Part Twenty-One

"Hi, welcome to Spaghetta Villa. Tonight's special is the spicy meatball sub."

Willow stood in front of the long counter and stared at the young man who had just delivered the deadpanned, chilly welcome. He wore a garish orange vest and a cheap plastic visor with the Spaghetta Villa food bucket dancing on the brim. He had his arms crossed over his chest and he huffed repeatedly in a disgusted manner that said he hated his job but the nearby hospital wasn't hiring new brain surgeons this week so he was stuck.

The restaurant itself was dingy and smelled of garlic and cat pee. A bit of a conundrum considering there was no cat in residence. The five booths that ran along the side of the room were empty and three of them were stacked with trash, paper plates and unfinished pasta dishes that were now a hefty meal for the flies that buzzed about.

The floor was linoleum. Cracked and peeling. Black and white squares. It was uninspiring and drab. On the upside, it matched the decor of the walls perfectly. If trailer trash had been a style, Spaghetta Villa would have been hailed as ultra-modern.

But all of that wasn't what surprised Willow the most. The one thing that caught her eye and held her attention was the name tag on the disgruntled employee. It was a small rectangular piece of plastic that read "Paul."

Willow scowled as she stared at his face, and her thought process tried to work out the question that was foremost on her mind. This was "electric kiss Paul"? Those thin lips were the ones that moved the earth for her bestest gay friend? Was there possibly a scale of attractiveness for gay men which carried a variant that regular, straight women could not accept? Did Paul perhaps have a huge dick that canceled out the repulsiveness of his apparent bad attitude?

"Hey. Lady. You gonna order something or just stand there? I got other customers waiting."

Willow jumped at the admonishment and glanced around. Other than the homeless guy in the corner nursing a cup of coffee and drinking from a brown paper bag, the other impatient customers must have been invisible. Still she didn't want to get on Paul's bad side. Not until she asked a few questions.

"Oh. Sorry. Everything just looks so good on the menu board that I can't decide. Hmm. Hey, I know. A friend of mine comes in here a lot, maybe I should order what he likes."

Paul appeared to have forgotten she was there as he dug his pinky finger in his ear for a good scratch followed by the studious inspection of the yellow wax under his nail. "Oh, yeah, so who's your friend and what does he order?"

Willow averted her eyes to avoid watching his squicky behavior while keeping the tone in her voice light and cheery. "My friend is Xander Harris. Tall guy. Dark hair and dreamy eyes. He lives just a couple blocks down the street. Maybe you know him?"

At the announcement of Xander's name, Paul's attention snapped to as his thumbnail flipped the earwax from his fingertip to where it landed on the counter. Willow took a step back from the foul specimen as Paul's demeanor changed and brightened.

"Xander? You're a friend of Xander's? Yeah, I know him. He comes in here a lot for the bucket of rigatoni and the extra sauce."

Willow decided that she had spent as much time in Spaghetta Villa as she cared to and it was time to cut to the chase. Coyly, she crossed her arms, waggled her eyebrows and she winked.

"Is that all he comes in here for? Are you sure he doesn't have a particular liking for the... MEAT...BALLS?"

This time it was Paul's turn to step away and eye her up suspiciously Clearly this skinny little woman had an agenda and whatever it was, it wasn't something that came with breadsticks.

"Yeah, sometimes he likes meatballs but I get the feeling that that ain't what you're asking me, so if you got some kind of issue with me, spit it out."

Willow couldn't contain her excitement any longer as she bounced as close to the counter without actual physical contact as possible. She clutched her designer purse to her chest and she leaned forward, whispering loudly, "I know all about you and Xan. He told me everything!"

The scrunched-up, confused expression remained firmly in place on Paul's mug as he tried to interpret her inference. "He told you everything? As in...what?"

Willow swayed back and forth as her fingertip traced the outline of the ridges on the top of the cash register. "Well, he told me that you two had a date but something came up and you didn't go. He said he was really disappointed. He also said that he's into you big time. Oh, and I know all about the...." Willow turned her head in both directions to make sure they were not being eavesdropped upon by some intrusive, hungry customer who had slipped in the door unseen. The homeless guy in the corner took a swallow from his paper bag and belched.

When she was certain that their confidentiality was not being breached, she finished her sentence in a harsh whisper that was anything but quiet. "...KISS!"

Paul scratched his head, which left his plastic visor cocked at an odd angle. A kiss? There was a kiss? Paul knew that was a lie and not just something he had forgotten, because Paul Evans does not kiss. He gropes and sucks and he bends over for a rousing fuck but he does not engage in the foreplay of kisses or cuddles. Still, that small item of inaccuracy could easily be discarded as the sort of thing a gay guy would tell his fag hag. The important part was that Xander was really into
him which was all Paul wanted anyway.

He wanted Xander into him. Deep into him. Pounding and screaming into him.

"That right? Xander told you that he was into me? Those were his EXACT words?"

Willow was, by now, giggling and bouncing on the balls of her feet. All pretense of a bogus food order was forgotten and she was in full conspiratorial mode with her newest pseudo-gal pal. To be honest, she couldn't remember what Xander's exact words were but that was a moot point. What mattered was the spirit of the conversation and that was that Xander Harris was smitten with Paul, the spaghetti man.

It wouldn't have been Willow's choice for her friend, but Xander had to be allowed to make some decisions for himself and she needed to show her support for that choice. "Um, yeah, sure. His words. So, what about you? Are you into him too?"

Paul hesitated. He was not comfortable in sharing his fuck stories with strangers and definitely not with annoying straight women, although he knew that a lot of gay men did. For now, until he could get what he wanted, he would play along.

"Gee yeah. I think Xander is keen. He caught my eye every time he came in here to pick up an order. I finally got up enough nerve to ask him out on a date but, like he said, I had to work late and we couldn't go. So, let me ask you something. If I was to call Xander, do you think he would give me another chance? I mean, he wasn't pissed off about me canceling?"

Willow eagerly jumped at the chance to clear up any confusion and correct any misconceptions that may stand in the way to Xander's happiness. "No! Xan's not mad. He totally understood. Xan is all about the business. I'll bet he's just sitting home and waiting on you to call and set up another date."

Paul's nuts tingled in his pants and his butt-hole flexed and winked at the prospect of another shot at the husky, handsome Xander Harris. If playing this bimbo like Sally Donut would ensure that anal encounter's occurrence, Paul was willing to be Will to her Grace. "Gosh. Do you really think so? Wow, Xander is really lucky to have a friend like you. Does he know you're here? What did you say your name was?"

