Blood to Blood


This was going to be the most important night of his life, and Xander fiddled with the patch one more time; tugged at his white cravat, smoothed the lapels of his dove gray tailcoat.

Cool hands slipped up his back, ghosted around his waist. Deep purring in his ear, “You look a treat.”

“Hey!” Xander turned within the circle of Spike's arms to lean against his Vampire. “You, too.” And Spike looked amazing, really-- all decked out in his matching coat and tails, a large blood colored ruby centered in the white satin of his cravat. Xander leaned his forehead against Spike's.“But you're not supposed to see the bride before the wedding.” He murmured, “ It's bad luck.”

“Just came by to give you this.” Spike's eyes warmed as he fished a small, black velvet jewelry box from his breast pocket. “Didn't want to do it in front of an audience.”

Xander's eyebrow rose and his eye widened. More jewelry? How had he never known how generous Spike could be? How loving? Had it really taken his becoming a vampire himself, to be able to see who—what --Spike truly was?

He slowly took the box from Spike and opened it reverently. Inside, nestled in black satin, was a ruby brooch, exactly like Spike's. Cleverly wrought to look like a single drop of blood, it would set off his ensemble beautifully.

“It's a symbol. Blood to Blood.” Spike whispered, as he gently took the brooch from Xander, and pinned it, just so at his throat. Xander blinked his eye rapidly, trying to fight past the lump in his throat and the sudden mistiness that threatened to overwhelm him.

“Angel, the old pouf, “Spike said gruffly, “had these made, especially for us. A wedding gift. And a welcome to the Family.” Xander wasn't fooled by Spike's tone. He could see the bewildered fondness for the Vampire who had sired them both in Spike's eyes.

“He loves you, Spike. He loves us both. We're his family, and I think he wants us to be happy.” Xander said. “I'm glad he sired me. Otherwise, I'd be dead. And we-- we wouldn't be together.”

“We're partners. Lovers. And we are Blood.” Xander looked down into blue eyes that were just as misty as his. “Ready?”

Spike gave Xander a lopsided grin. “Yeah. Let's go face the crowd, shall we?”

And together, arm in arm, they strolled through the flower bedecked gates of the ruined Irish castle, to the warmth of family and friends who had come to see them wedded this fine evening.

The End