Part Thirty-Six

In anticipation of Elmer's arrival, Spike had left his front door ajar while he gave his full concentration to the web sites he was bringing up on his computer. He was through pussy-footing around, and it was time to call in the troops. If indeed there were any to call.

Beginning with the first dating site he had used, Spike was done testing the waters and writing in code. If what he was about to do cost him his unlife...so be it. At least he will have made himself known and hopefully started a wave that would wash over the traitor, Angel, and drown him in his own betrayal.

Spike's profile was altered from a hunt for horny vamps to a political statement. It was a call to arms that spoke to any and all vampires who were ready to stand up and organize for the greater good. It was a declaration of independence. It was the demand for an emancipation proclamation.

"Spike! Hey, you here?"

"In here, Toots."

Following the direction and the instruction of the accented voice, Elmer slipped in and closed the door behind him. As he shuffled quickly through, he glanced around to see if there were any small items that might accidentally find their way into his pocket. His fingers twitched and flicked about, scooping up a pack of expensive cigars, a small silver lighter and a curious paperweight that had a bug frozen in it. Fear, conscience and common sense kept him from swiping anything of real value.

As expected, he found Spike huddled over the computer. "Okay, so I'm here. What's so important that you needed the Toots-man tout de suite?"

Spike glanced up before returning his focus to what he had posted. "Check this out, Toots and tell me what you think."

"ATTENTION, all vampires. Men, women and children who remember our lives before the great outing. It is time to stand up. We are not dirt under the feet of the humans. We are beings who were the same as the breathers until our deaths caused our transformation. We do not seek world domination. We seek equality and the fair representation that is afforded all people living under the codes of a democracy. We are the new pursuers of civil rights, and in the spirit of the '60s we too must march on the government capitals. We must not back down. Watch this site tomorrow for the time and place of our first protest and join us. The time has come for us to be as one."

Elmer Toots stood back from the computer as if the small physical space he had taken between him and the dangerous anarchist would ensure some semblance of protection. "Holy cheese and weenie sandwich, Spike. You can't post that. The IVRC would be busting down your door before daylight and you would never have the chance to organize anything."

Spike scooted back on his chair. His eyes twinkled dangerously and Elmer could read the determination in his friend's face. "I already considered that. Look, I took down my picture and any reference of identification. Sure, they can find me but not quickly enough to stop this. I am going to post on as many vampire sites as I can find, and hopefully the word will spread. Tomorrow morning I will give the areas of convergence as the Governor's mansions in every state of the United States. There will also be coordinated efforts in the capitals of all the countries of Europe. We need to check time zones in order to ensure that everything comes off simultaneously."

Elmer Toots tipped his head slightly as he considered that. "Kind of like a flash mob dance of protest?"

Spike laughed. "That's it exactly!" His humor quickly died as he thought of Xander. In Spike's heart, he had planned that Xander would be at his side when all of this went down. If Spike was to meet his final return of dust to dust, he had hoped that Xander would be standing with him, sharing his determination and political position.

Elmer watched the shift in Spike's expression, and he wondered what it was all about but dared not ask. Instead he switched the conversation to a more personal concern. "What do you want me to do? I want to help but gee, Spike, I'm a simple vamp. I'm not a warrior or a soldier. I'm sorry but...."

Spike placed a hand on Elmer's arm that told the short, fat vamp that Spike would not ask more of the Toots than he could provide. "It's all right, Elmer. I'm not asking you to bear arms or lunge forward with a sword raised and a shout on your lips. I need you for a quiet but a valuable contribution to our cause. I need you to do one thing if for some reason I'm not around to do it."

The implication of what Spike was insinuating caused Elmer to gasp and shake his head violently. "No, damn, Spike you ain't gonna do something that's gonna cause you to get snatched up by the IVRC is you?"

Spike chuckled as he tried to put Toots at ease. "Nah. At least I hope not. Anyway, what sort of leader would I be if I set all of this up and then wasn't there to see it through. But we have to be realistic. Shit happens, and if this goes belly up I just might be the goldfish while the humans have their hands on the flusher. If that occurs, I want you to add just one more posting. Do it from this computer then leave the apartment immediately. They won't trace anything back to you. I'll leave a written statement that you must copy exactly. It will document my struggle and final death in the name of the cause and it will point to Liam O'Connor as the perpetrator of all this that we have suffered. Can you do that for me, Elmer?"

Elmer's eyes darted curiously toward the hallway off the main room and he paused in his agreement. Before he gave his promise to do this wretched thing, there was something he wanted to understand. "What about Xan...Mr. Harris? How does he feel about all of this? Shouldn't he be out here and listening to everything you have planned? As a human, he could be helpful if...."

Spike scowled and he turned away. "No, Xander won't be any part of this. He has decided that, somehow, my past relationship with Liam O'Connor is coloring my need to be involved in this. I tried to talk to him but...."

Elmer Toots was confused. More so than usual, as his eyes again darted toward the hallway and back to Spike. "Do you want I should go talk to him? Me and Xan has us a relationship. We has bonded over my need for Pinky."

Spike frowned and followed Elmer's gaze. "Xander isn't here. Why would you think he was here?"

Elmer scratched his head. "He ain't? I just figured he was in the bedroom sleeping. When I came over here, I parked in the back by the alley and his car is still down there. I just thought...."

"Holy fucking hell!" Spike leapt to his feet and charged out of the flat. Bypassing the leisurely, molasses speed of the elevator, Spike sprinted down the flights of stairs where he slapped his palm against the door and rushed out and into the night. It took less than three seconds for his demon's eyesight to spot the small red car that was concealed by the foliage and the darkness.

When he ran to it, he saw the slip of paper tucked beneath the wiper blade and he snatched it loose just as Elmer finally caught up. "What is it? What does it say? Where is Xander? What's happening, Spike?"

Spike stared at the scrawled handwriting. He sniffed the paper and smelled the sour stench of human perspiration. Spike's stomach clenched and a shudder of hate and fear wracked his body as he considered all the dangers and tortures his boy might be enduring. Because of him. Because of Spike's political views and activities, his boy's life was in jeopardy.

"What does it say, Spike? Where is Xander?"

Spike balled the paper up in his fist and he stared into the pitch black night. "It says that he has been taken and will not be released until I post an endorsement of Angel as the undisputed leader of the Resurrectionist's movement."

"What? Taken? By who? Why? How? When? Where?"