Willow was ecstatic at how well this was going. "I'm Willow and actually he doesn't know I'm here, but I'll bet he'll have a great big thank you for me when he finds out. So, now we need to coordinate times and days that you're both off and can get together. EEEE! I made a pun. Both of you off together. I'm just too funny!"

Paul smirked as she whipped out her cellphone and punched up the calendar app. He wondered if she had any idea how the name that most closely fit her behavior was spelled, p.i.m.p. It was cool. He would let her do all the work and he would reap the benefit.

Who knew? Maybe this was the way Xander worked. Maybe this was a kinky thing he liked to do. Maybe he and his little redheaded friend got off on her pimping him out. Maybe she watches. Paul moaned quietly and his hand slid down to press against his burgeoning erection at the idea of this woman sitting in a chair flicking her pussy while Xander slammed his cock into another man's tight little asshole.

"Got it!"

Paul jumped at her pronouncement and he leaned against the waist-high counter to conceal the prominent bulge in the front of his work pants. It had been nearly two hours since the local bakery delivery man had fucked him in the back alley and he was horny as fuck. "Really? Great! When? Cause I'm ready now."

Willow laughed at her new friend's enthusiasm. "Oh, you eager boy. Patience, honey. Okay, now according to my estimation, you finish work around ten, am I right?" When Paul nodded, Willow continued. "Good. Good. Well, I know that Xander doesn't take any evening appointments on Wednesdays so I'm going to pencil you in for ten thirty day after tomorrow. Does that work for you?"

Paul was clearly disappointed. He wanted a fast fuck or two tonight and wasn't one for making long-term plans. Still, if the hump in the front of Xander's jeans was any hint as to the size of his dick, it might be worth the wait. "Yeah, I think Wednesday night would work for me."

Willow's eyes lit up and she frantically thumbed the tiny keypad on her phone to enter the date in stone. Once typed in, it couldn't be ignored. Xander would have to agree. Finally with a decisive snap of her head, she flipped her phone shut. "Done! Okay, so I'll give you the address of his apartment and you be there at ten thirty on Wednesday night. I'll make sure that he's home and you two should be free to fornicate or orally copulate to your hearts' delight. Now, it isn't
necessary, but if you do want to bring a bottle of wine or something, Xander's favorite is the blackberry from Raven's Glenn."

Paul's nose wrinkled up. Wine? He was thinking more along the lines of, as the fuckee, it was on him to supply the flex-cuffs and lube. As the fucker it was Xander's place to provide the rubbers. As crude as Paul was, he did adhere to the unwritten etiquette of gay ass fucking.

"Blackberry? Um, yeah, sure. I'll keep that in mind. So, I'll be there. I can't wait. Oh, did you want to order something? I can slip you a couple of extra breadsticks or some of the sauce that hasn't been watered down."

Willow considered buying a bucket of the disgusting slop just so that Paul's feelings wouldn't be hurt, and then tossing it in the dumpster as she walked by the alley, but she knew that having to smell it even that long was more than her delicate stomach could manage. She smiled apologetically. "Gosh, sorry. I ate earlier. If I had known how yummy everything would look I would have waited. Maybe next time."

Luckily, her save was a couple who had been toking and smoking long enough to have bloodshot eyes and a case of the munchies that forced them out into the night and through the doors of Spaghetta Villa. With a dart to the side, Willow waved her hand and rushed out as the two customers tried to decide between the linguini, the angel hair or both.

Part Twenty-Two

Some mornings just speak for themselves. They don't need singing birds or bright sunny beams of light streaming through the warm window panes to awaken the human dreamer. The angry jangle of the alarm clock is silenced even before it has a chance to bitch slap the sleeper from his peaceful repose, and the feet that hit the floor have no sway or stumble as they trot, happy and alert, towards the shower.

It was Tuesday morning and Xander Harris felt like a million bucks. His step was light and bouncy and the smile on his face threatened to, as his mother would warn, freeze that way. Buddy, his insatiable dick was cheerfully flopping between his legs and still smelled musky from his phoned-in orgasm of the night before. It promised to be a great day.

Unfortunately, the universe functions on a huge scale that cannot tip too far to the good without tottering back towards the bad in order to maintain an equilibrium. For Xander, the bad came as the spray of hot water splashed him in the face and the terror and hard reality of what he was doing punched him in the gut. He was becoming involved with a vampire!

And not just sexually. He was actually developing feelings for the walking undead which, before he had met Spike, Xander would have sworn was impossible.

Deep in thought and self-examination, Xander poured a blob of shampoo into his hand and he began working a rich, bubbly lather into his thick hair. Then, as he stood with his face tipped downward, the water flushed the soap down the drain as the questions spun around in a swirl of introspection.

After all the vampires Xander had worked with, why was Spike different? What was it about the domineering, handsome blond that Xander found so enticing and attractive? Surprisingly, it was more than the sexual component. Spike was simply the most fascinating person Xander had ever met and their interests made them perfectly compatible.

Except that Spike was a vampire. He was forbidden. Untouchable. If Xander continued on this path, nothing good would be found at the end of the road. For Xander, it would mean the loss of his business, his friends and his family. Essentially, it would be the end of his life as he knew it.

But for Spike it would be much worse. It would see the IVRC kicking in Spike's front door some night as he slept and dragging him away in the dark, never to be seen or heard from again. A quick hearing would be held in the basement of a government building somewhere where a list of accusations would be read. False witnesses would be called forth to testify and Spike's guilt or innocence would be the least important factor in the judge's decision.

Before the first rays of light could pierce the pink morning sky, a small could of dust would fill the air and slowly drift down to settle on the cold cement floor. The very thought of it caused a choked sob to slip from Xander's lips. It was an image so horrifying that he gasped and pressed his palms against the tile walls, and he lowered his head as the hot water continued to rain down over him.

He couldn't allow that to happen. He had to be strong for the both of them. He had to break it off. And he had to do it today.

With a newfound resolve and determination, Xander straightened his spine and he methodically completed the task of bathing before he stepped out and dried himself off. It was decided. He would phone Spike this very morning and inform the vampire that all of their improprieties would cease. No more hanky-panky. Not that there really had been. So far their
whole sexual experience was more along the lines of only hanky. They would never reach the panky part. More's the pity.

After drying, dressing and brushing his teeth, Xander marched into the living room. His mind was made up and there was no room for sway or pause. As the human in this nonrelationship relationship, it fell to him to be the adult, responsible one. Without hesitation, he flopped down on the couch and picked his cellphone up from the coffee table. He popped it open then...snapped it shut. "Damn."

Sitting there with his phone in hand reminded him of last night and the things he and Spike and done, as well as the words Spike had whispered and the delicious threats and promises he made. Buddy remembered too and he twitched inside Xander's jeans. The annoying little pecker-head never did know right from wrong.

