, and his whole body was shaking with the endorphins release from their session of blade play.  He wasn't passed out though, he was moaning softly and still begging Xander to fuck him, writhing his body searching for release.  Well, who am I to deny him?  

Happily humming to himself, Xander set the knife on the bedside table with only a faint sigh of regret, then grabbed the keys to the cuffs and gingerly unlocked the moaning Vampire.  He settled Spike back onto the bed, and began running his hands gently over Spike's quivering skin, whispering soft words of encouragement.  "You did so well Spike, beautiful, just beautiful.  It's all gonna be okay now, just relax, let Xan take care of you."  

The Vampire's shaking calmed slightly and Xander moved back to the bottom of the bed, grabbing the bottle of lube he'd brought before positioning himself between Spike's spread legs.  Xander squirted some lube onto his fingers and began to tenderly kiss Spikes inner thighs, working towards his balls.  As his mouth slowly moved up to engulf each testicle in turn, gently sucking and rolling them in his warm mouth, the human's lubed fingers began to massage the Vampire's small, pink opening.  Spike's eyes flew open at this new sensation, eyeing the human crouched between his legs, but the soft massage and the gentle caressing of his balls lulled him and he surrendered back into the rhythm of the moment.  Xander's mouth left behind their toys and moved up to begin a slow steady licking of Spike's cock.  The soft pink opening beneath his fingers relaxed, and he eagerly slipped one finger gently inside, marveling at how easily it was accepted into the Vampire's cool core.  As his administrations to Spike's cock continued, the blonde, who by now had begun to writhe and thrust against the warm tongue, welcomed a second finger inside.  Xander moaned at Spike's reaction to his attentions, and resisted the urge to rub his own aching cock against the bed, anything to relieve some of the tension he was feeling.  He held himself back though, barely, and made sure that Spike's tight channel would be ready for him.

Spike cried out in disappointment as the hot mouth ceased it's attentions to him and the fingers, which had been thrusting steadily inside him, pulled out.  He opened his eyes and stared reproachfully at the human sitting near him, "Why'd you stop?  Don't stop, keep going.  If you stop, someone's gonna get hurt."  

Xander smiled and casually removed his boxers, "Not gonna stop, m'gonna fuck you till you scream."  The humans husky, passion filled voice slid down Spike's spine, causing him to shiver and moan.  "C'mere."  Xander leaned forward and grasped the Vampire's hand, pulling him up and over to where the human was sitting, cross-legged and deceptively casual, in the middle of the bed.  Spike crawled over, shaking a bit, and Xander gleefully cupped his face, pulling him in for a deep kiss, before pulling the (mostly) limp Vampire up into his lap.  Before he knew what was happening, Spike found himself picked up and set down again facing the grinning human, legs wrapped around the warm, strong back.  "Oh..." the gasp of pleasure was all that escaped from Spike's lips before Xander captured them in his own, tongue eagerly seeking relief in the cool depths.  Spike's hands rapidly sought out the brunette's tan chest, fingers exploring the span of it before nails scrapped and fingers pinched eager nipples.  Warm, rough hands left the sharp cheekbones they'd been cupping, and slid down shoulders, kneading and groping their way eagerly to finally find themselves cupping the blonde's round, firm ass.  

The two men kissed and groped each other with abandon, their cocks rubbing and bumping together.  Spike's moan of pleasure turned into a gasp of surprise as Xander cupped his ass firmly and lifted him up, positioning his tender, pink hole at the tip of Xander's throbbing, lubed up cock.  Blue and brown eyes locked for a split second before Spike nodded and said one simple word, "Please."  With a strangled cry, Xander eagerly sheathed his aching length inside the Vampire's cool depths.  He held the Vampire there with firm hands, savoring the silky tightness surrounding his cock.  

Spikes back arched up and his head fell back with a cry as the human's hot cock found access to his body.  The heat was intense, and Spike reveled with the feeling of being so full.  But he needed more, much more, so he began to whimper and moan, making little thrusts of his hips, desperately trying to urge Xander into motion.