As Elmer continued to run the gamut of singular queries, Spike grabbed him by the arm and jerked the babbling vampire back towards the building. "Come on. We can't talk here. We need to get back upstairs to figure out what to do next."

"But who is he, Spike? Who the fuck is Angel?"

Within minutes, they were safely ensconced back in the flat where Spike began pacing while Elmer gasped for unneeded breath from the overexertion of stair running. Bent over at the waist, Elmer rested his palms on his short, stubby knees while sucking air and waiting for some profound explanation and revelation to come from Spike's mouth. It didn't take long.

"Angel, or Liam O'Connor, is the vampire who outed us five years ago. We all believed whoever did it was doing it for power and control of the human population. We thought it was just a stupid vampire who thought we could take over the world like you see in all of those futuristic movies. And maybe we could have, but that was never the intended result. The outing was a collaborative effort by Liam and a group of humans who did it to get rich. And they have. In other words, he sold us down the river. But as always happens when a segment of society lives for too long under an unjust oppression, a simmering pot of anarchy is beginning to boil. A massive, worldwide uprising is coming to demand our rights and end the legal segregation of vampires."

Elmer's mouth hung open and his brain scrambled to put all the pieces into place. This was murky territory for a vampire who lived his unlife in the shadows and maintained an elevation that flew under the radar. Ordinarily, Elmer would have discreetly slithered towards the door, where he would sneak off into the night and back to his own place and his life resumed, but this time something stopped him.

It was an odd sensation that stirred within him. Perhaps it was because it was Xander Harris, a human that had always treated Elmer with respect. Maybe it was the fear of appearing cowardly in the sparkling eyes of his beloved Pinky. Whatever the reason, surprising even Elmer himself, he was making no moves to escape.

Who was it that said 'Within every man there lives the need to stand up and be counted'? In the end, it didn't matter who coined the phrase because today was Elmer Toot's day and he would count.

"What was the note? What did it say?"

Spike didn't need to look again at the paper that he held in his fist. He already knew it by heart. "It says that Xander is being held in an undisclosed location. I am supposed to send a confidential e-mail to an address and advise them of the times and places for the protests."

Elmer wasn't sure what that meant. "Why, Spike? What does...?"

"It's so that they can have an army of humans standing by. The minute our vampires show up for a peaceful march and protest, there will be fire hoses spraying holy water and blowtorches to burn us to the ground. The implication is that if I turn traitor and rat on the plan, they will release Xander unharmed. If I don't...."

The cold blood in Elmer's veins turned to ice. "You tell me what to do, Spike. We can't let them bastards hurt Mr. Xander."

Elmer Toots wasn't much but Spike was overwhelmed with relief at not being totally alone. He threw his arm around the stubby fat man and he squeezed his shoulder. "Thanks, Toots. You're a prince. Okay, time is short. Here's what we are going to do. I have a pretty good idea where they are holding Xander and I need to go there. You stay here. All night if you need to. Do you know any of the vampires that Xander helped with his integration services?"

Elmer sat down on the sofa and he scrunched his face up unattractively as he tried to remember. Oftentimes, when he would call Xander to come and assist him, Xander would say that he was on his way to or returning from an appointment. As Elmer strained, certain bits and pieces of conversation began to gel. "Yeah. Sure. I know that Peggy down at the whorehouse is one of his clients and I think I can come up with three or four more."

"Great!" Spike pulled on his shoes and he headed for the door. "You call all of them and tell them what's happening. Tell them that Xander is in trouble. If I don't get back by morning, you send out that post and whatever you do, DO NOT use that e-mail address."

Elmer jumped to his feet. "What are you going to do?"

Spike's steel blue eyes shifted to yellow and back again. "I'm going to get Xander."

Part Thirty-Seven

Xander stumbled over his own feet as he tried to keep himself upright and balanced. His hands were bound behind his back, he had a piece of duct tape over his mouth and a kerchief was tied over his eyes as he was dragged quickly along. After being snatched off the street, he had been tossed in a rough and undignified manner into the back seat of a big black sedan and booted onto the floor.

As the car sped away, his captor sat silently beside him and ignored all of Xander's muffled pleas and nonstop squirming. Although Xander had nothing to gauge it against, this didn't seem like a normal arrest. Why had no formal charges been read? Why hadn't he been given his rights? What station house was he being taken to? Even the fact that there was no banter or chatter between driver and arresting officer signaled a dangerous impropriety.

In a short while, the car pulled to a halt. When the engine fell silent, Riley Finn growled a warning to behave and Xander was jerked out and onto his feet. The cool dampness of the night caressed his face and caused a shiver to run the length of his spine. As he tried to identify his location, the only sounds were the constant hum of the passing traffic and a random barking dog. The smell was that of an alley filled with trash cans.

There was a man on each side of Xander, palming his elbows while hurrying him from the car into a building where a steel door whooshed shut behind him. Despite the admonition, Xander struggled as he mumbled his fears and questions through his sealed lips. The errant behavior earned him a sharp smack to the back of his head.

As they marched him down what felt like a narrow hallway, off in the distance he could hear the strains of canned music and the raucous laughter of a group of people partying. For a brief moment, Xander wondered if this was going to turn out to be nothing more than a surprise birthday celebration. It was an idea he immediately disregarded in the face of the fact that his birthday was still six months away and, generally, good friends didn't refer to you as a cock-sucking bitch.

Finally, they turned a corner and hustled him into a room. Another door was slammed behind him and all sound ceased. Before he could recalculate his plans for escape, he was shoved forward, causing him to lose his balance and fall painfully to his knees. Where he waited.

"Well, well, what have we here?"

"It's the human that you wanted. The one that's fucking...."

"That was a rhetorical question, you moron. I already know who he is. This is Alexander Harris. The human who is apparently an expert in computers and vampire cocks."

Xander's head twisted to the side. It was hard to determine how big an area they were in and where exactly the other voice was coming from. His arms and shoulders ached from the restrictive binding at his wrists, and his knees were no doubt bruised from the hard landing. But those were surface pains and discomforts. They were inconsequential when compared to the terror-induced maladies he was suffering.

Xander's stomach was in knots. His skin was cold and his head pounded with a headache of fear that was accentuated by his inability to visually evaluate his own level of danger. Outwardly, his entire body trembled.

"Oh, what is this? Our little bird is frightened. How cruel of you, Riley. Remove his trappings immediately so that he and I can speak like civilized men."