The whole memory thing also seemed to indicate that they were too far along to simply call or text a Dear John, even if it was to a vamp. This sort of thing needed to be delivered and explained in person. Besides, Spike had paid good money and had the right to have his contract fulfilled. If, after their heart to unheart talk, Spike did not want to continue the lessons platonically, then Xander would be more than willing to refund his money.

That was it. Decision revised. Xander would go over and meet with his client personally. It was strictly business. Oh, he may allow a bit of light banter as long as it applied to the technology they were dealing with at the moment, but there would be no personal or intimate subjects allowed in the conversation. Xander was certain that once Spike gave it some thought, he would side with Xander's assessment of the situation and not only agree but gratefully comply.

Once in his car, Xander zipped across town, running well over the speed limit. He told himself that he was only anxious to get there and get the ugly deed over with as quickly as possible. Just rip the Band-Aid off in one fell swoop and the pain will be fast as lightning. Done and done. It was the most compassionate way to handle the issue.

By the time he pulled into the small, secluded parking area in the rear of Spike's building, Xander was well entrenched in an armor of martyrism and steely resolve. He trooped up the steps, marched into the elevator and did not allow himself the joy of humming along to the piped-in tune of Muskrat Love. He then proceeded to Spike's door where he rapped sharply, clasped his hands behind his back, tapped his foot and waited.

Within seconds, the door flew open and there he stood. Pale, firm, beautiful and again stark naked. Xander's hands fell to his sides and he wibbled. His bottom lip trembled and his head dropped as he made no attempt to hide his blatant ogling of the long, girthy, hooded man meat that hung like a Mexican show donkey.

"Well well. It's nice to see you too. Come in, Xander."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Thanks." Reluctantly, Xander tore his eyes off the prize long enough to slip in past the smirking vampire and shuffle towards the living room. After closing the door, Spike reached his arms high over his head and he enjoyed an arched, full-body stretch that was the perfect accompaniment to his deep yawn. "Oh, sorry. I just rolled out of bed and I guess I'm still groggy. Slept like a log last night, I did. Must have been the result of a very gratifying wank. Works better than a sleeping pill don't you think?"

"Wha? I'm.... Sleepy? No. Yes? Wank?"

Xander continued to babble like an idiot while Spike glided around his kitchen. He put on a pot of coffee for his flustered guest and while it perked, he pulled a plastic bag from the fridge and tossed it in the microwave. When it was warm, he poured it into a mug and as he sipped, he strolled back to where Xander was still attempting to put more than two words together in a coherent sentence.

"Coffee will be done soon. Please, have a seat. You don't mind if I have some breakfast while we wait do you?" Spike waved his mug in the air and smiled when Xander shook his head no.

For Xander, it was such a startlingly private thing to see a vampire drink blood. Usually they hid in embarrassment. If they were in public, they turned their heads or covered their cups with napkins as a general apology to the sensitivities of the living. Convention dictated that a vampire took great shame in his need to survive. Spike had hidden his need for sustenance the last time Xander was here but now he felt comfortable enough to drink it openly. Xander was taken aback by the assumption of intimacy Spike's action displayed.

Despite himself, it gave Xander the warm fuzzies. He grinned and knew without a doubt he could fart in front of Spike and the vampire would only laugh. That was amazing. That spoke volumes as to their relationship. It also made the speech he had prepared very difficult to deliver.

Difficult but not impossible.

Taking a deep breath and tearing his eyes off the fat snake that rested on the sofa between Spike's open thighs, Xander nodded his head and he began. "The reason I came over here this morning is that I think we need to...."

"Oh, hold that thought, love. I believe the coffee is done. Fancy a cup?"

Xander blinked and he glanced over at the pot on the kitchen counter where he gained confirmation that yes, it was finished. "Oh, yes, thanks." He then waited patiently while Spike jumped up and hurried off to retrieve it. Xander watched intently as the firm, muscular butt cheeks flexed and bounced. It was mesmerizing. It was hypnotic. It was nothing compared to the sight of him returning, cups in hand and dick flopping like a fish out of water.

After placing Xander's cup in front of him, Spike sat back down and he smiled. "All right then. So what was it you were saying?"

Xander stared with a blank look on his face. Was he saying something? Spike seemed to be waiting for...oh yes. "Yes. Yes, what I came here to say. It's very important. So, here's the thing, Spike. What we are doing is highly irregular and...."

"Is your coffee all right? I know you like two sugars. I hope it isn't too strong. Oh, I picked up some blueberry bagels yesterday at the bakery. Would you like one?"

Xander glanced at his cooling coffee and then towards the kitchen where there was indeed a small square box from the Bread-Head Bakery. They had the best cream sticks Xander had ever wrapped his mouth around. "Bagel? You bought bagels? I actually did miss breakfast this morning."

Spike took Xander's statement as an acceptance of his offer and he scuttled off. In less than a minute he returned with a soft, doughy bagel and a side of cream cheese on the plate, which he placed next to Xander's coffee. Xander grinned and snatched up the offering as he licked his lips in anticipation. As soon as he began slathering cream cheese on his sliced bagel, Spike again settled in.

It really was odd, Xander thought, that when he first arrived, Spike's nudity appeared so shocking. However, now, as the vampire moved about the apartment with such dignity and grace, the fact that his dick and nuts were airing themselves seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.

Still, there was that six hundred pound gorilla in the room that just demanded attention. It was a shame really. They were having such a pleasant morning together. What with the chit chat, coffee and bagels it was the most companionable way to start the day that Xander could imagine.

Finally, as he gazed at the relaxed, smiling vampire sitting across from him, Xander decided that to ruin the ambiance that Spike had gone to such effort to create would be inexcusably rude. Perhaps the break-off could wait till later. Maybe he could slip it in as they discussed the phone, as in "Don't sext me." Or maybe the computer with the subtle comment of "Don't Skype your dick." Yeah, Xander nodded to himself. That would work just fine.

"So, Xander. What did you plan on teaching me today?"

Xander grinned. He felt much more relaxed now that the pressure was off. "I don't know. What did you want to work on?"

Calmly, Spike set his cup down and he uncrossed his legs. "Well, since you asked, I believe that I would like to drag you into my bedroom and fuck you into the mattress, if that's all right with you."

For the second time in as many days, Spike was drenched as a mouthful of coffee was spit-sprayed onto his face.

Part Twenty-Three

Xander was in a horrified quandary as he tried to consider what his response should be. Should he apologize for the caffeine shower, or should he take an outraged stance that said while a bit of phone tag was naughty, it was still a strictly one-man operation. What Spike was proposing was.... Xander couldn't even allow himself to think the words.

