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Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Disclaimer: Not mine, though I can dream.
Summary: Somewhat surreal vignette.
Date: April 20, 2001

Dark Melody


"Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay," the dark figure sang softly. The words traveled slowly into the night air, hanging on the breeze and drifting into the shadows. Faint moonlight brushed against tangled weeds and clinging vines. A twisted tree loomed over the scene and provided a resting place for the singer. The musty smells of the grave lingered in the gloom, but the hunched, sitting figure was oblivious.

Toneless words continued to drift on the wind, "My, oh my, what a wonderful day." Empty, sightless eyes stared into the shadows, and the rocking motion of the tall body never ceased. Clouds thinned and whispers of light touched on the wet trail of tears falling down a pale face. The faint sound of crickets humming through the maze of grass and weeds provided a surreal counterpoint to the whisper of melody.

"Plenty of sunshine headin' my way." Ragged wounds shown through tears in clothing and old blood stained the luminescent skin. One glistening drop of scarlet life hung in the moonlight for an instant before falling to be absorbed into the carpet of dry leaves. The mocking wind blew, tugging on tangled locks of dark hair. Slivers of laughter echoed faintly from a distant collection of houses.

The raspy monotone never faltered, "zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay." The shaking figure repeated the words through the hours of darkness in a never-ending cycle. The dark stain of midnight slowly trickled away and the sky showed the faintest hint of a morning shimmer. A sound intruded onto the sepulcher hush of the scene, footsteps crashing and hurrying, their owner disregarding the expectant silence.

"Luv?" The accented voice was husky and blue eyes swirled with sparks of fear. A pale hand lifted the dark singer's face and anger shone on strained features at the toneless words dropping like stones from bloodless lips. Strong arms wrapped the rocking figure and gentle hands caressed the trembling form as recognition slowly seeped into empty, haunted eyes. The dark melody slowed and stopped but the despairing whispers that replaced it were almost worse.

"Hate them, hate them, hate them all." Knife edged tears dripped down pale skin to be brushed away by cool lips. "Why?" The word was wailed and the wounded, lost cry of a child mixed with the fury of betrayal. The dark head lifted and began a rhythmic pounding against the trunk of the tree behind him. "Bad, bad, so bad." The movement revealed two small wounds on the slender neck crusted with dry blood.

"No," the harsh denial tore through the moaned words and determined hands caught and held the boy's face. "You are not bad, this is not your fault." Hopeless dark eyes clung to a fierce burning gaze. Pale lips moved close and began brushing tiny kisses onto cold skin. "Not your fault, never your fault. They had no right to curse you and then desert you."

A timid whisper, "Scared, don't want to be alone."

"Not alone, I'm here. Not going anywhere, luv. Promise." Each sentence was sealed with a soothing kiss and a cool wet tongue slid along stained skin, gently reassuring. A delicate swipe cleaned the flakes from healing wounds and the licks moved upward until one cool mouth possessed the other. The salty bitterness of tears and the copper lightning taste of hot blood swirled and mixed.

The dark head pulled away and wounded, sad eyes searched a determined face. "Won't leave?"

"Won't leave."



Tension seeped out of the dark body, and trustingly the tired form curled into the lean body holding him closely. The night sounds were giving way to morning and hints of sunrise were peeking over the horizon. Birds warbled out cheerful greetings to the coming sun. A worried blue eye glanced at the lightening sky before gathering the precious body up in cradling arms and striding away.

Dark melodies whispered on the wind even through the harsh light of day, as a fading echo of song seemed to float and dance on the air.

The End

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