With that command, Xander felt himself pounced upon and roughly manhandled. Immediately, he began to struggle and kick out against his captors. In response, he was punched and wrestled onto his stomach with a muffled "Oomph!" There, he was subdued while the plastic flex cuffs were cut from his wrists and in one fell swoop, the grey duct tape was painfully ripped, along with a layer of skin, from his face. "OUCH! Son of a bitch!"

With his hands free, Xander tore the cloth from around his eyes and he sat up, heaving and gasping from the exertion and the horror of his kidnapping and brutal treatment. His head snapped in all directions as he tried to ascertain the measure of peril, and for once in his life, he kept his mouth shut.

The room was small, square and sparsely decorated. The hardwood floors were scuffed and worn and there were no pictures or documents on the walls. The curtains were pulled, making it impossible to look outside for any identifying landmarks or even the reassurance of the moon and stars.

There was a desk with chairs at both sides. There was a computer on the desk and a dying, potted rubber tree in the far corner. The only other things in the room with him were the two men at his sides and the huge, hulking lump standing directly in front. Xander knew the two men who had wrestled him here were human by the heat of their touch and the stench of their sweat. Something about the other one said he lacked all warmth and life.

The hulk took a step forward and Xander swallowed hard. He scooted to a sitting position, then experimentally stood as he waited for one of his captors to knock him back off his feet. Surprisingly, no one did and Xander felt just slightly better. It's hard to run for your life when you're down on the floor.

"Get out!" When the hulk in charge threw his arms into the air and shouted his order, Xander, for a fast moment, thought the command was for him and he spun around on his heels while relief and gratitude stopped his mouth from questioning the logic. Unfortunately, before he could take that first step, the back of his collar was latched onto and he was left flailing as Riley and the other human fled the room.

"Not you, you fucking idiot. Sit down!" The huge paw-like hand guided Xander by the back of the neck towards the chair by the desk and then shoved him, forcing him to take a seat. Xander glared at the man but still remained silent. Once his abductor was satisfied that Xander fully understood the mortality of the situation, the conversation began.

"Do you know who I am, boy?"

Xander paused while his eyes scanned up and down the joker with the spiked hair and the slight paunch. He was wearing an expensive suit that had been poorly tailored and his shoes were strictly K-Mart. "I don't know but I know that you're a vampire and you know I'm a human. That means you are in serious trouble."

Angel threw his head back and he bellowed with laughter. Apparently he had assigned way too much intelligence and credit to this imbecile. Then, just as quickly as it began, the laughter stopped and the dark, intense eyes flashed with yellow warning. Xander shuddered as his blood turned to ice and he gripped the arms of the chair.

"You fucking humans make me sick!" Angel spat out the words. "I am Liam O'Connor and before all of this is over, boy, you will be bowing down to me."

Xander's eyes grew round as saucers and the floodgates between his brain and mouth flew open wide. "Liam? Angel? Spike told me all about you. You're the one who started the great vampire outing that turned everything upside down. You're a traitor to your own kind. You set them up to hope in the future then you sold them out."

When Xander realized what all he had just blurted out, he snapped his lips shut and flinched as he waited for the repercussions. He was certain that his statements would earn him the thrill of having his head ripped from his shoulders but, much to Xander's amazement, Angel just grinned as he strolled casually around his desk and took a seat in the plush leather captain's chair.

Once seated across from his prisoner, Angel smiled as he sighed happily. "A traitor? No, I prefer to see myself more as a double agent. The IVRC think I work for them and the vampires believe I am dedicated to their cause. In reality, Angel works for Angel. You don't have to be a landscaper to recognize where the greenest grass grows, Xander. Take you for instance. You are human yet you have this tidy little business that makes money off the vamps. You claim to be all high and sanctimonious yet your breath reeks of vampire cum. Spike's cum to be exact. So how does that work, Xander. How is it that a human can be fucking a vampire and still wears a cloak of arrogance and uppity humanity?"

Xander frowned. "It isn't like that. You make it sound cheap and tawdry. You reduce everything to human and vampire. It's about more than that. Spike is a man. He is thoughts and feelings and...."

"Yeah, yeah, yadda yadda yadda." Angel waved his hand dismissively. "And you think that you've found something profound. You believe you have the patent on butt fucking with a vampire. Well, let me tell you something, boy, the great outing may have put a dent in it but there has always been and there always will be humans and vampires who fuck and suck and pound into each other. It just isn't done in polite society. It's bootleg. It's underground. It's done in the dark places that the light never reaches. Take Riley out there for instance. He has one sweet, hot little hole and while he thinks he is 'the one'," Angel made dramatic air quotes with his fingers, "what he doesn't know is that I am also fucking his partner and at least ten others on his squad."

Xander could see no benefit to feeding into this no-win conversation. Instead, he wanted to get down to the meat and bones of this dog and pony show. "Fine. So you don't think much of me or humans in general. So why am I here? What do you want from me?"

Angel bobbed his head approvingly. The boy had gotten the point and it was time he understood the whole of the situation. "Why are you here? It's simple really. You, my boy, are my insurance policy. This annoying little uprising that has been simmering for some time is about to boil over, and if I want to keep my cush little lucrative position, I need to make sure that the vampires are put back in their place. Oh, I know I could just monitor the sites Spike is using and my troops at the IVRC could show up and beat them back, but this takes a bit more planning and organization. You know what they say. Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. I need time. Time to have the maximum firepower ready so that those fools will walk right into my trap. After we dust a few thousand, the rest won't be so quick to make their irrational demands, and life as we know it will happily resume."

Xander was horrified at the thought of all those vampire men, women and children being heartlessly dusted as they stood up for their rights and beliefs. He had never been a politically-minded person. He had always been one to accept life as-is and assume that the government was opperating with the best of intentions. But now, he wasn't so sure. Nothing seemed as clear cut as he believed it to be and suddenly, Xander knew that he would lay down his own life before he would do anything that would help Angel execute this travesty.

With a huff, Xander crossed his arms over himself and he hoped his face did not reflect the fear that was in his heart. "Forget it. There is nothing you can do to me to get me to tell you when or where the uprisings will begin because I really don't know. In fact, I walked out on Spike before he could even tell me. So, Mr. Smarty Pants, you kidnapped me for nothing."

Angel slowly rose from his chair and he calmly moved like slick, hot oil around the side of the desk until he stood directly in front of where the human boy sat. Then, with an agility that a man of Angel's size should not have possessed, he lowered himself into a crouch that put his face just inches from Xander's.