The Vampire's desperate urgings broke what little control Xander had left to him, and he eagerly began to rock Spike back and forth, hands grasping hips firmly, trying to find the best motion.  As the two found their rhythm they sped up, and the room soon filled with their moans and cries.  Tongues dueled frantically as pulses quickened, and Xander reluctantly released the Vampire's luscious mouth to ask one final thing.  "Please Spike, please.  Drink from me."  

The naked passion in Xander's eyes extinguished any reluctance Spike had been harboring.  He brushed his lips against Xander's once more and shifted into gameface, lowering his head to the soft neck that the human was eagerly baring.  The scents of passion and need rising off Xander were intoxicating, and Spike breathed them in eagerly.  He gently ran his tongue over his chosen spot, eliciting a broken cry of need from the human.  Growling happily he swiftly bit down, the feeling of sinking fangs into living flesh almost overwhelming the other needs he was feeling, almost.  Spike tightened his legs and arms around Xander's body, pulling the human as close as possible, and began to eagerly drink the hot, rich, blood as it rose to the surface.  Xander's cock continued to thrust inside him, and the large blunt head began rubbing against his prostate, causing deparate moans to be ripped from his throat.

The sharp pain of the fangs entering him, followed by the feeling of the cool, moist mouth sucking on him almost put Xander over the edge.  He moaned happily and buried his face in Spike's shoulder, never stopping his steady thrusts in and out of the Vampire's body.  

Xander never wanted this feeling to end, he felt so complete, so fulfilled.  His lover held tightly in his lap, filled by his cock, his lover's fangs penetrating him, penetrating and penetrated, it felt perfect.  

Driven almost wild by the feeling of Spike feeding from him, Xander reluctantly removed one hand from its death grip on Spike's ass and squeezed it between their bodies, grasping Spike's neglected cock firmly.  He ran his fingers over the head, spreading the leaking juices down its length before starting to stroke in time to their thrusting rhythm.  Spike made a sobbing noise and sucked harder on Xander's neck, letting his lover direct the rocking of their bodies, feeling he was about to pass out from the pleasure and intensity of it all.  All his senses were overwhelmed, and he didn't think he could hold on much longer.

Encouraged by Spike's broken moans, Xander thrust and pumped harder, rubbing his thumb over the head of Spikes cock on each upward motion.  Suddenly Spike's head jerked up from Xander's shoulder, and Xander caught a glimpse of wide eyes, and red tinted mouth before the Vampire's head fell back and his body arched towards his lover's.  A monstrous howl was wrenched from Spike's throat and he screamed Xander's name as his seed spurted up over their chests.  

Spike felt the orgasm building and knew it would be big, but was completely unprepared for the wave of feeling that hit him.  His whole body arched with muscle spasms and he was vaguely aware that he was screaming something.  His only points of grounding were the nails dug into Xander's back, and the hot, sharp point where his lovers cock penetrated him.  Otherwise he was awash in the moment, wracked with the orgasm, he lost sense of time and just held on.

The sight of his lover's pleasure and the feeling of Spike's cum spurting up over his chest pushed him past the point of no return.  Xander moved his other hand back to Spikes ass and pulled the Vampire forward in quick, intense thrusts.  The muscles in Spike's ass rippled around Xander's cock causing his panting to quicken and his thrusting to become frantic.  Spike's name was ripped from his throat as his orgasm slammed into him, and he screamed with the pleasure of it as his hot seed shot deep into his lover's cool depths.  Xander bit down on Spike's shoulder, tasted blood, and held on for dear life as his orgasm wracked him.  The two men wrapped themselves tightly around each other and ground their bodies frantically together, milking every last drop of pleasure from their orgasms.  

Eventually their thrusting slowed and came to a stop, and the room echoed two disappointed groans as softened cock slipped from tight sheath and the two bodies fell bonelessly onto the bed.  Hands groped for each other blindly, and the lovers sleepily curled up together on the cum-and-bloodstained bed, lips meeting for soft, lazy kisses and hands smoothing fevered skin.  Spike managed to reach a blanket and pull it over them, and they whispered soft endearments as they drifted off in each others arms.  

"Xan, you're amazing.  Wonderful pet, just wonderful."  

"Mmm, you did so well Spike, you felt so good."  

Eventually soft breathing replaced tender words and caresses, and the lovers drifted off into an exhausted sleep.