"You wanna what?"

By now, Spike had retrieved a tea towel from the kitchen and he was dabbing the coffee from his nose and chest. Then his stomach and slowly, very slowly, even lower. Xander was pretty sure none of the coffee had sprayed that low but who was he to question? He watched as the towel dusted across Spike's flat, bare stomach and as it did, the static electricity caused the fine hair trail to bristle and fluff.

Then the towel went even further south to the equator of love that was now standing high and proud. Xander gulped. Holy fuck! If he thought it looked big soft, he was dumbfounded to see it poking northward as if it were planning an expedition to the moon.

It was humongous. It was gargantuan. Spike could have put a hat and coat on it and driven in the carpool lane with it. And the most frightening thing about it was the way it bounced and slapped against Spike's stomach as he swaggered closer and closer. When it was just inches away from where Buddy was frantically trying to beat his way out of the zippered confines of Xander's pants, Spike answered.

He placed his hands gently on Xander's arms and he petted up and down as he attempted to soothe the human's fear and trepidations. "I said I want to fuck you Xander. I want to lay you down in my bed and take all your clothes off. Then I want to touch every inch of your hot, wonderful body and feel you squirm in need and desire for me. I want to kiss you and taste you. Then when you're all relaxed and ready, I want to shove my cock deep into your arse and make you scream at the pleasure of it."

Xander blinked rapidly as he stared into the cool, clear blue eyes. He knew there were a million things wrong with this whole situation. Unfortunately, due to Buddy's draining of his brain's blood supply, he could only prioritize enough to come up with one. "Lube? I think we're gonna need a lot of lube for that fucking thing to fit in my tiny little...."

"Shhh," Spike whispered in Xander's ear while he nibbled at the warm, fleshy earlobe. "I have all the lube we'll need. It will be all wet and slippery and it'll slide in as snug as a bug in a wrinkly little rug."

Xander giggled at the tickling on his neck and the silly vampire's words and for the life of him he couldn't find illogic or fault with the plan. "Okay."

Spike was delighted and relieved. That had gone so much better than he had feared. He was sure there would be arguments with sides served up and a lively debate that would waste valuable time. He had never imagined that Xander would want him too and wouldn't require a lot of convincing. It was a revelation that bolstered the vampire's self-confidence and fed his battered pride. What society had taken from him in the last five years, one look in Xander's hungry, trusting brown eyes restored.

With their eyes locked and matching smiles, Spike took Xander by the hand, and as the vampire walked backwards, he led his human out of the living room, down the hallway and into the second room on the left. When they stepped in, Xander released the hand he held and he looked all around.

The room was elegant and understated. It was beiges and browns in coordinated textures and prints that seemed to defy the dead status of the room's resident. If this had been a museum, Xander would have studiously strolled around the perimeter with his hands behind his back as he examined all of the high quality nicknacks and the wall hangings. As it was, the only thing he could see now was the bed.

It was high, wide and an odd combination of inviting and intimidating. Obviously it would require a bit of a hop up to climb in. Xander stood at the side with his mouth hanging open.

"Xander?" The voice was soft and came on a puff of cool air from directly behind him. "You aren't changing your mind are you?"

The very thought of it startled him back to life and Xander immediately kicked off his shoes, tore his shirt off over his head and as he unzipped his fly, he briefly chastised himself for not wearing better underwear. Within seconds, he stood before the vampire wearing nothing but a shy blush. "Am I okay?"

Spike was so touched by the human's insecurity and need for approval, that he stepped up and wrapped his arms around the young man. He pressed their bodies together and when he heard Xander sigh happily, Spike kissed him on the side of the neck. "You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Come on. Lay down with me, love."

Spike turned Xander so that his legs backed up against the side of the bed and he gave a slight push that caused Xander to tumble back. Immediately, the boy rolled over on his hands and knees, crawled to the center of the bed and he flipped onto his back with his legs wide spread and his grin curled up in naughty anticipation. Spike laughed and leapt onto the bed where, in the blink of an eye, he was straddled over the human. He pressed his palms against Xander's chest and reveled in the feel of the coarse hair, the heated flesh and the pounding of the living heart. It was almost too much for Spike to maintain his self-control and his fangs itched to drop.

For Xander, the cool hands and kneading fingers were a reminder that this man was a dangerous, deadly demon who could rip him apart in the snap of a finger. It was totally erotic. It caused his skin to crawl, his nuts to tingle and his stomach to clench in a combination of terror and hot sexual excitement.

Spike growled and Xander could have sworn that the vampire's eyes had a strange yellow glint to them that he hadn't noticed before. Possibly a trick of the light. In the bigger picture it didn't matter. The bigger picture being the cock that was now just inches from Xander's face. With Spike perched on Xander's hips, the vampire's long, pale dick was so gigantic and near that it reminded Xander of Shrek 3-D. If Shrek had a huge cock. Which he probably did if the smile on Fiona's face was any indication.

Xander couldn't help but stare and when Spike lifted his hips slightly and pressed his fingers on his shaft to tip it forward, Xander did what came naturally. He stuck out his tongue to lick it and taste it. When the human, hot, wet tongue came into contact with the velvety cool shaft, both men moaned passionately. Immediately, Spike arched his back and cupped the back of Xander's head pushing his face forward so that the human could open up and get more and more of the girthy cock between his lips.

Grateful for the assist, Xander latched on and sucked as his own forgotten erection humped the air behind Spike's arse. The taste was glorious. It was man-meat but so much more. It was tangy and sweet. It was musky and fresh. It was a fleshy head that bumped the back of his throat and a velvety foreskin that moved over a rigid rod. It was the best cock Xander had ever had in his mouth so he gripped Spike's thighs and he tried to bury his face in the vampire's crotch.

For Spike, it was five years of deprivation erased. It was an explosion of all the memories of decades of pleasure and power, blood and sex. It was hundreds of young men who begged and cried for him. It was countless humans who fed his need for blood and power. But this was better. This was more than just a hot, wet mouth sucking on his cock. This was Xander and surprisingly, that was the most important part. When Spike opened his eyes and looked down at the floppy brown hair tangled in his fist and the head that moved back and forth as the slurping sounds filled the room, Spike's nut-sac began to tingle in a threatening, ready-to-cum feeling.

"Stop. Stop. Fuck. Don't suck any more."

Reluctantly, Spike pulled his dripping, glistening cock from Xander's pink puffy lips as he spoke to the boy's pout and confusion. "Jesus, what a good little cocksucker you are. I'm going to let you suck my dick every day. I'm going to let you gobble vampire cum till you can't swallow any more."