"Don't be silly, boy. In the long run, it doesn't matter if you're a font of information or just a dry well. You are still of great value. Eventually, Spike will show up to save you and when he does, I will torture the information from him. In the meantime, I can find my pleasure in your hot blood and body. Now what I find most interesting is that Spike has not bitten you. Why is that, boy? Weren't you good enough? Did Spike tell you that when a vampire sinks his fangs in, it imparts a venom that creates a bond between human and vamp? Maybe that's why he wouldn't bite you. He didn't want some love-sick puppy pining after him."

When Angel saw the spark of insecurity in Xander's eyes, he hooted with laughter. "That's it, isn't it? You wanted him to bite you and he refused. Oh, how priceless. Well, don't worry boy. Before I'm finished with you, you'll feel my sharp fangs pierce your body while you squirm and fight the feeling of the blood being drained, as your cock begs for release. It is pleasure and pain, boy. It is heaven and hell."

Xander closed his eyes. As Angel spoke, Xander could feel himself falling into the deep, echoey well of oblivion. He tried to fight it but the urge and the draw were too strong and he swayed forward toward the pull of the words. Then, just as Angel was about to reach out for the boy, a new player joined the game.

"Evening, Liam. I believe you have something that belongs to me."

Part Thirty-Eight

"Well, well, well." Angel slowly withdrew from the cringing human and he turned to face the vampire who was standing next to the opened window. "Spike. I really can't say I'm surprised, although I don't see what the appeal is in this particular human when you could have any vampire you wanted. Oh wait, now I remember. It never was a vampire that you wanted to play your little sex games with, was it. Even in the old times, you always wanted a hot flesh-and-blood human that you could fuck and finger. Frankly, Spike, I always did suspect that you suffered from heartbeat envy."

Spike's eyes flickered from steel blue to cat's-eye yellow. "What I did in the old days doesn't matter. What I care about is that you stole from me. The boy is my property."

In a flash, Angel was at Xander's side. He grabbed a fistful of the dark, shaggy hair and jerked Xander's head to the side for inspection. "Hmm. Funny, but I don't see any mark of ownership on him. I think that makes him fair game." In the blink of an eye, Angel's features shifted and his fangs dropped.

Immediately, Xander began to struggle and kick his feet in a frantic attempt to escape from the insane vampire who was just inches from the pulsing, throbbing jugular vein. His eyes locked on the vampire who remained at the other side of the room. "No. Wait. Spike, please, don't let him...."

"Please, Spike, don't let him." Angel laughed and mocked Xander with a whiny tone as his face and fangs retreated. He tightened his hold on the human but he turned his full attention to his adversary. "Spike, Spike, Spike. I believe what we have here is a Mexican standoff. If you try to rush me, I will have him bit and his neck snapped before you get halfway across the room, and if I kill him, you won't give me the information I want. You say that he is your property. Fine. Control of this world is my property. Seems to me that we both have a lot to lose. So, how do we end this?"

Calmly, Spike sauntered over to where Angel held the boy in the razor's edge of life and death. He strolled in a wide circle around the drama in the center of the room as he appeared to give the question the deep consideration it deserved. "Yes, yes I can see where this is a sticky wicket for all three of us, innit, Angel? Of course, there are a few elements that you haven't factored in that might confuse this even more."

Angel's caveman-like brow furrowed into a scowl. "Other elements? Such as what?"

Spike stopped walking and he grinned. "Such as the fact that I'm not the only one with a taste for human companionship. I can smell it in the air. Apparently you not only work with the IVRC but, from the smell of it, you're fucking half of them too."

Angel continued to frown. This new twist wasn't getting him what he wanted, and the path this conversation was taking seemed pointless and a waste of time. "So what? We're not here to discuss my sex life, Spike. We are here for one reason. We are here to squelch this fucking uprising, and I need you to tell me the where and when. You do that and I release your little fuck toy here. You refuse and I tear the skin off his face and lick it like a Tootsie Pop. Period."

To make his point, Angel tightened his grip on Xander's hair and he shook the head violently as Xander grabbed for Angel's arms and tried to pry them loose. By now Xander's fear had ramped to irrational terror and there was a real chance that he was about to pee his pants.

He wanted to trust Spike, but in his heart he feared that his vampire's commitment to the cause of the Resurrectionists was his highest priority. Possibly higher than the life of one insignificant human.

Xander wanted to trust. He wanted to believe, but all he could do was tremble and mutter his pleas for the heartless Liam to show some mercy. "Please, Angel, don't. Please. Just let me go." For Angel, the taste in the air of Xander's terror was like honey. Thick. Syrupy and sweet. It fed and fueled his illusion of Godlike power and Spike knew that that was Angel's weakness.

"You're right. He is just a human fuck toy but you know all about that, don't you, Liam? Aren't there any of the humans that you actually care about? Are they all just pieces of hot flesh for you to fuck? Tell me, Angel. Remember how we used to rape and pillage our way through a village and then tell each other about it? You were the king. No man or woman could resist you. They died at your hands and they loved every last breath of it. Tell me now. For old times' sake."

Angel's face took on a gleeful expression of power and sexuality. His hand eased its grip on his prisoner's scalp and instead absently patted the top of Xander's head as if he were a faithful puppy.

"They are all mine. They are here for my pleasure. Outsiders look at me as a second-class citizen, but here in my kingdom, they all do my bidding. Some nights I take a young one to my room and I break him in. Sometimes I just break him. Other nights it's an older, more experienced human who knows what I like and how I like it. They all suffer for me."

All the while Angel was speaking, Spike was slowly moving around the room. His sighs and wordless encouragement kept the older vampire talking while Spike continued to ease past. When he reached the door to the hallway, he silently turned the knob and eked it open while Angel continued to expound on his conquests and exploits.

"Every once in a while, I use a woman. I lure her in and caress her gently before I sink my fangs into her soft, white breasts and ram my dick in her pussy. Unfortunately, the females tear and bleed so easily and then I have to have the remains discretely disposed of. Tut, tut, such a disagreeable business but so many humans disappear every day that no one ever suspects. No one ever questions me. Even the IVRC understands that I am untouchable."

Spike continued his circumference so that now he was directly in front of his boy and the man who stood over him. He could see the open door way over Angel's shoulder and he hoped his gamble would pay off.

"And what about the men, Angel? All of the personal guards that travel with you. Are you fucking all of them? Do they know about each other? Do they let you play your little fetish games with them?"