Spike awoke from a deep sleep to find himself cradled in warm, strong arms.  He snuggled against the sleeping body and slowly relived what the two of them had been through.  He was glad that the human still slept, because he wasn't sure how he felt about what had happened.  Granted it had been a long time since he had had a lover, and the sex had been amazing, easily the most intense orgasm he could remember, but the fact that he had been the Bottom, the Submissive, bothered him.  He was actually surprised now that he had allowed it to happen, he was a hunter, a Top, and what had happened between him and the boy didn't quite sit well with that image of himself.  He must have unconsciously moved away, because suddenly Xander's arms tightened around him, pulling him against the warm chest and a sleepy voice mumbled, "Where're you going?"  

Spike sighed, and tried to pull away, "Just getting up, you Git, can't stay in bed all day."  

Xander rolled over and pinned the Vampire's slighter body beneath his heavier one, "Yes, we can stay in bed all day if we want, but that's not it.  You were going to sneak off."  Suddenly Xander's face fell and a look of real sadness shadowed his soft brown eyes, "Didn't you like it?"

Spike was surprised to feel a sharp pang of guilt for causing that look of sadness in the boy's eyes, and suddenly all that mattered was making it go away.  Spike leaned up and kissed Xander softly. "Of course I liked it, loved it actually.  That's the problem."  Spike gently rolled the human off of him, reminding Xander that regardless of size, Vampire strength beat out human strength any day.  Xander looked confused and a little scared, and Spike struggled to put what he wanted to say in a way that wouldn't hurt any feelings, something he wasn't used to doing.  "Xan, luv, that was easily the best sex I've had in a long time.  It was amazing.  But I'm Spike, the Big Bad, and I don't Bottom.  I'm already useless enough as it is with this chip in my head, if word got out that I was some human's bitch, I'd be finished.  Dust in seconds."

Xander was in shock at the impassioned words pouring out of the Vampire; never in all the time he'd known Spike had he known him to be so sincere.  Xander didn't doubt for a second that what Spike was saying was true.  But he had it all wrong.  "Spike," Xander grabbed one of Spike's cool hands and held it in his own. "Spike, I don't want to own you.  I don't want to control you.  I don't want a pet Vampire.  I won't deny I have feelings for you, but when I came here I didn't even know if this would be more than a one time thing."  Shadows were racing in Spike's blue eyes, whether good or bad Xander couldn't tell, but he pressed on anyway.  "All I know is that what's happened between us is special.  I've never been this open with anyone, never told anyone about these needs, these feelings, only you.  And please don't laugh, but when we were together, me inside of you and you feeding from me, I, I've never felt so happy, so complete.  So please, please don't run off because of some image you have to protect.  Please give us a chance."  Xander took a deep breath and gave the stunned looking Vampire a wiry smile, "Besides, who would ever believe that stupid, bumbling Xander Harris ever Topped you?"  

At that self-depreciating statement Spike grabbed Xander by the arms and shook him sharply.  "Don't ever say that about yourself again, you hear me boy?  You're bloody amazing, and anyone who says differently can answer to me."  Xander gaped at the impassioned outburst, then slowly lifted a hand and stroked it along the Vampire's full lips.  Encouraged by Spike's soft moan he leaned forward and softly brushed his tongue over them.  Spike's lips eagerly parted and the two became locked in a passionate kiss that didn't end for several minutes.  Finally they broke apart, Xander panting loudly and turning passion-glazed eyes on the Vampire.

Spike took in the image Xander presented, sleep rumpled hair, eyes dilated in passion, lips swollen from the kiss they'd just finished, and realized that he suddenly didn't care what anyone might say, the thought of never being with the human again was too much to bear.  Bloody sentimental git, Spike admonished himself before growling and pouncing on the sexy human opposite him.  

Xander gasped in shock as he was suddenly pounced upon by a lust-filled Vampire, eagerly surrendering himself to the beast about to ravage him.  They kissed passionately, sucking on tongues and tasting each other, hands stroking everywhere, rolling around on the bed, almost falling off the edge a time or two.  Xander began to thrust against Spike, but Spike quickly stopped him.  Xander turned confused eyes to the Vampire, "What?"  