The dark dirty words caused a surge in sexual need that raced through Xander and he strained his face toward the beautiful cock that bounced just out of his reach. "Yes, please. Please Spike." But Spike's response was an evil chuckle as he gripped his cock and slapped it against Xander's face before suddenly lifting his leg up and over as he removed himself to sit beside his human.

"Turn over. Get on your hands and knees. Do it. Now."

Xander gasped. His eyes darted from the vampire's cool blue eyes to his oversized, intimidating dick, and as the realization of what Spike was about to do with it sunk in, Xander's butthole slammed shut in self defense. "Wait. Spike. I don't think.... It's so big. I can't...."

Spike placed a gentle hand on Xander's forearm and helped him up and onto his knees so that the two men knelt on the bed face-to-face. Spike then cupped Xander's cheeks in his hands and he leaned in, placing a soft, loving kiss on his boy's lips. It was a brief kiss. A kiss of reassurance and not one whose destination was passion and lust. When it ended, Spike's lips drifted and he planted little pecking kisses on his boy's ear and neck as he whispered, "I'll be gentle. It will feel so good you'll scream in pleasure. I have lube and I'll make sure it's wet and slick. I have some poppers. Do you want poppers?"

Xander's hand wrapped around his own fat cock and he stroked himself lightly and slowly as he nodded his head at both suggestions. With a wicked grin on his face, Spike reached into the drawer of his nightstand and he retrieved two bottles. The dark blue one he laid on the bed beside him. The small brown one he held in his hand as he pulled out the stopper. After two shallow breaths, Xander leaned in and gave two quick deep snorts. Immediately, the shock to his system seemed to flood him with a heighten need that pooled in his crotch. It slowed the world around him and he could feel his anal muscles relax as a languid grin spread across his lips.

Before tossing the bottle onto the pillow, Spike too took a quick sniff then he rubbed his fingers under his nose to snuffle. Xander chuckled as though it were the funniest thing he had ever seen and Spike must have agreed as he laughed too while nudging and coaxing his boy onto his hands and knees.

Xander gave no resistance and the luxurious comforter that had cushioned his back now felt plush and fluffy beneath his palms. He widened his legs and dropped his head to look at a very happy Buddy that was harder than he could ever remember being. The room swam around him and Xander felt like he was floating on a cloud of erotic pleasure.

"So beautiful." Spike sat back on his heels as he examined the sight before him. He cupped the warm, wrinkled nut-sac that swayed between Xander's legs and he gripped the hairy, manly ass-cheeks. Running his thumbs down Xander's crack, Spike pulled his boy open and he snuffled at the musky, masculine scent.

"Fuck yes." Xander pushed back offering himself up for inspection and consumption hoping that the vampire would return his oral favor but Spike had other ideas. For a second or two his hands were gone but before Xander could react, they were back and now the cold probing fingers were slippery and wet and one thumb slid easily into Xander's body as if it belonged there. A single drop of pre-cum oozed from Buddy's slit and Xander groaned. "Oh, damn. Shit that feels good. Push it in further. Finger me, Spike. Please."

Spike pulled his thumb out and he slid two fingers back in as far as he could. Then he rammed them in and out as a look of strained determination wrinkled his brow and he worked his boy's hole fast and hard. Xander was ecstatic. "Yes. Yes. Fuck yes." His butt humped back and forth as he rode the vampire's talented fingers. As the first tingle of his impending orgasm sparked in his spine, his hole winked and immediately Spike pulled out and he sharply slapped Xander on the butt.

"Oh, no you don't. Don't you dare cum from a little finger fuck. I want my cock deep in your body when you do that." Xander whined as his untouched dick humped the air and his ass swayed as though to entice something...anything...to plunge itself back into him. "Then do it. Damn, Spike. I need to cum. Hurry up and fuck me."

That was the level of desperation Spike had been waiting for. That was the assurance that although it would hurt, the pain would be swimming in the pleasure until Xander drowned in his own need. As fast as he could, Spike poured oil onto his cock and he stroked himself to ensure full coverage while his other hand continued to play with the wrinkled opening that looked so tight and tiny. "Just relax, baby. This is gonna hurt but that's what makes it so good. Don't tense up. Just let me in. If it hurts too much tell me and we'll slow down. Come on, baby. Let me in."

Xander whined and his head flopped up and down as he tried not to clamp up at the feel of the big, fleshy head pressed against his hole. With a firm grip beneath the head and the foreskin pulled back, Spike forcefully pushed and he breeched the ring of resistance. Despite Xander's grunt of discomfort, Spike gripped his boy's hips and he thrust forward until he was balls deep. Immediately, Xander cried out and he struggled against the impalement. "Wait! Wait! Fuck, it's too much. It's splitting me open. Ouch. Ouch."

Reluctantly, Spike held still. It took all of his self-control not to fuck the boy fast and hard but, surprisingly, he wanted Xander to enjoy this too, so he stopped. He cooed and he rubbed his hand soothingly over the human's back. "Shhh. Relax, baby. God, you feel so hot and alive inside. You're so tight it feels like you're going to rip my cock right off. Relax. Let me move."

Xander took another hit on the poppers and he took several deep breaths. As the effects of the drug seeped through him, his body again eased up and his flagging erection returned with a vengeance that made the intrusion feel almost welcomed and natural. When Spike noted the change, He drew back then slowly eased in. This time, the angle was just right and the cock head bumped Xander's prostate, sending sparks of white light flashing behind his eyelids. "FUCK!"

From there, it was on. Spike slid in and out, and each thrust was quicker and deeper than the last while every third or fourth time, he hit his target. Both men humped and cursed. Xander was slick with sweat while the heat that rolled off him bathed Spike in a warm glow. The room swam in a thick fog of sexual funk that smelled like heaven if heaven was a whorehouse.

Neither man could last. It just felt too good. When the first cold shock zipped down Xander's backbone, he remembered Buddy. "Spike. I need.... I'm close. My cock. Please. Touch me."

Spike was nearly there himself and his hearing was already shutting down as Xander's begging words floated throughout the room. In an uncharacteristically selfless act, Spike reached around and he grabbed hold of his human's dribbling cock and he stripped it fast and hard. Within seconds, Xander's body lurched and his dick throbbed and pulsed as it spurted the boy's hot, living seed out over the vampire's cool, firm hand. It was the perfect reminder that Spike was fucking a real person and that, along with the rhythmic, internal squeezing, sent his own orgasm exploding into Xander's body.

His demon cock grew and stretched even larger before erupting in a gush of cold, dead release that ran out of Xander's overfull bowels, down his inner thighs and onto the expensive silk bedcover. Spike couldn't have cared less about the bedding. He rode out his orgasm until he was spent. He held where he was until the waves of pleasure that coursed through him waned and floated to the ground like a leaf that had been caught up in a hurricane.