Angel moaned as he recalled the humiliating and painful things he had done just hours earlier.

"The dark-skinned ones are the sweetest. They guard the virginity of their asses so vigilantly all the time I'm forcing them onto their knees. The Hispanics cry and the white boys are so eager to please."

"But no one resists you, do they, Liam?"

Angel sighed. By now, he was beginning to tire of this trip down memory lane and he was suspecting it to all be a stall, an evasion and an attempt to buy time. "Enough! You're starting to bore me. It's time to end this. Tell me where and when the protests are set for. I will dispatch the full force of the IVRC and this stupid, pointless uprising will come to its inevitable end."

Angel again gripped Xander's hair and he jerked the boy's head to the side, but this time Xander hardly noticed. Instead, he was staring with curiosity at Spike's eyes as Spike was looking intently past Angel, and Xander could see by the expression on Spike's face that whatever held his attention was a game changer. Xander then glanced up toward Angel's face to wait for that moment when he too would realize that something had shifted.

And it did, just seconds later, when Angel tipped his nose in the air and he sniffed. When he smelled the scent of his own spent seed on hot, human skin, he rolled his eyes and, without needing to look back, he groaned, "Riley. What the fuck do you want? I didn't send for you. I told you I could handle this on my own. Get out. Get back to your duties."

Riley stood in the open doorway where he was and he stared at the broad back of the vampire to whom he had committed his life and soul. He felt sick to his stomach, and the hidden puncture wounds on his inner thigh throbbed with a never-ending craving that now left him ashamed and nauseated.

"I heard you. I was standing in the hallway and I heard what you said. I knew that sometimes you had sex with others but you told me that I was special. You said that you loved me. You said when this was all over, you would take me away on a holiday to the Alps. A honeymoon. You said I was the only one you had bitten since the outing. You said...."

The rest of Riley's statement ended on a cracked, emotional voice. There was no use in going on as he knew there was no answer that Angel could give that would make this right. All the moral compromises and all the laws Riley had broken because Liam had asked him to were for
naught. It was all a lie. Riley had been a fool and a vampire's lovesick puppet. And now he was being dismissed like the insignificant little bug that Angel considered him to be.

"Oh, for the love of pete! Riley, you are a fucking piece of meat. Nothing more. Not get the hell out of here and for God's sake wash your ass. You stink!"

Angel shook his head at the interruption to his evening. His chest and shoulders raised as he sucked in air, then he slumped as he huffed it back out in disgust. Clearly he was losing control of this entire situation and it was time he regained the upper hand. So with a grunt and an unexpected heave, Angel shouted, "AAAHHH!" as he jerked Xander to his feet by the hair of his head.

"Enough of this bullshit! My fangs will coax the truth from you!"

"OW!" Xander flailed for balance while his feet scrambled for purchase. He slapped at Liam and against the sharp pain in his scalp as his hair was nearly ripped out by the roots. His feet tripped while his body twisted and turned in an attempt to get free from the iron grip. He could already feel the icy puffs of air against his skin and Xander knew his fate was sealed.

Once he had the boy up, Angel wrapped his arm around Xander's waist and he slammed their bodies together with Xander's back pressed against Angel's chest. Making the threat worse was the feel of Angel's hard erection poking against Xander's butt cheek.

Out of the corner of his eye, Xander watched as Angel's face shifted from human to its true demon's form. The sharp fangs dropped and the tongue that flicked out against Xander's neck was cold and forked. Immediately, Xander's scream was joined by a duet of voices shouting,


Spike lunged forward, but even his vampire's speed wasn't as fast as the wooden arrow that Riley shot from the crossbow in his hand. The second Angel's fangs touched Xander's neck, Spike's hand met Angel's sleeve and the arrow found its mark. Liam O'Connor blinked in total disbelief before he exploded into a cloud of dust and Xander nearly toppled over from the sudden release.

Quickly, Spike wrapped his arms protectively around his boy as Xander choked and coughed against the soft cloud of dust that drifted in the air. He petted Xander's hair and ran his hands all over his boy's body as he checked for any injuries or, God forbid, puncture wounds. When he was satisfied that Xander was intact and unharmed, he shoved the boy behind him and he snarled as he faced off with the other human in the room.

But he needn't have worried. Riley stood silent and dumbfounded. He stared at the pile of dust that had been his whole world and he couldn't believe what he had just done. The small, deadly crossbow that was still in his hand hung limply at his side and Spike needed to make sure that Riley was not planning to use it again. "Put it down, boy. Your fight's not with us. It's all over."

Spike's words seemed to shake Riley from his trance. He blinked the tears from his eyes and glanced down, surprised that the weapon was still in his grip. When he felt the weight of it, he whimpered and tossed it down, cringing as though it burned his flesh. He then fell to his knees and dipped his hands in the grey ash that was already settling into the cracks and crevices of the slats of the wooden floor and he sobbed. "Liam. Liam. I'm sorry. I love you. I'm so sorry."

Xander took a step towards him. He could feel the heartbreak of a human who pinned all of his hopes and dreams on a vampire. He could not only sympathize but empathize. He couldn't imagine what he would do if he lost Spike. Xander's extended hand drifted towards Riley to offer comfort. Before he could touch him, Xander felt himself roughly snatched back.

"Xander. Come on. We have to get out of here before the other guards come to investigate. There's nothing you can do for him." Reluctantly, Xander knew Spike was right and he allowed himself to be manhandled across the room and shoved out the open window where, together, they jumped and landed with a soft thud onto the ground below.

There, Spike grabbed his boy by the hand and they took off at a dead run down the length of the smelly, garbage-strewn alley that ran adjacent to the brick building. When they reached the street, Xander gasped for air as his heart pounded and his lungs strained from the exertion and fear. Ignoring his boy's condition, Spike pulled him around the corner and toward the large black sedan that was parked there.

Gratefully, Xander jerked open the passenger's door and he tumbled in as Spike hit the gas and they sped away. When Xander could gasp out the words, he scooted closer to his vampire and asked, "Is it too late? Is there still time to post the setup for tomorrow's freedom march?"

Spike grinned and tugged his boy over on the bench seat. "It's already done. I left all the instructions with my assistant and he did it while I was busy saving you from the great lump."

Xander snuggled against Spike's side as he frowned. "You have an assistant?"

Spike chuckled. "I have better than an assistant. I have a Toots."