Spike smiled a slow, evil smile, "Nothing, luv, just wanna fuck you is all."  The forgotten bottle of lube appeared in the Vampire's hand, and Xander suddenly forgot how to talk.  He nodded mutely and Spike began humming happily to himself as he lubed up his fingers.  He turned Xander onto his side and spooned up behind him, gently running slick fingers down the human's spine, delving into the crack of his tight ass, and circling the dusky, puckered opening.  Xander gasped and arched as Spike slipped a finger inside of him, but quickly began thrusting against the Vampire's hand as Spike began rubbing said finger against his prostate.  

Spike grinned as the boy began moaning and thrusting against his hand, and eagerly worked a second finger in, all the while kissing and nibbling across Xander's back.  Soon two fingers weren't enough for the boy's eager ass, and he began to thrust more frantically, begging the Vampire for more.  Spike happily obliged, removing his fingers and scraping his nails across Xander's soft ass before lubing up his stiff cock and positioning his head at the boy's opening.  "Are you ready luv?"  Spike asked huskily.  Xander whimpered and nodded, and Spike slowly began to work his way inside.  

Xander cried out as the whole of Spike's length slowly, so slowly worked its way inside of him.  The feeling of Spike's cock filling him completely was almost overwhelming and he began to thrash and moan as Spike sheathed himself to the hilt.

Spike gasped as he entered the boy, the heat that surrounded his cock was intense and he held still and reveled in it for a moment.  All to soon though, Xander's moans and pleading broke through his thoughts and he began to move slowly in and out of the boys tight, hot ass.  Xander moaned and panted, reaching behind him to try to pull the Vampire closer and touch any part of Spike that he could.  Confident that Xander could take it, Spike began to thrust faster, groaning with pleasure at having his cock engulfed in such heat.  Knowing neither of them would last long, Spike worked one arm around Xander's waist and ran his fingers over the human's cock.  "Yes!" Xander cried out, and that was all the encouragement Spike needed.  He grasped Xander's cock firmly and began to slowly pump.  Noticing the bite wound from the night before, Spike happily shifted to gameface and reopened it, sucking eagerly at the hot blood.  

Xander was already well worked up, but when Spike bit into his shoulder and began feeding, he quickly fell over the edge.  He began shouting passionately, in love with the sensation of being completely consumed.  "OH GODS, SPIKE!  YES! YES! YEEESSSSS!!!!"  Xander's seed exploded over Spike's hand and the human arched against his lover, thrashing with the full body spasms of his orgasm.  

Spike pulled reluctantly back from his feeding as Xander began to thrash and shudder.  His hand moved faster over Xander's throbbing cock, milking every last bit of cum out of his lover.  As soon as Xander's moans quieted and his cock began to soften, Spike rolled his lover over onto his stomach and levered himself up onto his knees, bringing Xander's ass up into the air.  Xander whimpered softly at the deeper penetration the new position allowed and Spike thrust eagerly back in.  He thrust quickly, pulling out almost to the tip before shoving back in again.  Xander moaned and pleaded as Spike pummeled his ass, begging the Vampire to cum.  Spike thrust faster, beginning to pant harshly at the exertion.  Xander clamped the muscles of his ass down tight around his lover's cock and Spike promptly lost it, crying out in passion as his lover's ass tore his seed from him.  

Spike collapsed weakly on top of Xander, and the two snuggled back into the bed with twin sighs.  Eventually Xander turned around and cuddled into Spike's chest, relishing the feel of the Vampire's strong arms around him.  



"Please don't throw this away.  Please don't run."  

Spike kissed the top of Xander's head gently and smiled into the soft brown curls, "No need to worry luv.  Besides, how could I give up the only human I can feed off of without this bloody chip giving me a migraine?"  

Xander laughed, "Apparently that chip's smart enough to tell the difference between consensual pain and nonconsensual pain."  

Spike snorted, "Bloody good thing too."  Spike stroked a hand down Xander's back.  "You know, as long as we can take turns playing Top and Bottom, I think I could get used to this."  

Xander smiled and began kissing softly up Spike's neck. "Me too."  

"And Xan?"  


"I like being your prey."

The End

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