Finally, his erection deflated enough that it slid out on a gush of cum as both men tumbled into a heap of boneless elation.

Part Twenty-Four

"Do you want some coffee?"

Xander shook the water from his face and tugged the shower curtain back so that he could hear over the gush of the steaming water. "What did you say?"

This time the voice that called to him was closer than before. This time it came from a smiling vampire who stood in the bathroom doorway leaning against the door frame looking very sexy and relaxed.

"I said, do you want some coffee before you go?'

Xander wanted to tell him no. That coffee was not what he wanted. What he wanted was another tumble between the sheets with the most incredible man he had ever met, but that discussion had already come and gone. They had laid in bed for over an hour, cuddling, whispering and kissing after the deed had been done. Xander had stars in his eyes but Spike had his feet firmly on the ground.

Xander wanted to make plans for later that day and the next morning and the week after that but Spike had gently responded with reminders of reality and the harsh state of being. Spike had finally convinced Xander that not only was discretion the better part of valor, it was also the only way to survive. If anyone found out about them, the consequences would be dire.

Reluctantly Xander had agreed, and after receiving a few derogatory remarks about his stinky odor he had gathered up his hastily discarded clothing off the floor and headed for the shower, while Spike pulled on some tight jeans and trotted barefoot towards the kitchen.

Xander reached down and twisted the round knob that shut off the spray of hot water and he stood, dripping wet and wearing a big, bright smile. "Coffee would be great, but are you sure you don't have something else to offer me?"

Spike stepped back in feigned shock. "You are incorrigible! You are a greedy, wanton brat. That's what you are and I will not be tempted by your sweet, delicious body. Now do as you were told and get dressed."

Before Xander could resume his campaign for the continued sexual exploits of Spike and Xander,his vampire spun on his heels and disappeared from sight. Xander jumped out, grabbed a thick, fluffy towel and he wrapped it around himself as he hurried to follow, but sadly, Spike was gone. After drying and dressing, he found the vamp sitting at his kitchen table sipping a mug of blood. The coffeemaker was full and a small stream of steam drifted from it, indicating that it had just finished perking. Xander shuffled over and helped himself.

"How you feeling?" Spike's tone was genuinely concerned as Xander winced and lowered himself into the chair across the table from the vampire.

"Feeling? Why, I'm fine and dandy. Why shouldn't I be? Oh, you mean because I just had the army of the Spartan 300 march side by side up into my ass, turn around and then dance back out? Well, yes, I suppose I am a tad ouchy from that, but considering that was the best fucking orgasm I have ever had in my life, I suppose I can live with the sore butt. Al least until I have to shit then you'll probably hear me screaming clear across town."

Spike rolled his eyes. "Are you always such a drama queen?"

Xander snickered and blew onto his coffee to cool it. "Yep."

The next ten minutes was spent companionably. It was small talk that filled the spaces of easy silence and general, nonspecific conversation. Conversation that avoided any subjects that might be species related. They spoke of the weather, favorite music and old movies. Especially old movies. They had both agreed that no modern day actors and actresses could hold a candle to the stars of the Fifties and Sixties.

By two in the afternoon, Spike knew Xander had been there long enough. Computer lessons would not take all day and lingering could arouse suspicion and gossip. Reaching over, Spike carefully eased the cup from Xander's hand and he set it on the table. "It's time to go, love."

Xander smiled sadly but he issued no further protests. Instead, he rose and took his empty cup to the sink. "Will you call me later today?"

Spike eased up behind his human and he wrapped his strong, cool arms around him. He kissed his neck and he nibbled teasingly. "I will. Then after that, you can call me and before you go to bed, I'll phone you again just to say goodnight."

Immediately Xander spun around in the vampire's arms and he clung to him desperately. "I don't understand this, Spike. Why is this wrong? Being with you feels so good and so right. This is supposed to be a free country. How can other people tell us what to do? How can it hurt anyone if we just want to be together? You do want to be together don't you, Spike?"

Spike brushed the dark floppy hair from Xander's forehead and he planted a quick peck on his lips. "I do want to be with you and if we're very, very careful, we can. We just have to always be mindful not to do or say anything that could give us away. It might not be forever. Someday, the world's attitude towards the undead may change, and if that ever happens, I promise to hire a skywriter and proclaim my feelings for all the world to see."

Xander captured the vampire's cool, firm lips in a kiss of heated passion and humanity as he tried to tell him everything that he couldn't put into words. It promised Xander's faithfulness and his vow not to give up on them. It said that faith did not need logic to survive. When he stepped back, he lightened the mood with a reach-around pinch to the vampire's bum before chuckling and leaping out of the way of retaliation.

He quickly collected his things and proceeded to the door. Then he paused and he tipped his head slightly. "What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof, Spike?"

Spike smiled knowingly at the movie reference and he answered in the expected, "Just staying on as long as she can I guess."

With that, there was nothing else to say and Xander walked out the door. Being more pragmatic than emotional, Spike went about the task of collecting the cups and rinsing them in the sink. He quickly made a cursory check of the apartment to assure that there were no traces of impropriety and he turned his stereo onto an oldies rock station that, in Spike's mind, would never go out of date.

At three P.M. he heard a knock on his door and decided that the boy would receive a stern scolding for his return. With a scowl on his face and a lecture on his tongue, Spike jerked the door open.

"Hey, Spike my buddy. What happening?"

"Elmer? Did we have plans?"

Elmer shrugged. The fact was he was bored. Pinky didn't come on until eight this evening and that left him with an entire afternoon of pacing and repeatedly checking the time on his clock. It was a routine that could turn even a sane vamp crazy, and for one that was already teetering on the cusp... well, even Elmer recognized the need to fill his time productively. Besides, Spike had a great place, cable television and all the newest video games.

Quickly, Elmer squiggled past Spike before the door could shut with Elmer on the wrong side. "Um, not exactly a carved-in-stone date but I said to myself, Elmer, old man, I'll bet your best pal Spike is just sitting around wishing he had someone to talk to while he...."

Suddenly Elmer froze. His eyes bugged and his mouth dropped open. The rambling explanatory sentence died away as his head snapped back. His nose went in the air like a bloodhound and he frantically started sniffing. Spike made sure the front door was closed and he hurried over to caution Elmer before the unexpected guest could say something stupid.

"Elmer. Don't. Whatever you think you smell isn't...."

Elmer jumped away as if just being in the same proximity as Spike could be misconstrued as culpability. He then pointed an accusing finger. "That's Xander Harris I smell. That's human cum and butt! Xander had sex in this room and the smell is all over you! OH GOD! Don't deny it. You fucked a human!! You fucked Xan...!!!"