Part Thirty-Nine

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Anderson Cooper of CNN News. We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to report that, here in Los Angeles, there has been a massive march by a huge assembly of vampires carrying signs and shouting chants for equality. We have also received some as of yet undocumented information from dozens of other cities around the globe of similar protests in what appears to be a well-choreographed uprising. So far, all of the protests appear organized and peaceful and the government has issued a statement saying that there was no prior warning or notification of this activity. When the protest began at sunrise, the demand for a meeting with human authorities was their first order. At this very moment a representative of the vampires is purported to be meeting with the Governor of California and the President of the United States. The President, who arrived just an hour ago on Air Force One, is said to be receiving and reviewing their list of demands. The surprising part of this is the vast number of humans who have joined in this march for vampire civil rights. It is this human element that has prevented any retaliation against the vampires. When asked about the IVRC's response to this revolutionary action, we have been told that the IVRC has been disbanded due to corruption and internal impropriety at the highest level. We are hoping to receive more information regarding the nature of that corruption later today. As this situation continues to develop and unfold, we will bring updates to you."

Spike rose from his chair and shook the President's hand while the Governor of California waved to his aides, indicating that they would all be available for photos by the press. At Spike's right, Xander stood proudly with his vampire. As a human, his demand for policy reform had indicated that human and vampire couples would be petitioning for civil union reforms to allow legal joining and inter-species mating. It was a touchy subject and one that would, no doubt, take time for total acceptance but one that could not be totally disregarded considering the vast number of human/vampire lovers who were outing themselves in the spirit of the march.

At Spike's left was Elmer Toots. Although his position was earned simply by his attachment to Spike, his contribution to the cause was unquestioned. Where Spike was seen, the Toots was not far off. While just a week ago Toots sought anonymity, he was now the one who questioned all the reporters to ensure that they carried digital cameras rather than the antiquated 35mm. Digital would capture a vampire's image and Elmer Toots loved to see himself in print.

As for Spike, he was surprisingly comfortable with the catapult to fame. Although somewhat late in joining the Resurrectionists' movement, he was unanimously elevated to the head position by virtue of his single-handedly bringing down the IVRC, as well as outing Liam O'Connor as the vampire who had altered history. Spike's organization of the peaceful march cemented him as the vampire who would regain what five years had stripped away.

Everyone on both sides of the fence knew that there was still a long way to go. Meetings and plans with committees and representatives would need to be drawn up as the ongoing negotiations of give and take were underway.

This was more than a change that would affect just California or even the United States. This was a worldwide shift of understanding and now, with the glue that was the IVRC dissolved, the old disagreements and power struggles of the various nations' leaders were already beginning to resurface.

Some things, however, would remain the same. Flow shops would be maintained with the strict, reinforced understanding that biting was still illegal unless consensual. Vampire or human, assault and murder were not to be permitted. The biggest change was that, if arrested, vampires would be subject to human rules of arrest and conviction and not just indiscriminate dusting.

A big human concern of the change was financial. Wall Street had indicated that the sudden backlash of closing the shops would cause an economic collapse of small business and a return to human poverty and unemployment levels that would rival that of the 1920s.

All sides agreed that the multifaceted vampire uprising was just the first step. It was a massive undertaking. There would be setbacks, heartbreaks and possibly small, unexpected victories. One thing all of the world's vampire population accepted was the fact that part of what they had lost all those years ago may never be regained. But this was a new beginning. It was a start, and it was a hope that they hadn't felt in a long time.

As Spike and his two companions stepped outside and onto the steps of the Governor's mansion, a huge roar rose from the waiting crowd. The sun shone overhead and a warm breeze blew the scent of change in the air.

When the entourage of powerful humans and representative vampires walked together to the makeshift podium, the waiting mob roared their approval. Vampires and humans alike shouted Spike's name as they craned their necks to get a look at their hero. Cameras flashed and reporters pressed inward, begging for some clue as to what the human government was willing to discuss.

Stepping forward, Spike gripped his boy firmly by the hand and Xander stood proudly beside his lover. Elmer Toots strutted, waved and winked as he posed for pictures that he imagined would paper the walls of his female fans and male admirers. With his hand shading the sun from his eyes, he gazed out over the sea of bodies and he wondered how many of them would be masturbating later to the image of the great Elmer Toots.

Glancing off to the far left, Toots recognized Peggy the whorehouse madam that he had called as part of the march organization, and he stepped over to talk with her as Spike tapped the microphone to signal he was about to speak.

A silence fell over the crowd as the handsome blond vamp raised his hands to ask for everyone's attention. "Good afternoon. Ladies, gentlemen, humans and vampires. We have taken a giant step today in the establishment of a new world order. We still have a long way to go, but it is important for the humans who fear us to know that we do not aspire to control you. We simply want to exist next to you. To the humans who hate us, we will no longer be controlled by you, and what we are saying to the world today is that we are people too. Families who have loved ones who have been vamped may now welcome home their lost sheep without the fear of reprisal. The living and the non-living may live together in peace. The dead no longer need to lie down! Stand up! Be proud! Be the vampire that you know you can be!!!"

Then, in a shocking display, Spike grabbed Xander by the back of the head and he planted a heated, passionate kiss on his human's mouth. The crowd exploded in a deafening eruption of applause and shouts of approval and admiration. When Spike broke the kiss, he leaned in and shouted into Xander's ear to make sure he was heard. "Let's get out of here. We have some unfinished business to tend to." Xander shook his head in confusion, asking what business, but Spike only grinned.

Elmer had also watched the display between his buddies and clapped along with the rest. When he noticed that Spike and Xander were preparing to slip away, he decided to do the same. While the thrill of bathing in worship was exhilarating, he was tired. None of them had slept in the last two days and his body was not accustomed to strenuous activity.

With a smile and a promise to call her later, Elmer started to back away all the while Peggy was coaxing him to stay. "No, don't go yet. Please, Tootsie. Just wait for a little longer."

She told him she was anxious for him to meet some of her friends from the adult entertainment business and Elmer had to admit that it was tempting. Especially when Peggy told him that there was one young porn actress in particular who was dying to meet the Tootsman, and who was he to deprive her of her heart's desire. "Sure, fine, Peggy. Tell her I would be glad to...."

Before he could finish, Peggy was waving her pudgy, flabby arm high in the air towards someone in the huge sea of people and shouting, "Pinky! Over here! Come on and meet him!"