Spike slapped his hand over Elmer's mouth to silence him. Then, as Elmer's arms flailed wildly in the air, Spike manhandled the stubby little vamp across the room and he forcefully deposited him onto the couch where Elmer landed with a bounce. When he tried to scramble to his feet, Spike again flicked him painfully on the nose.

"Ow! Damn it, Spike. You gotta quit that."

"Then you need to sit down, shut up and listen to me." Spike waited as Elmer touched his nose and checked his fingers for blood. When Toots decided that he was not going to be permanently disfigured, he folded his pudgy arms over his chest and he waited, although he couldn't imagine what Spike could say that would excuse such outrageous behavior.

When his visitor appeared ready to listen, Spike sat down on the coffee table in front of where Elmer hunched with an extremely ugly expression on his face.

"Listen, Elmer, you already know how I feel about the persecution and forced segregation of vampires. It's wrong and I plan to do something about it. I believe that we're just as good as the breathers and I'm going to find a way to stand up for our rights. But that's my political agenda and it has nothing to do with Xander. My feelings for Xander are separate."

"Your feelings? Are you saying you have feelings for the human? What about him? You fucked him. I can smell it. Did you force him? Did you...," Elmer's voice dropped to a nervous whisper, "bite him?"

Spike shook his head. He had to admit to himself that he had thought about it. Before, during and after their tumble, Spike had itched to drop his fangs and drink from his boy, but they hadn't discussed it first. He didn't have permission and to steal blood was akin to rape. He wouldn't do that until he and his human could talk about it. But all of that was a private, intimate subject for Spike and Xander. It was strictly need-to-know and Elmer did NOT need to know. "No. I did not bite him and I didn't force him to do anything he didn't want. Our sex life is our business Elmer and I won't discuss it further with you."

Elmer stared into Spike's steely blue eyes and the fat, little vampire seemed to calm considerably. Finally, he reached down and scratched his nuts. "Wow, Spike, lots of vamps talk shit but you back your shit up with a dick in the ass. I'm pretty fucking impressed."

Spike sat back and nodded. "That right? Impressed enough to help me with my plan?"

Elmer thought about it and surprised even himself when the bizarre words came out of his mouth. "Well, I ain't making no promises, but you is a hell of a vamp so I guess it don't hurt nothing to just listen."

Spike jumped up and slapped Elmer painfully on the back. "Good boy! Come on." He then snatched the fat vamp off the couch and he dragged him over to the computer corner and he shoved him down onto one of the chairs as he fired up the machine.

Elmer's head snapped in all directions to make sure there were no IVRC gestapo hiding behind the fish tank or waiting to pop from behind the custom made drapes. He was already second-guessing his commitment while Spike began to outline his ideas. "Okay, here's what we're going to do. I think the way to start is to sign up on one of those dating services. We'll find one that's strictly vampires but the most important thing is the wording. We want to just test the waters. It will be nothing overt. We will not include any picture or personal information."

Elmer twitched in his seat. He had no idea how he was going to explain all of this to Pinky when they fucked tonight. He hated the thought of her looking at him with disappointment in those beautiful green eyes.

Part Twenty-Five

'Hi. I'm an old-fashioned vampire who would love to revisit the past with you. Women are all right but I need men with big balls and broad shoulders. I'm not into showers with men who have big hoses but I don't mind long walks and marching to a different drummer. Right now I am all alone but I am sure there are others out there like me. Let's get together and rock the world. Blow jobs are great but it is time to get off our knees and stand up. If you are looking for the same thing, write to me.'

"Well, what do you think?" Spike sat back from his computer and he critically examined what he had written. He didn't want anything too specific but he also didn't want the pendulum to swing so far into the vague side that he would be swamped with a bunch of clueless men who were only looking for sex. Sitting beside him, Elmer Toots had been doing his best to offer helpful hints and suggestions as to the wording. Suggestions that Spike summarily disregarded while trying to let Elmer think he was a vital part of the plan.

When Spike's final draft seemed to be set, Elmer leaned forward, rubbing his chin and issuing a series of 'hmm's and 'aha's. He nodded his nearly bald head and his face scrunched up unattractively. After he read through it several times, he sat back in his chair and gave his verdict. "I don't get it."

Spike rolled his eyes at the annoying Toots as he patiently tried one more time to explain their goal. "I told you. This one is just to see if we get any intelligent responses. If it works, the next ad will be more specific and pointed. If this is a bust then I only look like a horny idiot and not a dangerous anarchist."

Elmer just shrugged. They had been at this for the better part of an hour and he was beginning to second-guess his idea that visiting Spike would be less boring than sitting home alone. He was still struggling with the concept of Spike butt-fucking the human, Xander Harris, but for Elmer the real question was why any man, dead or alive, would want to fuck someone who didn't have soft, pink little titties to suck on.

"Okay, yeah I get it. Oh! Hey! Look at the time! It's nearly five and today is Tuesday. You know what that means don't you?" From the blank expression on Spike's face, Elmer assumed he didn't. "That means today is dress-up day. Pinky could show up as a naughty schoolgirl or a cheerleader or even a wayward nun. I love it when she wears the nun hat. I even bought a priest's collar to put on for her when she does the nun routine. She's a hell of an actress, Spike. I swear, she could win an Academy Award if she wasn't dead."

Spike's big office chair made a quiet squeak-squeak sound as he swiveled it around and bounced it back while he studied the ugly little man, but when the mental image of Elmer wacking off in front of his computer while sacrilegiously garbed and praising the deities flashed in Spike's brain, he shuddered. "Yeah, okay, sure. Wouldn't want you to keep Sister Pinky waiting in the sacristy while you're fumbling in the pew."

"Great. Great." Elmer jumped to his feet and he backed toward the front door. "I'll give you a call tomorrow and see how everything is going. Oh, and no offense old buddy, but I'm gonna pretend that you never told me nothing about this...." Elmer's pudgy fingers waggled in the direction of the computer. "Or that human thing. But hey, I'm here for you on anything else. We is tight, ain't we Spike old pal?"

Spike good-naturedly flipped Elmer the bird. "Yeah, Elmer. We're tight. Now get the hell out of here and go have sex with your right hand and, if asked, I'll pretend that I never met your ugly ass."

Elmer put two thumbs up and a beaming smile crossed his face as he darted out the front door. As soon as his visitor was gone, Spike turned his attention back to the screen. He had originally considered putting it up with no identifying picture but he never did do anything halfway. So following Xander's instructions, Spike tipped his face upwards toward the small camera on the top of his modem and he clicked the mouse. Immediately, his image appeared on the screen and he lined it up with the ad. Then before he could chicken out, he clicked the 'post' tab.