Elmer Toots froze on the spot. His mouth hung open and his eyes grew big as saucers as one small, slim, redheaded vampire wriggled through the mob. He knew her in an instant by the shimmy of her hips and the bounce of her double D chest. She was all that AND a bag of chips. She was his very own Pinky and when she finally threw herself into his arms, he was enormously grateful that, much to his surprise, this time he didn't faint.

"Oh, Elmer Toots, you wonderful vamp you! I'm yours! Take me. Use me. Let me be your very own Pinky!!"

Elmer did the only thing he could. He wiped the drool from his mouth and he scooped her up in his arms as he shouted, "Vamps coming through! Step aside! Outta our way!!"

The laughing mass of people barked and parted like the red sea as Elmer swept his Pinky off to create their own piece of everlasting heaven. When they reached the curb, the only vehicle allowed to park there was the Governor's own limousine, which Elmer had no reservations about commandeering.

"Let's go, my man!"

The driver hesitated for only a moment. On one hand, this was the official vehicle of the head of the state of California. On the other hand, the driver was a vampire whose services were being requested by the one and only Elmer Toots. The solution was simple.

With a bow, he opened the passenger's door and Elmer tossed Pinky in where she hooted and bounced twice on the plush, leather seat. "Oh, Tootsie! You're an animal!"

In response, Elmer Toots pounded his fists on his chest, he roared like the jungle beast he hoped to be and he leapt in on top of her.

The driver glanced in, flinched and quickly shut the door. He hurried around and jumped in behind the wheel and the limo sped off.


"Damn! That was CRAZY!" Xander laughed as he tumbled in through the front door of Spike's flat with the vampire close behind. It had taken nearly an hour to work their way back into the Governor's mansion and find their way out the back door. Even then, they had been spotted in their attempts to escape and the crowds and paparazzi had followed them as far as Spike's building. There, the loyal residents had formed a barricade that no one but the happy couple could cross.

And finally they were alone. Neither had slept in the past forty-eight hours. It was but a miniscule blink in time, yet it had been a huge shift in their universe. One full cycle that had seen them go from capture to rescue to a sunrise that saw a world of protest by vampires who would no longer live in the dark shadows. It was an eternity of change in the snap of a finger.

Spike looked into the brown eyes that were tinged bloodshot red from exhaustion yet still glistened with love and excitement. "Are you tired?"

Xander paused before he answered. His body was past tired but his brain still swirled and raced at warp speed. "Yes and no. I can't remember the last time I slept but right now, I'm just too excited. So you said we had unfinished business. What is it?"

Spike tugged the t-shirt over Xander's head and he popped open the button at the top of his human's jeans while he softly whispered, "We need to get you formally bit and claimed."

Part Forty

The cool air drifting across Xander's heated skin, along with the words of promise and passion, made him shiver. "Really? You really want to bite me? I mean that wasn't much of a proposal but if it was a proposal my answer is yes. Please. I want very much to be gnawed on and claimed."

Spike hesitated in the removal of his own clothes and he scowled. "Xander, love, vampires don't gnaw. We are elegant, graceful and deadly. We pierce and we bite."

"Huh? What? Oh, sure. Semantics. To-MA-to, to-MAH-to. Bite, Gnaw. Whatever. But the point is, there will be fangs, right?" Xander jerked off the rest of his clothing and he stood proud, eager and growing harder by the second as he watched Spike shimmy out of his snug jeans.

Spike rolled his eyes at the apparent lack of fear and respect for his vampirism. "Yes, love, there will be fangs."

Once they were both naked, the mutual inspection of each other's body began. It was different than the quick grope and poke of before. The sunlight flooded through the tempered glass of the windows in the living room but it could just as well have been pitch dark as most of their investigation was done through touch. This time it was a worship of prospective property. This time, they wanted to know every hair, every muscle and every peculiarity that made the other man unique and special.

The vampire was the first to reach out and make contact when his hand pressed against Xander's chest. Quietly, Spike moaned in ecstasy as the human's heartbeat reverberated beneath his palm. Immediately Xander leaned in closer, his hand too sought to connect with the cool flesh before him. As if they had never touched before, they tentatively explored each other. Fingertips ghosted over skin that was cool and hot and firm and soft.

The differences were thrilling. One chest had fine, soft pale hair while the other was covered with coarse black hair and heaved with excitement. Only one heart beat. Only one could hear that heart. They stepped closer and closed the small gap between them as their hands roamed lower. "Touch me, Xander."

It was an unnecessary request as the backs of Xander's fingers were already trekking over the vampire's quivering, flat stomach and bumping the hooded head of the hard, eager penis. "It's so beautiful. So pink and alive."

Spike snorted at the peculiar description and silly concept of a dead man having a living pecker. Before he could think of a witty response, he gasped as Xander wrapped his hot hand around the long, cool, uncut cock and pressed it against his own thick, fat one. He then rocked forward, causing them to rub and twitch against each other.

It was such a small movement, yet it sent a rush of heat and hungry passion surging through both their bodies. It elicited moans and puffs of air that carried words with no syllables and questions with unspoken answers. They wanted to lay down and they thought about the bed but it was so far away and walking there meant releasing their hold on each other, so for now, they humped and they clutched each other as they ground their cocks together in a near painful need.

"Wait, wait, here. Lay down. Watch the table...."

"Here? On the floor by the...."

"Yeah. Yes. Move your legs by...."

"How's this? Is there enough room to...."

"Yeah, that's good. Oh, God your body is so...."

"Fuck, Spike please, kiss me."

Xander was stretched out on the hardwood floor. He was flat on his back and Spike slithered onto him like a snake on a hot desert rock. When the vampire's weight settled over him, Xander closed his eyes and groaned as his hips pushed upward and their damp cocks again aligned.

Smiling, Spike ran his hands up Xander's arms and gripped his boy's wrists and held them high over the human's head as he sealed their lips in a kiss of love and need. Immediately, Xander opened up and Spike's tongue dove in. It licked and tasted as it searched every tooth and taste bud. When Xander squished Spike's tongue with his own and sucked, it was Spike's turn to whimper.

This time it was Xander's turn to take the lead and he slipped his right hand from Spike's grip. He then pushed the vampire's hand down between them, encouraging him to stroke and fondle Xander's throbbing cock. When the cool hand gripped him, Xander's cock responded as a thick dollop of pre-cum oozed out and dribbled down his shaft. With an evil grin, Spike swiped his thumb across it and he brought the sticky substance up to his lips. When he was certain Xander was watching, Spike's tongue darted out and he licked it off.

Xander exhaled. "Oh, sweet, Jesus!" Immediately he spread his legs when he smelled the scent of his own semen on Spike's fingers and mouth. Xander's skin tingled and his crotch ached with his craving for the vampire.

Spike chuckled darkly. His hand again returned to his boy's girthy flesh and he began to lightly stroke. Xander knew it was only polite to reciprocate, yet he lay there with his arms over his head and soaked up the pleasure like a slug. His body hummed and his flesh felt as if it were on fire as the vampire continued to pet and paw him. When he suddenly felt a long, slim finger slide between his butt cheeks and probe his opening, Xander jumped with an "Eep."

"Shh. Just relax, pet. Feels good, yeah? You're so hot inside. I can't wait to pound into you."

Spike's words spurred Xander into action and he grabbed his own thighs by the backs of his legs, hoisting them high and presenting himself up. Spike rose to his knees between Xander's legs and he sat back on his heels. He stroked his own cock gently as he studied the offering before him. His human was flushed and damp with perspiration. His eyes were dark and dilated with wanton passion while his shaggy dark hair spilled onto his forehead where it stuck. Xander's cock was high and hard against his belly and his nut sack hung low and full. He was magnificent.

Xander squirmed and wiggled with impatience. "Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. I want that too. I want to feel you become part of me. Climb inside my body, Spike. Don't forget to bite me. You promised to bite me."

"All in good time, pet. All in good time."

Spike stuck his forefinger into his own mouth to wet it then he returned it to the tight, wrinkled opening where he twisted and turned it as if he were trying to screw it into the small hole. When the tip finally breeched the ring of muscle, Spike watched as his finger slid in and out of the hot, twitching opening. Slowly. Shallowly.

For Xander, it was maddening. For Spike it was erotic. The vampire had always been a big fan of finger fucking. He liked getting it but he firmly believed that it was more blessed to give than to receive and Xander was so very appreciative. Soon, one finger became two and two became three. By now, Spike's own cock was screaming for attention and he knew by Xander's whines of desperation that the games had dragged on far too long. "Put your legs over my shoulders, love. Raise your bum. Are you ready for me, love? Do you want me?"

As his answer, Xander's heavy legs hooked over Spike's slim shoulders and with his palms on the floor, Xander pushed and raised himself high for his vampire's convenience. "Come on. I'm ready. Fuck me, please."

Spike placed the head of his cock against Xander's tight, wrinkled opening. He leaned over his boy's body and he paused. "This isn't just a fuck, love. This is a claim. It is us, joined and complete. If you accept my bite, we will be one forever and ever."

Before Xander could consider the gravity of Spike's words, Spike pushed and the head of his thick cock broke through the tight guardian ring. Without waiting for Xander's adjustment, Spike plunged in fully.

"AHH!" Xander's head tipped back and his hands latched onto Spike's forearms as the sharp pain of pleasure ripped through him. It shot from his ass and zipped up his spine like lightning. His vision blurred and his ears buzzed as the heavenly agony burned within him.

The boy's cry of pain drove Spike's pleasure higher. Bracing his weight on his hands and arms, Spike lifted his ass and dragged his cock backwards before he again plunged in as deeply as possible. The squeeze of the hot, rippling muscles was incredible, so he did it again. And again.

He shifted and leaned forward bending Xander nearly in half. As he felt his boy's insides relax slightly and the sounds the human was making transformed from pained grunts to sexually charged groans, Spike went harder and faster. He wanted to take this slow and make it last, but he couldn't. It was a freight train rushing down the track while its wheels shouted out a repetitious "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." and charged forward knowing it had no brakes.

"Now. Spike, now. Is it time to bite me? Please. Bite me."

Spike continued to slam his cock in and out of the hot, sweaty boy. "Damn, you're a pushy bottom. It isn't time yet. You'll feel it when the time is right. You'll know the bond. Trust me, love. Trust me."

Xander opened his eyes and looked up into the blue ones that gazed down on him. Xander had no doubts and he did trust Spike. He trusted him with his life. In response, he smiled and nodded.

Finally, Spike grabbed one of Xander's hands and placed it on the boy's own cock. Xander took the hint and he fell into a rhythm of masturbation as his vampire continued to plunder his ass. Together they rode the wave of sex and bliss until the overload of physical stimulation signaled the imminent arrival of a dual orgasm of monumental proportions. They could see it in the other's contorted face and feel it in the strained muscles.

When there was no more delay, Spike's features shifted. His soft blue eyes turned yellow and slitted. His forehead cracked and transformed into bony ridges, and his fangs dropped and glistened in the light of the room.

Xander stared at the alluring, frightening sight and he shivered in delight. He felt a sudden, overwhelming attachment for the demon as every molecule of Xander's body craved the promised connection.

"Yes, yes, please." He turned his head to the side and with no further encouragement, Spike struck. He lunged and his fangs sliced into Xander's throat. At the first swallow of hot, rich, coppery blood, Spike spiraled into an orgasm that shook him to his toes. His throat flooded with liquid life while his cock filled Xander's bowels with cold dead seed.

At that split second, he felt every emotion and thought that his boy was having and he knew he had the choice to accept the bond or block it. Without reservation, it was accepted.

There was a sting in his neck and Xander knew he had been penetrated. He had expected pain but there was only pleasure. It was a drug that, combined with the dick in his ass, was an addiction that he would never want cured. At the first draw of blood from his veins, the startling knowledge of a bond between them snapped behind his eyes and his hand stopped stroking.

It shook him to his core. He was owned. They were as one.

When Spike's moan vibrated against his throat, it triggered Xander's own release and he toppled over the crest and into a brain-numbing orgasm as he shot strings of pearly, wet joy into his hand and onto his stomach.

Both men clutched onto each other as their spasms ebbed and waned. Their cocks twitched until they were just irregular, dry twinges yet neither hurried to disconnect. When it was done and done, Spike's fangs shrank back into normal teeth that did not fit into the wounds and his cock followed suit. He rolled off his boy and lay slumped at his side. Immediately Xander rolled over to face him and he wrapped his arms around his vampire. "I felt it, Spike. I felt your claim on me. I belong to you now, don't I?"

Spike kissed his boy gently on the lips. "Yes, love. You are all mine and I am yours. We will tell the world. We will shout it from the mountaintops. It will be the best outing the universe has ever seen."nph"

The End