That was it. He was on. Now there was nothing to do but wait so he powered off and walked away, refusing to second-guess himself or worry about what might or might not occur as a result of his decision. Instead, he warmed a mug of blood and shuffled barefoot into the living room and settled on the couch. He turned on the telly. Then he changed the channel. He tucked his feet up under himself and then stretched them out straight.

He reached for his phone and he could already feel the smile creep from his lips up to the corners of his eyes as he punched in the numbers.

"Hello? Is this the sexiest vampire on the face of the earth?"

"Xander! Damn. What if it hadn't been me calling? You have to be more careful!"

Xander sat on his sofa. He had been counting the minutes since he got home and he was beginning to think Spike would never call. Despite his resolve to maintain some dignity and decorum, Xander felt like a schoolgirl pining after the quarterback on the football team. When the phone finally rang, he all but squealed with excitement even as he tried to keep his voice casual.

His giggle gave him away. "Caller ID, Spike. I knew it was you. So, what have you been doing since
I left?"

Spike had already decided that the less Xander knew about Spike's activities the better. If the plan went south, Xander couldn't be held accountable for something he had no involvement in. "Oh, nothing much. Elmer came over and we had some drinks. He just left a minute ago. Apparently this is Tuesday and...."

"And Tuesday is Pinky's dress-up day. Is today Little Bo-Peep or Bertha the motorcycle bitch?"

Spike chuckled and scratched his chest. "I think Toots was hoping for the virginal Sister Pinky and...."

Xander cut him off and finished the vampire's sentence for him. "Oh, yeah, the strict Father Toots and his spanking confessional."

After a moment's silence, both men gave a "EEWWW" in unison, followed by a roaring laugh.

The next forty-five minutes were companionable. It was easy chitchat that shared information, asked questions and gave each man a bit more insight into the object of their fascination and affection. Spike asked Xander if he thought the vampire should discard his Fifties look for something more modern and updated, and Xander emphatically answered 'No!' The black leather and slicked-back hair were a total turn-on.

When the conversation came around to computers, Spike demanded to know if Xander's ad had been removed and a tingle of joy squiggled through Xander at the stern, possessive tone in Spike's voice. "I'm sure it has. I told Willow to do it. After we hang up, I'll go online and make sure."

Eventually, as the gaps between words grew longer and longer, both men knew it was time to hang up yet neither wanted to be the one to suggest it. Finally Spike took the initiative. He had been glancing over at his own computer and he was curious to see if his bait had attracted the attention of any fish.

"Did you eat any supper, Xan?"

"Supper? Oh, no, I guess I forgot. I'm really not hungry so...."

"Tut tut. You have to keep your strength up. I don't want to be working you over and have you suddenly pass out from hunger. Go. Eat something. I'll call you later."

Xander chucked at his silly vampire and although he wanted to sit here and listen to that lovely accented voice all night, now that he thought about it, he was a bit peckish. "Yes, sir, mister vampire. I will go and scrounge up some supper. So, what time do you want me to come over tomorrow?"

The immediate answer to Xander's question was dead air, and for a quick minute he thought maybe
Spike had already hung up. "Spike? You still there?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry pet, I was just thinking. Since you were here all day today, I don't know if it's a good idea for you to be here tomorrow too. Maybe we could meet somewhere and just spend some time together. You know, take a walk or have a cup of hot and steamy. I have a few things I need to tend to in the morning, why don't I call you in the afternoon and we can see what's happening."

This time it was Xander who fell silent at the waffling, generic excuses. It sounded like the same flat tone and superficial phrases he had often used himself when easing into a boyfriend dump. But that couldn't be. They were getting on so famously. Weren't they? Was this a vampire thing? Use 'em and lose 'em? Xander could feel his confidence and euphoria floating towards the ceiling and out the window, yet he refused to whine or demand assurances. "Yeah. Sure. I understand. Hey, look at the time. I gotta go. Talk to you soon. Bye."

"Oh, okay well...." But before he could tell his human goodnight, Xander had hung up and Spike was left holding the phone in front of his face and staring at it as though he could look through space and read the odd human who suddenly seemed to have a bug up his arse.

"Geesh! Humans! What the fuck makes them tick?"

Setting the phone on the table, Spike unfolded himself and he tentatively eased over towards the computer. He was both anxious and fearful of what he might find, but the truth was, his greatest fear was finding nothing at all because that might mean no hope. He refused to believe that he was the only vampire in the world who was willing to spill his magic blood and give himself over to dust in order to demand the rights that had been stolen from them along with their lives.

With a renewed determination, Spike sat down and he powered on. He went to the site he had listed in his bookmarks and he logged in. What he saw caused his dead heart to leap in his chest. There were hundreds of responses! In less than three hours! Responses from every corner of the United States and several from around the globe.

Leaning forward and beginning at the top, Spike began to study each short response. He immediately deleted the ones that were blatant requests for sex. Next, he highlighted the ones whose wording was slightly suggestive to Spike's political agenda. These responses contained phrases such as, 'I'm old-fashioned too' or 'Maybe we could talk.' But the answer that really caught his eye was sent by a man who called himself A. Lincoln.

It read: "Hi. You sound like just the man we have been looking for. We are a group that likes to meet in the dark. We enjoy talking about the old ways and don't agree with modern times. We also like to travel and are planning a big move to somewhere that we can play our hand of cards. If you are a gambler too, we would love to have you join us."

Spike sat back and blew out a long, slow whistle. Could this be for real? Was there actually a group of rebel vampires planning an uprising? A million questions spun around his head as he tried to find meaning behind each of the words. Questions like, 'where in the world are they based?' and 'how many are there?' and especially concerns that spoke to his fears of a trap. A setup. It could be a human attempting to weed out troublemakers or incite vampires to riot.

Spike decided he would answer, but his terms and expressions would remain cautious and innocent. This wasn't something to be done lightly or in haste. This required thought.

Disregarding the other horny men and perverted proposals, Spike shut off his computer and headed for the shower. After a good night's sleep, he would compose a carefully worded answer tomorrow.

Xander sat in front of his monitor. His mouth hung open and he could all but hear his heart crack and break. He had logged on and checked the harmonioushunks site to make sure that Willow had kept her word and removed his ad. Surprisingly, she had. After that, with a naughty giggle, he decided to take a peek at one or two of the vampire dating sites. It was strictly a research thing. He wanted to see if he found other vampires attractive or if there was just something special about Spike.

He started at one that touted men vamps for men vamps and he clicked on the 'just added' category. The first vampire that popped up was indeed attractive. He was sexual. He was blond and blue eyed. He was....